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Black N Blue

Studio: Hot House » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/4/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Dates of Production:

May and June 2006

Directed By:

Steven Scarborough



Alex Collack, Robert Van Damme, Nick Piston, Kent North, Francesco D'Macho, Marc Williams, Dean Monroe, Marco Paris, Arpad Miklos, Jason Kingsley, Trevor Knight, Matt Cole, Rafael Alencar, Mason Wyler, Kyle Lewis, Tamas Eszterhazy, Gabriel Sinclair, Ross Stuart, Nick Horn, Anthony Martinez, and Mason Garet.

The Movie:

"Slip into the colors of Leather and Levis. Slip into the mindset of men who like 'em a little sweaty and rough around the edges. AVN Hall of Fame Director Steven Scarborough invites you to slip into the shadows with twenty one Leather and Levis wearing Hot House Men for over five hours of unforgettable Hot House Action!"

The Dudes:

These twenty one dudes are all good-looking and hunky in their own way. There is a nice age range of early twenties to mid forties, muscle-bound and tight muscular bodies, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, uncut and cut cocks, and plenty of tattoos.

Disc One: "BLACK":

Scene One:

Nick Piston (hot tattooed love boy with slender tight body) is down on his knees kissing and licking Marc Williams' (handsome muscle-bound dude) black leather jock strap while Alex Collack (good-looking with short dark hair, goatee, and tattoos) is licking and worshiping Marc's black boots. Alex tongues that boot and works his way up Marc's beautiful muscular thigh while Nick squeezes Marc's bulging jock. Alex licks Marc's beautiful bubble butt as the dudes' hands roam over each other's bodies. Marc's hard nipples are very hot and look like eraser tips. Nick takes Marc's big 'n fat cut cock slowly into his mouth deep throating the tool. Alex joins in on the sucking and takes Marc's long dong all the way down his throat as well. Nick and Alex take turns slobbering all over Marc's dick.

The three dudes engage in some heavy tongue kissing which is a huge turn-on. Alex spreads Nick's butt hole and begins to chow down on the pink pucker. Nick moans as he has his asshole eaten and sucks Marc's cock. Marc fucks Nick's face stuffing his gullet full of man meat. Alex pulls Nick's rigid cut cock back between his legs and alternates between sucking his cock and eating his hole. Alex sinks to his knees and sucks Nick's hard cock deep throating it to Nick's trimmed light brown pubes. Marc is close behind Nick rubbing Nick's chest, pinching his hard nipples, and nuzzling his neck. Alex pulls his hard uncut tool out and jacks it while he continues to suck Nick.

Nick is now the center of attention as Alex pushes him back on a black leather table, straddles Nick, and rubs Nick's cock against his tight shaved butt hole. Alex slowly sinks down Nick's condom-covered dong rocking back and forth and hunching up and down. Marc fucks Nick's mouth as Nick thrusts his cock up into Alex's bum. Alex sucks Nick's cock as Marc sinks his cock (with condom) deep into Alex's tight hole from behind with nice even strokes. Nick is soon in a leather sling while Marc fucks him (with condom) in the missionary position. Nick fucking loves this as he grunts loudly with pleasure and jacks his stiff cock. Nick cums all over his thighs, chest, and stomach as his ample load flies all over the place. This triggers Alex's climax and he shoots his load on Nick's chest and shoulder. Marc strokes his hard cock and lets go with a nice load on Nick's butt cheeks. Hot!

Scene Two:

Francesco D'Macho (sexy with short hair, hairy chest, wearing black leather harness, jock strap, and boots) is standing in front of Robert Van Damme (hot with short dark hair and same clothing). The dudes watch each other rub their arms, chests, stomachs, and bulges while giving each horny looks. The guys flex and pose their muscular bodies for each other in a playful but sexually charged manner. Of course, this is all too much for the dudes as Robert comes up behind Francesco and begins to rub his beautiful hairy chest, pinching his hard nipples, and kissing his neck. Francesco reaches behind and feels Robert's huge muscular thighs. Hot!

