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Primal Urge

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/1/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

June 2006

Directed By:

Dennis Bell


Anderson Alves, Thiago Rocha, Regis Rodriguez, Falsto Chaves, Daniel Rasek, Davi Maya, Andrey Dimas, Marcks Dias.

The Movie:

Steamy jungle heat kindles a primal urge form eight Brazilian guys--a craving for raw, sweaty, gangbang action known in Portuguese as "Suruba".

The Dudes:

These Brazilian hunks cover the age range of early twenties to early forties; have beautiful olive complexions, tight/muscular bodies, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Anderson, a real hunk, is standing outside on a small platform jacking his fat n' veniy uncut cock while watching all the other sexual action. Anderson works his big cock switching between his right and left hands and rubs his plump balls. He wags his cock, slaps it, and plays with his foreskin.

Good-looking dudes Falsto and Daniel who both have nice smooth bodies and dark hair join Anderson. Daniel and Falsto take turns sucking his fat dong stroking the chubby shaft and cramming it into their willing mouths. Anderson digs the action and switches back and forth fucking the dudes' mouths. Daniel works Anderson's plump balls while Falsto chows down on that hard stalk. The dudes even work that fat schlong at the same time. Falsto and Daniel sit on the platform as Anderson sucks each dude's uncut cock. Frankly, Anderson's technique isn't the most enthusiastic but it's still hot to see such a handsome dude suck those cocks. The dudes wait until the final scene to shoot their loads.

Scene Two:

Regis, a good-looking dude with longish curly hair, is playfully making out with Thiago, a sexy guy with shorter dark hair. The dudes engage in some hot kissing with plenty of tongue as they rub their Speedo covered bulges together. Hot hands are soon busy as the dudes explore each other's bodies and rub those bulging baskets. Thiago licks and sucks Regis' hard brown nipples and Regis quickly responds by doing the same to Thiago. Both dudes have some very cool tattoos. Regis has a large religious tattoo on his back and various Indian tattoos on his arms. Thiago has a large Aztec looking tattoo on his back.

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The Speedos are pulled down revealing Regis' full brown pubes and uncut cock and Thiago's dark trimmed pubes and untrimmed tool. The dudes stroke each other's cocks and Regis sucks Thiago's hard dick bobbing up and down on the stiff shaft. Thiago bends down and takes Regis' dong in his hot mouth and begins to suck up and down the hard shaft. The dudes switch back and forth sucking each other's cocks, kissing and sucking wet tongues, and rubbing their hard cocks together. Both dudes have nice foreskins. The dudes wait for the final scene to cum.

Scene Three:

The dudes are engaged in a three-way featuring Marcks, a hot guy who looks to be in his early forties with a killer bod; Davi, a cute dude with short dark hair and a hungry mouth; and Andrey, a cute twink with a tall/slender build. Davi and Andrey are down on their knees sucking Marcks' stiff uncut cock. Marcks has one hand on the head of each dude guiding them in his pursuit of oral pleasures. As Andrey and Davi suck Marcks' cock, Marcks begins switching back and forth between each mouth and fucks each dude's face. Davi begins to suck Andrey's uncut cock while Marcks continues to fuck Andrey's mouth. There are some nice close-ups of Davi stroking his uncut dong as he sucks Andrey. The dudes wait until the final scene to get their nuts.

Scene Four:

Group sex time! As Marcks, Davi, and Andrey continue to get it on, Regis and Thiago join them. As the dudes begin to suck each other off, Anderson and his buddies Daniel and Falsto join in on the fun. There are plenty of cock sucking switch-ups as the dudes chow down on hard dongs and have their own tools sucked. The face fucking continues as Davi sucks Regis, Marcks takes Thiago's cock into his mouth, Andrey goes down on Marcks and then switches to Regis, Daniel services Falsto, and Davi slobbers all over Anderson's big dong.

Thiago spreads Marcks' butt cheeks, exposed his tight hairy hole, spits on it and rubs the pucker with his thumb. Andrey quickly gets in on the butt munching by eating Marcks' ass (no good close-ups). There is a quick shot of Anderson sucking Marcks' cock where his head has greatly improved from Scene One. The dudes slip their condoms on and begin the fucking. At this point, the movie becomes confusing as I had a hard time telling who was getting fucked. Anderson fucks the hell out of someone from behind but the viewer is never shown who. Thiago fucks Davi from behind with energetic strokes as Daniel fucks Marcks' tight hole from behind. Marcks mixes it up a bit by playing a wild game of sink/bounce with Daniel. This must put Marcks in the mood as he takes on Anderson, Thiago and whoever else is willing, in the missionary position. The dudes end the scene by jacking their cocks and shooting plenty of love juice. Anderson seems to take most of the loads on his body as Andrey, Thiago, and Falsto all cum on his legs, stomach, and chest. Anderson cranks out a nice load and hits his shaved pubic area.



"Primal Urge" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography by Bert Crews and Dennis Bell is descent providing plenty of close-ups of the cock sucking and butt sex. The editing by Dennis Bell creates a slower, leisurely paced movie. The picture quality is nice 'n sharp up until Scene Four where there are some problems with grain and a sun-drenched picture.


The sound is clear providing the usual noises accompanied by sex. The music score by Dennis Bell fits nicely with the movie's tropical/jungle theme and beautiful lush/green locations.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a very nice and extensive stills gallery of each model and the XXX action, AMG Brazil "Backlot" featuring behind-the scenes footage of sexy Regis Rodriguez finding a banana tree, eating bananas, and talking to unseen monkeys!, and trailers for: "Primal Urge", "Deluge", "AMG Resurrection: A New Beginning", "AMG Hardcore Classics", and "RetroSex Anal & Erotic 19 & 20".

Final Thoughts:

I'm a huge fan of the Athletic Model Guild's muscle photos from the 1950s-1970s. AMG Brazil's initial foray into all male hardcore is kind of a mixed bag. The dudes are all very hot with their sexy olive complexions, smooth muscular bodies, dark hair, and uncut cocks. The sex is playful, leisurely, and pretty hot. For the most part, the dudes look to be enjoying what they are doing. Sadly, Anderson seems to need a good lesion in descent cock sucking.

The problems I have are with the last scene. Dennis Bell's direction is fine but seems to get away from him during the final orgy. This is where the movie gets down right confusing. For the most part, the viewer cannot tell who the hell is being fucked. Also, the final scene has problems with certain camera angles being much too sun drenched making them grainy. For this reason, I'm on the fence between "Recommended" and "Rent It". Judging from the earlier scenes and the trailer for "AMG Resurrection: A New Beginning", Dennis Bell looks to be a fine director so I'm not sure what happened with this last scene. I'll go with Recommended with Caution since the dudes are very hot and even with its faults; the last scene is a turn-on.

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