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Storm Squirters

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/12/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Storm Squirters

Evil Angel

Genre: Squirting

Director: Joey Silvera

Cast: Kinzie Kenner, Joe Rock, Jay Lassiter, Gia Giavanna, Annie Cruz, Jazz Duro, Flower Tucci, Buster Good, Jon Jon, Tia Tanaka, Dick James, Missy Monroe, Keeani Lei, Chris Charming, Angela Stone, Lexi Love, Jay Lassiter, Cytherea, Barry Scott

Length: 215.5 minutes

Date of Production: 9/1/2006

Extra's: The very best extra for the two disc set was the scene from Service Animals 7 starring Paris (not the Hilton chick either), Darren James, Billy Glide, and Joey Silvera lasting almost 32 minutes. While most of the gush queens of the modern age miraculously came into being as soon as they found out they'd get more work and a premium pay, she was into it before the market developed so take that for whatever you'd like. The next best extra included on the double disc set was12 minutes worth of bonus footage from the scenes that was edited out. Most of it was worth watching and even stroking off to so don't skip it if you buy the DVD, though there was some minimal interview footage too. There was also a photogallery, a cumshot compilation to the scenes, a cast list, some limited filmographies, and trailers to movies like Service Animals 21, Service Animals 20, Service Animals 19, Service Animals 18, Strap Attack, Hellcats 8, Hellcats 9, and Hellcats 10.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Storm Squirters was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color it was shot in by director Joey Silvera for Evil Angel. One of the problems with earlier volumes in some of Joey's series has been various technical limitations like lots of grain, video noise, poor camera angles, and compression artifacts and they were all present here too but in far less copious amounts. There was some grain due to some of the lighting being off and some noise in a few spots but there were no compression artifacts to be seen and even some of the fleshtones looked more accurate than usual too. The composition of the shots was usually flattering to the women although much of that would still be an artistic call on my part so I can safely say that the overall visual aspects of the movie were solid. The 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo audio was presented in the usual stereo English but there wasn't any significant dynamic range or separation between the channels. The voices were sometimes hollow but like seeing the occasional shadow in the movie, this is to be expected in order to preserve the nearly realistic manner in which the scenes took place.

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Body of Review: Evil Angel is known for distributing some of the best porn in the porn business including some of the legends in the industry such as Joey Silvera for years now. Joey was a performer back before many of you reading this were born, showing some great acting chops in addition to his sexual prowess. Well, as a director, he makes some of the best porn available from the company these days, adding in just enough of his style but allowing the performers the freedom to shine if they are able. His latest movie is the double disc Storm Squirters: Special Extended 2 Disc Set; a movie focusing on the phenomenon of squirting by a wonderfully skilled and attractive cast. I think squirting is largely the result of creative marketing in porn but I have friends on both sides of the issue so rather than rely on medical facts, suffice it to say that if you get off on the concept in action, more power to you. The movie was a solid effort overall though and fans of the cast that are believers will get an extra kick out of it but others will find the action hot (and plentiful) too. So here's a look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used and all the ladies let loose with their bodily fluids:

Scene One: Don't Be Afraid: Kinzie Kenner, the hot looking cutie featured on the lower left hand corner of the front DVD cover, was up first as she teased in her backyard (despite warnings on the radio) to not strip outside during the storm squirters alert. Tease footage is always welcome at my house and she is one of the finest ladies in the business so this was a great way to open up the movie. Her partners walked up and surprised her, dragging her inside with the threat of her needing an orgasm with Joe Rock and Jay Lassiter as the wacky duo in charge. They kissed and felt her up, leading to some oral by all three. Kinzie gives great head and rode them actively, doing the waterwork routine more believably then most gals in the business. Frankly, aside from the thematic premise of the movie, I'm not a believer in squirting and don't really care about it much either way but she was a fine ride and the choking was done in such a manner that she laughed at how weak they did it. The guys really worked her over nicely and she never let me down (in more ways then one) with the facials going to her mouth. It was a fine scene to start with and lasted almost a half hour.

Scene Two: How It All Began: Gia Giavanna and Annie Cruz, the two ladies on the upper right hand corner of the front DVD cover, were up next as they merrily skipped along the roadway in their school girl outfits (complete with stripper shoes of course). The scene began with some text about a creepy guy named Dr. Jay (no relation to the popular online reviewer) and the male partners were Jazz Duro and Jay Lassiter. Annie wanted her friend to learn how to cum and it resulted in both gals getting the treatment here with lots of oral and foreplay followed by the gals getting off in the wettest of ways. As performance art, this was fun and funny at the same time, with the gals doing a fine job sucking and fucking (Annie did anal too) in between the waterworks. Annie was the one letting loose the juice on a huge scale (blasting her urine everywhere and on multiple occasions) but Gia seemed to do a fine job herself, coming across as more realistically getting off. Annie was clearly the more experienced and skilled of the ladies too so depending on what you're looking for, she was the lead of the scene but Gia was a hotty with her all natural body. It ended at the one hour mark (of the movie) with Gia taking a facial and Annie getting a crotch pop with some post coital sucking of Jazz's cock.

