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Cabana Boys

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/3/06

XCritic's Advice: Skip It

Date of Production:

June 2006

Directed By:

James Justice

The Movie:

The package art screams: "This raunchy resort aims to please". Hmmm...there is no evidence of a resort or even a cabana in the movie. Oh well, there is plenty of sex.

The Dudes:

These dudes look to be in their early to mid twenties, with mostly short dark hair, a variety of slender and husky body types, hairy and smooth chests, full, trimmed, and shaved pubes, and all but one cock is uncut.

Scene One:

Two dudes are making out on the sofa. Dude A is cute with blonde shaggy hair while Dude B is a handsome guy with short brown hair. The dudes go at it with some heavy tongue kissing and body rubbing. The guys soon remove each other's shirts revealing sexy hairy chests as they continue their make out session. Jump cut to Dude B as he is now totally naked as Dude A sucks his uncut cock and cups his balls. Dude B fucks his pal's face like a piston while his hand guides Dude A's head up and down that hard shaft.

Dude A takes that hard cock into his mouth stroking the rigid stalk and sucking the pink knob. Dude B fucks his friend from behind (with condom). Dude A is mostly motionless as he is being corn holed. Perhaps he had better things to do. Dude B switches to the missionary position where Dude A shows a little more emotion with some moans, sighs, and grimaces. During the side/missionary position, Dude A is back to his old game of just lying there like a limp rag. Dude B jacks off and shoot a load on Dude A's chest and mouth. Dude A does not cum.

Scene Two:

Four-way time! Dude A is handsome with short dark hair and sideburns. Dude B is a cute twink with short brown hair and a tall/slender build. Dude C is a good-looking guy with short dark hair (who was Dude B in Scene One). Dude D has a larger/husky build with short greasy hair. The guys pair up early on as Dude D rubs Dude C's hairy stomach, pulls down his blue jeans and underwear and begins to suck his uncut cock. Dude A sucks Dude B's uncut tool wrapping his fist around the hard shaft. Dude A isn't giving the most inspired head and looks bored. Dude D is just the opposite and is really chowing down like he is starving for some man meat. Dude A's cock sucking does improve as he takes Dude C's dick all the way down for some deep throat.

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The couplings switch back to the original as Dude B fucks Dude A from behind (with condom) and Dude C fucks Dude D in the same position (with condom). This is standard porn fare as the dudes continue to fuck their pals from behind switching to the side/missionary position. This is one dull scene due to the lack partner switch-ups. The highlight is when cute Dude C shoots his wad on Dude D's hairy chest. Nice load. The other three guys do not cum.

Scene Three:

Dude A is a slender wild-haired guy with plucked feminine eyebrows. Dude B is handsome 'n husky with short dark hair and a beard. The guys get down to business as Dude A unbuttons his pal's blue jeans, pulls that uncut dong out and immediately begins to gorge himself on that tasty treat. Dude A knows how to give some good head as he strokes the stiff stalk, bobbing his wet mouth up and down, and nursing on the knob. Dude B fucks Dude A's man-pussy from behind (with condom) as Dude A hunches back wanting more cock in his hole sighing and pouting the entire time. Dude B slides his hard cock in and out of that tight butt with nice smooth strokes.

Dude B continues the fucking in the missionary position and at one point Dude A looks a bit like a younger Liz Taylor in "Butterfield 8"(if you squint your eyes) with those plucked eyebrows and dark hair pouting and making all sorts of noises. Gloria! At one point he actually kind of yips! After a bit of sink/bounce, Dude B jacks off on his pal's face and in his mouth. Dude A does not cum.

Scene Four:

Two dudes are engaged in some heavy making out with wet soul kissing and body rubbing. Dude X is cute and a bit pale with short dark hair and tattoos. Dude Y is husky with short brown hair and a goatee. There is a jump cut and the dudes are now completely naked as they stroke each other's uncut cocks. Dude X sucks his friend's cock bobbing up and down gobbling that meat while Dude Y's hand guides his head. Dude Y fucks Dude X's face with his long veiny cock. Dude Y fucks his pal from behind (with condom) sliding his hard cock in and out with smooth strokes. As the fucking becomes faster, Dude X just lies there not moving. After a bit of the missionary position, Dude X jacks off and shoots a thick load on Dude Y's face and mouth. Dude Y does not cum.

Scene Five:

Dude Z is very hot with short black hair and an olive complexion. Dude V is cute with short brown hair. The guys are sitting on the sofa rubbing each other's crotches. Dude V pulls Dude Z's big cut cock out wrapping his first around it and begins to stroke. While Dude Z has shaved pubes, his friend has full lush brown pubes and a large uncut cock. These two are the hottest dudes in the movie. Dude V stuffs Dude Z's cock into his mouth and sucks that big pink knob with gusto as he continues to stroke the shaft. Dude V licks that piss slit and suckles that knob. Dude Z fucks his pal from behind (with condom) using mid-tempo strokes that begin to get faster. Dude Z switches to the side/missionary position as he continues to fuck Dude V's hairy hole. In the missionary position, Dude Z really pounds his friend's butt. Dude Z shoots a thick load hitting Dude V's face. Dude V does not cum.



"Cabana Boys" is shot directly on video and presented in wide and full screen--switching back and forth between the two. The videography is hand-held and a bit clumsy at times. The direction and editing leave a bit to be desired. While there is full coverage of the action, there are absolutely no extreme close-ups. The shots are all medium and semi close-up making the scenes dull and monotonous. The picture quality is sharp and clear.


The sound is clear as the viewer can hear all the moans and pouts as the guys go through their sexual paces.


The extras include an interactive menu featuring a bouncy lil' ditty, scene selection, chapter stops, a nice photo gallery for each scene, a cumshot only option, website information, and a trailer for "Dorm Boys".

Final Thoughts:

"Cabana Boys" is a basic porn movie and nothing more. That would be cool if the movie delivered with the basic goods but it doesn't. The movie was not much of a turn-on for me due to the lack of imaginative direction, editing, and videography. There are no extreme close-ups, which made each scene repetitive and monotonous. Frankly, some of the dudes are downright dull as they just lay there while being fucked. They simply have no interest in their performance. For those reasons along with a large number of dudes who don't shoot their loads, I'm going with a skip it.

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