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On The Town

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 10/23/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
1Hr 24Min
CAST: Adam, David, Jan, Lucas, Martin, Milan, Petr1, Petr2, Tomas
PRODUCTION DATE: March 12 16 2006

The Good Stuff
On The Town is a film of sexy Czech dudes meeting while out on the town doing normal every day things then getting it on with each other. The guys don't speak English so whatever plot there is that is moved along by dialog is lost. But lets get real this is a porno so who cares that much about dialog. Also according to the credits there are 2 guys with the name Petr so I broke them up to Petr1 and Petr2. But lets get real this is a porno so who cares that much about dialog.

Scene 1

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Adam, Petr1 and Jan meet up at a local eatery. Adam I would say is late 20's and Jan and Petr1 late teens to early 20's. After they get tired of drinking and chit chat they head back to someones place and get to business. They all make out with each other while taking off each others clothes. Jan is the first one stripped down to his birthday suit and the other two guys get to work kissing and licking his body then sucking on his boner. Once everyone is almost naked or at least with their cocks out they all take turns sucking on each others beef. They all have decent equipment, thick hard and uncut. Their bodies are also top notch with Adam being the most muscular and sporting some tattoos. Petr1 gets his hole rimmed by Jan and Adam then fingered before getting it doggie from Adam. While Petr is being slammed he is 69ing with Jan. For some major hotness there are awesome close ups of Adam working over Petrs hole. You get an up close and personal shot of his cock sliding in and out of Petrs hole then into Jans waiting mouth and back and forth. It is sizzlingly hot! Adam being the senior statesmen gets to top both younger guys with his large tool taking a turn on Jans sweet hole next. Jan is still 69 with Petr who then gets the same treatment of cock sliding from Jans asshole into his hot mouth. Adam really slams into Jan HARD. To finish the scene Adams spunks in Jans mouth and then Jan gives his cock a tongue bath. Petr follows suit before Adam and Petr help Jan balance on his shoulders so he can jack his own load into his already cummy mouth. Jan loves every minute of it and the scene ends with the guys giving each other a cum tasting kiss.
[Actors: Adam, Petr1, Jan | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Fingering, Rimming, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, 69, Spoon | Condoms: No | Dicks: Uncut | ]

Scene 2
David and Petr2 are at a club or something. I can't really tell. Both guys are tall with dark hair. Petr2 has to take a leak so he pulls out his thick uncut rod and does just that before sitting down and jacking in what appears to be a waiting room? In comes David who has a hankering for some cock. He dives in and blows Petr and gets a nice mouth fucking. Davids own jimmy wants some attention to Petr does his thing with Davids cock. Davids equipment is slightly thicker and longer and appears cut. David lays down on a bench and Petr continues blowing away with abandon. Both dudes have rippling golden abs which the camera takes a nice shot of. They briefly make out before David balances Petr2 on his shoulder and really rims and tongue fucks his hole. Again more clear close ups of the action. Fade right to Petr fucking David missionary then doggie ending the scene with and awesome cumshot right into Davids maw then sucking the remaining cum off of Petrs cock then swapping cum in a kiss. Petr does the same for David again ending with a cummy lipped kiss.
[Actors: David, Petr2 | Sex Acts: Oral, Anal, Jacking, Rimming |Positions: Doggie, Missionary | Condoms: No | Dicks: Uncut, Cut? | ]

Scene 3
Tomas and Milan are watching some flick and rubbing their cocks through their jeans. They decide to go back to someones room to get more comfortable and naked and pick up Martin on the way somehow. Tomas is the smallest of the the guys, he would be considered a twink very slim almost petite but not in a girly way. Once naked you see that he has a gorgeous golden tan and no tan lines and the most awesome abs out of anyone in the flick. Martin and Milan are pretty similar in build both toned and average in size. Not muscle marys but not twinks either. They get back to the room and everyone is already in their undies. Tomas and Martin in black jockstraps and Milan in some boxer briefs. The undies are quickly disposed of and its a sausage party all around. Everyone gets to taste everyone else's sausage before Tomas then Milan get their asses rimmed by the remaining guys. Martin is the first to get his hole plowed by Milan. Milan really works that hole over fucking like a maniac. Martin needs a break and Tomas can't pass up the opportunity to ride on Milans wonder pole so hi gets on for some deep dicking. Again with the awesome close ups. He rides Milan in Cowboy and Reverse cowboy before Milan gets at his hole missionary and fucks a juicy white load out of Tomas. Milan and Martin are next seen jacking over Tomas. Milan blows his wad into Tomas eager mouth ending with some cum swapping kissing. Martin jacks and cums but I couldn't see anything so maybe he was shooting blanks.
[Actor: Tomas, Milan, Martin | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Rimming, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Cowboy, Missionary | Condoms: No | Dicks: Uncut | ]

Scene 4
Lucas is out clothes shopping. He finds something he likes and trys it on in the dressing room. His friend David is peeking through the door watching him try things on and getting randy. They get back to whomevers room and I would be remiss if i didnt mention the stuffed animals and puppy and kitten pillows on the bed. It looks like they ended up in a pre teens room somehow. A little weird. Anywho they get right to making out. These two are really into the making out, deep tongue smashing kissing. Lucas releases his cock first and David dives right in and bobs his hot mouth on it. Lucas does the same for David really going crazy on his thick uncut cock. David straddles Lucas neck and mouth fucks him before Lucas gets placed on his shoulders and deeply tongue fucked by David. After having his hole tongue fucked Lucas wants to repay the favor and gets right to fucking David in doggie, spoon and missionary ending by coating Davids hole in baby batter which he then slowly fucks back it with his cock. For an artful touch we end the scene with David jacking over Lucas still hard cock. He coats it with jizz then sucks it clean.
[Actor: Lucas, David | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Rimming, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Various missionary | Condoms: No | Dicks: Uncut | ]


Both the audio and the video were clear. The only negative thing I have to say is that the top of my screen had some minor distortion almost as if the picture didn't quite fit the screen. The close ups of the action were very well done and crystal clear. Otherwise typical porno quality.


The extras are minimal. The only thing of note is a rather large batch of photos.

Photo Gallery: 38 Stills

Trailers: Sexy Builders, Reform School, Men of Summer, Bi Teen Power 1, Getting Physical

Website: Studio Info

At the End of the Night

On The Town was quality porn with a few minor glitches. The guys from the film were all extremely good looking with tasty uncut beef. The were all ripped and tan and very European looking. Everyones equipment was well groomed with shaved balls and trimmed pubes. Also as an added bonus there was not a condom in sight so their creamy shots went right into waiting mouths or onto puckered assholes. For someone who practices safe sex in real life I enjoy a film where the action is bareback. The camera work was good quality as well with clear close ups of the action and no out of focus shots. The negatives are minimal as I mentioned previously, them being the distortion at the top of the screen and the fellas not speaking English. So to wrap things up hot guys with uncut schlongs, bareback sex, and minor negatives all make for a rating of Recommended.

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