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Filth & Fury

Studio: Mach 2 » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/7/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Filth & Fury

Mach 2

Genre: Vignette

Director: Dana Vespoli

Cast: Rita Faltoyano, Steve Holmes, Annette Schwartz, Mark Davis, Naomi, Dana Vespoli, Ian Scott, Melissa Lauren, Sasha Grey, Dirty Harry
Non-sex role by Jason Sinclair as "wussy boy"

Length: 142.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 7/29/2006, 8/6/2006, 8/7/2006, 8/10/2006, 8/17/2006

Extra's: The best extra was the 37 minute long Behind the Scenes feature. It had extra sex, a bunch of kidding around by the performers and cast, and some of the preparational material you'd expect of a well shot BTS. Otherwise, there were eight trailers, a photogallery, a cumshot recap, some spam, and a second side to the DVD cover that emphasized other covers to Mach 2 shows.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Filth & Fury was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Dana Vespoli for distribution by Mach 2 in her third round as director. The lighting was decent, which limited the grain and video noise; most of the camera angles were complimentary to the ladies of the show. The only exception to this rule of thumb was scene two was the deliberate attempt at style that came across as looking really lame with lots of grain and video noise added in for effect. In all though, the fleshtones were accurate and the visuals handled a bit better than average, showing some nice potential on the part of Dana as a new director. There were no compression artifacts and the DVD itself seemed properly mastered. The audio was presented in the standard 2.0 Dolby Digital although the vocals weren't always optimized and there was no separation noticed during any of the scenes. Still, at least she didn't try to use goofy effects or wacko music like some of her peers seem to believe will elevate the artistic nature of their works (which rarely works by the way).

Body of Review: Dana Vespoli has been one of the cutest hotties in porn to make the transition to director, now shooting for New Sensations and Mach 2. While I still like to see her in scenes, I think she brings some fine qualities to her work behind the camera as well. Granted, like most porn, if you pair the right people together and unleash them on one another, making a good scene isn't tough in the basic gonzo and vignette sense but her latest release, Filth & Fury, was better than expected. The scenes all had anal and facials with 80% of them working really well. That said, if you're looking for some hot sex with a largely talented cast, you'll be happy here knowing that there were no condoms used:

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Scene One: Rita Faltoyano, the airbrushed hotty on the left hand side of the front cover, was up first as she knelt on the floor in her lingerie with her ass in the air and head on the floor waiting for Steve Holmes to use her. He largely ignored her and the clip showed hours passing by until he snapped his fingers and she crawled up the stairs to ravage his cock. Casting aside her shackles, she kissed him and ripped open his pants to get to his meaty member, impaling her throat in the process of the fine bit of oral she did. They started a titty fuck but switched out in favor of him going down on her, soon bumping uglies as she sat her pussy onto his cock and began actively riding it as though she were in heat. Her dirty talk and sweaty body then took him in anally, him fingering her pussy at the same time, while she made it look like she was on fire with desire. This led to some ATM (ass to mouth) and more anal, her sitting on his face a bit and taking the eventual load at about the half hour mark of the movie. It showed a lot of enthusiasm and chemistry missing in many scenes, making it a great way to open up the movie. Whew!

Scene Two: Annette Schwartz, a gal with light hair and long gloves, was up next in the only stylishly shot scene, with her being wrapped up in cellophane as Mark Davis used her at his leisure. I could have done without his spitting and slapping though the manner in which he teased her was kind of interesting. She clearly wanted his cock and he would let her have it only on his terms. She struggled with her outfit (for lack of a better term) and clumsily got to her knees, following him around in order to suck his tasty cock by the front door. He had her drooling and eventually offered up his cock for her to suck, obviously getting head from her without her ability to use her hands to regulate the speed and depth. He then partially freed her so she could feast on his balls and ass, tearing openings so he could spank her more effectively and snack on her crack a bit too. That led to him anally working her over hard, her pushing back as best she could before getting an ATM treat. Once freed completely, she rode him furiously (per the title), letting her titties bounce in the process rather well. They did more oral and boning to end with a large facial that he licked off of her, the pair sharing his load before she swallowed the remains. Yikes!

