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Ride 'Em Cowboy

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/14/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

May 2006

Directed By:



Leo Passon, Allan William, Andre Dummont, Victor Manzini, Junior Carioca, Thiago Davanello, Felix, Kavan.

The Movie:

Yeeehaaaaw! These hot South American cowboys are more interested in romance than they are tending to the goats on their farm. Who can blame them?

The Dudes:

These good-looking dudes look to be in their early to mid twenties with a variety of average, slender/toned, and muscular bodies, sexy dark hair, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Leo (cute with curly dark hair, slender build, and smooth chest) and Allan (handsome with short brown hair, sideburns, and toned body) are sitting outside shooting the breeze when all of a sudden, they get into a sexual clinch with dueling tongues and roaming hands. Leo takes the lead and begins to suck Allan's hard brown nipples as Allan unzips Leo's blue jeans. Once the guys are down to their briefs, Leo pulls Allan's uncut cock free, grasps the shaft and starts sucking with deep throat. Allan's pink knob peeks out of his foreskin as Leo continues to suck his dong. Not to be left with an empty mouth, Allan goes down on Leo's hard uncut dick and big pink head stroking the brown foreskin up and over the knob as he nurses it.

The dudes get into a side sixty-nine that allows them full access to each other's tools as they gorge themselves on hot meat. Allan slaps his hard cock against Leo's face. The dudes switch to a traditional sixty-nine where they munch on each other's tight butt holes working those dusky puckers for all they are worth. Allan sinks down on Leo's condom-covered cock riding up and down while jacking his stiff weenie. There is plenty of moaning as Leo thrusts his hips up to fuck Allan. The sink/bounce party isn't over as Leo slides his tight bum down on Allan's stiff pole (with condom) as Allan holds onto Leo's waist and gives him a fast fucking. The guys switch to a variety of sexual positions as Leo fucks Allan missionary style and Allan fucks Leo from behind doggy style. Leo jacks off while being fucked and shoots a thick load on his own stomach. Allan beats off and lets go with some wet love juice on Leo's chest.

Scene Two:

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Andre (good-looking with dark hair, goatee, toned body, and tattoos) is relaxing outside with Victor (handsome taller dude with dark hair, kind of a unibrow!, smooth chest, and average build). Andre rubs his own basket as the guys begin to slowly kiss with lots of tongue. Victor licks and sucks Andre's hard brown nipples and works his way down to Andre's uncut cock, which he promptly takes into his mouth sucking the big knob and feeling those nuts. Victor takes his sweet time sucking that cock with deep throat as Andre begins to fuck his mouth. The dudes get naked and Andre fucks Victor's bum from behind (with condom) filling his tight hole with nice smooth strokes. The camera angle from behind, allows us to see that Andre has nice hairy balls and crack. Hot!

Andre switches to the missionary position on a picnic table and continues to pound Victor's tight hole with fast strokes. This leads the dudes to move down to a large rug on the ground. Victor lowers his tight hole down on Andre's rigid member for a ride all the while cupping his cock and balls so that the viewer cannot see what he is packing. With a bit of side/missionary, Andre continues his forceful fucking as Victor is still cupping his privates. Andre squirts a large amount of jizz on Victor's stomach and Victor does not cum.

Scene Three:

Junior (tall and handsome with short brown hair, sideburns, and beard stubble) is sleeping on some outside steps. Horny Thiago (good-looking with short dark hair) sneaks up and begins to rub Junior's beautiful chest and brown nipples. Thiago sucks those hard nipples, unbuckles Junior's belt and jeans, and releases his hard uncut cock. Thiago wastes no time taking that hard tool deep into his mouth as Junior's hand guides Thiago's head up and down his dong. Thiago wraps his hand around Junior's hard shaft using twisting motions driving Junior crazy with lust.

Thiago lowers his tight pucker on Junior's condom-covered fuck stick for some serious bouncing while stroking his cock. The dudes try a bit of the side/missionary position as Junior continues to take no prisoners on that tight hole. Once in the doggy style mode, Junior spreads Thiago's butt cheeks exposing his tight shaved hole and slides his hard schlong all the way in. In the missionary position, Thiago jacks off and dumps a thick wad on his stomach. Junior chokes his chicken and squirts a load on Thiago's chest while loudly grunting.

Scene Four:

Felix (a very handsome Black dude with a sexy muscular body, hairy chest, and short hair) goes on a camping trip with Kavan (very cool looking dude with dark curly hair, sideburns, and slender build). The dudes fish, wrestle in the grass, and then retire to their campsite. Felix relaxes in the tent and it isn't too long before Kavan comes sniffing around for some cock. Once in the tent, Kavan rubs the large bulge in Felix's jeans and begins to kiss him with plenty of tongue. Kavan pulls Felix's big 'n fat uncut cock out of his jeans and gives it a good work out with his tight fist. Not satisfied with just jacking his pal off, Kavan bends down and begins to lick that big dong using long tongue laps up and down that chubby shaft. Kavan takes as much of Felix's big cock knob into his willing mouth and gives it the good old college try slapping that hard meat against his face.

Felix strips completely nude revealing his beautiful body as Kavan attempts to take more of that cock down his throat. The dudes move out of the confines of the tent onto a large blanket to continue their fun. Felix fucks Kavan's upturned butt from behind (with condom) with fast and very forceful strokes as Kavan grunts and moans. Felix continues his amorous assault on Kavan's hole in the side/missionary position and some wild sink/bounce. Kavan releases a thick amount of cum on his pubes and stomach while Felix lets the thick man milk fly on Kavan's chest and his own stomach. To finish off, Kavan sucks Felix's knob for just a little longer.



"Ride 'Em Cowboy" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography by Doca provides full coverage of all the action and some excellent close-ups of the sucking and fucking. There are not too many close-ups of the actual butt munching. The direction by Bonito and editing by Twister provides scenes that move along at a nice steady pace and never become dull. The picture quality is sharp and clear.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to listen in on the dude's conversations. Since they are not in English and no subtitles, I have no idea what they are discussing. The audio provides an American country tune to fit in with the cowboy theme and there are plenty of sexual moans and grunts that escape the dudes mouths during sex.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, website information, hardcore photo gallery, "Sex Talk" phone sex commercials, and trailers for: "Super Boys on the Fast Track", "Love From Cannes", "Sins in North Africa", and "The Booty Thief".

Final Thoughts:

"Ride 'Em Cowboy" is a fun entertaining watch with plenty of hot sex and handsome dudes. I am very partial to Brazilian dudes; so all the guys were hot as far as I'm concerned. The sex is energetic and the dudes look to be into the action. The movie was most likely made to cash in on the "Brokeback Mountain" craze so it was somewhat funny to see the dudes in charge of a bunch of nanny goats. Ha! The direction and editing are descent providing full coverage and close-ups but not nearly enough close-ups of the ass eating. Still, the movie is a turn-on and fun watch. I recommend for fans of handsome Brazilian dudes with uncut cocks and outdoor sex.

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