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Straight College Men Auditions #1

Studio: 2SCM.COM » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/9/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movie:

See straight dudes hold what they got! Watch as these sexy guys undress and beat their meat as they audition for the ever-popular Straight College Men movies.


Eddie is the very first guy to go through an audition for Straight College Men. He's tall 'n slender, in his twenties with short dark hair. Eddie goes into the "dressing room" which is actually an undressing room containing a hidden camera. Eddie has a tight smooth chest with just a lil' hair, flat stomach, trimmed dark pubes, and a nice sized cut cock. He comes back out into the main room, plops down on the sofa and begins to watch a straight porno movie. Eddie uses some lube to slick up that dick and begins to yank it to full glory. Eddie works his hard cock with his right hand stroking the hard shaft and pink knob. At one point, he uses both hands to jack that cock. Eddie shoots a thick load on his hand, pubic area, cock, and leg. Hot!


Trevor is a very handsome nineteen-year-old dude with dark hair and goatee dressed in a sweatshirt hoodie and sweatpants. Once he's in the "changing room", Trevor reveals his nice toned chest that's smooth with just a little bit of hair, nice hairy goody trail, full dark pubes, and a cut cock. I love that lush bush! Once he has returned to the sofa, Trevor watches some straight porn, lubes his cock, and begins to jack off. Trevor strokes that cock with his right hand to full hardness, flops and wags it around. He slaps his hard cock against the palm of his hand as precum leaks out of the piss slit. Trevor turns around to show off his nice butt. There are some nice side views of his hard cock as he strokes with more precum, which he rubs into the knob. Trevor shoots a nice little thick load on his pubes and stomach. Trevor is a fucking cutie!


Frank's girlfriend is out of town trying to stir up some lesbian action so he thought it would be a good time for an audition. Frank is a husky dude with brown hair dressed in kaki pants and a blue shirt (he does not work at Blockbuster Video). He's quite shy but seems like a good-natured dude. Once in that damn "dressing room", Frank strips down revealing his husky hairy chest, full dark pubes, and uncut cock. Frank returns to the sofa to watch some straight fuck flick and begins to stroke his hardening cock working the foreskin up and over his pink cock head. As Frank beats his meat he rubs his hairy chest and nipples. Frank masturbates with his right hand, spreads his legs and shoots a load on his pubes.


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Shawn is a cute dude with short dark hair, soul patch, tattoos, and deep voice. He's dressed in a "wife beater" tee shirt and blue jeans. Shawn is quite at ease in front of the camera as he used to run his own website cam. Shawn claims to have no problems with dudes watching him and wants to use his body to make "serious money". Back in the "dressing room", Shawn reveals his very tight body. It's obvious that Shawn spends a lot of time at the gym. His chest is smooth, his pubes are shaved, and he has a cut cock. Shawn looks at a pussy magazine for a while, as he strokes his cock and begins to get hard. Back on the sofa, Shawn works his big cock with his right hand and rubs those plump balls. As he watches the straight porno, he exclaims that he loves to see a gal get double fucked. Shawn beats his meat, plays his with balls, and shoots thick jizz on his stomach.


Scott is a very cute dude with short dark gelled hair dressed in a tee shirt and blue jeans. Scott is a silent type and is a bit shy. Once in the "dressing room", Scott takes his sweet time stripping down, as he seems to be stalling for time. Scott reveals a nice smooth chest, tattoos on his arms, hairy legs, full dark pubes (always a plus!), and a cut cock. Once his finally leaves the "dressing room" and is comfortable on the sofa watching straight porn, Scott lubes up and strokes his cock to full mast. Scott jacks with his right hand fisting his hard dong and working the pink knob. He switches between fast and slow strokes using more lube as he is mesmerized by the movie. Pre cum leaks out of his piss slit as he works the knob faster to climax. Scott lets go with a thick load of man juice on his pubes. Hot!


Marc is cute twenty-three year old with short dark hair, goatee, and has a piercing below his lower lip. He's dressed in a plaid shirt, white undershirt, and blue jeans. Marc is another silent type but seems like a very cool dude. As he is "hidden" away in the "dressing room", Marc takes off his clothes to show us his husky build, smooth chest, shaved pubes (except for a thin strip), and cut cock. Marc looks at a titty mag as his cock grows to a nice size and he begins to wag it. Back on the sofa, Marc has an interesting masturbation technique of rubbing his cock head against the palm of his hand in a circular motion, which is very sexy. Marc really digs this technique and he strokes his cock and then switches back to the palm action. As Marc gets close to climax, his jacking becomes faster and he shoots a thick load of juice on his stomach and pubic area.


I love me some Dean! He has shown up in some of the previous Straight College Men discs I've reviewed. Dean is fucking hot 'n handsome with a tanned muscular body, smooth chest, dark brown pubes, and a big uncut cock. Dean is a self-proclaimed "porn freak" so he is looking forward to watching some chicks as he shows off. After he strips down in the "dressing room" Dean makes himself right at home on the sofa and begins to stroke his cock working the foreskin. Dean spreads his legs revealing his beautiful hangy balls as he continues to jack off. Dean flexes those gorgeous muscles for us and returns to pleasuring his cock. Dean rubs his balls as he strokes and then stands up to show off his awesome bubble butt. He has a great smile as he pleasures himself and begins to sigh as he reaches a climax. Dean dumps a thick white load on his tanned chest. Fucking hot!


Ricky is another cute dude who is twenty-four years old with a tall/slender body, short brown hair wearing a gray tee shirt and blue jeans. Ricky has both ears pierced and a piercing below his lower lip. Back in the ol' "dressing room", Ricky takes off his clothes to show us his smooth chest, tattoos, brown pubes, and cut cock. While browsing through a pussy mag, Ricky strokes his cock, which turns out to be very nice size. Once on the sofa, Ricky spreads his legs revealing his hot hangy nuts as he lubes up and jacks his hard tool. Watching the usual straight porn, there are moments when Ricky closes his eyes as he works his hard man meat. Ricky jacks with his tight right fist stoking that dong up and down. Ricky cums a very thick load on his stomach, pubes, and hand. Hot!



"Straight College Men Auditions Volume 1" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography provides basic full coverage of the action with plenty of pleasing close-ups as these hot dudes are shown in the sacred act of masturbation. The direction and editing are efficient keeping each scene moving along at a nice pace. The picture is a bit grainy at times but for the most part is sharp and clear.


The sound is fine and we can hear the off screen fucking on the videos these dudes are watching. The viewer can clearly hear their comments and in some instances sighs as they shoot their loads.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, previews for "Dean, Brett, and Trevor", and "Hawaii Day Four". There is also a cool CD ROM included featuring short scenes from "Brett and Caleb", "Rocky and Ashton", "Bryce", "Duke, Dean, and Caleb", Magic Shoot", "Ashton Plus One", "Hawaii Day Three", "Sonny", and "Rocky Plus One". Finally, there is a full color catalogue with descriptions of all the discs available and pictures of the covers.

Final Thoughts:

This is one hot solo movie. All the dudes are good looking in their own way and it's a big turn on to see them beat their meat and get off. Even the shy/quiet guys loose their inhibitions as they crank their hard shafts and shoot loads. This is no-frills amateur filmmaking and the camera can be a bit clumsy at times but never misses any of the action. There are plenty of close-ups as the dudes stroke off and shoot their cum. The direction and editing are competent providing scenes that are never too long and move along at a pleasant pace. All the dudes are cool but my favorites are Scott, Dean, and Ricky. This is definitely a fun and big turn-on of a movie. I recommend to fans of amateur straight guys jacking off for the camera.

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