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Booty Thief

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Alexx O'Toole » Review Date: 11/12/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Gay Adult Movie
Michael Zen
CAST: Brett Mathews, Kris Anthony, Marcos Pirelli, Justin Wells, Nick Capra, Mark Galfione, Adrian Troy, Scott Wilde
PRODUCTION DATE: June 12, 13 2006

The Good Stuff
Booty Thief is a film teaching you the various definitions of the word Booty. Booty can be treasure as in a pirates booty or the slang definition can be your buttocks or intercourse. This film incorporates the entire definition of Booty. Now that the learning portion of our review is concluded on with the meat of the review.

Before the guys actually begin getting it on we see them getting their photos taken for the promos of the film. Most of the film is set up with subtitles like this first part. We get to see the guys in various poses stroking their meat for the guy with the camera. According to the subtitles when we first see Justin Wells and Nick Capra together Justin has never "bottomed" on film before so this will be his first time. Justin and Nick are so turned on by each other that they practically are having sex while getting their photos taken. In one scene it looks like Nick works the head of his cock in Justins hole. They are the main characters for this flick if a porno is said to have characters. Right before the actual film starts the definition of Booty appears on screen.

Scene 1
Nick Capra whos name for the film is Shane is a burglar. He breaks into a house and spies a naked Justin Wells on the bed and shines his flashlight on Justins tanned buttocks. Justin wakes up with a start and grabs his own flashlight which he keeps right at hand and the guys shine their flashlights in each others face and begin to chat. It turns out Justin is renting the party house for the weekend and he doesn't have much cash on hand so he tries to offer his own way of paying off the burglar. Nick tells Justin "I rob booty, I don't fuck it." They chat some more and Justin tells Nick about a party his producer friends threw where the winner of a game got to seduce the gardener. Voila the first sex scene begins.

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Marcos Pirelli the sexy Latin gardener is doing his gardener thing. Out comes Brett Matthews a slim muscular white man with trimmed body hair and gives Marcos an ace of diamonds playing card. Perhaps its code for lets get it on because after Marcos gets the card he smiles gorgeously and they get right down to business. Brett gives Marcos' body a tongue bath before popping out Marcos wide uncut sausage and swallowing it for some luscious oral action. Brett is leaning on a fountain outside and Marcos takes his turn sucking on Bretts average cut cock. While blowing Brett Marcos gives his hole a nice fingering. For fans of fingering this is a good scene as he slowly works one then two slippery digits into Bretts tight hole. Its not glossed over as in most pornos. It's a decent slow fingering session followed by Marcos pounding away at Brett in doggie followed by missionary. Marcos really pounds away at Bretts bunghole. Taking his cock all the way out before slamming it home. Brett is hard as a rock the entire time. Brett beats a load out while being fucked followed by Marcos who shoots an infinitesimal load.
[Actors: Marcos Pirelli, Brett Matthews | Sex Acts: Oral, Anal, Fingering, Jacking | Positions: Missionary, Doggie | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Uncut, Cut | ]

Scene 2
After telling Nick that story(scene 1), Justin asks if it turned him on. Nick says he is there for one thing and one thing only...the cash. Justin says that he is looking to produce his own movie and is looking for the right leading man. Nicks response is that all Hollywood producers casting couches are soaked in cum. Justin response is he doesn't need a couch because he has a pool...

Kris Anthony is supposedly a HARD up actor looking for work Mark Galfione a supposedly straight producer who wants to see how hard up Kris is according to the subtitles. Kris is a muscular tough looking guy with a golden tan, shaved head and thick, cut, mushroom headed boner. Mark is a sexy silver haired muscular guy with awesome low hanging balls and a cock that unfortunately never gets hard. It looks like it would be a nice one too if his tasty balls are any indication. Since Mark can't raise his sails this is a pretty one sided scene. Mark deepthroats Kris thick cock and massages his' shaved butthole before stretching his asshole around Kris purple headed warrior and riding it like a bronco. Kris bends Mark over a pool chair for some doggie fucking where we get to see Marks duck egg sized nuts swinging around. Too bad his cock stays limp the whole time. After climbing back on for some more cowboy action Kris pulls out and spooges on his golden abs then tastes his own spunk.
[Actors: Kris Anthony, Mark Galfione | Sex Acts: Oral, Anal, Jacking |Positions: Doggie, Cowboy | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]

Scene 3
Back to Nick and Justin chatting. So did they guy get the job...No. Justin asks if Nick has a girlfriend which of course he does. Does she lick your ass? No she doesn't. Well thats too bad Justin responds, because his producer friend told him a story about a kid with a tongue that will bring your ass to heaven....

