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I Dare You

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/5/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

April 2005

Directed By:

Tyson Cane


Austin Edwards, Junior Delacruz, The Dicksman, Brandon Aguilar, Tom Gay, Cee Kay-1, Marty Mario, Skyy, J. Scorpion.

The Movie:

There's a secret sexual game in New York City called "I Dare You". Various dudes receive anonymous letters daring them to fuck other dudes. Bars, basements, and adult bookstore peep booths are where these dudes like to win the game.

The Dudes:

This cool group of African American, Latino, and Caucasian dudes look to be in their mid twenties with a variety of body types from husky/muscular to tall/slender. The pubes are full/trimmed/shaved, the cocks are uncut and cut, and there are plenty of tattoos.

Scene One:

Brandon, a cute Latino dude, is sitting in The Urge Lounge nursing a cocktail. Bartender Skyy, a hot African American dude, tells Brandon that the lounge is closing but he can stay and finish his drink. Of course, Brandon has more than drinkin' on his mind (reminds me of the cool Loretta Lynn song "Don't Come Home A' Drinkin' With Lovin' On Your Mind"). Once the place is locked up, Skyy sits on the bar as Brandon takes his large cut cock down his throat. Brandon chows down on that big fucker stoking the long shaft and nursing the knob. Skyy's hand guides Brandon's heard down on his hard pole. There is plenty of deep throat and gurgling as Brandon happily takes on that thang.

Brandon pulls out his cut cock and starts strokin' as he sucks that cock. Brandon is soon fully naked revealing an ultra sexy hairy body. Skyy finger fucks Brandon's tight hairy butt hole. "Your finger feels good in my ass!" Brandon is spread eagle on the bar with a big ol' grin on his handsome face as he strokes his cock and Skyy sticks three fingers up his bum. This is a huge turn-on as I can tell that Brandon really digs this action. Skyy fucks Brandon from behind (with condom) starting with slow strokes and then begins to fuck him nice and fast. Brandon loves it and orders Skyy to "Slap that ass!" which he does. Skyy fucks Brandon missionary style while Brandon continues to pull his hard dong. Brandon shoots a nice thick load on his sexy hairy stomach while Skyy beats off and cum a thick load on Brandon's face, mouth, and chin. Hot!

Scene Two:

Marty Mario, a hot Blatino dude with cornrows, receives an anonymous letter inviting him to play "I Dare You". Marty immediately gets on the horn and calls J. Scorpion, a husky muscular African American guy, to come on over. Marty pulls J.'s huge uncut cock out, gets down on his knees, and sucks that long fucker for all its worth. Somehow, Marty is able to deep throat that big ol' cock as he strokes the shaft and makes J.'s foreskin cover the cockhead. There is some hot making out with plenty of tongue sucking as the dudes rub their hard dicks together. Marty jacks his cut cock as he zeros in on J.'s plump 'n hairy balls and gives them a tongue bath.

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Marty sits on the kitchen counter as J. slowly sucks his big cut cock taking it all the way down his gullet for some great deep throat. J. concentrates on Marty's cock knob for a bit and then slides his hot mouth all the way down that stiff tool. J. fucks Marty's tight shaved butt hole with the tip of his wet tongue licking that pucker as Marty cries out in pleasure. J. fucks Marty from behind (with condom) with nice 'n steady strokes. With all this kitchen sex, I wonder what Martha Stewart would think? J. is now up for some fast fucking as he really pounds Marty's hole. The dudes switch to the missionary position as J. continues his fast fucking. Marty strokes his hard meat shooting a thick load onto his hand and pubes. J. strokes and dumps a load of love juice on Marty's balls. Hot!

Scene Three:

Hot Latino Junior Delacruz, with sexy shaved head, lures J. Scorpion (great to see him again since he is one hot dude!) into his basement. Junior wastes no time taking J.'s hard uncut tool into his hungry mouth for plenty of shaft stroking and deep throat. J. fucks Junior's face since Junior has no problem taking that big dick all the way down. Junior pulls his uncut cock from his jeans and begins to stroke as he continues to make J.'s dong his dinner. In between cock sucking, the dudes engage in a hot make out shesh-on (as Shaye St. John would say) with plenty of wet kisses and tongue sucking.

