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My Very First Gay Experience

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/6/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

July 2006

Directed By:



Oliver Strelly, Max Bozman, Urly Grosky, Erec Estrada, David, Roman, Bruce Steel, and Shismen.

The Movie:

"Sinemale presents some of the freshest guys never seen before on film. These guys really love to take it in the ass as well and give it! Cute hard tight asses with some nasty angles so you are in the action."

The Dudes:

These cute dudes look to be in their early to mid twenties with mostly slender/tight builds but at least dude is muscle-bound (Bruce Steel). The pubes are trimmed and shaved, and most of the cocks are uncut. All in all, this is nice group of guys.

Roman and Bruce Steel:

Roman, a young dude (age 18+) with a pale complexion, feminine plucked eyebrows, and sort of a new wave haircut, meets his match with hunky muscle dude Bruce Steel. Bruce is a handsome dude with short brown hair, beard stubble, and plenty of tattoos. Bruce offers his hard uncut cock to Roman who hungrily takes the large organ into his mouth. Roman wraps his fist around the hard cock sucking the knob as Bruce roughly guides Roman's head with his hands and fucks his face.

Roman bends over the sofa and Bruce slides a long dildo into his tight shaved hole. Bruce works that rubber dong in and out of Roman in a fast twisting motion as lube drips out of Roman's hole. Bruce fucks Roman in the side/missionary position (with condom) ramming his fat cock deep into that butt hole. Roman plays a game of sink/bounce with Bruce's hard cock as his uncut cock flaps in the air bobbing up and down and making circular motions. Bruce takes Roman from behind for some doggy style fucking and then switches to the missionary position. Roman takes that big cock like a trouper and I've just realized that he looks kind of like a Glitter Rock dude in the vein of Bowie from the early 1970s. Bruce shoots a thick load of jizz on Roman's chest and stomach. Roman does not cum.

Urly and Erec Estrada:

Okay, so this isn't "Ponch" but this Mr. Estrada is very handsome with short dark hair and olive complexion. Erec strolls into the bedroom carrying a tray of dildos and butt plugs announcing, "Dinner is served." Urly, another handsome dude with short dark hair and olive complexion, is already on the bed totally naked and jacking his big uncut cock. Erec quickly picks a long dildo, licks the tip, kisses Urly with lots of tongue, and slowly works the phony phallus up Urly's tight hairy hole. Urly clearly digs this action as he moans and beats his meat. Next up is a small red butt plug which Erec sucks and then works up Urly's butt hole. "Take it all of the way!" Erec instructs Urly to use his butt muscles to make the butt plug pop out while calling him a "pussy boy" and then taking his uncut cock deep into his throat.

After additional dildo fucking by Erec, the dudes engage in a hot side sixty nine allowing Urly to wrap his lips around Erec's large uncut cock and give it his undivided attention. The dudes jack and suck those cocks working the foreskins up and over the knobs. Hot! There are plenty of loud slurping, smacking, and sucking noises as the dudes give head. Erec fucks Urly in the side/missionary position (with condom) with fast/smooth strokes as Urly jacks his hard dong. The dudes slide into some doggy style followed by some sink/bounce as Urly rides that hard cock with at a very fast pace.

It's switch up time as Urly fucks Erec from behind (with condom) as Erec looks into the camera and tells us "I'm such a puta!" During some side/missionary, Urly pulls all the way out and lets us see Erec's gaping man-hole and then plows right back in. Erec shoots a thick load on his hand, stomach, and balls. Urly quirts a load into Erec's mouth as Erec lets the love juice drip out of his gob.

Taleon and David:

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Taleon is a very handsome dude again with short dark hair and olive complexion. David is a cute twink with pale complexion and short blondish-brown hair. Both have sort of short mullet haircuts. The dudes are engaged in a hot make out session with heavy wet tongue action and body rubbing. David gets down on his knees, pulls Taleon's black briefs down, and out pops a hard 'n large cut cock with shiny red knob. David grabs that hard shaft and begins to stroke it while cramming it into his hot mouth. David swirls his tongue around that big knob as he licks and sucks that dong. Taleon pulls David's pants down revealing a big uncut cock and shaved pubes. Taleon gobbles that cock jacking the shaft and nursing the knob much to David's delight.

David pulls out a red dildo working it into Taleon's tight hole from behind, takes it out, makes Taleon suck it, and pushes it back in! David jams that dildo in using forceful fucking and Taleon loves it! David fucks his pal from behind (with condom) using the same hard/fast strokes he used with the dildo. Taleon sucks David's condom covered cock obviously tasting his own butt as David positions him for some side/missionary humping. Taleon beats his stiff pole as David plows his butt.

There are more dildos along with finger fucking, sink/bounce, and grunting as David works Taleon's hole into tomorrow. At one point, Taleon grabs that dildo and throws it! It's now David's turn to get an anal treatment as Taleon fucks his tight hairy hole in the missionary position (with condom). Taleon and David finger fuck David's hole as Taleon jacks off and dumps a big thick load in David's mouth. Taleon this kissed David passionately eating his own cum. Sadly, David does not cum.

