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Double en Jeu

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/17/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

February 2000

Directed By:

Jean-Daniel Cadinot


Valentin Durieux, Felipe Janeiro, Marco Parelli, Constantyn Fvister, Frank Forrest, Antoine Mallet, David McKenna, Loie Darleville, Jean-Claude Antoine, Angelo Rizzi, Antoine Cusack, Sam Eddy, Sydney McKenna, Ruan del Monte.

The Movie:

Horny French dudes look for sexual hook-ups no matter where they are: an apartment security office, a café, and a dry cleaners. The location really doesn't matter when these guys have their minds set on hard cocks and tight asses.

The Dudes:

The dudes are all good-looking and look to be in the nineteen to mid-twenties age range. Every guy has short dark hair with the exception of one blond. The body types are tall/slender/toned with a couple of the dudes being shorter with toned bodies. The pubes are a variety of full and trimmed and all but one cock is uncut.

Scene One:

Friends Valentin (handsome with blonde hair), Felipe (cute with short brown hair and tall/slender build), and another pal are enjoying dinner with Valentin's wife. The baby starts crying in another room, so Chick goes to check up on the kid. Valentin heads out to pick up two more bottles of wine while Felipe goes for more cigarettes. Valentin and Felipe meet up in the hall and begin making out with lots of wet tongue and body rubbing. Shirts are removed revealing smooth chests as the action heats up. Valentin is down on his knees sucking Felipe's big uncut cock while Felipe reaches back and crams three fingers up Valentin's tight shaved hole for an intense finger fuck. Felipe fucks Valentin from behind (with condom) using quick steady strokes. Valentin moans with pleasure jacking his own uncut tool as he is being fucked. After some hard fucking in the missionary position, Valentin sinks down on Felipe's hard cock for some sink/bounce. Valentin shoots a thick load all over Felipe's legs while Felipe strokes off some thick jizz onto Valentin's butt hole.

Scene Two:

Marco (a real cute dude with short black hair) was spying on the hall sex when security dude Frank (good-looking with short brown hair) sneaks up behind him and begins to rub his hard crotch. Frank leads Marco back to his office where the guys engage in some heavy making out and feel each other up. The dudes take off their pants showing off the hard bulges in their briefs. Frank sinks to his knees and take's Marco's hard uncut cock into his mouth stroking his fist up and down the hard tool and nursing on the big purple knob. Frank eats Marco's hairy butt hole and then the dudes engage in more wet tongue kisses. Marco finger fucks Frank's tight hole and fucks him from behind (with condom). Frank keeps his butt up in the air as he grunts with lust. Frank is insatiable as he sinks down on Marco's hard cock and goes for a bouncy ride up and down and grinding back and forth. Frank beats off and shoots a very thick load on Marco's cock, stomach, and chest. Marco does not cum.

Scene Three:

Constantyn (a nice looking tall/slender dude with dark curly hair) is waiting for his pal out in the hallway. Marco (from Scene Two) shows up and the two begin to make out and take their shirts off. Marco frees Constantyn's big uncut cock from the confines of his white underwear and takes the big tool into his mouth twisting the hard shaft with his fist. Marco takes as much of that big fucker as he can but seems content to nurse the big purple knob and cradle those plump hairy balls in his hand. Constantyn leans Marco over a large pipe in the hallway and enters him from behind (with condom) sliding his hard dong deep into Marco's hole. Constantyn reaches around and strokes Marco's cock while he bangs him. Marco fucks Constantyn in the missionary position (with condom) on the hallway pipe pounding his ass while Constantyn grunts in approval. Constantyn sprays a wet load that flies everywhere and once again, Marco does not cum. I'll bet he has a horrible case of blue balls!

Scene Four:

Antoine (a very handsome black haired dude) is in the security office looking at a variety of pussy magazines when Frank (from Scene Two) enters the office. As Antoine undresses next to the locker, Frank is busy looking at beavers. All of a sudden the lights go out and the dudes head for the fuse box. Frank is more interested in Antoine's bulging briefs than fixing a blown fuse. I can't blame him. Antoine reaches down and begins to rub his basket, which sends Frank over the edge. Frank quickly pulls Antoine's large uncut cock from his briefs and chows down taking the rigid rod all the way down for some deep throat action. Antoine's hands guide Frank's head up and down his big dick. Antoine eats Frank's upturned butt licking the shaved pucker with his hot tongue. Antoine slaps his hard cock against Franks tight hole teasing him.

Antoine fucks Frank with his fingers sliding them into his hole and then replacing his digits with his hard condom-covered cock. Antoine pounds Frank's ass from behind with fast forceful strokes as Franks moans and sighs. Antoine shoots a small but very thick load of juice on Frank's shoulder and face. Frank doesn't climax.