Scene Three: Flower: Flower Tucci, the well known anal queen and "Field Marshall" of squirting, was up next as she walked her two lovely plastic children in a stroller while being hit on by strangers in POV fashion. She can be seen on the upper middle of the front DVD cover in a picture far too small to convey her fine qualities; especially her awesome ass. Once her walk was over, she was shown at the house in her sexy black lingerie, teasing before being serviced by Buster Good and Jon Jon. Jon oiled up her ass before she engaged in face sitting with Buster, with her sucking off Jon's lengthy black cock as she used dirty talk to liven up the moment. Flower is a first class performer and she delivered the goods once again (like that was ever in doubt) with all her talents coming into play. She gave very good head to the men and enjoyed some oral herself, even as she diddled herself with a glass dildo, providing some major waterworks in the process. Sexually, she took their cocks in all three holes, with a DP being the most extreme form of sex (she wasn't squirting as much as usual but it looked better as a result), but she was most active when taking a dick inside of her ass; particularly Jon's cock in reverse cowgirl) and the scene ended when Buster busted a nut to her face and then she jerked Jon off all over her face too. My sole complaint here was how shy Jon seemed to be during the scene when it came to going down on her or otherwise participating in the scene.

Scene Four: Tia: Tia Tanaka, the sexy little Asian featured on the lower right hand corner of the front DVD cover, came to the Dr. Jay clinic to learn how to orgasm in her skimpy skirt and see through top. Dick James brought her to Jay Lassiter and while neither of the men could act worth a shit, they knew how to warm her up for the sexual antics about to take place. I've seen her in a few scenes and while she has the looks needed for stardom in porn, her sexual skills and abilities have often left something to be desired, sadly relying on looks over a sense of getting into the scenes more often then not (though a few times...whew!). Okay, there was too little tease going on but the foreplay warmed her up nicely and this resulted in her giving a good performance. The sex included oral and vaginal sex, her slobbing their knobs with a degree of enthusiasm I wish she'd use more often in her work. While they barely rate mope squad status, the ebony and ivory mix seemed to work for her nicely too, though she seemed a bit too focused on learning to enjoy the waterworks (at least at first) so the warming up phase of the scene was a bit longer then usual. She wasn't in the same league as the heavy hitters of the show (and the streamlet of blood during one of the fingering sessions was kind of nasty) but even though she didn't live up to her potential in the scene, it was fun to watch, ending with the expected facials.

Scene Five: The Typhoons: Missy Monroe, playing a porn cop as seen in the center of the front cover with Keeani Lei (the gal in front of her), skipped all the tease in favor of starting off the scene well into it (technical problems?) as she taught her Asian pal how to screw with well hung Chris Charming. They took turns giving him a hummer, trying to deepthroat his rod as Joey coaxed them all on. Missy was the highlight of the scene (sorry Chris) but Keeani gave some seriously hot head too as she was trained by her more established boss. Missy gave the largest waterwork show and each gal seemed to appreciate anal sex more then strictly vaginal, the dynamic of the scene working better with Chris letting them be the focal point (unlike the scenes with Jay where he seemed to need too much attention). Fans of squirting will enjoy this one too but it was well done without the gimmick as well, leading to a lot of messy sex in the living room setting as a result of the chemistry the trio seemed to have. The pop shot went to Missy's crotch with Keeani licking it up before draining her bladder, ending the first disc of the set on a high note.

Scene Six: Training Camp: Angela Stone, one of the best squirters in the industry (seen on the lower middle of the front cover; the blonde), and cute Lexi Love, another gal known for her capacities in fluid dynamics, were up as the first scene of the second disc with Jay Lassiter. The ladies started off with some lesbian action between each other that served to showcase their roles but Jay provided his meat stick for sucking that drew Angela's attention right away. Her blowjob was very aggressive and led to her going down on Lexi too, readying both of her partners for some heated antics. Angela did some active anal in the scene and both gals worked his cock well enough in the vaginal portions too. The oral was solid by both gals and the waterworks flowed as much as in any of the other scenes for those keeping track. The dirty talk was excellent by Angela and the scene was not a filler by any means; proving to be one of Angela's best in a while. The downside was that his pop shot was really weak and I know some of you hate that.

Scene Seven: Cytherea, one of the original waterwork women in porn, was up last in a dominatrix scene with Barry Scott. She was frustrated because she had been bound to a chair for three hours and she was in the same outfit she wore on the upper left hand corner of the front DVD cover before Barry started licking her patent leather boots and sucking her toes. She blew him and licked his balls, savoring the moment of getting to work with a guy of manageable size for a change rather then one of those huge cocks she tends to get. She continued to provide oral to the point where I wondered what was happening until I figured out it would be an oral only scene. She masturbated with a vibrator and did do some squirting but this time the scene seemed like it was originally going to be an extra rather then part of the actual lineup and suffered as a weaker then average ending routine. The ending pop was a fizzle for shizzle too.

Summary: Storm Squirters by director Joey Silvera for release by Evil Angel was a top notch title for those into squirting and will serve as a premium release in that regard. The ladies, especially Flower and Angela, were fully into their act with the usual vigor, enhancing the action in their scenes even more then expected but all but the final scene proved to be well worth a lot of replay and served up some serious strokability. The technical values and extras were also well done so I thought Storm Squirters warranted a rating of Highly Recommended for fans of hardcore gonzo action, and squirting fans will probably consider it worthy of even more praise as a collectable title. If you're looking for lots of squirting fuck for the buck, get yourself a raincoat, waders, and a canoe while picking up a copy that will serve your needs for a very long time.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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