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Love of The Dick Vol 3 Unleaded

Studio: Pitbull Productions » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/27/06

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Date of Production:

September 2005

Directed By:

Jalin Fuentes


Supreme, Chaos, Midnight, Playboi Kid, Venom, Komplex, J Wheels, Stash, Devon, Finesse, Troy Penetrator.

The Movie:

Hot streetwise Black and Latino dudes who dig dong suck and fuck their way though long nights in NYC.

The Dudes:

These good-looking Black and Latino dudes look to be in their mid twenties with a mix of muscular and slender/tight body types, hairy and smooth chests, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and cut/uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Supreme, a hot muscular Latino dude with short hair and goatee, is hanging out on the sofa with Chaos, a handsome tall/slender Black guy. Chaos is gorging his gullet with Supreme's big fat cut cock taking that thang deep into his willing mouth as Supreme's hand guides Chaos's head up and down the pole. There are plenty of nice close-ups of Supreme's sexy full pubes and plump balls as Chaos works that tool. Supreme fucks Chaos's tight hole doggy style (with condom) slowly sinking his cock deep into that butt. Supreme starts out with nice 'n slow strokes and there are plenty of close-ups of the penetration. Supreme's fucking becomes faster and more forceful as the viewer can hear his balls slapping against Chaos's hairy nuts.

Supreme uses some sexy circular/stirring strokes and the camera gives the viewer a nice look at his hairy hole and big balls as he fucks Chaos. As Supreme thrusts into Chaos and slaps his ass, Chaos doesn't do much than just lie with his butt in the air getting fucked. Supreme pulls out, yanks his condom off, and shoots a thick load of cum on Chaos's upturned butt. Chaos does not nut.

Scene Two:

Big dicked Supreme is back this time with Playboi Kid, a hot Black dude with beautiful dark ebony skin. Supreme is tired so Playboi Kid offers to give him a shoulder massage. Playboi moves from Supreme's shoulders down to his muscular chest with sexy dark nipples, and finally to that big cut dong. Playboi is soon busy stroking that dick while Supreme removes his pants and briefs allowing Playboi full access to his manly delights. Playboi chows down on Supreme's schlong wrapping his fist around the fat shaft, licking the stalk, and taking as much of that dong as he can down his throat. Supreme uses his hands to guide Playboi's mouth up and down his beef stick. Playboi gives some good head and there are some nice close-ups of the oral action.

Playboi slowly undresses showing off his nice tall/slender/tight build, full black pubes, and large cut cock. Playboi lubes his butt hole as Supreme rolls a condom down his fat dork. Supreme fucks Playboi from behind (with condom) slowly working his cock in and out of that hole. It's slow going at first as Playboi gets used to that fat meat. Supreme soon picks up the speed and pounds Playboi's butt. Unfortunately, there are no cum shots.

Scene Three:

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Venom, a good-looking Black dude, is royally pissed off because someone has broke into his apartment and stolen his television. His clueless roommate Troy Penetrator, a very handsome Black guy with excellent body and short hair, slept through the entire incident. Troy gets down on Venom's long uncut man meat and sucking it to full hardness. Troy works that cock with gusto taking it deep into his throat and all the way down to his trimmed pubes. Venom, wanting to share in the oral pleasure, takes Troy's fat cut cock into his mouth sliding up and down the rigid shaft and nursing on the knob.

Venom lubes Troy's tight butt, rubs his condom-covered cock against the pucker from behind, and sinks deep into that hole with slow strokes. Venom's fucking becomes fast 'n hard as Troy grows more accustomed to having a big dong in his tight chute. Venom flips Troy over for home fast 'n furious missionary lovin' while Troy jacks his hard dong. Troy shoots a thick load onto his tight stomach while Venom jacks off and lets loose with a stream of thick spunk. There is a nice close-up of his cum drenched foreskin. Very nice loads.

Scene Four:

Three dudes are sitting on the sofa jacking off: Stash is a hot Latino dude with a sexy mustache and long cut cock. Komplex is a good-looking Black dude with a large cut cock. J Wheels, is a handsome Black guy with curly hair and cut cock. Stash reaches over and begins to stroke Komplex's hard cock. Komplex jacks Stash's cock while Stash continues to jack Komplex and uses his other hand to stroke J Wheels. Stash stands up and jacks his cock while watching the other dudes beat their meat. Stash goes down on Komplex's big dick giving it a full oral exam while J Wheels rubs Stash's hairy butt and crack. There are some cool close-ups of Stash sucking Komplex's big dong bobbing up and down the stiff tool.

