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Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/11/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended


Adam & Eve

Genre: Feature

Director: Nick Orleans

Cast: Flower Tucci, Randy Spears, Kylie Ireland, Tyler Knight, Vanessa Lane, Harmony, Joey Ray, Trent Soluri, Anna Nova, Hauz, Austyn Moore, Tommy Gunn, Scott Nails, Eric Masterson, Carmen Luvana, Katja Kassin, Lexi Lamour, Evan Stone, Chris Cannon, Talon, Roxetta, Annika, Tony Tedeschi, Mia Bangg, Kylie Worthy, Lexington Steele, Derrick Pierce
Non-sex roles: Phil Harvey, Veronica Hart, Max Spankum, Sir Nik, Ethan Cage, Grace, Mistress Erzsebet, Jamie Michaels, Master Liam, Lexi Tyler, Alektra Blue

Length: 197 minutes

Date of Production: 8/22/2006 (box); 8/10/2005, 9/17/2005, 9/19/2005, 9/23/2005, 11/5/2005, 11/6/2005, 2/27/2006, 2/28/2006 (credits)

Extra's: The first disc had a trailer for the movie and that was it. The second disc was where all the cool extras were, starting off after a bunch of lame advertisements for novelties that could thankfully be skipped. The first real extra of the disc was an 18.5 minute long Director's Notebook, initially spending a few minutes discussing the miniatures used in the movie, with a page turning format that utilized subtitles to provide anecdotal information throughout the extra. That led to some discussion about props, the scenes, and some of the troubles faced in the scenes (the bit with John West and the dolls…excuse me, "action figures" was cute too). Another facet of the extra was how it had a smaller screen with clips from the movie though Nick himself was mysteriously missing through the extra. The next extra was a 37.5 minute Behind the Scenes extra that took the chronological approach to the movie's creation. There was a lot of sex and nudity but my favorite bits were anecdotes by the performers, like Kylie Ireland talking about her scene from The Whore Next Door (her first DP; her second was in this movie), the work with the translators, and some of the sex scenes (especially because they looked so much better here then on the movie). This was followed by two sex scenes; one between Carmen Luvana, Derrick Pierce and Rusty Nails from Carmen's Dirty Secrets, and one between Franchezca Valentina and Trent Soluri from Bound. Neither was particularly good (Carmen's was better than her work in the movie though) but extra sex is always welcome in a porno, yes? This was followed by a copy of the movie's script, complete with notes scribbled on it, that you could read if you were so inclined (proving some of the dialogue was at fault for the stiffness of the plot and some of the time it was the acting). After that were eight trailers to various recent movies by the company. That was followed by a 5.5 minute short on company President Phil Harvey's role in the movie (taking the comedic route even though he did a better job acting than most of the cast). There were some photogalleries, limited performer biographies, and a bunch of spam as well as a commercial for the Free Speech Coalition. The packaging of the two disc set was a marked difference from the norm too, although not to my liking for the most part. Instead of a hard cover protective case, the discs were placed loosely in folders marked like they were secret files, inside of a light cardboard protective case shaped a lot like a folio file. Over that was a cardboard protective case but the kind that gets torn up and frayed rather easily. Such marketing gimmicks look good when new but they don't stand up to wear very well and I wish more thought went into them. Lastly, there was a fold out poster of the movie included in the case.

Condoms: Some

Audio/Video Quality: Tailgunners was presented in a letterboxed widescreen by director Nick Orleans for Adam & Eve. The box cover says the movie was shot in HD (high definition) but that strikes me as odd since doing so should mean an anamorphic widescreen presentation; complete with all the extra detail the process entails. As it was, the movie looked like it was shot on Super 8 though the credits led me to believe it was shot digitally and there was a lot of grain, video noise, and issues arising from the way the CGI was superimposed on the screen. Some of the shots looked like they were designed to imitate an old style of movie so I'm not going to rake it over the coals for that but when a few scenes look really clear and the rest look like quality control was tossed out the window, you know something's wrong (if it looked consistently bad, you could blame the processing or DVD mastering, but that wasn't the case here). The composition of the shots during the sex scenes and their editing were also areas in great need of polishing up, typically making the women look worse then I have seen them elsewhere, sometimes drastically so, though I give them credit for adding "texture" to the CGI shots to keep them from looking quite so bad. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital with some minimal separation between the channels with regard to the intermittent music employed by the show. The music would start and stop for no apparent reason but it seemed appropriate to the setting of the movie. The vocals were likely captured in monaural and ported over "as is" with some minor issues on the levels. Given the acting ability of most of the cast, causing me to wince all too often, lower vocals might have been preferable but they were mixed in fairly well.

