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Daddy Hunt Vol. 4

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 10/17/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
Chris Roma
1Hr 45Min
CAST: Derrick Hanson, Hunt Parker, Chris Denni, Ted Hutchins, Jay Masters, Jay Taylor, Will Bern, Magnum, Robbie Hardt, Michael Scott, Toby O'Connor
PRODUCTION DATE:4/15, 4/22, 6/11, 6/17, 7/17 2006

The Good Stuff
Daddy Hunt 4 is younger guys on the hunt for some older man lovin.

Scene 1
Derrick is home alone the poor thing. What is a young man to do while home alone but entice the gardener into some hot man love. Derrick is inside the house stripping and stroking and giving Hunt a nice show through the glass door. Derrick is a fit young guy with pierced nipples and a nice cut cock and shaved junk. Hunt starts rubbing his own package to show Derrick he is interested. Hunt is a an older guy with salt and pepper hair, awesome tattoos and a hot hard body and thick cut pole. Derrick is next seen enjoying his hot tub naked and Hunt wanders over in his birthday suit as well. Derrick wants that cock and gobbles it to the hilt really deep throating it. Hunt needs some meet so he repays Derrick by swallowing his rod next. Derrick gets his hole rimmed before getting it doggie from Hunt followed by riding hunts thick cock. These guys are really into each other hungrily staring into each others eyes while getting busy. Hunts hole is begging to be plugged and Derrick happily obliges him taking him missionary with Hunts legs on his shoulders. Look at Hunts face for the initial penetration.....he is loving it! The guys beat their meats next with Derrick blowing his wad first then helping Hunt shoot by tweaking his swollen nipples. Both loads are thick and creamy.
[Actors: Derrick Hanson, Hunt Parker | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Rimming, Jacking | Positions: Cowboy, Missionary, Doggie | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 2