Stash is now totally nude showing off his sexy hairy chest, full dark pubes, and tattoos. Komplex strokes off and rolls a condom down his hard cock. Stash bends over the sofa, Komplex lubes Stash's hole and fucks him from behind as J Wheels spreads Stash's hairy butt cheeks. Komplex works his big tool in 'n out of Stash's hole with fast strokes as the viewer hears plenty of hot wet slapping sounds. As he is being fucked, Stash sucks J Wheel's hard cock sliding his mouth up and down the stiff pole. "Suck that shit just like that!" Komplex pounds Stash's butt without mercy. Komplex switches to the missionary position continuing his anal assault. The dudes beat off while J Wheels plays with Stash's hairy nipples. Stash squirts a generous amount of jizz on his hairy stomach. Hot! Komplex squirts a nice load that lands on his body and the floor. Hot! J Wheels does not cum.

Scene Five:

Midnight, an extremely tall and hot Black dude, wants to bum a cigarette off of Supreme. Of course, Supreme's smokes are back at his apartment. Once back at Supreme's crib, Midnight takes Supreme's massive dong down his throat and licks n' sucks those large hangy salty nuts. Supreme's hand guides Midnight's head as he suckles that big cock head. Midnight is clearly into the cock sucking and gives it his all with some nice close-ups of the oral action. The dudes make out as Midnight strokes his own large cut cock.

Supreme rolls a condom down his hard cock and fucks Midnight from behind on the bed starting off with a slow tempo. Supreme fucks Midnight in sort of a behind/missionary position, which looks downright clumsy and then switches to the traditional missionary style with fast/hard strokes. Supreme pulls out of Midnight's tight hole and shoots a thick load on Midnight's butt. Midnight does not get his nut.

Scene Six:

Devon, a nice looking Black dude with a tall/slender/tight build, and his boyfriend Finesse, a sexy Black guy with a tall/slender/tight body, are rubbing up against each other while spying on their neighbor through the window. Devon pulls Finesse's pants down from behind kissing his butt cheeks and eating his ass (no good close-ups). The dudes retire to the bedroom to continue their lovin'. Finesse sucks Devon's big cut cock sliding his wet and willing gob up and down that tube steak. Devon has some very sexy hangy balls and nice full pubes. Finesse sinks down on Devon's hard condom-clad cock for a ride of grinding and circular motions as he strokes his stiff prong. Finesse sucks Devon's hard nipples and equally hard cock with loud slurping noises. Devon fucks Finesse from behind (with condom) as Finesse moans and groans. Devon's strokes become faster and more forceful as Finesse exclaims, "Oh Shit! Damn!" Devon switches to the missionary position as he continues to pound that ass. The dudes finish up by beating their meat with Finesse dumping a thick load on his stomach. Devon does not cum.



"Love of the Dick III: Unleaded" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The direction by Jalin Fuentes and editing provide scenes that never become dull. The videography provides full coverage of the action with plenty of very nice close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clear.


The sound is clear providing all the sucking, smacking, slurping, and moaning one would expect from a fuck flick.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, and trailers for "Love of the Dick II: Iron Pipe", "Bottoms Up" (not the Rusty Warren comedy LP), "Straight Meat", and Dillon the One".

Final Thoughts:

This no-frills gonzo style movie is filled with hot Black and Latino dudes who seem to really be into the action (with the exception of Chaos in Scene One who just lays there while being fucked). The direction, editing, and videography provide hot fast-paced scenes with plenty of cock sucking close-ups and a nice sharp picture. Although the film is a complete turn-on, I have a major problem with the lack of SIX cum shots! What the hell?!? An adult film missing this many cum shots is like drinking a big cup of decaf Joe. Fuck that! A major disappointment. So, I'm going to suggest a Rental for this one. It's definitely a hot movie so if you are a fan of sexy Black and Latino dudes with big cocks, head on out to your local adult book store (reminds me of the punk band X's cool song "Adult Books") and rent it.

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