Francesco is down on his knees rubbing Robert's leather jock strap, unsnaps the buttons, and pulls a big veiny uncut dong out. The foreskin is still covering the knob as Francesco takes the big tool deep into his throat jacking the shaft and sucking the knob. Robert fucks Francesco's willing mouth. Francesco reaches back and spreads his own hairy bubble butt cheeks exposing his tight hairy hole. Robert pushes Francesco onto a large round leather chair and attacks Francesco's hairy hole with his hot wet tongue munching down on that butt. Francesco digs having his butt eaten as Robert spits on the hole and begins to finger fuck with two digits while stroking his own uncut cock.

Robert fucks Francesco in the missionary position (with condom) sinking his hard cock all the way in that tight butt. As Robert pounds Francesco's hole, the dudes playfully but forcefully slap each other's faces a few times. After some deep tongue kissing, Robert pulls out a large white dildo and begins to tease Francesco's hole with it while sucking Francesco's uncut cock. Robert works that big dildo into Francesco's hole in the missionary position while continuing to suck his dick. Robert fucks Francesco with the dildo from behind and Francesco loves it as he grunts, groans, and makes sort of a laughing hiccupping noise. The dudes are now in their original position of watching each other as they beat their meat. Robert squirts a large load on the floor while Francesco dumps an enormous amount of thick man juice on the floor to join Robert's seed. Hot!

Scene Three:

Group sex time with five hot dudes! Jason Kingsley (Sexy hairy chest, dressed in black leather cap, harness, and chaps) is standing while having his large veiny cut cock sucked by Ross Stuart (cute with short blondish hair wearing a white jock strap) and Kyle Lewis (wearing black jock strap). While Ross and Kyle worship Jason's hard cock, Mason Wyler (very cute with blond hair wearing a white jock strap) is having his face fucked with Anthony Martinez's (handsome wearing black leather harness and jock strap) large cut cock. Anthony is merciless as he pounds his hard tool down Mason's gullet.

Ross's cut cock is soon poking out of his jock and Kyle reach over to strokes it as Ross continues to suck Jason's tool. Kyle begins to suck Ross's cock taking into his mouth for some deep throat. Ross, Jason, and Anthony are lined up as Mason and Kyle takes turns sucking each dude's cock. The guys greedily suck those hard cocks down their throats slobbering all over the hard dongs and making plenty of slurping and sucking noises. Jason begins to fuck Kyle from behind (with condom) with steady strokes as Kyle sucks Anthony's cock. Ross fucks Mason in the missionary position (with condom) while Mason jacks his hard uncut cock. Jason and Ross really pound those tight holes as they fuck Ross and Mason.

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There are some switch-ups as Kyle fucks Ross from behind (with condom) and Anthony fucks Mason doggy style (with condom). Anthony fucks Jason in the missionary position (with condom) while the other dudes watch and choke their chickens. Anthony pounds Jason's butt, as Jason demands, "Fuck me!" Anthony shoots a load on Jason's cock, Kyle squirts a huge load drenching Jason's hairy chest in love juice, Ross cums near Jason's head, and Mason works a thick load onto Jason's chest. Jason pounds his pud and shoots a thick load on his pubes and stomach. Hot!

Scene Four:

Trevor Knight (short dark hair and wearing a black leather harness) is having his large cut cock sucked by Mason Tyler (cute blonde dude from Scene Three) and Dean Monroe (handsome with short dark hair and goatee). The dudes take turns sucking Trevor's big dick slobbering on his veiny tool and taking it deep throat. Trevor is very talkative and lets the dudes know exactly what he likes in explicit detail. Trevor makes out with each of the dude's as the other sucks his cock. There is some very hot deep tongue kissin' and cock suckin' going on. Dean humps his uncut cock against Trevor's leg as he sucks dick. Mason reaches over and strokes Dean's cock while sucking Trevor.