Adrian Troy is the afore mentioned boy, a strawberry blonde pool boy with a swimmers build and thick uncut cock. According to the subtitles he is having a lonely night, which is unusual for him but he has plenty of hot memories to keep him warm. One of them is with Scott Wilde a dark haired guy maybe in middle 30's with a long, cut, scrumptious cock that Adrian gets into his mouth on the edge of the pool as soon as possible. They are now indoors and Scott blows Adrian before rimming him briefly. A scene i found hot was Scott with a mouthful of Adrians cock while fingering his hole. He slowly works in two fingers before Adrian is back to swallowing his sword to get him ready to split his pool boy ass. From some hard doggie to getting it missionary with his legs on Scotts shoulders, Adrian keeps smiling in ecstasy. Scott pulls out and shoots a copious load, (the hottest of the film)onto Adrians rock hard abs. Adrian follows with his own juicy load right into his own belly button making it a small swimming pool of spunk.
[Actors: Adrian Troy, Scott Wilde | Sex Acts: Oral, Anal, Rimming, Fingering, Jacking | Positions: Doggie, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Uncut, Cut | ]

Scene 4
Finally we get to the scene that this film has been building to. Nick and Justin finally get it on. Justin starts off by asking Nick what he thinks about a little assfucking and asslicking. I told you I'm straight replies Nick. Justin says that that is what makes him so hot. Justin frustrated by Nicks refusal sends him away in a huff. Justin needs a shower to cool down. The shower scene gives us a great chance to admire Justins all over tan, tight muscular body and shaved tight hole. While in the shower Justin starts fantasizing about Nick. They start with some hot making out(the only kissing in the film)while the shower runs water over their hard muscled bodies. Nick is one sexy mo fo, even sexier when wet. Both guys cocks are hard as steel and Nick blows Justin, Justin blows Nick. Right when the guys are getting frenzied Nick disappears...after all it was just a fantasy. Justin frustrated once again goes to bed. The next morning after a night of dreaming about Nick he wakes with morning hard on tenting his sheets. Is he still dreaming or not? Nick comes in and starts sucking Justins cock through the sheet(a little weird). Nick asks if Justin is still looking for a leading man and the guys finally really get down to funky town. Nick sheds his clothes in a flash revealing his cock that always seems to be hard and starts really going to town on Justins rod. Justin wants some Nick cock for real and goes after it with gusto. He can barely wrap his lips around Nicks hefty tool. Justins ass has been crying for Nick cock so right away Justin is slowly working Nicks rod up his hole for some hot cowboy fucking. These guys are so hot for each other and it shows in their frenetic fucking in doggie and spoon position. Justin shoots his creamy wad but Nick isn't done with his love hole yet. He pistons away at Justins hole in missionary for some more rectum stretching before finally jacking and raining his gooey seed all over Justins abs. These guys kiss to end the scene before we learn the moral of the story. The Next time a thief comes in to steal cash...make sure he steels your booty too.
[Actor: Justin Wells, Nick Capra | Sex Acts: Kissing, Oral, Fingering, Anal, Jacking | Positions: Cowboy, Spoon, Missionary | Condoms: Yes | Dicks: Cut | ]


The audio on this film was very well done. I thoroughly enjoyed the music for once, usually its crap but this film had some good music going for each scene provide by the Studio Cutz Music Library. The dialog was clearly heard and so were the sex instructions of "Suck my dick." etc. Video quality was top notch, not a single frame was out of focus or poorly lit.


No "extras" besides the still shots in the gallery.

Trailers: Rykers Money Shot, Sex In Normandy, Boys At Play, Skin On Skin, Sex Psycho

Gallery: 30 pictures from the film.

Website: Self explanatory.

Sextalk: Advertisements for several 1-800 numbers.

At the End of the Night

Booty Thief was pretty good flick. The film couldn't make up its mind on whether the movie should be driven by dialog or sub titles which was a little annoying. The story between Justin Wells and Nick Capra was all dialog but none of the other actors had dialog. And their scenes used subtitles. But lets get real we really care about the men and the action. I have only seen a few films with Nick Capra in them and I am becoming quite a fan. He is a tall Italian looking guy with chiseled features a hard body and most important a rock hard cock. The pairing of him and Justin was the hottest of the film. They were so hot for each other and it showed. They were practically barebacking while the still shots were being taken they were so turned on. For the rest of the guys there was something for everyone all handsome and varying in ages I would say from late 20's to early 40's. Besides the film switching between subtitles and dialog the only other negatives I have are Mark Galfione didn't get a popshot and I thought he was super sexy in a silver haired Anderson Cooper-esque way. It would have been nice to see him get off. The virtually non-existant extras were another downer. Other than that it was a hot film with hot guys and the especially Hot Nick Capra. It gets my Rating of Recommended.

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