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Big Phat Onion Booty

Studio: Combat Zone » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/31/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Big Phat Onion Booty

Combat Zone

Genre: Black

Director: Rico Strong

Cast: Alanna Lee, Rico Strong, Amerika, Menage A Roz, Caress, Dubb, Cherokee, Beauty Dior, Skyy Black

Length: 124.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 7/25/2006, 7/27/2006, 7/28/2006, 8/1/2006, 8/2/2006

Extra's: The best extra was the 11 minute long Behind the Scenes feature that had a lot of sex, some playful kidding around, and a bit of the photogallery work. It wasn't great but the extra sexual footage added to the value for me, especially when the gals seemed to be a bit more into it when not posing for the camera. There was also a cumshot recap, a photogallery, and a slipcover for the DVD case.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Big Phat Onion Booty was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Rico Strong for Combat Zone. I'm told that he has directed for some smaller unknown companies but as it stands, this was a decent effort for someone relatively new to the production aspects of porn (it was his first release for this company). The lighting was generally flat and solid in the scenes, limiting the grain and video noise substantially as a result. There were some lighting issues with a few of the scenes, noting that lighting black people is one of the tougher tasks in porn. The composition of most scenes seemed to favor the look of the cast, with minor editing needed to polish it up to a better offering but I thought much of the show was captured with the energy and enthusiasm of the cast intact. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English that had little separation and a standard dynamic range for gonzo porn, the humorous lyrics of the song standing out but the vocals slightly hollow.

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Body of Review: Rico Strong is one of the unsung heroes of black male directors, remaining largely unknown outside of small circles thanks to his choice in companies to work for. I know that many say "Urban" porn (black on black) isn't a big seller but I've watched a lot of guys pick up such titles in their stacks of rentals over the years, myself included if it had a lady I was into. Well, Rico appears to be getting ready to change his unknown status by working for Combat Zone, perhaps hoping for the kind of exposure he has earned over his career at this point. With his first release being Big Phat Onion Booty, he may do just that as the asses were chunky and full enough that they really could "make you want to cry" as advertised on the back cover. Okay, if you're not into anorexic looking ladies and accept that the phrase "the darker the meat, the sweeter the juice" also applies to ladies, you'll have a good time with this strokefest. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were deployed as he hammered home his message of love:

Scene One: Alanna Lee, a thick gal with reddish hair and numerous tattoos adorning her body, was up first as she waited for her man, Rico Strong to return home to her. She had a lot of junk in the trunk but it was her oral skills that got a decent workout early in the scene after he warmed her up with a short massage and tonguing in the kitchen. She dropped to her knees to please, slobbing his knob really well before he started plowing her well worn crops for rotation. She was a screamer but did little active pumping on his rod until she sat on top of his body; working his meat rapidly into her pussy as she seemed to enjoy the workout. The chemistry between them was evident and that elevated the quality of the replay value for me nearly as much as the way her ass cheeks rippled while they bumped uglies. She did PTM and gave him a limited titty fuck before he popped his load onto her face but she seemed a bit shy about receiving his offering on the face.

Scene Two: Amerika, a gal with a mane of hair and an even thicker ass, was doing chores for Rico Strong, ironing his shirt as she pranced about in her camisole, thong, and stripper shoes as she teased the camera nicely. They had a discussion about his going to work or staying for some sex and his desire to earn a living was truncated by the feminine wiles she showed. Her oral skills were pretty good though not as solid as Alanna's had been, using saliva to get him ready to rumble mere moments later. The flip side to this was how well she rode him even in doggy style when bent across the couch though she did even better on top of him too. Her dirty talk, her sexual aggressiveness, and her booty jiggling all added to the fun though a biweekly regimen at the gym would have added to her appeal even more (tightening her up just a bit). This scene was markedly shorter but she opened her mouth for the population pudding.

Scene Three: Menage A Roz, another gal with reddened hair though sporting a slightly more exotic face, was up next as she bothered Rico Strong while he worked at home on his computer (Boy, isn't THAT a problem these days?!?). She was dressed in a skimpy black outfit about three sizes to small for her frame, but it was her willingness to convince him with a hummer that saved the day for her. She couldn't handle the entire shaft so she used her hand to increase the friction, her phat booty waving in the air as he sat at the terminal for her to bend over towards. If you like them built for comfort over speed, she'll be your type of gal. In any case, she sucked him off (even burping on his pole), leaving streamers of slobber all over the place before he took her from behind; spanking her cheeks and moving the thong to the side before ordering her to slide back on his dick. He still ended up doing most of the work but at least she tried. If you like really chunky asses, you'll like her a lot too with her moderately active style not bad; if limited compared to the rest of the cast. It ended with a facial but she also clamped up tight when it was coming.

Scene Four: Caress, a mean looking gal wearing black lingerie and walking like a man, was up next as she sulked when he and a friend paid no attention to her while playing their Playstation 2 video game. She went downstairs to pick up newcomer Dubb, a small black man with an equally unimpressive cock. She didn't seem to care about his rod size as this was a revenge fuck, dropping to her knees to suck him off while he whined he had to go. That she never even tried to handle his cock all the way into her mouth killed it for me right away, even more than her razor burn and mechanical style of fucking. Like the other scenes, they stayed with the vaginal sex and it ended when he came on her breasts but it was a small load and I figured one weak scene wasn't too unreasonable.

Scene Five: Cherokee, Beauty Dior, and Skyy Black, the three ladies on the front DVD cover, were up last as they walked in on Rico Strong and his friend while they were working out with light weights. These three had a lot more junk in their trunks then the previous ladies, not looking so lumpy on the cover photo. Rico and the ladies then started rubbing each other with the ladies giving each other some loving along the way. If you want scrawny, pale gals as in most porn, you'll hate this one with a passion but they seemed to be with the program in terms of performing up to speed. There was face sitting, lots of knob slobbing, and even toy use between the ladies when the weren't actively pounding away on his cock, making it the type of scene designed for men into watching larger black gals handle a brother like seasoned professionals. I'll be the first to admit that I don't like ladies quite this large in my porn but I know from experience how sexually charged they can be when treated right as Rico did just that. It was a fun romp that ended when he did an ass pop that the other two ladies licked up greedily. In short, it was a heated way to end the movie.

Summary: Big Phat Onion Booty by director Rico Strong for Combat Zone showed a lot of potential and while the ladies weren't exactly what I favor in my porn, all but one of them seemed to be giving it up really well. The extras were light, the ladies owning up to their fleshy asses, and the technical values in need of some extra polishing up, but Big Phat Onion Booty served up the booty burgers well and I can suggest this one as Recommended for all the right reasons. Heated sex, lots of chemistry, and a playfulness often missing in some of the works of better known black directors marked this entry into the urban porn wars of the gonzo field, showing that company owner Dion Giarrusso still has the knack for picking out diamonds in the rough. Give it a look and then give me a holler but look for this when it comes out next month if it suits your needs.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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