Trevor eats Mason's tight shaved hole, walks around and eats Dean's butt while Dean is busy playing with Mason's hole! Dean finger fucks Mason as Trevor licks Mason's pink pucker. Trevor sticks his thumb up Dean's butt hole and then works two fingers into his butt with a swirling circular motion that drives Dean crazy. Trevor fucks Dean from behind (with condom) with fast/hot strokes as Dean sighs in pleasure and sucks Mason's long uncut cock. Mason fucks Dean in the missionary position (with condom) with quick hard strokes as Dean chows down on Trevor's dong. Dean jacks his uncut cock, as he is double penetrated by Mason and Trevor. Trevor squirts a huge load all over Mason while Dean shoots a thick load on Mason's chest. Mason cranks out some thick jizz on his own stomach. Hot!

Disc Two: "BLUE":

Scene One:

Tamas Eszterhazy (the hottest dude in the movie with dark hair and loads of tattoos) is down in his knees sucking Arpad Miklos's (hunky and hairy) large uncut cock. Tamas switches to Gabriel Sinclair's (handsome with smooth muscular chest) hard uncut tool and goes back and forth sucking each cock. While Tamas is sucking Gabriel, Arpad watches and jacks the foreskin over his cock head. Tamas is busy sucking both cocks and manages to get the flared knobs into his mouth at once. The dudes place Tamas on a padded leather bench as Gabriel raises Tamas's legs in the air and exposes his tight shaved hole. Gabriel sucks and eats Tamas's butt hole while Tamas sucks Arpad's tool.

Gabriel spreads Tamas's hole licking and tongue fucking the pulsing pink pucker. Tamas is fucking hot and totally digs having his butt munched. There is a nice camera shot of Gabriel's spread shaved hole as he is bent over eating Tamas. Gabriel fucks Tamas in the missionary position (with condom) starting with slow steady strokes and switching to faster and more urgent fucking. Low guttural groans and moans fill the room. Arpad fucks Tamas from behind (with condom) sinking his hard cock deep into that corn-hole. Gabriel jacks off shooting a huge load on Tamas's chest as Arpad is fucking Tamas. Arpad beats his cock and squirts a large amount of man milk like a jet stream on Tamas's chest. Tamas jacks a very thick load onto his hard abs. Hot!

Scene Two:

Rafael Alencar (handsome with black hair and smooth muscular chest) is wearing a white jock strap jerking his large uncut cock while watching Kent North (hot British dude with crew cut) suck Marc Williams' (hunk from "Black" Scene One) fat cut cock. Kent manages to deep throat Marc's fat fucker while Marc pinches his own hard nipples. Rafael stokes his long veiny dong, foreskin, and hangy balls. Rafael joins in and begins kissing Marc with plenty of wet tongue while Kent continues to suck Marc. Kent is soon switching back and forth sucking Rafael and Marc's hard dongs making them all shiny with his spit.

Marc pinches Rafael's hard nipples, as they taste each other's hot tongues. Kent's hard uncut cock is sticking out of his jockstrap and he begins to stroke the foreskin up and over the knob. The dudes use their hands to guide Kent's mouth up and down their dongs as Kent continues to jack off. Kent gives some excellent head. Marc bends Kent over a piece of leather furniture and slides his condom-covered cock up Kent's bum and gives him a right good fucking. Kent gobbles Rafael's cock and takes the enormous dong all the way down his throat. Kent is demanding that he wants his asshole fucked harder.

Rafael fucks Kent from behind (with condom) plowing that hole for all it's worth. Kent is now on his back with his legs up in the air and spread wide. Kent's shaved hole is exposed for the world to see. Marc and Rafael are standing above Kent and take turns sticking their hard cocks into his butt. The dudes give Kent some double penetration as they fuck him at the same time. Marc cums on Kent's hole as Rafael beats off and shoots a nice load on Kent's hole and butt cheeks. Marc works another load out of his big cock and shoots on Kent's butt hole. Kent jacks off like a madman and cums on his stomach.

Scene Three:

Marco Paris (a muscle-bound hunk with short brown hair) is down on his knees sucking Ross Stuart's (cute dude from "Black" Scene Three) cut cock. Ross is wearing sexy tight blue jeans pulled down along with his white jockstrap to give Marco free access to his meat. Marco takes that cock and deep throats the hell out of it slobbering up and down the hard shaft. Ross's hand guides Marco's mouth up and down his dick making him suck exactly the way he likes it while Marco strokes his uncut cock. Ross gets down on his knees and takes Marco's unclipped tool into his mouth wrapping his fist around the stalk sucking the knob and twisting the shaft. Ross digs that dong and makes plenty of loud smacking noises as he orally pleasures Marco.

