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Minute Man Solo 28 - Peak Experience

Studio: COLT Studio » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/2/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

April 2004

Directed By:

John Rutherford, Colby Taylor


Josh Weston, Joey Jordan, Gregory Nemov

The Movie:

Handsome muscle studs allow us to watch them in their most private and intimate moments as they pleasure themselves in three separate solo scenes.

Josh Weston:

Josh Weston is a handsome dude with a beautiful muscular body, short blond hair and smooth chest. Josh is enjoying the outdoors which looks to be somewhere in Arizona with huge rock formations and canyons. Dressed only in his tight dark blue Speedo, Josh poses for us and flexes those gorgeous muscles. Josh has sexy hairy pits, which he shows off while rubbing his biceps. Josh's hot bubble butt fills that Speedo to the max as he rubs that beauty as well as his basket. Josh also has great muscular legs and thighs that he flexes along with the rest of his hot bod.

Josh pulls his Speedo down just a bit to give us a quick glimpse of his brown pubes as he continues to rub his crotch. A hard cut cock peaks out of his bathing suit as Josh finally pulls the Speedo off exposing his entire pubes and dick. Josh sniffs his Speedo, uses spit on his hand as lube and begins to stroke his cock to full hardness while rubbing his balls. Josh's hard dong wags in the breeze and he spreads his butt cheeks to show off his tight shaved butt hole. He rubs that hole, licks his fingers, and fucks it with two digits. While Josh is finger fucking his butt he begins to pinch his hard nipples. Josh shoots a large thick load while continuing to finger fuck and rubs the cum all over his chest.

Joey Jordan:

Joey Jordan is fucking hot! He's a dark haired dude with a beautiful muscular body, hairy chest and pits. Joey is dressed in black swim trunks and looks to be in the same panoramic location as Josh with large rock formations and a beautiful blue sky. Joey is standing in a river flexing his hot muscles for us and pinching his sexy nipples. He reaches into his swim trunks and rubs his unseen business and flexes his hard muscular thighs and legs. Joey loves his hard eraser tips nipples as he takes one between each thumb and forefinger and pinches the hell out of them. Joey begins to pump his hard pecs and make them bounce for us.

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Joey reaches down, cups some water from the river in his hands and lets it cascade down his powerful torso. He climbs onto one of the rock formations, spreads out a towel, and lays that hot body down. Joey rubs his crotch and slowly pulls his trunks down revealing full black pubes and a cut cock. He rubs his body and strokes his cock to full hardness. Joey pulls his rigid member and makes it slap against his taught stomach and then wags it back and forth for us. He continues to milk his hard cock using circular and twisting motions while rubbing his hairy nuts. Joey shoots a generous thick load of man juice on his stomach as some flies through the air landing on his thigh. He rubs the cum into his chest and then gives us a great smile.

Gregory Nemov:

Gregory Nemov is a sexy muscle-bound dude with short brown hair and a movie star face. Gregory is busy working in a deserted warehouse dressed in a tight tee shirt and blue jeans. He finds an all male calendar and begins to rub the front of those jeans as he flips through the months. The front of his jeans rides down a bit exposing just a little of his dark pubes to tease us. As he continues to look at the hot calendar dudes, Gregory begins to rub his massive chest. Gregory unbuttons his jeans and more of his dark pubes are revealed. He begins to rub his cock but only gives us a peek at the very top of the shaft.

After some wonderfully agonizing teasing, Gregory generously allows us to see his big uncut cock with the foreskin covering half of his pink cock knob. He begins to stroke his cock making the foreskin cover and uncover his slick cock head. Gregory's cock is quickly at full mast and he tugs on the rigid veiny shaft and cups his plump balls. Gregory's hand travels up to that huge chest and begins to rub under his tight tee shirt, removes the shirt, and reveals his fantastic pecs and nipples. He pulls his jeans lower and begins to fully concentrate on his uncut meat. Gregory's pink cock knob has become a darker red/purple as pre cum begins to ooze out of his piss slit. Hot! He sits on the lower rung of a metal ladder with his muscular thighs spread and jacks off rubbing his hairy balls and gooch. There are some nice close-ups of more precum as his knob leaks. Gregory's strokes become faster and more urgent as he squirts an enormous thick load into the air. Hot!



"Minute Man 28 Peak Experience" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Max Phillps and Colby Taylor is professional providing beautiful shots of the desert along with plenty of coverage of these beautiful muscular dudes. There are plenty of close-ups of the dude's bodies, cocks, and balls. The direction by John Rutherford and Colby Taylor as well as the editing by Colby Taylor keeps each scene moving along at a sexy pace that never becomes dull or monotonous. The picture quality is excellent providing a crisp sharp image.


The sound is clear with various soothing almost new age type music by Rock Hard. The music works especially well with the scenes filmed in the desert. Natural sounds of the dudes reaching their climaxes are included and blended into the tunes


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a gallery of still photographs of each model by Big Hud and John Rutherford. There is also a large amount of trailers for other COLT releases: "Minute Man Solo: The Hard Way" starring Hank Dutch, Brock Hatcher, and Gage Weston, "Minute Man Solo: Work It Off" starring Brad Patton, Rod Roddick, and Luke Garrett, "Minute Man 24" starring Bo Dixon, Dean Phoenix (I love me some Dean Phoenix!), and Mike Dasher, "Minute Man 23" starring Chris Wide, Carlo Masi, and Leo Rocca, "Minute Man 22" starring Don Arden, Josh Hardman, and Vin Marco, "Minute Man 21" starring Todd Maxwell, Tod Parker, and Edu Boxer, "Duel: Taking it Like A Man", "Man Country", "Hard Studies", and "Boot Black Blues".

Final Thoughts:

COLT Studios has come through again with another hot movie. The production values are excellent with the videography capturing the vivid blue skies of the desert and of course full coverage of these muscular hunks. The direction and editing is top notch providing three scenes that run about twenty minutes each and never makes the viewer want to grab for the remote control. Each scene has a slow-building burning pace that keeps the viewer glued to the television screen from beginning to the thick climax as the dudes shoot their loads. All three dudes are very handsome and have the best physics in all male erotica. The guys are personable and look directly into the camera as they pleasure those beautiful bodies. Although there are only three scenes, the quality is excellent and the movie is a huge turn on. I highly recommend this one.

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