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Chris Denni, Ted Hutchins and Jay Masters Ted and Jay are in the park trolling for a young guy to have some naked fun with. Along comes Chris strolling through. Chris is a younger Latin/Italian looking guy that Ted and Jay pick up as they drive out of the park. After giving each other the eye in the rear view mirror on the ride to someone pad they get right to business undressing and making out. Ted is an older guy with a real guys body, deliciously hairy, not ripped but not out of shape either and with a decent cut cock. Jay is a bear with a nice thick tool. Chris is a younger Italian guy with a hairless tanned body and hot cut cock. Chris takes turn sucking on his daddies cocks while they make out. He alternates between blowing and jacking off each of the guys. Ted goes to town sucking on Chris asshole while Chris gobbles up Jays cock. More of the guys taking turns with each others cocks in various mouths. Chris sits on Teds face and grinds his asshole on Teds tongue getting a deep asshole licking. Now this was a total turn off for me and maybe I'm a picky guy but there is a close up of Ted's ball sack and it is repulsive, he has some kind of growth on it which totally grossed me out and ruined the rest of the scene for me. After Jay gets a turn with Chris hole on his face they get to the fucking which is brief and there are no real good close ups of. Chris is spread on the desk on his back and and Jay pounds away for a bit before turning Chris over and banging away with him over the desk. At this point in the scene the wind has gone out of everyones sails it would seem as everyone is limp. Chris rides Jays cock which he apparently got hard again while Ted is jacking his Flaccid meat. Jay jacks Chris while he is taking a ride and Chris blows his load followed by Ted and then apparently Jay came as well which the camera missed.
[Actors: Chris Denni, Ted Hutchins, Jay Masters | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Rimming, Anal, Jacking |Positions: Cowboy, Doggie, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 3
Jay Taylor and Will Bern are at the gym. Jay being a tall, tan, lean sexy older guy and Will a young ripplingly, muscular sex on two legs guy. Will is headed for the showers grabbing some things conveniently from his locker # 69. Jay is changing as well and when he finally gets naked WHOA he has giant cut cock with shaved nuts. Jay takes his big cock into the showers where Will is already getting cleaned up lathering his own thick cut meat. They lather each other up while making out before Will shows what a pro of a cocksucker he is. He takes that giant schlong down his gullet until his nose is nestling in Jays pubes. He doesn't gag once on that monster. Will rimms Jays hot asshole before they swap and Jay devours Wills hole working it open with his finger and tongue to make room for his massive cock. Is Jays monster gonna fit we get to find out as he works that beast in inch by inch until he is pounding away at Wills tight hole like a mad man. Will is a pro at everything he does working over that monster cock like crazy. They move into a side room where Jay blows Will who is laying on his back. Jay loves some young cock as he is really into giving Will some good times. Jay pounds away missionary before pulling out and cumming on Wills abs. Will jacks and cums on Jays chest while he is sitting up. Jay isn't done yet. He jacks while Will fingers his hole and blows another creamy load on his own abs. I would let Jay be my daddy anytime!!
[Actor: Jay Taylor, Will Bern | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Fingering, Rimming, Anal, Jacking, | Positions: Missionary, Doggie | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 4
Magnum is leaving the office when he comes upon Robbie who is hanging out by the bridge. They chat each other up before Magnum leads Robbie to a nearby stairwell to show him just what a gun he is packing in his pants. They barely make it to the stairwell before they are groping each other and making out like crazy. Robbie wants to see Magnums cock so he pops that thick beercan of an uncut cock through Magnums fly. Robbie gags the thick meat down his throat. Magnum is packing a thick tubesteak and some duck egg sized balls. Robbies mouth is stretched so wide to try and fit that cock. You can almost hear Robbies jaw crack! Magnum indulges in some mouth fucking before rimming and thumb fucking Robbies hole. Magnum slowly works his 2x4 lumber into Robbies hole and Robbie is having a rough time fitting it. Robbie finally gets most of it in and they find their rhythm going at it doggie. They go through cowboy, missionary, and back to cowboy before Robbie jacks and cums while his hole is stretched with Magnums rectum stretcher. Robbie then sucks Magnums large nuts and receives a face full of man milk which he smiles about.
[Actor: Magnum, Robbie Hardt | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Cowboy, Doggie, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut, Uncut | ]

Scene 5
Michael Scott and Toby O'Connor Michael bald. Toby hair Toby is outside sunning himself naked and Michael is indoors enjoying the view. Toby being an in shape guy with some nice body hair and a thick cut cock which he is jacking. Michael is inside stroking his own stiff tool getting his own ball juices flowing. Michael is tall muscular daddy with body hair and a thick ass spreader of his own. He goes over to Toby and starts blowing him. They switch positions and you see that Toby has a perfect bubble butt and shaved hole which Michael fingers while Toby blows him. Toby wastes no time in straddling Michaels muscular thighs and getting that cut cock in his hole. These two guys have some hot chemistry and they are loving each other. Toby stays rock hard for the whole cock bouncing ride. Michael wants that ass in every position so he switches Toby to doggie then finally missionary where he literally fucks a big juicy load out of him. Michael jacks out his own load as they are sitting next to each other making out.
[Actor: Michael Scott, Toby O'connor | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Cowboy, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]


Both the audio and video quality for Daddy Hunt 4 were good. Nothing over the top exciting in either department.


No extras at all.....NONE!

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At the End of the Night

Daddy Hunt 4 was a hot flick. For those of us who like an older guy(myself included) this is the perfect film. All of the guys in this film were real guys running the gambit from Bear to twink. from young (20's) to older (50's). A little bit for everyone. For the most part you could tell the guys were into what they were doing except for scene 2 which I found a total disaster. From nuts that made me want to gag to limp dicks it was a total hard-on buster for me. The other scenes made up for it especially scene 3, Jay Taylor can be my daddy anytime anywhere. The camera angles varied, there were some good close ups and as mentioned previously most of the guys were hot for each other. So with all that being said this flick gets my Rating of Recommended.

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