Max Bozman and Oliver Strelly:

Max is a cute 'n lanky twink with longish dark hair. Max does a lil' dance with a red dildo rubbing the rubber schlong on his face and body as he undresses revealing a smooth slender chest and yummy dark haired goody trail. Max unbuckles his jeans to show us his trimmed pubes and uncut tool and begins to play with himself. The loud flowered red and white sofa with pink and black drapes reminds me of an Italian horror movie. Max shows us his tight shaved hole and hangy pink balls as he bends over the couch jacking his cock and working the foreskin. Max rubs the dildo against his dusky hole, crams it in and begins to quickly fuck himself while jerking his hard cock. Max switches to a missionary position on the sofa and engages in some frantic self-fucking.

Oliver, very handsome with dark curly hair and olive complexion, joins in on the action by grabbing that dildo and rubbing it on Max's hole. Max chows down on Oliver's large uncut cock as Oliver fucks his face. In return, Oliver sucks Max's dick with gusto taking it all the way down his throat. Oliver gives excellent head as he spits on Max's pink knob and sucks the hell out of it. Oliver fucks Max in the missionary position (with condom) with nice slow strokes mixed with fast/hard fucking as Max beats his meat. After Oliver sucks Max's cock again, he fucks him in the side/missionary position with hard thrusts.

Oliver really schools Max on fucking as he takes him from behind and then into a wild and frenzied sink/bounce in which I'm surprised Max did not fall to the floor! Max shoots a thick load of man goo on his chest, stomach, and pubes while being fucked. Oliver pulls out, yanks off his rubber, and lets go with a huge wet load all over Max's face and in his mouth. Fucking hot! Max sucks Oliver's knob and smiles at the camera.

Oliver and Shismen:

Sexy Oliver (from the previous scene) is back and ready for some action. Oliver is making out with another hunky dude with dark hair and an olive complexion by the name of Shismen. The dudes fondle each other's bulging baskets as Oliver pulls his hard uncut tool out. Shismen follows Oliver's lead and out come his stiff uncut cock as well. The guys pull on each other's unclipped boners as Oliver takes Shismen's big dick into his mouth concentrating on the pink knob and jacking the foreskin over the head. Not to be outdone by Oliver, Shismen takes his friend's hard cock into his wet gob sucking the large knob and stroking the stalk.

Oliver produces a long slender orange dildo, spreads Shismen's hairy butt hole finger fucking him and rubbing the dildo against the hole. Oliver works the dildo deep into Shismen's hole fucking him and slapping his butt cheeks. The dudes engage in some hot side sixty-nine as the dudes chow down on that large uncut tube steak. Oliver fucks Shismen's hairy hole in the missionary position (with condom) sinking his hard dong deep as Shismen moans in approval. Oliver masturbates Shismen's hard cock while fucking him. Oliver uses that dildo again cramming it up Shismen's asshole and then replaces it with his cock. The dudes finish up by pulling their pork as Shismen shoots a thick load out of his flared cock head onto his hairy stomach. Shismen's stomach seems to be the target as Oliver shoots a large load all over it. Sexy!



"My Very First Gay Experience" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography is hand-held and gonzo providing steady full coverage of all the action and plenty of hot extreme close-ups. The direction as well as the editing by Dr. Faust is excellent providing longer scenes that never become dull due to the intense sex. The picture quality is sharp and clear.


The sound is clear and allows the viewer to hear each and every moan, slurp, and suckle as these dudes get down to some serious sex. The music by Hack.it is cool and provides a perfect background to the action.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, a photo gallery featuring each model and some hardcore shots form the movie, a fetish menu that includes fast access to the toys, oral, anal, and cum shots. There are also plenty of wild and extreme trailers: Trans X6" featuring gals with gigantic jugs and big dicks, "No Limits #14", "Sliders Volume 15", "Big Asses Transx Winkers Volume 3" featuring chix with dix wearing blue eye shadow and 1960s makeup making their butt holes wink for the camera, "Monster Gapes #2" featuring spread pussies and assholes, and "Pushers" featuring a gal with a baseball bat up her butt! Another gal pushes a purple dildo out of her pussy. The dildo shoots out and hits her in the face! Ha!

Final Thoughts:

Wow! "My Very First Gay Experience" is one wild movie. The dudes are all good-looking in their own way and absolutely dig what they are doing. The dudes are totally into each other and give energetic and frenzied sexual performances. This is down and dirty no-frills sex at its best. My personal favorites are Oliver, Urly, and cute lil' David. The videography is hand-held and gonzo style but never out of focus or shaky. There are plenty of extreme close-ups of the cock sucking, fucking, and gaping butt holes. The direction and editing keep the scenes moving along at a nice pace that never become dull. These dudes really love their sex toys as well. There are plenty of dildos on hand and at least one butt plug that is used.

My only complaint is that two of the dudes do not cum. I'm still going with a Highly Recommended as the sex is so intense, the performances extremely energetic, and Oliver's first cumshot so big and a turn-on that they make up for the absence of these two orgasms. So, I highly recommend to lovers of gonzo style movies, cute guys with uncut cocks, and plenty of dildo action.

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