Marco eats Ross's bubble butt spreading his cheeks and feasting on that tight little hairy hole. Marco lies Ross down on a bench, lifts his legs, and continues his oral assault on that gentle rosebud. Marco bends over as Ross rubs his hard cock against Marco's asshole. Ross fucks Marco (with condom) from behind with steady strokes, which slowly become faster. These dudes love to fuck! Ross fucks Marco in the missionary position with fast 'n hard strokes. Marco sinks down on Ross's cock and goes for a wild ride as he bobs up and down and rocks back and forth as his hard uncut cock swings in the air. Marco strokes off and lets loose with a load all over the floor while still being fucked by Ross. Ross dumps a nice thick load on his own stomach. Hot!

Scene Four:

Nick Horn (hot dude with shaved head, hairy chest and goatee) is standing on a platform wearing tight blue jeans and black boots getting his cut schlong sucked by Matt Cole (very handsome with short dark hair). Dean Monroe (cutie from "Black" Scene Four) is down below sucking Matt's fat cut dong. These dudes obviously love to suck cock as they effortlessly deep throat those long dongs. Dean is soon sucking both Nick and Matt's hard cocks grabbing a stiff sex organ in each hand and jacking them. Dean sucks both knobs at the same time stretching his mouth to the limit and then rubs the mushroom cock heads together. Hot!

Dean is lying on his back, legs in the air as Nick spreads his butt cheeks exposing his tight shaved hole. Nick begins to munch down on that tasty treat spitting on the pucker, licking, and finally fucking it with his thumb. Dean slides one of his own fingers up his bum while Nick is thumbing it. Nick is enjoying a buffet of man butt as he moves over and begins to chow down on Matt's tight shaved hole tongue fucking him as Matt moans. Dean and Matt make out with lots of wet tongue as Nick is busy eating their rear-ends. Dean begins to finger fuck himself again with two digits, crams his fingers into Nick's wet mouth, and then slides them back up his chute.

Nick fucks Dean doggy style (with condom) quickly plowing that tight butt as Dean sucks Matt's cock. Nick sucks Matt's cock as he fucks Dean. Matt guides Nick's head up and down his cock. Matt enters Dean in the missionary position (with condom) as Dean sucks Nick's stiffy and strokes his uncut cock. Matt and Dean lay on a table with their hard condom-covered dicks in the air as Nick takes turns sinking down on each one. As Nick rides those hard cocks, his big dick flaps in a circular motion. Matt jacks off and cums on his own stomach and arms. Hot Dean shoots a load on Matt and Nick's arms and chests. Nick uses both hands to beat his meat and shoots a thick load on his hairy stomach. Hot!

Bonus Disc:

Scene One

Francesco D'Macho and Jason Kingsley are decked on in their tight blue jeans, black boots, and black leather harnesses making out with wet tongue action, body rubbing and licking. Francesco begins to rub the hard tube in Jason's jeans and releases that long veiny cut cock for some air....and hot mouth. Francesco takes that big dick deep into his mouth giving it one hell of an oral workout. Jason fucks Francesco's face with his mighty weapon and then engages in more heavy soul kissing. Francesco spreads Jason's butt and buries his face between those butt cheeks eating that hole. Francesco spits on that tight shaved hole and continues to lick it.

Jason pulls Francesco's jeans down, slides on a condom, and fucks him from behind slowly sliding his dong all the way in that hot asshole. Jason stops the fucking and begins to eat Francesco's tight hairy hole as Francesco grunts 'n groans. Jason fucks Francesco in the missionary position (with condom) while Francesco strokes his uncut cock. These dudes love the action and are completely into each other. Francesco inserts medium sized black anal beads slowly into Jason's bum....gently working each beat up his ass. Once all the beads are in, Francesco slowly pulls 'em out causing Jason to sigh with lust. Francesco replaces the beads with his cock (covered with condom) and fucks Jason quickly from behind. Francesco jacks off and shoots a large load on Jason's chest. Huge load! Jason beats off and shoots a thick load on Francesco's black leather boot. Hot!

