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What's Up Her Ass?

Studio: DVSX » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/14/06

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What's Up Her Ass?


Genre: Vignette, Anal

Director: David Lord

Cast: Kaiya Lynn, Derrick Pierce, Sammy Cruz, Richard Raymond, Cindy Crawford, Barry Scott, Naudia Nyce, Alex Sanders, Staci Thorn, Nick Manning

Length: 160 minutes

Date of Production: 7/21/2006 (box); 6/6/2006 (credits)

Extra's: I liked the masturbation/tease scenes by the ladies the best. Each got a chance to play and while they weren't as long as I would have liked, each showed their own style at pleasuring oneself. The scenes didn't last long enough to make them prime stroke fodder but they were a nice extra that seldom gets discussed by reviewers so check them out if you get the chance. I also appreciated the 19.5 minute long Behind the Scenes by Mike (and edited by Crawdaddy himself). There was a combination of interview footage, photogallery material, and more sex; making it quite worth checking out in my book. There was also a photogallery, a double sided DVD cover, and trailers to a variety of shows like Pass the Creme, Ass Factor, Sick Girls Need Sick Boys, Fine Ass Bitches, Double Parked, Off The Rack.
Note: There was no set of pop shots from the movie called Hot Shots as advertised on the back cover.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: What's Up Her Ass? was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by David Lord for release by DVSX. I've never seen one of his movies until recently except for the occasional BTS and I'm pleased to report that the lighting was solid & balanced which led to limited grain and video noise. The composition of the shots always seemed to enhance the look of the ladies, though there were a few moments that could've used polishing up with the editing (some extraneous camera movement that appeared to look like he slipped) but overall, the visuals were well done and made the project all the more strokable for me. There was a slight haze to the picture on my TV and computer screen but aside from that, I liked it. The audio was presented in the standard 2.0 Dolby Digital enhanced English, with the vocals captured by the built in microphone on the camera and the music added in later during post production. I thought the thump-heavy music during the tease was kind of lame but that's a personal preference and it really didn't harm the appeal of the ladies (I would've turned it down had I watched the movie for fun and not to review).

Body of Review: David Lord is one of those guys that has been in the porn business forever, slowly building the street credibility needed to do his own thing after working at a few companies. He now directs at DVSX and his latest release is What's Up Her Ass?, an ode to anal as only David can show. The back cover put it like this: "Whoever coined the phrase exit only didn't realize how much fun these girls have when they get in the mood for a little backdoor action. And these greedy divas aren't leaving until they've had their fill of all the gaping ass pounding, rump smacking action they can take." If that sounds good to you, you'll probably enjoy the action more than a little bit since every gal did anal here. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Kaiya Lynn, the only gal not displayed on the front DVD cover (what's up with that by the way?), was up first as she gyrated her lithe frame in white panties and a crop top t-shirt. She settled in to masturbate on the couch, fingering her ass and otherwise getting ready to have a match with Derrick Pierce, even using large red anal balls to prepare herself with him taking over. This led to her blowing him fairly well, sucking hard as she slobbed his knob for insertion. She took him in her pussy and ass, slowing down considerably during the anal from her initial active ride. He choked her and she used a lot of dirty talk but the emphasis was on anal as advertised and it ended with her taking his load to her mouth after some ATM. It wasn't a bad start to the show though it wasn't great either.

Scene Two: Sammy Cruz, the cutie squatting on the front cover in the middle of the pack, was up next as she followed the established formula of tease and masturbation. Her lean, all natural figure was pleasant to look at and while here solo skills weren't the best, she seemed able to handle a large toy in her ass with ease. Her partner was one of the nicest guys in the jizz biz, Richard Raymond, and he seemed to revel in getting to work with someone fresh and relatively new (though his wife is drop dead gorgeous). His cock may be smaller then usual but that gives a lot of fans hope that we too could get laid if we cut back on our porn consumption a bit and took a break once in awhile. Still, her oral skills were better then her solo act and she really worked him over as she gave him a sloppy blowjob, licking his balls when requested and aggressively going for it until it was time to fuck. She was a screamer and rode him hard in the vaginal positions, moving over to a slower anal where he did most of the work until it was time to launch his load of population pudding on her face. She seemed to like ATM and her enthusiasm was a step up from what I expected out of her.

Scene Three: Cindy Crawford, the hot blonde featured on the front cover, was up next as she teased and masturbated (too little tease though), skipping the toy use in favor of having partner Barry Scott go down on her instead. She relished his tongue working her nooks and crannies thoroughly, and was soon impaling her mouth and throat with his cock like she has rarely done in the past (establishing some chemistry between them), before she continued assaulting his cock with her ass after a brief (and passive) vaginal ride. I greatly prefer it when a gal is into the action and this set her apart from the others to this point; she rode him far more aggressively in her ass and loved the ATM. By the end of the scene, she was on fire to take his wad into her mouth, doing so with flair as the two of them enjoyed the moment. Whew!

Scene Four: Naudia Nyce, the brunette bending over at the top of the pack in the black leggings, was up next as she continued to remind me of a younger Belladonna. Her ability to tease was better then the others and I only wish David let her continue it longer but she was seemingly skilled in the masturbation action too. I know some of you think she isn't much on looks but she's another one that can really drain your balls dry with her great skills, forwarding the argument that a good fuck is better than a good looking fuck any day of the week. Her partner for the scene was Alex Sanders and he helped her with her toy use before going down on her. That revved up her engine to give another of her fine blowjobs just long enough to get him ready for the banging action everyone wanted to see. The anal horsetail still firmly in place, she rode his cock vaginally in a technical DP as though truly having fun before he ultimately drove his cock deep inside her ass at her request. She wasn't allowed to showcase her reverse cowgirl anal skills here but it wasn't a bad bit of backdoor action, ending in some ATM and a large load to the face.

Scene Five: Staci Thorn, the appealing blonde on the far left hand side of the front DVD cover, was up last as she danced to the music during her also pleasing tease. She is another gal that can really turn up the heat when allowed to do so and her curvy figure would be more than I could handle so after the tease and masturbation action, Nick Manning came to assist her very nicely. Working her huge toy deep inside her rectum, she took his amazingly limp cock inside of her mouth to eventually make it hard. It must be tough for him to need work to get hard under those circumstances since I get hard every time the wind blows, never mind confronted with a hotty getting rammed by a toy at my hands. I credit Nick for keeping his loud dirty talk to a minimum (thanks Nick!) and she bounced and gyrated on his throbbing rod as though she liked him, switching to anal for an equally active ride after watching him grimace at her in missionary. She did a fine job of performing and ended the movie on a solid note when he popped his load on her face; losing control of his mouth at the last minute (it must've been killing him to shut up given the rapid fire comments he made).

Summary: What's Up Her Ass? by director David Lord for DVSX was a pretty good offering in terms of all the gals doing the advertised anal, the technical matters, and the amount of fuck for the buck but some of the gals seemed a bit off in their performances so I ended up rating it as a Rent It. If you like the cast of What's Up Her Ass? and want to see some of the gals looking like they pushed their limits, you'll want to elevate the rating a notch but I wanted more (and the humor of the BTS aside, better extras would've helped too).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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