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Body of Review: Adam & Eve is one of the most successful companies in all of adult and has been for many years. Initially known for their wonderful array of sex toys, the company branched out into making porn long ago, hiring an assortment of directors and contract stars that showed some keen strategic planning on their part. Company founder and president Phil Harvey fought the good fight in the courts as well, going to jail to protect the rights of everyday people to have access to his wares (read his book about it for details), something most of the current crop of owners weren't around to see so very long ago. Well, this being the time of year that companies release their blockbusters, I was half expecting them to team up with another company as they have in the past (last year with Digital Playground to make Pirates and previously with Wicked Pictures to make Conquest; come to think of it, both of those movies revolved around pirates with Adam & Eve being the only connection…hmmmm) but instead they went it alone and commissioned director Nick Orleans to make Tailgunners; a WWII adventure movie about a German attempt to bomb New York City with a nuclear weapon. The sexual protagonist and lead of the movie was Austyn Moore and her evil counterpart was played by contract cutie Carmen Luvana. I'm not going to ruin the plotted elements of the story for you but keep in mind that feature porn requires a different set of skills then most in the industry are capable of providing so your mileage is going to vary as to how often you wince depending on the thickness of your skin (and head) for the kind of acting presented (unlike Pirates, this one was played straight up with little humor). So, here's a look at the sex scenes by cast and action, noting that no Germans, Argentineans, or Americans were harmed during the shooting of this movie but condoms were used by the two contract stars:

Scene One: Flower Tucci, playing a psychic super spy, used her amazing powers of mind over matter to attract Randy Spears while masturbating in a room filled with Egyptian artifacts. Personally, her diddling herself in black lingerie while sitting in the chair did it for me but she slobbed his knob in her usual heated manner, followed by a sweet little titty fuck. One of the most versatile performers of our time, she then used her pussy and ass to full effect (with a nod to her waterwork show as well) giving an active ride filled with taste testing and a bit of dirty talk before he popped in her mouth. As always, she was great and the two shared some chemistry together to make it a fine opening scene for the blockbuster.

Scene Two: Kylie Ireland, also dressed in black lingerie befitting the 1940's, gave head to studly Tyler Knight in a specially designed glory hole. She was the bitchy first lady who tried to wear the pants in the family, ending up as a jizz socket for Tyler instead. It consisted of strictly a blowjob with some breast rubbing but was a suitable role for the aging hotty in the twilight of her career.

Scene Three: Vanessa Lane, Harmony, Joey Ray, and Trent Soluri, were up next after the ladies participated in a press conference with the President (Phil Harvey; head of Adam & Eve in a great role). Trent initially warmed up the ladies and they responded well with dirty talk and some oral before he tapped into them. Joey was surprised by the action but didn't miss a beat as he joined in, with the gals seeming to have a contest for who could ride most actively. As the couples pounded vaginally on the desk, the ladies gave up some moans and seemed into the action, with Vanessa using her ass to really cause him to bust a nut with the resulting facial. Harmony took her facial well too, each gal providing some post coital sucking to close out the decent scene.

Scene Four: Anna Nova, the aggressive German hotty sporting flowing locks of black hair while dressed in her ancient undies, celebrated the successful midair refueling by letting her own juices flow with some head to John West (playing a tailgunner) and Hauz (playing the erection sporting radio operator) while poor old Rusty Nails (playing the pilot) had to stick to business. She sucked the men off like a champion and even gave up that tight ass of hers in the cramped quarters of the bomber in flight, with plenty of low end CGI effects intermittently placed for fans of the story portions of the show. She took their facials well but the scene seemed kind of truncated.

Scene Five: Austyn Moore, playing a test subject in a flight simulation, outlasted the others in the test so she was rewarded with scientists Tommy Gunn, Scott Nails, and Eric Masterson, giving her the hot beef injection. She wanted to "make an impression" on the men (her words) so she stripped off her flight suit to show them her "tits of TNT" (again: her words) before aggressively blowing them. She looked a lot like Tiffany Rayne here and this was easily one of her better scenes as she blew them side by side, taking turns with the meat pipes. Sadly, when it came time to screw, they finished up far too fast so she never really got a chance to show if she had picked up any lessons since her last scene (her sexual energy has rarely, if ever, matched her physical attractiveness in her movies). This was one of the few condom scenes of the movie but the roving camera didn't help either as the men ate and boned her. It ended with a couple of facials and a pop shot to her abdomen, marking an okay scene that ended far too quickly.

Scene Six: Carmen Luvana, Katja Kassin, Lexi Lamour, and the mighty Evan Stone, were up next as they interrogated him in a bedroom. Initially, Lexi and Katja slob his knob seeking information, spouting off something in German that translated almost as well as the last martial arts flick I watched from Hong Kong. This led for stronger measures with Carmen, playing the "Argentinean Red Devil", taking over by showing the ladies how it's done. She blew him like a seasoned champion and he ate her out just as well in return, sadly forcing Katja and Lexi onto the sidelines where they could only watch the action taking place (a waste of their talents), leading to some vaginal screwing where he did most of the work. She tried her best to provide him with a better ride but the scene ended before she could effectively prove her skill level. He popped on her breasts and then Lexi got to sit on his face to finish off the scene (so to speak). I barely noticed the condom used in Carmen's ride but others may disagree.

