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Fuck Buddies

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/9/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

August 2006

Directed By:

Steve Shay


Jayson Masters, Korey Haze, Aaron Armstrong, Chad Ryans, Ricky Flores, Sabastian Nohart, Jaden Gunn, Justin Slater, Jarrin North, Patrick Greenshaw.

The Movie:

Fuck Buddies are sometimes referred to as "Friends with Benefits". These cute dudes pal around, play grab-ass, and love to fuck and suck.

The Dudes:

These good-looking dudes look to be in the eighteen to early twenties age range with smooth tight bodies, short gelled hair, and some tattoos. The pubes are full/trimmed/shaved, and the cocks are cut and uncut.

Scene One:

Aaron (a hot dude with short brown hair) and Chad (a handsome guy with a sexy olive complexion and black hair) are sitting on the sofa boozin' it up with beers. The dudes have downed six beers a piece as Aaron exclaims, "Oh dude, I am so buzzed." Aaron reaches into his jeans and begins to rub his cock while the two talk about their dream car. Aaron pulls out his hard cut cock and strokes it. Chad confesses that he is horny as well, releases his stiff cut dick and plays with it. The dudes jack their hard meat and steal glances at each other's tools. Aaron asks Chad "Ever touch another dude's cock?" The guys begin to stroke each other's hard cocks. Hot! Chad has a very fat veiny cock that is a handful for Aaron. "Feels so good!" "I know dude!"

The guys make out with plenty of tongue and feel each other's chests as they continue to jack those dicks. Aaron goes down on Chad and stuffs his mouth full of fat cock. Aaron sucks and strokes that big veiny shaft and brown cock head. There are some nice close-ups as Aaron chows down. Chad sucks Aaron's cock as Aaron fucks his face and breathes heavily. Chad has no problem taking that stiff dong into his mouth. Aaron plays an intense game of sink/bounce with Chad's condom covered cock straddling that dick, rocking back and forth, and sliding up and down. Chad grabs onto Aaron's butt cheeks and fucks him with nice steady strokes. To finish up, the dudes beat their meat as Chad squirts a nice load on his own chest. Sadly, we do not get to see Aaron cumming. Too bad.

Scene Two:

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Ricky, an androgynous Latino guy with short dark hair and feminine plucked eyebrows, is smoking cigarettes with Sabastian, a hot dude with dark hair, slender build, and baseball cap. The dudes smoke their ciggies, flirt, and rub their crotches. Sabastian pulls out his cut cock, strokes it, and invites Ricky to jack it for him...which he gladly does. After some jacking, Sabastian wants to see Ricky's cock. Ricky happily pulls out his hard uncut cock, as Sabastian wastes no time chowing down on that fat fucker. The dudes suck each other's cocks, nursing the knobs, and stroking the hard shafts.

Sabastian fucks Ricky from behind (with condom) as Ricky strokes his hard cock. "You like that? Take it!" Ricky sinks down on Sabastian's hard dong as Sabastian strokes Ricky's cock. There is some very intense fucking here with plenty of fast strokes and hard breathing. Sabastian squirts a huge load on Ricky's face as Ricky shoots a thick load on his own stomach and thigh. The dudes light up two cigarettes.

Scene Three:

Jarrin and Patrick are two cute redheaded "brothers" who are busy cleaning out dad's garage. Patrick playfully sprays Jarrin with a water hose pissing him off. The two begin to play as Jarrin gets his revenge by drenching Patrick with the water. The dudes take off their wet shirts exposing their smooth chests. Jarrin has a slender build while Patrick has a more tight/defined chest. There is an annoying dog somewhere off screen that will not stop barking. The dudes begin to tease each other about who has the biggest dick. They pull out their hard cut cocks and Jarrin has the bigger to the two cocks. The guys begin to jack each other's hard weenies. Jarrin has very hot full red pubes. Patrick sinks to his knees and takes Jarrin's hard cock deep into his sucking mouth. Jarrin face fucks Patrick. Jarrin sucks Patrick's hard dick working his wet mouth up and down the stiff shaft.

The dudes are now in the bedroom where they continue to stroke and suck each other's hard dongs. Jarrin eats Patrick's tight hole licking and fucking the tight pucker with the tip of his tongue. Patrick loves having his ass eaten as he moans. Jarrin begins to finger fuck Patrick's tight hole making him sigh with pleasure. Jarrin fucks Patrick in the missionary position (with condom) with fast strokes as Patrick jacks his hard cock. The dudes quickly jack off as Patrick shoots a nice load on his own chest/stomach and Jarrin squirts a big load that flies everywhere including on Patrick's face.

Scene Four:

Best pals Jaden (cute dude with shot buzzed brown hair and spiky bleached top) and Justin (slender dude with short bleached hair) are hanging out. Jaden is sucking Justin's hard cut cock and hangy balls. Jaden deep throats that big dick and nurses the large purple knob while stroking his own cut cock. Justin shoots a very large thick load on Jaden's smooth chest. Hot! Justin goes down on Jaden's stiffy stuffing mouth full of hard veiny cock working his mouth up and down that stalk. Jaden face fucks Justin as he sighs with pleasure. Jaden jacks off and shoots a large thick load on Justin's chest.

Scene Five:

Jayson (nice looking with short brown hair) and Korey (cute with short hair and tight body) have been introducing each scene. It's now time for these dudes to join in the action. Jayson stops by and helps Korey wash his pickup tuck. Korey playfully squirts Jayson with the water hose. The dudes take off their shirts revealing smooth chests as they play grab-ass and dry off the truck. The guys begin to make out with plenty of deep tongue kissing as they stroke each other's hard cocks and rub 'em together. Hot! Jayson goes down on Korey's uncut dong licking and sucking that hard thang. Korey sucks Jayson's big cut cock as Jayson guides Korey's head with his hand up and down. Jayson begins to fuck Korey's face. Jayson gives very good head as he sucks Koery's stiff schlong.

Korey fucks Jayson in the side/missionary position (with condom) with fast strokes while Jayson fills the air with plenty of grunts and sighs. The dudes switch to the missionary position as Korey continues to fuck Jayson with quick strokes. Jayson jacks his hard cock and squirts a big load on his own stomach and chest. Koery beats off and sprays a big load all over the place. Korey's load looks like a geyser exploding on Jayson's chest and neck.

There is a short bonus scene with Korey straddling Jayson's chest, stroking his hard cock, and spraying another big load all over Jayson's chest, face, and mouth. Jayson jacks off and shoots a load on Korey's face. Hot!



"Fuck Buddies" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is professional providing the standard camera angles and plenty of nice close-ups. The editing is tight and keeps each scene moving along at an enjoyable pace. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear providing plenty of sighs, grunts, and groans as the dudes get off. The cool space-age type music by Shockwave Sound provides a nice accompaniment to each scene.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, website information, and a XXX photo gallery from the movie.

Final Thoughts:

"Fuck Buddies" is a fun watch. The dudes are cute and seem to enjoy the cock sucking and butt sex. The action is energetic and playful which is a turn-on. The direction, videography, and editing provide plenty of nice close-ups of the action and keeps each scene moving along at a steady pace. All the dudes are cute but my favorites are Korey with his tight lil' bod and Jarrin with his tall/slender build and full red pubes. I recommend the movie to guys who dig young dudes (age eighteen to early twenties) and like to watch 'em get off.

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