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Who's Your Mommie?

Studio: Combat Zone » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/23/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Who's Your Mommie?

Combat Zone

Genre: MILF

Director: Mark Wood

Cast: Kristal Summers, James Deen, Cheyenne Hunter, Jerry, Holly Hughes, Jason Sinclair, Mark Wood, De'Bella De'Nyle, Darryl Hanah, Mr. Pete

Length: 150 minutes

Date of Production: 6/24/2006, 7/1/2006, 7/4/2006, 7/8/2006, 7/12/2006

Extra's: The best extra was the 40 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. Set up primarily as a series of interviews, each gal got some quality time beyond the minimal generic question/answer session, with a chance to get to know the ladies. There was also some photogallery and tease footage as it progressed and I have to admit it was a pretty good show with each of the ladies giving some insight about themselves. There was also a lengthy photogallery, a cumshot recap, and an attractive cardboard slipcase for the DVD case.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Who's Your Mommie? was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Mark Wood for release by Combat Zone, his latest label to direct for (and they don't make him use a goofy name like Fletcher either). The lighting was generally good and that helped keep the grain, video noise, and other flaws to a minimum. The fleshtones were accurate and the camera work was generally good with the composition of the shots enhancing the ladies' looks most of the time. There were no compression artifacts or significant shadows to contend with so I found the picture appealing. The audio was nothing special although encoded in 2.0 Dolby Digital English. The processing done in post production aside, the vocals were seemingly recorded in monaural and the music not a big factor so it wasn't a problem but it wasn't anything worth extra points either.

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Body of Review: Mark Wood has always been one of the nicest performers in porn so I wondered if he kept the same attitude as a director when he was churning them out like crazy. Everyone I spoke with seemed to think this was the case so when he started directing for Combat Zone, I figured he'd be able to coax out some fine performances as he had done in the past. His latest effort wasn't centered on barely legal gals that had no sexual skill but older women that brought a wealth of experience to their work with Who's Your Mommie?; a MILF (mothers I'd like to fuck) flick from a company best known for their attention on youthful ladies. Given the amount of people that have learned older women can be superior in bed (to a point of course), such titles have become more prevalent of late with this one being a good example of what happens when a high end company elevates the production values of what used to be a niche market. Here's a look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used if you're still interested:

Scene One: Kristal Summers, the sexy MILF featured on the front DVD cover, struck me as more than a little bit of a hotty and MILF or not, I'd bust a nut well before ever entering her if given the golden opportunity to bump uglies with her. The scene started off with her teasing in her black and white cover outfit, eventually getting stuck working with scrawny James Deen on a red couch. She took his gland in her hand as the couple kissed, rubbing each other to get excited in an effort to elevate the chemistry and heat of the scene. Whether she's just a good performer or really had something for him, the end result was the same as she came across as into the action; from her wonderful blowjob to the active thrusting she engaged in when they screwed. I prefer women with some tight curves so she really earned the cover thanks to her looks and physique but her sexual skill was even more appealing to me. He was a little rough with her but I always got the impression that this was by choice and that she could've busted him into pieces if she didn't want it. The scene ended when he popped in her mouth, a small load that she swallowed as she stared closely into the camera lens with her pretty blue eyes. It was a great way to start the movie for me and the scene had significant replay and stroke value.

Scene Two: Cheyenne Hunter, a fit and tan brunette wearing a pink bikini as she watched Jerry clean the pool. I loved the oiled up look she sported, reminding me more than a little of Mark's significant other, with her fantasizing about getting a piece of him to the camera. She masturbated and this drew his attention, luring him over as she seduced him with her scheming ways. It didn't take long before she engulfed his throbbing cock in her mouth, getting him as hard as diamonds before he started to nail her pussy by the pool. That quickly led to them going inside and when she was on top of him, she really impaled herself on the cock. The vaginal sex was great but she wasn't through with him yet as she took anal just as well, demanding he spank her and otherwise power stroke inside of her anal cavity. The scene ended when he popped in her mouth, her providing some post coital sucking as streams of semen went between the two bodies.

Scene Three: Holly Hughes, an older brunette with some nice curves playing a college admissions counselor making a house call, pointed out his academic achievements were nothing she could use to get Jason Sinclaire into her college. He got some head from her and she then started aggressively hammering her pussy on his rod, letting her fleshy ass ripple in the process. He busted a nut far too quickly as a result, with her getting the load into her mouth in minutes. Thankfully, as she was getting ready to leave, Mark Wood came along to handle the task properly by throatfucking her until it was time to pound her pussy hard. While she was in need of spending time in the gym as much as I am, she was a good lay and he ended up in her ass as she continued to rock on his cock like it was the best thing she had done in a long time. He finished with her by busting a nut on her tongue, watching her face receive the coating it deserved.

Scene Four: De'Bella De'Nyle, mother of the now retired Jewel, was up next in her debut scene with Mark Wood, playing a dominatrix in charge of the guy. He was blindfolded and trussed up with his cock in his hand with her brandishing a riding crop as she took control of him. He was made to eat her out and she kissed him before giving him some head. I've been acquainted with the woman for a few years (we've spent time chatting about the business at shows) and she has always been far more accessible than her daughter so it was kind of unique seeing this scene. She was the oldest gal of the movie and fit the bill of the advertised action, though I admit that she wasn't exactly what I was looking for in terms of the MILF theme. She's had a very public falling out with Jewel over jumping in front of the camera (for the record, she didn't appear to be "on crack" as her daughter suggested) and fans of Jewel's will probably want to see this one strictly for the resemblance between the two ladies. Mark did most of the work but thematically, the scene was a good early scene for a woman, MILF or otherwise. She did some very active vaginal work here so fans of dominant women will probably get off to it repeatedly. It ended with a mouth pop that she at least partially swallowed, with Mark taking charge of her to close out the scene. For the record, the back cover did mention Jewel's stage name in advertising the scene.

Scene Five: Darryl Hanah, a lean gal with lightened hair and an appealing MILF face, was up next wearing a sheer black dress as Mark pawed her and got some great tease out of the lady. Like the others, she had some mileage on her frame but the engine seemed to be in fine working order so it came as no surprise that Mr. Pete did the honors this time with her. She crawled over to him on the couch, sucking his cock in her mouth as though it were a confectionary delight and sucking his balls seductively. Unlike most of the other men, he gave her some oral too and she rewarded him with a very aggressive ride. The sex consisted of vaginal and anal, with the pussy offering up some better action in terms of her getting into it. The pop shot hit her eye but landed mostly in her mouth, the limited amount swallowed down readily.

Summary: Who's Your Mommie? by director Mark Wood for Combat Zone was one of the better MILF movies I've seen of late and had the added appeal of some very attractive ladies. De'Bella De'Nyle was the star draw in terms of the marketing gimmick but some of the others were really hot (and barely qualified as MILFs from the looks of it). The production values were solid, the ladies well worth a few looks, and the action was as advertised so I thought Who's Your Mommie? earned a rating of Recommended or better depending on your own personal tastes. I know a lot of people seem to think 18 year olds are the best porn has to offer but considering that women hit their sexual peak in their mid 30's, it would be foolish to dismiss them sight unseen.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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