Scene Two:

This is one wild scene! Hunky British bottom Kent North is back with cool Mason Garet (slender tight body with plenty of tattoos). Mason is eating Kent's asshole out licking and burying his face deep down. Mason spreads that pink hole, tongues the hell out of it and fucks it with his thumb. Kent reaches back and spreads his hole even wider for more munching. Mason had a big white dildo that he slowly works into Kent's hole with plenty of grease. Of course Kent loves it and demands more of the rubber dong in his insatiable butt. "You like that? Fuck Yeah! Stretching my hole with that toy!" Kent sinks down on that dildo and rides it like a bucking bronco. Mason grabs a fat black dildo, which Kent begins to lick and kiss in preparation. Mason stretches Kent's hole even more with the new dildo. "Yeah! Stretch my hole!" How Kent takes that fat fucker is beyond me. "Fucking rape my hole!" Mason produces a third dildo...this one is red and bigger than the others. Kent takes that red dildo in his bum like a trouper while lube drips out of his pucker.

Kent eats Mason's shaved hole practically cramming his entire head into it. Kent tongue fucks that hole like a man who belongs in the crazy house. Kent fucks Mason's bum with the while dildo slowly working it all the way in. Mason digs ass-play as well as he grunts and takes it all. Kent gets the silver anal beads out and places them with ease into Mason's hole. Kent works the beads in and then yanks 'em out as Mason continues to moan. Kent snaps on a black latex glove and lubes up. He slides his hand up Mason's butt hole and begins an intense fist fuck in the missionary position. Mason has no trouble and loves the action. Mason snaps a black latex glove of his own on and works his heavily greased hand up Kent's ass. Of course Kent totally digs it as Mason fist fucks him with circular motions. Very intense! Kent hunches back wanting more up his hungry asshole! Kent shoots a thick load on his stomach while being fisted. Mason jacks off and shoots a thick load on Kent's face and in his mouth.



"Black N Blue" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The Videography by Richard Board is professional and provides full coverage of the wild action and plenty of close-ups. The direction by Steven Scarborough and editing by Jim Wigler is excellent providing scenes that move along at an enjoyable pace that never become dull. The picture quality is sharp and clear.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer full auditory access to these lust crazed dudes loud grunts, groans, and moans. The music by Rock Hard is cool providing trans-like instrumentals and some groovy 1970s sounding "Charlie's Angels" type tunes.


There are plenty of extras here. Each disc contains an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, stills gallery of all the dudes with high quality photographs by Lenzman, Chris Miles, Dario, and Dylan Ryan. There is a Cumshot Compilation, Fuck Compilation, website information, and trailers for: "Justice", "Butch Alley", "Pack Attack 1: Kent North", "Manhunt 2.0", "Trunks 2", "At Your Service", and "The Missing". The big treat here is the Bonus Disc that contains two additional scenes with intense anal play featuring big dildos, anal beads, and fisting.

Final Thoughts:

Hot House Productions has really come through with a spectacular three-disc release with "Black N Blue". This is top-of-the-line all-male entertainment. The large cast of twenty one dudes has a great variety of ages ranging from early twenties to mid forties. The dudes are all butch and either hugely muscle-bound or a bit more slender with extremely tight muscle body types. The sex is damn hot with each and every dude totally into the action. There is no dead weight here as all the dudes dig what they are doing. Although I found all the dudes hot, my personal favorites are Tamas Eszterhazy, Nick Piston, Marc Williams, Arpad Miklos, and Nick Horn.

The direction, videography, editing, and music are all excellent creating one hell of a movie. The lighting and set design are cool creating the perfect atmosphere and tone for the film. I liked the minimal warehouse sets as they tie in with the leather theme quite well. As mentioned, the extras are great and feature a Bonus Disc featuring some rather intense sexual situations. The packaging is also very cool with a slip case gatefold featuring individual photographs of each models. I cannot say enough good things about this release. I highly recommend, as this is one hot fucking turn-on of the movie.

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