Scene Five:

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Handsome Antoine (from Scene Four) is sitting in the Tropic Café enjoying some espresso and eyeing cute young thang Angelo (age 18+). Angelo, a real looker with curly black hair, notices this attention and makes his way to the café's tastefully decorated men's room. After letting go with the yellow flow, Angelo begins to stroke his big uncut cock. Like clockwork, Antoine joins Angelo for a bit of restroom romance. The dudes make out as Angelo feels Antoine's hard cock that is about to rip through his pants. The dudes are soon undressed as Angelo gets on his knees and takes Antoine's hard tool into his mouth stroking the shaft as he sucks. Antoine licks and sucks Angelo's hard nipples and makes his way down to that huge cock taking it all the way in for some deep throat. Angelo fucks Antoine's mouth with his monster cock.

Antoine finger fucks Angelo's tight hole and slides his cock in from behind (with condom) for some intense fucking. Antoine sits on the toilet as Angelo sinks down on his hard cock riding swiftly up and down and stroking his hard dick. Antoine pounds that tight butt like a man gone insane. Antoine shoots a generous amount of thick love juice on Angelo's butt and then gets the hell out of dodge. Angelo sits on the can, beats his meat, and lets go with a large thick load all over the floor catching a bit in his cupped hand. Hot!

Scene Six:

Antoine is back again this time hooking up with a good-looking waiter from the Café. David is handsome with short black hair and slender build. It's a rainy day in Paris and the dudes head back to an apartment for fun. The guys quickly get down to some deep kissing and body rubbing removing their clothing and rubbing their hard uncut cocks. David gets down on Antoine's dick and gives it plenty of oral attention as Antoine pinches David's hard nipples and rubbing his tight shaved butt hole. Antoine rubs his cockhead against David's pierced nipple. Antoine slaps his hard tool against David's twitching touchhole, sinks down and eats that ass with plenty of wet tongue to drive David wild.

Antoine fucks David in the missionary position (with condom) using nice smooth strokes as David sighs and moans. David fucks Antoine from behind (with condom) pounding his hole hard with fast strokes. David straddles Antoine and lowers his tight butt onto that hard tool as Antoine grabs David's sides, thrusts up, and plows his butt. For a very short time, Antoine uses an orange dildo on David's butt thrusting it in and out. Antoine shoots a thick load on David's smooth chest. David does not cum.

Scene Seven:

Jean-Claude (very cute with short dark hair) and Loie (cute with brown hair and blonde highlights) are busy working as dry cleaners when Antoine (does he ever get tired?) walks in for some service. Loie is busy in the back pressing clothes so Jean-Claude assists Antoine by deeply kissing him, removing shirts, and groping each other's hard baskets. The dudes stroke those hard cocks and Antoine takes Jean-Claude's hard cut cock deep into his mouth while stroking his own veiny uncut dong. Jean-Claude wants a taste so he takes Antoine's big dick in his gob sucking the knob and stroking his stiff stalk. The dudes engage in more heavy kissing, nipple sucking, and dick twisting until Antoine settles down and eats Jean-Claude's hairy butt hole. Antoine fucks Jean-Claude from behind (with condom) while Jean-Claude's big dong flaps up and down.

Loie spies on the two and begins to jack his uncut cock and joins in on the fun. Loie takes those two hard cocks in his fists and begins to suck for all he's worth. Loie manages to take both flared cockheads into his mouth at one time as Jean-Claude and Antoine kiss. Antoine gets back to eating Jean-Claude's asshole while Loie sucks Jean-Claude's cock. Jean-Claude has a very cool spider web tattoo around his right nipple. Antoine fucks Jean-Claude in the missionary position (with condom), pulls out, jacks off, and cums on the floor. Once again, Antoine splits after he gets his nut. Jean-Claude fucks Loie's tight hairy hole from behind (with condom) quickly sliding in and out. Antoine jerks his dong and cums on Loie's bum. Loie does not cum.

Scene Eight:

Security dude Frank is on patrol again and comes upon Antoine Cusack (not to be confused with Antoine Mallet from previous scenes), a nice-looking dude with dark hair. Frank immediately takes charge by rubbing Antoine's hard cock through his sweatpants and kissing with tongue. The guys remove their clothing and soon their hard uncut cocks are sticking in the air. The dudes stroke each other's hard cocks and Frank takes Antoine's big fucker deep into his gullet and rubs those hot hangy balls. Antoine fucks Frank's mouth, bends forward and fucks Frank's hole with three fingers. Antoine fucks Frank from behind (with condom) and really pounds his hole. After fucking in the missionary position, Frank eats Antoine's hairy butt and finger fucks him with four digits. Frank fucks Antoine from behind (with condom) using the same fast 'n hard style that Antoine used on him. Antoine jacks off and dumps a load on Frank's chest. Frank does not cum.

