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Blackballed 5

Studio: Other » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/10/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

August 2006

Directed By:

Chi Chi LaRue


Dean Monroe, Jack Simmons, Aron Ridge, Marc Williams, Kamrun, Tiger, Malik, Eddie Diaz, Nick Da'Kannon.

The Dudes:

Eight of the nine dudes are hot African American guys with a variety of tight/muscular, husky/muscle-bound and tall/slender body types. The one Caucasian dude is a muscular hottie. The age range is twenties to thirties, the pubes are full/trimmed/shaved, and the cocks are big: cut and uncut.

The Set Up:

Famous Hollywood leading man (Dean Monroe) has just finished a scene with a sexy busty blond bombshell. Dean thanks the crew and asks his Security Guard to wait while he changes. Upon exiting his dressing room, Dean notices that the soundstage is empty. He calls out for his Security. No answer. The lights are suddenly turned off as hunky Tiger makes his way over to Dean.

Cock Sucking:

Tiger (hot with a shaved head and tight muscular body) sneaks up on Dean (sexy with short dark hair, muscular build, and hairy chest) and whispers that he knows what Dean really wants. Tiger grabs Dean and begins to kiss him. At first, Dean struggles against Tiger but soon gives in to his secret desires. The dudes make out hungrily with plenty of wet tongue as they feel each other's muscular bodies. Dean sinks to his knees and begins to kiss and rub the front of Tiger's pants. Dean unbuttons the pants and licks/rubs the bulge in Tiger's tight white briefs. Dean pulls the briefs down kissing Tiger's pubes and releasing his large cut cock. Dean takes Tiger's big dick all the way into his mouth wraping his first around the shaft, stroking it, and sucking with plenty of deep throat.

Two additional security dudes enter the soundstage: Mark Williams (a muscle-bound hunk) and Kamrun (a handsome muscular dude with a military buzz cut). Marc pulls his fat cut cock out and Dean immediately goes down on it. Kamrun takes his uncut cock out of his pants as Dean switches back and forth sucking the two hard dicks. Dean is busy deep throating the three stiff cocks when Nick Da'Kannon (cute dude with a tall/slender build) enters and pulls out his extremely long (looks about twelve inches) uncut cock. Dean devours that long cock with ease as he strokes the shaft and swallows the tool whole. Dean gorges on those four big dongs and looks to be having the time of his life as he pouts and murmurs. The dudes line up with their pants down around their ankles as Dean stuffs those hard cocks down his gullet. Dean moves down the line taking each cock deep into his throat.

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The dudes slap Dean's face and tongue as he devours those dongs. Cocky Eddie Diaz (sexy dude with a muscular build and buzz cut) strides in, pulls out his big cut cock, and joins the line. Dean makes Eddie feel right at home by taking his entire cock. Dean deep throats Eddie as the other dudes give him words of encouragement. Dean turns his attention back to Nick's extra-long weenie pulling the foreskin up over the knob, bunching it up, and pulling on the overhang with his hot mouth. Dean slides his tongue under Nick's foreskin and runs his tongue around the pink knob. Hot! Jack Simmons (a hot daddy with very short hair, goatee, and muscular build) arrives. Dean welcomes Jack by taking his fat cut cock all the way down his throat as Jack pinches his own hard nipples. Dean continues to take turns on each dude's schlong.

Dean leans back and allows the dudes to fuck his face with their hard tools. Aron Ridge (a muscle dad with buzz cut and full pubes) comes on in and joins the suck-a-thon and fucks Dean's face with his large cut cock. The dudes stroke their cocks while watching Dean the Human Vacuum and waiting for their turn to fill his gob. Lastly, Malik (fucking HOT with a shaved head, muscular build, and hairy chest) joins in by slapping Dean with his fat cut cock and fucks his face. Dean goes wild with all those big dicks and uses his considerable oral talents to please the dudes.

Butt Munch:

Dean is completely naked lying on his stomach and stretched out on the black leather sofa sucking dongs as Kamrun eats his ass. Kamrun spreads Dean's bubble butt cheeks exposing his tight shaved hole, as he licks and fucks it with his tongue. Hot! Kamrun is prepping the pouting pucker for a gangbang as he chows down on that hole. Marc spreads Dean's butt and dives in headfirst licking and tonguing that hole. Dean cries out as he sucks an endless supply of cocks and balls while Eddie and Aron eat his butt.

