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Oh Boy Escorts: Paranoid

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/20/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

October 2004

Directed By:

Tyson Cane


Dimitri Santiago, Igor, Kayne East, Luigi Armani, Manny Ortiz, Marcus Williams, Merrick Barraje.

The Movie:

Oh Boy Escorts, so named for guys saying "Oh Boy!" when seeing the dudes-for-hire, is under surveillance by the police and it's making the owner paranoid. The nervous owner sets up meetings with his dudes and guys he thinks may be the fuzz.

The Dudes:

These good-looking Black, Latino, and White dudes look to be in their mid twenties with a mix of muscular and slender/tight body types, hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, and cut/uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Igor, a handsome European dude with short dark hair, wants to work for Oh Boy Escorts. His "audition" is with sexy Dimitri, a hot Latino guy with short hair and plenty of tattoos. Igor immediately goes down on Dimitri's big cut pinga stroking the hard shaft and cramming plenty of hard cock into his mouth. Igor definitely knows something about deep throat. Igor works his way down to sucking Dimitri's nuts while Dimitri jacks his cock. There is plenty of heaving kissing and wet tongues as the dudes make out. Dimitri eats Igor's hot butt burying his face deep between those hairy ass cheeks and tongue fucking his tight hole.

Dimitri fucks Igor from behind (with condom) starting out with slow steady strokes that become faster. Dimitri positions Igor for some hot side/missionary fucking while Igor strokes his hard uncut tool. Igor sinks down on Dimitri's stiff shaft and pumps up 'n down while Dimitri grabs Igor's butt cheeks and really plows his hole. The dudes change to a missionary position as they continue their fucking. Igor strokes a thick load onto his full black pubes and Dimitri's cum flies through the air landing everywhere.

Scene Two:

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Luigi, a cute dude with black hair, wants to fill out an application to work for the escort service. Manny, a handsome Latino dude with shaved head and cool moustache, is there to assist him. Luigi quickly gets down on his knees to take Manny's long uncut cock all the way down his throat. Manny's plentiful foreskin covers his knob even when his cock is completely hard. Luigi makes plenty of popping and sucking noises as he orally worships that big dong and tongues the foreskin nipple. Manny returns the favor by sucking Luigi's hard uncut cock with plenty of deep throat.

Luigi fucks Manny from behind (with condom). As the dudes rock back and forth fucking, Manny is quite vocal in his pleasure and moans continuously. The strokes become faster and harder as Manny wails for Luigi to fuck harder. "What a big cock you have!" The dudes engage in some heavy making out with plenty of deep tongue kissing. The scene abruptly ends with a "To Be Continued" subtitle. Perhaps the scene continues in part two because we never see these dudes again.

Scene Three:

Merrick, a good-looking Black dude with short hair and a tall/slender/tight build, is hanging out with Kayne East, a handsome Black guy with dark complexion and nice body. The dudes engage in some deep soul kissing and body rubbing as Merrick makes his way down and begins to gorge himself with Kayne's fat uncut cock. Merrick strokes and slobbers on that big tool as he gives some excellent head. Kanye takes Merrick's long cut dong into his mouth and begins to suck it like an all-day lolly. Kayne strokes and sucks the hard shaft and nurses Merrick's cock knob. Hot!

Kayne fucks Merrick doggy style (with condom) pumping his tight hole full of stiff uncut man meat. Kayne fucks that butt fast and hard as Merrick moans and simpers with lust. Merrick hunches back on that hard dong wanting more cock up his butt. This is some very intense fucking as Merrick looks to be totally digging it. The dudes play a game of sink/bounce as Kayne continues to fuck Merrick who is bouncing like a wild man while his hard cock flops and sways in the breeze. Merrick squirts a large thick load onto his own stomach, chest, and face. Kayne jerks his fat meat, grunts, and shoots a thick load that lands on Merrick's spent cock.

Scene Four:

Hunky Kayne is back for more action. He is sleeping when his boyfriend Marcus, a hot Black dude with a tall/slender build, enters the bedroom. Kayne wakes up as Marcus begins to stroke that fat uncut cock. Marcus takes Kayne's hard cock deep into his gullet, as be sucks up and down the stiff uncut shaft and suckles the knob. Kayne begins sucking Marcus's long cut dong slobbering up and down the hard pole. The guys engage in some heavy making out and deep tongue kissing and then it's back to sucking those hard dicks.

Marcus eats Kayne's tight shaved hole licking the gentle rosebud with his entire tongue and fucking him with the tip. Marcus pulls Kayne's hard tool back between his legs and alternates between sucking cock and munching butt. Marcus fucks Kayne from behind (with condom) filling Kayne's hole with his long dong. The dudes switch to the missionary position as Marcus continues to plow Kayne's butt hole. Kayne squirts a large thick load hitting his stomach and flying everywhere. Marcus pulls out of Kayne's, jacks his cock, and dumps a sticky load on Kayne. Hot!



"Oh Boy Escorts-Paranoid" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The direction by Tyson Cane along with the editing is tight keeping each scene moving along at an enjoyable pace. The videography by Junior Delacruz is professional providing the standard camera angles and plenty of nice close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear providing loads of moaning and sighing as these dudes engage in man sex. The accompanying music by DJ Daryl Raymond is a variety of techno.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, a stills gallery, website information, and trailers for "Oh Boy Escorts Part Two", "Freak Factor Looking For A Host", and "Manhattan Fantasies".

Final Thoughts:

"Oh Boy Escorts-Paranoid" is a hot and entertaining watch. The dudes are all good looking with my favorites being Kayne East, Manny Ortiz, and Dimitri Santiago. The sex is hot and intense and the guys are definitely into what they are doing. Merrick Barraje totally digs getting fucked in Scene Three as he hungrily hunches back to receive more hard cock up his tight hole. The direction by Tyson Cane is tight providing scenes that move along at a swell pace. The videography by Junior Delacruz provides full coverage of the action and plenty of excellent close-ups of the sucking, butt munching, and fucking. The picture quality is nice and sharp. My only complaint is with Scene Two and its abrupt ending/"To Be Continued". I wanted to see these two hot dudes get their nuts! I recommend the movie for fans of sexy Black and Latino dudes.

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