Scene Nine:

Jean-Claude (from Scene Nine) is still busy at the dry cleaners when Sam (handsome with short dark hair and toned body) walks in with some dirty laundry. Jean-Claude boldly pulls out his hard cut cock and begins to stroke it in front of Sam. Luckily, Sam likes what he sees and rubs his crotch. The dudes strip down rubbing their hard cocks together and kissing with plenty of tongue. Jean-Claude chows down on Sam's uncut cock nursing the knob and sliding his fist up and down the shaft. Jean-Claude rubs his knob against Sam's tight butt teasing the pucker but it's Jean-Claude who gets fucked missionary style (with condom) as he beats his meat. Sam cuts loose with a load hitting Jean-Claude's balls. Jean-Claude busts his nut on his own six-pack abs. Hot!

Scene Ten:

Sydney (another cute dude with short dark hair) heads into the security office and notices a locker with photos of big tits plastered on it. Of course, horny security guy Frank is there to assist. Sydney obviously doesn't have a major problem since the dudes strip down and start some heavy kissing. Frank sucks Sydney's uncut cock while sticking his horny butt in the air exposing his pucker. Sydney takes the invitation and fucks Frank with a dildo. Sydney picks another much larger dildo and crams the big rubber dong up Frank's butt really stretching it to the limit. Frank finally gets some real cock when he sinks down on Sydney's condom-covered dick bouncing up and down and jacking off. Sydney cums on Frank's butt and Frank shoots a load on the floor.

Scene Eleven:

Ruan (handsome with short dark hair) was hiding behind the locker during Scene Ten. Frank finds him with a big grin on his face and decides to put him through his paces. Frank and Ruan begin to kiss complete with heavy breathing and bulge rubbing. Frank sucks Ruan's hard uncut tool while Ruan finger fucks Frank. Frank definitely digs this action as he continues to slobber on Ruan's dong and jack his own. Frank roots around Ruan's butt licking and eating the tight hole in the missionary and side/missionary positions. Both dudes begin to play with their holes while grunting and making out. Their fingers are busy playing with their holes and then switching to fingering each other's puckers.

Frank lubes Ruan's hole and fucks him with a series of dildos. I guess Frank just happens to have a collection of sex toys in the security office. After fucking Ruan with three different dildos, Frank returns to sucking that big uncut tool. Ruan shoots a large wet load that sprays everywhere including Frank's face and mouth. Once he has recovered from his earth-shattering climax, Ruan grabs one of those dildos and crams it up Frank's willing ass. Ruan uses a number of dildos on Frank and Frank actually sucks on one! Ruan fucks Frank with four fingers and then with the largest dildo available. Intense. Frank jacks off and cums on his own stomach. Hot!



"Double En Jeu" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is quite good providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of excellent extreme close-ups. The direction by Jean-Daniel Cadinot keeps each scene moving at a swift pace that gives the movie a fresh quality that never dull. The picture quality is a bit grainy throughout but not enough to ruin the viewing experience.


The sound is clear providing loads of moaning, grunting, and growling as these dudes pleasure each other. The accompanying music is a variety of instrumentals.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, website information, and a horrible XXX gallery of screen grabs from the movie. The quality of the screen grabs is really bad. The best aspect of the extras is a ton of trailers: "White Peaks", "Hungarian Rhapsody", "A Spanish Fantasy", "Son of Mykonos", "Sunnydays", "Kostas' Friends", "Swiss Gang Bang", "Disco, Dance & Darkroom", "Bendover Buddies", "Friends", "Jason: Home Alone", "Images of Ikarus", "Super Gay Paradise", and "Alpine Passion".

Final Thoughts:

"Double En Jeu" is a non-stop French fuck fest. I found the movie to be an entertaining turn-on as the dudes are all good-looking and very into the action as they suck cock, eat ass, and fuck. The direction by Jean-Daniel Cadinot as well as the editing is tight making each of the eleven scenes move along at a fast pace that never becomes dull. The videography is good providing full coverage of the action and plenty of hot extreme close-ups. The picture quality is somewhat grainy throughout the entire movie and the soundtrack is a bit off making the dudes look like their voices have been dubbed in. There are a number of missing cum shots but usually by dudes who have shot loads in other scenes. The large amount of trailers keep the extras from being a total wash out, as the XXX gallery is horrible. The quality of screen grabs that make up the gallery is downright shitty. Overall, the movie is a turn-on and fun watch. Due to the somewhat grainy quality of the picture and lack of some cum shots, I'm torn between a "Recommended" and a "Rent It". Since the sex is hot and plentiful with tons of close-ups, and the somewhat grainy picture is not bad enough to ruin the movie, I'm going with a Recommended with Caution.

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