Aron sits on the sofa with his legs spread apart as Dean is down below eating his hole and jacking his own uncut cock. Aron rides Dean's tongue and strokes his own cock. The dudes line up to sit on Dean's face and get their holes tongue fucked. Nick, Marc, Eddie, and Kamrun all have their tight holes eaten by Dean and his busy tongue.


All the fucking is done with condoms. Aron fucks Dean from behind with nice steady strokes as Dean begins a very hot mix of whimpering/simpering/crying out/laughing, as he is very vocal in the pleasure he is receiving. Aron's strokes become faster as he pounds Dean's butt. Dean fucking digs it! Eddie is up next and he pounds Dean in a hot side/missionary position as he strokes Dean's cock, kisses him, and plows that asshole. Hot! Nick slowly kisses Dean with plenty of deep tongue and then slides his long dong up that tight butt. Dean has a look of surprise on his face as he takes that foot long hotdog up his bum. Dean's amazement turns into a look of pure sexual satisfaction as if an itch has finally been scratched. Nick fucks nice and fast as the other dudes watch and stroke their cocks.

Eddie is back for more...this time fucking Dean from behind with fast strokes. Malik gets in on the fucking as he crams his fat cock into Dean's hole fast 'n hard. Dean cries out, "So fucking big!" Marc is up next and fucks Dean from behind pounding him with his fat cock. Dean continues his hot mix of crying out/laughing as he moans and groans with lust. Kamrun takes his turn fucking Dean from behind. Tiger switches positions and fucks Dean missionary style. The dudes have their eyes locked on each other as Tiger fucks Dean and the dudes lick tongues. There is a nice shot of Tiger's hairy gooch and balls from behind as he fucks Dean. Dean reaches around and rubs Tiger's balls. Hot!

Dean sinks down on Aron's hard cock for some intense sink/bounce action. Eddie slides his cock in from behind for some double dickin' as Dean hunches back and forth and grunts with pleasure. He definitely loves having two cocks stuffed into his hole at once.

The Big Blow:

With all that sucking, ass eating, and fucking out of the way, it's now time for the dudes to jack off and shoot their loads. The dudes surround Dean and begin to beat their meat. Nick is the first to cum by shooting a thick load all over the right side of Dean's face, neck, and shoulder. Aron is up next as he squirts a load on Dean's left shoulder and chest. Marc jacks this fat tool and dumps a thick load on Dean's left bicep as Malik shoots a large thick load of love juice on Dean's right shoulder and chest. Dean milks every last drop of cum out of Malik's spent cock. Kamrun and Tiger shoot their loads on Dean's shoulders and chest. Jack lets go with a thick load and Dean milks that cock for every last drop of cum. Eddie shoots a thick load on Dean as Dean kisses Eddie's pubes and rubs his face against them. Finally, it's Dean's turn as he jacks his uncut cock and shoots. The dudes surround Dean and begin to feel his cock, balls, hole, and the rest of his beautiful body.



"Black Balled 5: Star Fucker" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Nick Cannon and Ed Maxxx is professional providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of nice close-ups. The direction by Chi Chi LaRue and editing by Scott Coblio is tight and keeps each scene moving along at an enjoyable pace. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear providing plenty of sexual noises from the very turned on Dean Monroe. His sexy half-cry/half-laugh is fucking hot. A cool mix of guitar and electronic music is a nice accompaniment for each scene.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, "Popshots-on-Demand" for the cum shots, a Behind the Scenes Featurette with lots of cool footage of the model photo shoots, wardrobe checks, and Chi Chi can be heard directing in the background. Also included is the cool "Wrap It Up" safe sex PSA starring Miss Chi Chi and trailers for "Black Balled 4", "Chi Chi LaRue's HardWare", Lights & Darks", and "Set in Stone".

Final Thoughts:

"Black Balled 5: Star Fucker" is a big ol' turn-on and a fun watch. The sex is hot/ intense and I can tell the dudes are really getting into the action. The models are all hot and have nice big cocks. The production values are top notch with excellent direction from Chi Chi LaRue, with the videography, editing, and music creating a fast-paced fuck fest as these eight hot dudes let Dean Monroe service them. A gangbang movie could go wrong and be a complete mess. This is not the case for "Black Balled 5" as Chi Chi LaRue definitely has a handle on direction and keeps the action fresh and fast paced. All the dudes are hot but my personal favorites are Tiger, Malik, Marc Williams, and Dean Monroe. I highly recommend to fans of sexy African American dudes and gang bangs filmed correctly.

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