Scene Three: Naomi, looking leaner then ever but still sporting a curvy rump, was up next as she prowled the hallways of the house in her red bikini top, short daisy duke blue jean shorts, and knife in her hand. She walked into the living room and was disarmed by Dana Vespoli right after she told Ian Scott that she wanted him. Dana asked her how much money she had as she disrobed the starlet, apparently about to charge Naomi for having sex with her boyfriend. That led Naomi to sucking him off as Dana ate her out; a curious dynamic as Dana stayed fully clothed. Naomi has come a long way from this time last year when her performances seemed shy and reserved, now capable of projected a sense of desire and heat that proved infectious. She also rimmed Ian before he propped her up on the couch, her swollen pussy lips enflamed as he slammed his cock inside her. She gyrated around and went back to blowing him, letting Dana stretch her rectum for some powerful anal that took place after that. Fans of foot fetish will enjoy the limited bit of that taking place but the oral and anal continued with Naomi giving a passionate performance displaying at least a little appreciation for the cock. Dana's role was limited (sadly) but it was still a hot scene to enjoy, ending with the expected facial and mouth pop.

Scene Four: Melissa Lauren, dressed in a black latex outfit, was up next with Mark Davis after she thoroughly beat up a wimpy guy (Dana made reference to his identity being Jason Sinclair, although I can't state that being his name definitively). It was really harsh the way she treated the third or fourth level mope squad member but Mark had ideas of his own when he turned the tables on her with a little roughness of his own. That led to her slobbing his knob like a champion, making a mess as she worked up his erection. He peeled off her outfit to show her overdone implants (why!!!!) and rubbed her clitoris while she begged for his cock, yelling out in a combination of pleasure and pain. She proved to be another active rider and her pussy throbbed as he hit it hard while she bounced. She then sucked him clean before he switched over to anal (with some limited toe sucking and ATM to follow). Why he felt the need to suck her armpit in a movie not directed by Martin Del Toro is beyond me but thankfully they went back to screwing hard as he spanked her and fed her pussy his cock. He ended it by rubbing out his load to her face and tasting it again, kissing her semen soaked mouth full on as the camera faded away. The scene started out really well and was overall pretty hot.

Scene Five: Sasha Grey, the all natural brunette on the right side of the front cover, was up last as she walked through the commercial plant nursery in her sundress. She picked some flowers and returned home after seeing a creepy old man, laying on her bed and masturbating when it became clear that he was Dirty Harry (not Clint Eastwood either), about as creepy a guy as you'll find in modern porn. Harry jumped her in the bed, choking her and manhandling her to compensate for something we all know he does have, and she soon willingly worked on his modest member while on her knees. The oral was okay and it led to him doing her anally but her over done vocals had me rolling my eyes in disbelief pretty quickly. If he had a large cock and she was crying out, at least it would be believable but the rest of the scene went between him fucking her ass and choking her with limited oral. The lack of passion and chemistry lowered the rating for me considerably and while I can see why many men find her attractive, this was one of her worst scenes to date (and surprisingly out of place here considering how well the rest of the scenes went). It ended with a mouth pop but she wasn't shown to be a swallower and the dream like ending struck me as disingenuous at best. Perhaps this was a let down for her after her first scene in Fasionistas: Safado as discussed in the BTS feature with Dana but it was the only weak scene of the bunch.

Summary: Filth & Fury by Dana Vespoli for Mach 2 was primed to be a really awesome flick but then the last scene deflated the rating a bit. It was still worth a Recommended to me thanks to the four really good scenes, the levels of fuck for the buck, the technical values, and the interesting (not boring or lame Dana) BTS feature but the edge was lost for me thanks to a single weak pairing. Still, Filth & Fury was not as generic as the title made it sound and fans of anal sex and some edgy material will likely find it to be a worthwhile stroke flick possessing some decent replay and stroke value. I kind of wish some of the scenes carried their respective themes a little further but considering that this was such an early movie in Dana's career, she shows tremendous potential for greater efforts.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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