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Who's Your Daddy 9

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/7/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Who's Your Daddy? 9

Zero Tolerance

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Greg Alves

Cast: Sammy Cruz, Sascha, Lorena Sanchez, Marco Banderas/Duato, Celina Cross, Chris Charming, Aaralyn Barra, Jenner, Lexi Love, Tom Byron, Jenna Haze, Mark Wood

Length: 158.5 minutes

Dates of Production: 6/19/2006 to 7/5/2006

Extra's: The best extra was the 20.5 minute long Behind the Scenes feature since it had the ladies all in various states of undress and some of them providing extra sex. It was a solid extra, if not the best I've seen over recent months, but it seemed to capture the essence of the cast having a good time, making it a nice addition to the DVD and fans will like the interviews by Mike. There was also a photogallery, a cumshot recap, a true double sided DVD cover and matching slipcase cover, and a set of trailers to movies like Double Decker Sandwich, Who's Your Daddy?, Big Rack Attack, Drive Thru, Virgin Surgeon, Gaper Maker, and Fine Ass Babes.
Note: There was no Strip Tease extra as listed on the bottom of the back DVD cover.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Who's Your Daddy? 9 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color, as credited to Greg Alves and shot by Mike Quasar for Zero Tolerance. The lighting was generally very solid; limiting the grain and video noise while providing accurate fleshtones of the cast, but handled slightly differently this time (not the harsh lighting as if shot at a Wal-Mart as some of us like it but well done nonetheless). The picture wasn't perfect but the composition of the shots was as solid as I remember Mike providing in the past, always enhancing the look of the ladies in their scenes. There were no compression artifacts observed and the overall visual quality was very good, as expected. The audio registered on my receiver as 2.0 Dolby Digital but the vocals varied a slight amount in terms of loudness and the music ended after the scenes truly began. I didn't notice anything that would give your home theatres a work out but the audio properties did not detract from the experience. There was also a Spanish track for those who care.

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Body of Review: Greg Alves has long been praised for his wisdom in hiring Mike Quasar years ago when they worked at another company. The pairing was so good that Greg used some form of mental telepathy to direct movies via Mike's talents, something that carried over when Greg started Zero Tolerance. I've really enjoyed a lot of the titles by the company since its inception, only some of which I've reviewed, thanks to their premise to use the best gals available in their movies. The latest release by the team is Who's Your Daddy? 9, a title where the women pretend to be extra young and the men appear to be more like sugar daddies then actual male relations of the cast. This is set forth at the beginning of most scenes and all over the BTS feature for the squeamish, hopefully not killing the excitement for any of you. The back cover put it like this: "Being a slut pays the rent! Besides, who wants an old sugar daddy anyways, we want rock-hard daddy's who fuck like super studs! Save the expensive gifts and shopping sprees--we want thick veiny cocks and a promise you won't stop and we're all yours. But make sure you fill our tight, young pussies with your big daddy dick! We've spent 18 long years under our real daddy's roof and we're ready to explode. Don't you wanna play daddy with us?" If all this sounds interesting to you, it was a good show with some fine ladies to enjoy watching. That said, here's a short description of the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used by the cast:

Scene One: Sammy Cruz, a cute gal with all natural tits, was up first claiming to be 20 years old, a lover of cock and money, as she answered a series of questions that I thought Mike forgot about years ago. Her partner was Sascha, a guy not quite old enough to be her father, who was waiting for her on the red couch as she approached him in a red and white polka dotted outfit. The muff buffer skirt and black thong didn't last very long as he felt her up. This warming of the juices led her to blowing him with more skill than it looked like she could possibly have learned in her short career, savoring the taste with a sense of delight that the camera caught more than a few times. He was an asshole and didn't go down on her, moving instead to pork her pussy and ass mighty powerfully, an act that she seemed to like even more given the way she bounced on his rod. Granted, she wasn't as active at the anal (few women are and I can count them on one hand) but he reamed her out pretty good and her vocals encouraged him to continue. She did get better as she warmed up, especially in the anal reverse cowgirl but after several positions of anal, she took the mouth pop without flinching; rubbing his seed into her and tasting it.

Scene Two: Lorena Sanchez, following the formula as she tried to walk in the back door (to the house you perv's!), answered Mike's questions in her hanging out clothing; with her turning the questioning around on him by suggesting he was a bit too into her scene partner for the day; Marco Banderas/Duato. Okay, she got all dolled up and was soon bent over on the day bed with her ass in the air, rubbing herself through her panties, giving even a jaded old hack like me a woody. The masturbation action was followed by Marco walking up to her with his shirt off and kissing her, soon taking off her panties and going down on her like any real man would do (sucks to be Sascha, huh?). Whether or not she was strictly performing at this point, she showed some chemistry with the guy and playfully slobbed his knob; proving her oral skills were worthy of the check that Zero Tolerance was cutting her for that alone, aggressively working him over as though she wanted a lot more from him. The vaginal sex was even better with her taking everything he offered (with a smile and all the physiological responses of a hotty in heat) and actively riding him really well. Her best positions were the cowgirl related ones where I was amazed at her thrusting movements but she gave good PTM too. It ended when he came in her mouth, her giving him some post coital head and swallowing his load like Halloween candy. Whew!

