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This Butt's 4U #2

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/16/06

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This Butt's 4 U #2

Evil Angel/Erik Everhard Entertainment

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Erik Everhard

Cast: Mia Rose, Erik Everhard, Barbie Cummings, Mr. Pete, Sandra Parker, Robert Rosenberg, Toni Ribas, Briana Devil, Steve Holmes, Lisa Ann, Kimberly, Katy Caro

Length: 283.5 minutes

Date of Production: 7/7/2006 (box); 9/20/2005, 7/7/2006, 6/10/2006, 4/26/2006, 2/19/2006, 2/5/2006 (credits)

Extra's: The best extra was the lengthy, 39.5 minute, Behind the Scenes feature starring the cast and crew. While there was a lot of preparation work for the scenes, there was also extra nudity and sex taking place, amounting to more stroke materials for fans, even adding some foot fetish work for those who care. Steve and Jimmy were funny with the ladies looking to get off as well as get paid, ending with hotty Lisa Ann in her bedroom scene with sweaty Erik. If you'd rather watch the ladies put on make up, filling out paperwork, or other weak footage some companies show, go right ahead and ask me (I'll let you know where to go) but this was quality stuff friends! There was also a decent photogallery, a cast list, some limited filmographies, a cum shot recap, a biography for Erik Everhard, some websites, and a couple of trailers to make the two disc set a great deal for those wanting extra fuck for the buck.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: This Butt's 4 U #2 was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Erik Everhard for distribution by Evil Angel. The fleshtones were very accurate, the composition of the shots generally enhanced the look of the gals, and the lighting was pretty decent too in most scenes although this was definitely not the same kind of porn Erik shot for his previous company by a long shot. If you've seen any of the travelogue movies made by Seymore Butts or the Shane's World people, you'll have an understanding of what to expect, with Erik generally doing a far better job of it in most ways. The lighting wasn't quite as flat as I like but accommodations seemed to be made for the variables, keeping the visual aspects of the action in line with any top line gonzo available on the market. There were no compression artifacts or video noise either so the DVD mastering appears to have been done pretty well too. The 2.0 stereo English audio was more of a basic presentation. The dynamic range was okay and the separation nonexistent but I could hear all the moans and groans well enough for my tastes (though a few scenes were kind of low). The recurring theme of looking for locations to shoot porn was not lost on me either, impacting (usually favorably) the visual and audio aspects of the movie for those not into the same locations in their porn.

Body of Review: Erik Everhard has been appreciated by a great many people over the years as a guy who gets so into the action that many claim he is in a special zone. He appreciates the female form as well as anyone else so his elevation into directing seemed to be a natural idea and the results have proven to provide a great deal of awesome porn with some of the best value you'll find. His recent switch to Evil Angel from Red Light was hailed as a great move by some and now that he's going to ramp it up one more notch in order to work with Jules Jordan, fans are ecstatic with joy knowing that Erik will now be completely free to provide any kind of sex act he thinks will appeal to fans (within the legal boundaries established by those legal hounds the industry trusts). His latest work before leaving Evil Angel was This Butt's 4 U #2, the sequel to a movie that I never saw, showcasing a number of attractive gals doing anal after some extensive tease. One look at the front DVD cover will tell you what to expect in terms of women but the even more favorable news is that most of the ladies were on fire with desire to ride that meaty member of Erik's in all sorts of positions and in each of their holes. That said, here's a look at a great stroke flick that raincoaters will find to be one of the very best available on the market, noting that no condoms were used at all:

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Scene One: Mia Rose, the fine little hotty on the upper middle spot of the front DVD cover, began the show with a pole dance in her tiny pink outfit, complete with visual effects. As tease, this footage was really solid, especially as she began rubbing herself with the camera zooming in. She started talking with cameraman Erik Everhard who paid her a twenty for some extra show and she responded by pouring candlewax over her perfect ass and chest. The scene then cut away to her entering a living room and giving him an aggressive POV blowjob, showing some flair for the task before they moved to the bed where he went down on her by sucking her ass. He then began pounding into her pussy doggy style, her yelling out in a combination of pleasure and pain as a result. She sucked him clean and the duo went at each other actively in a number of other positions before she did what was reported to be her first onscreen anal. In my estimation, unless a gal has done a lot of anal in her private life, this act tends to be boring since women seem to have a tough go of it as they learn the tricks of the trade (even Naomi, for example, gave lame anal performances until she was seasoned). Unlike some men, "firsts" don't impress me much as high quality riding skills; something she was showing in abundance during the vaginal portions of the scene. She was dripping wet by the 30 minute mark of the movie, even giving a "squirt" routine (that part looked fake), soon thereafter moving to the anal. Okay, as predicted, Erik did all of the work during this part of the lengthy scene, drilling her ass harder and faster as the scene went on. She barked orders at him and I thought his face was going to explode given how his veins were popping out, moving to her doing ATM just in time to stop that from happening. It then ended when he busted a huge nut on her face and chest, ending a very good scene to start the show with.

Scene Two: Barbie Cummings, the curvy gal seen on the upper right hand corner of the front cover, was up next as she came over to the house (playing a new neighbor) wanting to enjoy the pool. After some banter with our beloved director, she went out back and introduced herself to Mr. Pete, with her pink bikini practically falling off her and the skimpy blue jean shorts looking really nice. Erik Everhard assisted her in finding some tanning oil, capturing her some well that you could even see the tiny little hairs covering her body. She shined up with the oil and there was even some underwater footage of Erik eating her out (followed by Pete of course; director's privilege). Say what you will about her but she looked fantastic for those of us into the gal next door scenario and was soon sucking the men off (with some modest vaginal) in the pool. They then went to the bedroom where she proved to be an active rider of cock, continuing to suck one off while the other hammered at her pussy, then ass. There was some ATM and DP footage but what made her stand out to me was how actively she continued to work them over regardless of the position or hole they were drilling. The energy, passion, and heat levels were off the charts for this reviewer, resulting in the men popping into her mouth for some swallowing. Her pretty eyes lighting up as she stoked to the fact that they found her so desirable; the great scene ending at nearly the 90 minute mark. Whew!

