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Jim Steel's Devil Inside

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/15/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

May 2006

Directed By:

Jim Steel


Antonio Madiers, Marcos Pirelli, Brad Benton, Jean Val Jean, Jason Crew, Park Wiley, Ben Campezzi, and Mark Slade.

The Movie:

What if you could loose all sexual inhibitions and break down those of the dudes you come in contact with? Find out what happens as these eight hot guys bust down the doors of their sexual hang-ups.

The Dudes:

These good-looking dudes look to be in their early twenties to thirties with a mix of muscular and slender/tight body types, hairy and smooth chests, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and cut/uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Brad Benton, a cool looking dude with a husky build, and Jason Crew, cute with tight/slender body and short dark hair, are making out on the living room sofa. The dudes engage in plenty of deep tongue kissing and body rubbing as they grind against each other. Brad takes Jason's big cut cock deep into his mouth and begins to bob up and down on the hard shaft. Jason fucks Brad's face with fast strokes and he has no problems keeping up with Jason's quick tempo. Brad eats Jason's tight hairy hole and really chows down making Jason loudly moan. Brad pulls Jason's hard cock back between his legs and switches back and forth between sucking that rigid tool and eating that hot asshole. "Fuck yeah, man! Eat that ass!" "You like getting tongue fucked?" "Hell, yeah!".

Jason fucks Brad's tight hole in the missionary position (with condom) as he slides in and out. These dudes really grunt and groan and are completely into the action. Jason alternates between fast/hard strokes and a more slow 'n lovin' pace. Brad sinks down on Jason's condom-covered cock and goes for an intense ride. "Fuck Yeah!" Brad's hard cut cock sways as he rides Jason's dick. Jason reaches around and strokes Brad's cock while fucking him. Brad shoots/sprays a large load while being fucked. Jason dumps a thick load on Brad's hot bubble butt.

Scene Two:

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This highly stylized scene features very cool videography with slow motion, cool lighting and sound. Hot Antonio Madiers takes a shower bathing his beautiful body. After plenty of body scrubbing, Park Wiley joins Antonio for some hot man sex. The dudes engage in a heavy make out session and body rubbing as Antonio sinks to his knees and takes Park's hard cut cock into mouth. Antonio gives Park excellent head as he sucks the fat veiny shaft and large purple mushroom cock head. Park plays with Antonio's hard nipples as he fucks his mouth. "Yeah, come on! Suck on it!" Park finger's Antonio's tight hole as the two return to their heavy kissing. Park fucks Antonio's butt (with condom) from behind and against the shower wall with plenty of smooth strokes. Both dudes finish up by shooting their loads against the glass shower door.

Scene Three:

Ben Campezzi, a hot husky/muscle dude with dark hair is standing in the dining room watching Mark Slade, a hot husky/muscle dude with blond hair jack off. The dudes face each other while they beat their meat. The guys lean over the table and stroke each other's hard cocks. Ben lies on the table as Mark takes his hard uncut cock deep into his wet mouth. Mark bobs up and down the hard tool as Ben begins to thrust up with his hips and fuck Mark's face. Ben returns the favor by sinking to his knees and taking Mark's hard cut dick into his mouth. Very hot cocksucking by Ben as he slobbers on that fat veiny shaft and jacks his own cock.

Mark fucks Ben's tight shaved hole (with condom) in the side/missionary position as Ben continues to jack his cock. Mark uses nice fast strokes and switches to a very hot missionary position. To finish up, the dudes jack off with Mark shooting his load on Ben's inner thigh and Ben dumping a thick load of man juice on his shaved pubic area. Hot!

Scene Four:

Sexy Brad Benton (from Scene One) is back for more action this time with hot olive skinned Jean Val Jean. The dudes tease each other by rubbing their bodies and hard baskets. It's not too long before Brad is on his knees sucking Jean's hard cut cock. Brad sucks that cock like a champ as Jean fucks his face. The dudes move their action to a large bed where Brad continues to suck Jean's hard dong. In one very hot moment, Brad strokes both dude's hard cocks together.

Brad slips a condom on Jean's hard meat and sinks down on the pole for a ride. Brad bounces up and down as Jean grabs Brad's butt cheeks and begins to pound his ass. Jean fucks Brad from behind for some doggy style. "Oh fuck me! Yeah!" Jean continues fucking Brad with nice steady strokes as Brad loudly groans and grunts. I've never heard such going on...and it's hot! Brad beats off and shoots a thick load on the satin sheets. Jean beats his meat and shoots a big load on Brad's sexy bubble butt. Hot!

Scene Five:

Cute Antonio Madiers (from Scene Two) is back and lounging out by the pool. Hot pool dude Marcos Pirelli joins him and starts to rub the front of Antonio's bulging swimming trunks. Marcos pulls the trunks down and sucks Antonio's stiff cut dick. This time Antonio is mean! His sexy face is twisted into a sneer as he fucks Marcos in the mouth like a piston. Marcos has no problem taking that big dick down his gullet. Antonio eats Marcos' tight hairy butt hole in the missionary position and pigs out on that ass! Antonio tongue fucks Marcos and finger fucks him with two digits. Marcos moans in delight as his butt has become Antonio's personal buffet.

Antonio eats Marcos' pucker from behind pulling his butt cheeks apart and continuing to fuck him with his tongue. Antonio fucks him with a piece of ice that he's holding in his mouth. Antonio fucks Marcos in the missionary position (with condom) as Marco's jacks his uncut cock. Antonio fucks fast 'n hard and Marcos love it! Marcos shoots a big load on his chest and face and in his mouth. Antonio lets go with a load on his own stomach.



"Devil Inside" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in wide screen. The direction by Jim Steel is excellent as is the editing by D3 providing hot sex at a nice steady pace. The videography by Brad Austin is top-notch providing high quality coverage of the action and loads of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clear.


The sound is clear providing some of the loudest heavy breathing, grunts and groans I've ever heard. The sound in Scene Two is very cool as the viewer only hears the shower water for most of the time. The music score by D3 and Dino Ninn fits nicely with the scenes.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, Star Index, Production Dairy where the viewer can read about the ups and downs of movie making. There is an extensive stills gallery featuring photography by Brad Austin of each model and action from the movie, and trailers for all-male classics "L.A. Tool & Die, "El Paso Wrecking Corp.", "Kansas City Trucking Co.", and the new movie "Hard Up".

Final Thoughts:

"Jim Steel's Devil Inside" is the first original feature from HIS in ten years and it's a hot one! The movie is produced through Larry Flynt's Hustler Studio and everything about the production is high quality. The direction, videography, editing, music, and locations are all top of the line. The dudes are sexy and definitely into the action. There is no acting here, as the dudes love sucking cock, eating butt, and fucking ass. All the guys are hot but my personal favorites are Brad Benton, Jason Crew, and husky/muscle bound Mark Slade. I take my hat off to HIS for creating such an entertaining movie. From the looks of it, HIS is on a roll as the upcoming "Hard Up" looks just as good. I highly recommend this one!

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