Scene Seven: Kylie Ireland, Chris Cannon, and Talon, were up next as the men took a meeting with the first lady to discuss lady pilots. The acting was particularly wooden here (Talon should never speak in a feature, the writing once again made Kylie look like a doofus, and Chris seemed to be more interested in "landing his airplane" then speaking naturally) but Kylie had those killer curves ready to distract as she stripped down to offer the men a deal. They ate her out and spent ample time of her breasts, resulting in her shortest DP ever before they popped their loads onto her face. I was happy to see her working in front of the camera again, providing a MILF-like experience with the men, but like a few of the scenes in the movie, the action seemed cut short (almost as if more was shot but edited out).

Scene Eight: Roxetta, Annika, and Tony Tedeschi, were up next in the headquarters of ASS (the American Secret Service no less) with the ladies doing some diddling before Tony got a hummer off of one of them. Sadly, as he drilled one, the other stuck with pleasing herself by the 50 cal. Machinegun, although he did take his partner anally. The gals were sexually passive in the scene, letting him to all the penetrative work, but it wasn't a bad scene compared to a couple of the others that were no less mechanical in nature here. For those who care, Roxetta was the active female of the two (from the extras section).

Scene Nine: Carmen Luvana, the hotty on the right hand side of the front DVD cover, and Austyn Moore, her younger counterpart on the left side of the cover, were up next in the penultimate lesbian scene of the movie as Carmen tied up Austyn to play with her. The ladies looked great but given the mixed quality of their sexual performances in the past, I had to cross my fingers that the scene would be more than just eye candy here. In general, the bondage-lite aspect of the scene was well handled as a spread eagled Austyn was ravaged by Carmen; who used a dildo, her tongue, and fingers to get the hotty off. They reversed roles a bit to allow Carmen in on the bondage dynamic but there was never a moment when she seemed convincingly submissive to her charge. It wasn't a bad scene but there were no sparks between the two and a lack of chemistry between the two leading ladies of the movie struck me as odd. There was some choking, mutual masturbation, and licking to close out the action but it was very hit or miss throughout the scene.

Scene Ten: Mia Bangg and Kylie Worthy, a couple of cuties that looked good in their 1940's outfits, decided to give pilot Lexington Steele a little loving after some really weak dialogue. Thankfully, the ladies were better at giving him a hummer than acting; double teaming him orally as best they could before he started hammering away at Mia's pussy. Kylie did some PTOGM (sucking Lex's cock clean out of Mia's cookie) but that was all she did since she seemed a little cock shy about riding his cock. Mia then took Lex anally, watching her ass cheeks spread apart as he slowly pounded away while Kylie watched (and masturbated). The scene ended with him providing a titty pop and the gals giving him some post coital suckage.

Scene Eleven: Austyn Moore, having paid her tributes to Dr. Strangelove, ditched Carmen for her terrible acting and began the last scene of the movie with Derrick Pierce. He fed her some oxygen but she wanted it the old fashioned way; straight from the meat pipe. She jerked him off and alternated with oral attention, showing she has a lot more oral ability then penetrative power when they took to screwing. He diddled her cookie a bit and ate her first but didn't seem to appreciate her all that much before he hit the pussy. Her facial expressions looked pained more than anything else but at least she bounced on his lap a few times before his formerly condom clad cock was dropping a load on her abdomen. The plot holes and dialogue after this scene were unintentionally hilarious but no more so then the rest of the movie, closing out the movie with some politically correct drivel about women's rights.

Summary: Tailgunners by director Nick Orleans had a lot of action in it and the best extras package of any title exclusively released by the company. The acting and technical values were shaky at best but it was still a fun little romp with a plethora of pussy for fans of features to enjoy. I'm not going to dissect every little problem the movie had with the CGI, the picture quality, or other factors going into the movie but I have to hand it to Adam & Eve for thinking outside the box and trying something new. For the most part, Tailgunners never lived up to the hype of being a great movie and even as a porno had a lot to fuss about but it had some of the oft-missing fun factor that I like to talk about in features and for that alone I give it a Recommended. I will admit that the cover slogan about backdoors led me to believe both Carmen and Austyn would be engaging in anal sex (which sadly did not occur) but there was a diversity of sexual practices for fans to enjoy. If you're looking for lots of great sex and pristine technical values, look elsewhere but the movie provided Adam & Eve a chance to rise or fall on its own merits rather than ride the coattails of another company this year and I suspect that it will probably pick up at least an award or two based on the effort put into the movie.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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