Scene Three: Sandra Parker, the blonde European hotty featured on the lower right hand corner, was up next as the best real estate in all of Budapest wearing a black professional business outfit. The men lamented needing a place to film at with Jimmy S. (the cameraman) wanting to protect his interests by getting the place that Robert Rosenberg, Toni Ribas, Erik Everhard, and Horace were staying at. Erik held the camera and spent a lot of time shooting her clothed ass, making little comments about how fine it was. Jimmy wanted to see a show by the gal to get more for his money, resulting in her doing just that but in a torturously slow manner of tease where he black thong needed to be my dental floss. The scene then began with Erik, Toni, and Robert, screwing all three of her holes (at once even) in the kitchen and living room. She rode cock aggressively and seemed to be into the action a lot more than most Europeans appear to be in the movies, bouncing and working the cock like she was on the bonus plan. The slightly whorish look she gave when her clothes were off and the lingerie remained added to the effect, as did the limited amount of POV footage displayed. I wasn't keen on her implants and her ability to ride during the DP footage wasn't the best but she was well worth the price of admission to me. It ended with more mouth pops by the guys, looking like she swallowed at least some of their seed. The movie already had more heated sex material than most porn and it wasn't half over when this one finished up at the 139 minute mark.

Scene Four: Briana Devil, the beautiful gal featured on the lower left hand corner of the front DVD cover, playing the wife of a property owner who was going to rent a place to the guys (dressed only in a small towel). Steve Holmes and Erik Everhard were the location scouts this time, and Briana lit up when she found out what they wanted the house for. As they looked around, they kept catching glimpses of Briana who was anything but shy, especially when they found the large downstairs shower to have a see through top that she used to display her body for them on purpose; drawing Steve to go up and warm her little body up. She was getting juicy when Erik decided to go upstairs and join them but they met him downstairs instead with her in a skimpy red dress and matching thong that truly showed her off to full effect. She gave them skilled hummers and they started taking turns screwing her tight little cookie with the living room having the best light to show off her all natural body. She wasn't quite as active a ride as the previous gals but she was still very much into the action as they tapped her mouth, pussy, and ass without needing to go to DP's . It provided a nice change of pace and ended the first disc very well with the crazy little vixen swallowing their plentiful loads of population pudding.

Scene Five: Lisa Ann, the attractive brunette bent over in light blue lingerie on the lower middle of the front DVD cover, was up next as the first scene of the second DVD. She was masturbating her pretty little cookie in bed, showing that a few miles on the chassis doesn't mean the ride is any less sweet, before Erik Everhard came over to pick up her roommate. The two got to know each other while he waited for his date to arrive, her offering him a glass of water to be a good hostess (but really to see if he was going to watch her walking away from him, casually looking over her shoulder in the way that women do to estimate interest). She then went into a litany of what her friend told her about his sexual skills and attributes, wanting to test him for herself to give her friend a report from an experienced eye. The tease was slow and heated, with Erik taking his time as he savored the moment with this classic hotty on the comeback trail. The playful tease she provided was another excellent example of why it can be better to build up some tension in a sex scene (some people just can't seem to understand this concept, sadly enough) and when she went to sucking him off, it was the culmination of her years of skill with a meat pipe. He warmed her up digitally and then she climbed aboard to ride him with a sense of passion and enthusiasm, getting him to eat her soon after that. They then screwed hardcore vaginally for the rest of the scene before she blew him to completion with some decent post coital work.

Scene Six: Kimberly, a little blonde seen on the middle of the cover between the title words, Katy Caro, the lean cutie seen on the upper left hand corner, Erik Everhard and Steve Holmes, were up last in a scene shot in a Budapest gym that was almost abandoned. Katie was working out her hamstrings in fishnet stockings (I'd be in the gym more if this happened in my gym) while Kimberly was doing curls in her blue outfit and see through top. The men ogled the ladies for awhile to enhance the tease properties and it wasn't long before Steve was sucking the ass of hotty Katy. She enjoyed it and was soon blowing them with Kimberly joining in after the face sitting. Erik paired off with Kimberly while Steve worked Katy, both pairs doing a lot of oral on their partners before they boned. The locker room antics were the best for the penetrative action, with a distinctive emphasis on anal action (both men worked with both women too). The ladies were moderately active in cock riding (the weakest of the movie but still better than a great many others I've watched of late) and ended with some ATM and oral, swallowing semen with a sense of willingness that some of the other ladies might not have displayed so readily.

Summary: This Butt's 4 U #2 provided more than TWICE the amount of footage you'll get in a typical gonzo porn and did not feel the need to use filler scenes to do so. In that sense, the quality of the fuck was as high as the quantity of the fuck provided by director Erik Everhard, with high end production values, lots of excellent tease footage, and a cast of cuties all perfectly suited to the profession. Whatever minor polishing up This Butt's 4 U #2 might have been able to use was barely a blip on the screen so it's no surprise that Evil Angel will be reeling from the loss of such a talented director. For all the movie had to offer though, I felt it was well worth the rating of DVD Talk Collector Series considering the stroke and replay value for anyone into the gonzo format. If you'd rather see a lot of artistic effects, poor dialogue, and marginal women, I can make a few other suggestions for you but this was the top of the purely sexual offerings I've seen of late (and I've seen a LOT of them). Excellent work!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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