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Hard Surf

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/30/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

June 2006

Written and Directed By:

John Bruno


Brad Star, Jason Ridge, Tim Towers, Scott Swan, Trojan, Mick Powers, Marco Paris, and Dakota James.

The Movie:

What do horny Santa Monica lifeguards and surfers do when the weather is overcast and the waves are too weak? They hook up and get down to some serious sexual groovin'.

The Dudes:

These good-looking dudes look to be in their mid twenties to mid forties with a mix of muscular, husky and muscle-bound body types, hairy and smooth chests, full, trimmed, and shaved pubes, and cut/uncut cocks.

Scene One:

The weather is hazy and the beach is deserted. Lifeguard Scott Swan, handsome with muscular body and short brown hair, is sitting in the lifeguard stand. Husky and hunky Tim Towers, handsome with short dark hair and plenty of tattoos, stops by for some lessons in "mouth to cock resuscitation" which Scott happily agrees to. Tim wastes no time going down on Scott's hard cut cock, pulling those red shorts down, and gorging himself on some hard man meat. Tim takes Scott's stiff dick all the way down for some hot deep throat action, strokes the rigid shaft, and sucks those balls. Tim is definitely into sucking cock. Tim's hands roam Scott's hard pecs as he continues to give head. Scott slaps his hard cock and big pink cock knob against Tim's wet tongue. Hot! Scott's hands guide Tim's mouth up and down the pole as he fucks some face.

Scott bends over allowing Tim full access to his tight butt. Tim munches Scott's hairy pink hole spitting on it and giving the pucker a complete workout. "Get the tongue in there!" "Oh yeah! Fuck Yeah!" Scott sucks Tim's hard cut cock talking it all the way down his throat, stroking the hard stalk, and nursing his knob. Tim fucks Scott's face as his hands guide Scott's mouth up and down his shaft. Tim is now in a missionary position while Scott eats his tight hairy asshole. "Fuckin' eat that hole!" Scott licks the hole and slowly finger fucks Tim. Tim totally digs it and he loudly grunts and groans with lust. Scott works three of his fingers into Tim's hole as Tim beats his hard meat. Scott produces a long black dildo and slowly works the toy into Tim's butt. "Work that fuckin' hole!". Scott slides the dildo in using circular motions that drive Tim wild.

Scott fucks Tim from behind (with condom) and really plows his butt with fast/hard strokes. "Fuckin' nail my ass!" The dudes are very into the action and quite vocal with their desires. Scott switches to the missionary position as Tim orders him to "Fuck my ass!". Scott's balls slap loudly as he fucks Tim with abandon. Sweat drenched and ready to cum, the dudes frantically beat their hard meat. Scott shoots a thick load onto his brown pubes and stomach. His cock head is flared and red with desire. Tim lets loose with a thick load hitting Scott's arm, hand, and cock. Hot!

Scene Two:

Mick Powers, a husky muscle-bound member of the Beach Patrol, roughs up husky British daddy Trojan in the beach's public men's room. Mick forces Trojan down on his knees as Trojan licks Mick's black underwear, pulls Mick's hard cut cock out, and begins to suck. Trojan takes Mick's dick deep into his throat and works his wet mouth up and down the stiff shaft. "The balls boy! Lick the fuckin' balls!" Trojan quickly begins to work Mick's balls into his wet mouth sucking and licking. Trojan pinches Mick's hard nipples as he sucks his cock. These two hot 'n hairy daddy dudes are completely into the raunchy restroom romance.

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Mick lies back on a counter, legs spread, as Trojan munches down on his tight hairy hole. Trojan licks that pink hole fucking it with his tongue and then his fingers. There are plenty of loud groans and grunts: "Eat my ass! Come on! Get that fucking tongue in there!" Mick takes Trojan's big uncut cock down his throat jerking and sucking the shaft and taking Trojan's hot nuts into his mouth. Trojan fucks Mick's face, as he demands, "Suck it you pig!" Brad Star, a sexy surfer with blonde hair and muscular bod, joins in by allowing Mick to suck his long cut cock. Trojan is soon down on his knees as he and Mick share sucking Brad's hard tool.

Trojan fucks Mick from behind (with condom) as Mick is busy sucking Brad's dong. Trojan uses nice steady strokes as he fucks Mick's asshole. Trojan has some wonderful hanging/swinging balls as he fucks Mick. Hot Tim (from Scene One) enters the action by rubbing Brad's body, sinking to his knees and sucking Brad's cock. Brad fucks Tim in the missionary position (with condom) as Tim jacks his hard cock and ordering Brad to "put some back into it!" Trojan fucks Mick in the missionary position pounding his hole into tomorrow. These dudes are not shy and are quite loud in their lust as they grunt, groan, and bark out a lot of "Fuck Yeah" and "Fuck that hole!" There is a switch up as Tim fucks Trojan from behind (with condom) as Trojan fucks Mick from behind (with condom), and Mick sucks Brad's hard nipple. To finish up, the dudes beat their meat: Trojan shoots a wet load on Tim, Mick beats a small but very hot 'n thick load onto his brown pubes, and Brad lets loose with a nice load on Tim's hairy chest as Tim licks his balls.