J. eats Junior's tight hole flicking his pink tongue across the tender rose bud. J. really licks that hole and fucks it with his tongue, spitting on it and continuing to chow down. J. fucks Junior missionary style (with condom) sliding his long fat cock into that tight tunnel of love. Junior obviously loves it as he continuously sighs "yeah" throughout the scene. The fucking becomes very intense and I became concerned that the wooden table the dudes were using would collapse as it squeaked like mad. Junior beats off and cums on his own stomach as J. jacks and shoots a thick load of man juice on Junior's cock and trimmed pubes. Hot!

Scene Four:

Tom Gay, a tall/lanky Caucasian dude, heads into the adult books store looking for some action. He says a quick "Hey" to cashier Austin Edwards, a hunky Caucasian guy with a military crew cut, and heads back to cruise the DVD rental area. The Dicksman, a handsome tall/slender African American dude, is looking at the releases and rubbing his crotch. Naturally, Tom notices this and begins to cruise. Dicksman heads for the back peep show booths with Tom hot on his trail. We next see Tom on his knees in the peep booth sucking Dicksman's long cut cock taking that hole damn thang down his throat. Cee Kay-1, a tall/lanky African American dude, and Skyy (from Scene One) exit their booths and watch as Tom gives Dicksman a complete "French Polish". Cee Kay-1 and Skyy feel each other up as they watch the action. Skyy is soon down on his knees sucking Cee Kat-1's big cut cock. Tom and Skyy are gorging themselves on hot man pork. Cee Kay-1 fucks Skyy's mouth using his hand to guide Skyy's gob down on his dong. Cee Kay-1 remarks, "You like that dick. Swallow that dick" as he slaps his cock head against Skyy's willing tongue.

Austin notices on the video monitor that there is a four way going on back in the booths. He locks the store and marches back to the peeps. Austin doesn't want to break up the party...he simply wants to join in with his large white dildo. "Hey! Let's have some fun!" Austin makes out with Dicksman and Cee Kay-1 while Skyy sucks Cee Kay-1's dick and Austin's cut cock. Tom joins in and sucks Austin's schlong. There are plenty of sucking switch-ups on this backroom buffet of beef. Dicksman finger fucks Skyy's hairy hole while Austin finger fucks Tom as Tom sucks Cee Kay-1's cock. Austin is using three fingers on Tom's tight hole. There are some nice close-ups of Tom's hairy pucker. Austin uses that big while dildo on Tom's hole as he slowly works it in and out. There is plenty of moaning as Austin twists that dildo in Tom's asshole.

Dickman takes over fucking Tom with that dildo as Austin finger fucks Skyy's hole using three fingers. Skyy hunches back against Austin's digits as Austin slaps his butt. Austin gets into a missionary position as Dickman fucks his tight shaved hole with a black dildo. Dickman and Cee Kay-1 take turns fucking Austin with that rubber dong. "Get that all in there! "You liking that?" Austin fucks Skyy from behind (with condom) as Tom plays a good game of sink/bounce on Cee Kay-1's condom-covered cock. Tom jacks his hard cock while bouncing up and down as the dudes become quite vocal in their sexual gratification. To finish up, the dudes jack off over Tom who is sitting on the floor pulling his pud and waiting for his jizz bath. The dudes shoot their loads all over Tom's face, on his tongue, and in his mouth. Austin shoots a very thick load on Tom's shoulder. Tom beats off and shoots on his own chest and stomach. Hot!



"I Dare You" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Tyson Cane is professional providing full coverage of the action with plenty of nice close-ups. The editing is tight and keeps each scene moving along at an enjoyable and leisurely pace never becoming dull. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear providing lots of sighs, pouts, moans, and simpers as these dudes play their game of "I dare You" The music accompanying each scene is cool and not intrusive.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, an extensive slideshow of model and action stills from the movie, and trailers for "OHBOYESCORTS.COM2", "Freak Factor Looking For A Host", and "Manhattan Fantasies".

Final Thoughts:

"I Dare You" is a fun and hot watch. The dudes are all sexy in their own way with my favorite being J. Scorpion. The sex is very hot, as the dudes clearly love what they are doing ....especially Brandon Aguilar who digs getting fingered and fucked. The direction and videography by Tyson Cane is quite good providing plenty of close-ups of the action and keeps the movie moving along at an enjoyable pace. I highly recommend this one for fans of hot African American and Latino dudes.

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