Scene Three: Celina Cross, a young brunette with a sweet Latina body, was up next as she teased the camera in some black, pink, and white frilly lingerie that really looked good on her. I haven't seen a lot of her but I was wanting to when I caught this scene since she conveyed a sense of freshness thanks in large part to the premise and Mike's technical work. As a natural (with an all natural body no less), she provided well hung Chris Charming with a lot to appreciate about his life as he spent some time warming her up orally on the white leather love seat. Her firm ass excited him and he unwrapped this present with the most delicate of care, savoring the moment while testing her ass for firmness by spanking it. She returned his attention by going down to her knees and sucking him off, concentrating her efforts on the top part of his cock since he was far too large for her to completely deepthroat. For the theme at hand, this actually worked better than average since a youthful gal probably seems more real if she can't devour a huge cock too easily. She made some noises as she blew him in a sloppy manner, preparing herself for the vaginal pounding he gave her after that. She was very vocal about liking the action but more passive at riding him than I prefer, again probably working better for most of you then it did for me. Once warmed up though, she took off on pumping on him hard, getting into a fine rhythm in no time. Several positions later, he rubbed out a load to her face that went all over the place. It was a solid scene in most ways by both of them.

Scene Four: Aaralyn Barra, a very lean gal with lightened hair wearing a tiny little outfit, was up next as she puffed on a cancer stick (Mike made fun of this too) on the porch while Mike interviewed her. He wisely left off the part about the tattoos and she was soon teasing the camera on a leather ottoman until she was joined by Jenner. In a sense, she had it easier than most of her coworkers since his cock is about as small as mine so it was easy pickings for her to suck him off energetically. He ate her out and then started banging away at her like crazy, leaving her passive form on the receiving end until she sucked his juice soaked cock awhile. A few positions later, when she was on top, she took off like a race horse to ride him, moving to anal where she didn't live up to her claims about liking it better (she let him plug away as she barely moved). Her dirty talk was a bit harsh, losing points on the youthful angle and picking most of them back up on the nasty slut end of the rating scale. He held her head steady for the mouth pop but it was a light load and the camera faded away too soon to see if she swallowed any of it.

Scene Five: Lexi Love, a very sexy gal with an attractive face and body, was up next as she masturbated on the couch; skipping any interrogation by Mike as the other gals had to endure. My guess is that she answered all the questions wrong so they edited out that part of the scene but I swear she looked like someone I used to know up north (perhaps her daughter?) and I wasn't complaining given my carnal knowledge of the lady. In any case, she masturbated until former Houstonian Tom Byron came into view to spank her after she claimed she was a "very bad girl". He ate her a bit and she really went to town on his dick, another modest member of the cast. Her dirty talk was moderate but she looked great inhaling his rod until it was time to see how well she learned her lessons from mom. Fans might like her bushy pubes and her riding style varied from moderate to passive so she has a way to go but she can get by on her looks alone from what I saw. The scene was darker than the others (lighting wise, not thematically) but I hope to see her again soon even if she needs some work to achieve her potential. For the record, she took a good sized load as he held her head down.

Scene Six: Jenna Haze, the cutie on the front DVD cover and best known lady of the cast, was up last as she gave Mike her interview in the kitchen. He recognized her elevated status in the porn world graciously and eagerly, getting a peep show from her before she changed into a kinky little outfit for Mark Wood to appreciate. She teased Mark and told him she needed punishment, but he was initially too dumbstruck to do much about it, allowing her to get him erect pretty easily as she rubbed his crotch. If given a chance, I'd take his wife over Jenna but she was probably the main reason most of you either bought, rented, or are considering this DVD and I can't say that I blame you. Even years into her porn career, she looks every bit as fresh as she did when first entering the jizz biz. He played with her tight ass as her young mouth sucked his cock, leading her to climb on board the penis express and ride like a hotty in no time. They did several vaginal positions before the promised anal and while she wasn't as active anally, she kept up the dirty talk rather well. It also ended with the mouth pop, satisfying any claims made in the advertising of the movie as she usually does.

Summary: Who's Your Daddy? 9 by Mike Quasar for Zero Tolerance had a very appealing cast of ladies, solid technical values, fine technical values, decent strokability, and the kind of replay value that most directors work a lifetime to try and achieve so I rated it as Highly Recommended for the type of gonzo it tried to be. Taken as such, Who's Your Daddy? 9 was a worthwhile stroke flick that will appeal to raincoaters and fans of youthful ladies getting it on with older men. Sometimes a movie just clicks with a reviewer and this one did just that; proving to be better as a whole then the sum of its parts, albeit a very fine set of parts with some great scenes. Good job!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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