Scene Three:

Sexy muscular surfer Marco Paris heads to the beach and is disappointed that the waves are lousy. Super muscle-bound Dakota James jogs by and cruises Marco. "Those waves suck...there's nothing to ride." "I have something for you to ride." The dudes hook up and are soon in an apartment. Marco is down on his knees taking Dakota's hard cut cock deep into his hot mouth bobbing his head up and down the shaft stroking and sucking. Dakota slaps his hard cock knob against Marco's willing tongue and then fucks Marco's face. "That's it surfer boy. Suck that cock. Taste good?" Obviously Dakota's member does taste good as Marco continues to gobble it into his mouth. Dakota lays on the edge of the bed with his legs spread apart as Marco is on the floor eating Dakota's hole from below. Marco tongues that tight shaved hole as Dakota jacks off. Dakota digs having his asshole eaten as he barks, "Work that tongue!" "Get that tongue in there and eat my hole!" Marco spits on that pucker and eats away.

Dakota sucks Marco's fat uncut cock jacking the shaft and nursing the pink knob. Marco slaps his foreskin-covered knob against Dakota's tongue as Dakota licks and sucks that cock and works his way down to Marco's nuts. Marco lays spread eagle on the bed as Dakota strokes Marco's hard tool and rubs his shaved pink butt hole. Hot! Dakota spreads Marco's butt cheeks to expose his pucker. Dakota rubs the hole with his fingers, spits on the pink, and rubs the spit in. Dakota sinks his condom-covered cock into Marco in the missionary position using plenty of long n' steady strokes. The fucking becomes harder and much more fast as the dudes get completely into the action. "Fuck my hole!" "Fuck me hard!" Dakota fucks Marco from behind as Marco jacks his uncut dong. Marco shoots a very large load onto the rug as Dakota is fucking him. Hot! Marco sucks Dakota's cock to climax as Dakota pulls out of the hot mouth and squirts an ample amount of love juice onto Marco's chest. Excellent loads!

Scene Four:

It's another gray day on the beach as Brad Star is hanging out on boardwalk next to the closed roller coaster. Shy and very hot Jason Ridge, husky/muscular with a crew cut, walks up and the dudes begin to talk. The guys take a walk along the beach and make out under the boardwalk with some heavy tongue kissing. Once back at an apartment, the dudes continue their deep soul kissing as they remove their shirts. The guys make out, rub bodies, crotches, and lick hard nipples. Brad wraps his fist around Jason's hard cut cock and begins to stroke and suck it...taking the tool deep into his mouth. Brad nurses the knob and strokes his own hard cut cock while making plenty of loud slurping noises. Jason sucks Brad's big cock jacking the rigid shaft and sucking the cock head. Jason sinks his mouth down Brad's cock giving some very nice head. The dudes are soon on the bed locked in a side sixty-nine as they gorge themselves on plenty of hard man pork.

Jason eats Brad's butt hole slowly working his tongue over the tight pink rosebud and rubbing it with his thumb. Brad is very into this as he moans and sighs in pleasure. Brad finger fucks Jason's tight asshole with two fingers preparing him for a good fucking. Brad fucks Jason in the missionary position (with condom). The dudes are very into the fucking and it's damn hot! Brad uses nice smooth strokes as Jason jacks his meat. The fucking becomes harder and faster and Jason loves it. While fucking Jason, Brad jacks Jason's hard cock and then switches to fucking him harder from behind. Brad sinks down on Jason's condom-clad cock and begins a hot n' horny ride. Brad rides that hard cock growling in lust as his fat cock swings back and forth. Jason fucks Brad in the side/missionary position as the dudes continue to kiss with deep tongues. To finish up, the dudes jack off as Jason shoots a thick load onto the furniture and Brad cums on Jason's brown pubes and stomach. Hot!



"Hard Surf" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The direction by John Bruno and editing by Tony Biscotti are first rate providing hot scenes that move along at a nice pace, the videography by Jeff Rockford and Ed Wood is top of the line and provides full coverage of all the action and loads of excellent close-ups. The surfing videography by Director John Bruno is cool and provides plenty of atmosphere. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The dudes are quite vocal and the clear sound picks up each and every grunt, growl, moan, and suck/lip smack as the dudes get down to business. The music by Rock Hard provides some cool surf instrumentals featuring keyboard and fuzzy guitar.


The disc is chock full of extras including an interactive menu, scene selection, a photo shoot of Marco Paris and Dakota James, behind the scenes footage, interviews with each actor, and trailers for "SWAT: Hard Core", "Hard Cops 2", and "C.S.Y.".

Final Thoughts:

Massive Studios has produced a high quality, big ol' turn-on of a movie with "Hard Surf". The dudes are all sexy with a nice variety of ages and muscular bodies. The dudes seem to really get into the cock sucking, ass eating, and fucking. There does not appear to be any acting here as the sex is smokin' hot. All the guys are sexy but my personal favorites are Jason Ridge and Tim Towers. The direction, videography, editing, and music all come together for an enjoyable viewing experience that is a huge turn-on. I highly recommend this one.

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