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Velvet Mafia 2

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/17/06

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Date of Production:

May 2006

Directed By:

Chris Steele


Matthew Rush, Fox Ryder, Derrick Vinyard, Roman Heart, Omer, Trent Atkins, Chad Hunt, Andy Hunter, Rodin Kohl, and introducing Brock Penn.

The Movie:

"For years, rumors have flown up and down the California coast about the existence of a gay mafia. The truth now surfaces. There are two gay mafia families: one is in West Hollywood and the other in San Francisco. A rivalry has exploded overnight. Only a few people know the real reason why..."

The Dudes:

The dudes are all hot with a nice age variety of nineteen to perhaps early forties. The body types are slender/tight, husky/muscular, and muscle-bound. All the dudes have short hair, the pubes are full/trimmed/shaved, and the cocks are cut.

Scene One:

Omer (a hunky dude with a compact and muscular body) and Derrick Vinyard (a handsome hunk of a man with a great muscular body, dark hair and cool sideburns) are secret lovers who belong to the opposite mafia families. The dudes sneak away to a country cabin for some clandestine lovin'. The guys begin their love making with some very passionate and slow kissing with plenty of deep tongue action and body exploration. Derrick removes his tight tee shirt revealing his beautiful muscular chest and tattoos as Omer follows his lead to reveal his tight sexy lil' body. Derrick removes Omer's jeans, rubs the bulge in his white briefs, and pulls out his hard cut cock. Derrick goes down on Omer's hard dick sucking it with plenty of jacking and deep throat action. Derrick pulls out his own stiff dick and strokes it as he sucks Omer's "lovely balls".

The dudes fall into a side sixty-nine that allows Omer to finally wrap his lips around Derrick's hard cock as the dudes feast on each other's tools. The dudes move to a traditional sixty-nine as Omer continues to deep throat Derrick's cock. "Oh! I love my dick in your mouth!" Omer straddles Derrick and feeds him his cock slapping Derrick's face with his hard dong. Derrick nurses Omer's tool as Omer fucks his face. Omer rubs his tight shaved hole against Derrick's cock sliding down the hard condom-covered shaft for some romantic sink/bounce action. The fucking becomes faster and more intense as Derrick grabs Omer's butt cheeks and begins to forcefully thrust upwards for some butt pounding.

Derrick fucks Omer from behind continuing his hard fucking as Omer moans with pleasure and eggs him on by spreading his own butt cheeks. "Spread 'em like you love me." The dudes switch to the missionary position as Omer jacks his hard cock while being fucked. Omer shoots a load on his stomach and hand while Derrick pounds his butt faster, pulls out, yanks off his rubber, and shoots thick man milk on Omer's pubes.

Scene Two:

The scene is filmed to resemble vintage 1970s porn with grain and scratches (the exact scene is available in the Extras without being processed to look vintage). The dudes are filming a prison themed movie called "Locked Up". Hot guard Brock Penn (a handsome newcomer with a beautiful muscle-bound body with hairy chest and plenty of tattoos) is taunting inmate Trent Atkins (equally as hot with a smaller muscular body). Brock pulls his hard cut cock from the fly of his uniform and sticks it between the bars demanding that Trent suck it. Wanting to get the hell out of prison, Trent agrees, gets down on his knees and sucks that hard cock taking it all the way down his throat. Once inside the cell, Brock orders Trent to undress and show him his butt. After he is completely naked, Trent assumes the position against the cold cement walls. Brock comes up behind him and begins to slap that hot bubble butt, rubbing his hard cock against the small of Trent's back, reaches forward and jacks Trent's cock. Trent reaches behind and begins to stroke Brock's hard tool.

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The dudes face each other jacking those hard cocks as Brock gets down on his knees and begins to suck Trent's hard cock with plenty of deep throat action. Trent eats Brock's tight hairy hole spreading his butt cheeks and licking that pink pucker with his tongue. Brock digs this action as he moans in approval and jacks his stiff pecker. Brock fucks Trent from behind (with condom) sliding his cock deep into that tight butt hole with smooth strokes. Brock picks up the speed and begins to plow Trent's ass and slaps his butt cheeks hard until they are bright pink. Brock switches to the missionary position and he drives his cock deeper into Trent's love hole. Trent shoots a thick load on his stomach as Brock continues his rough 'n tumble fucking. Brock pulls out, jacks off, and shoots a thick load on Trent's thigh and on his own hand.

Scene Three:

That sexy rascal Fox Ryder (nineteen year old newcomer with slender/tight body and brown shaggy hair) has broken into the office with his mind on stealing. Fox is caught by Chad Hunt (one of my all time favorite dudes with short brown hair and plenty of cool tattoos). The dudes make out with lots of tongue as Chad lays Fox down on the desk, pull out his hard cut cock and begins to suck. Chad deep throats Fox's big dick as Fox sighs. The dudes are caught by Roman Heart (handsome with a nice tanned muscular body) who gladly joins in on the action by sucking Fox's cock. Chad undresses revealing his huge eleven-inch cut cock and wagging it. Fox takes as much of that fat fucker down his gullet as he can as Roman continues to deep throat Fox. Fox spread his legs as Roman jacks his cock and sucks his balls. Chad takes Fox's cock all the way deep throating the long dong. Roman and Chad share sucking Fox's hard cock as one works the shaft and the other works those balls.

Roman eats Fox's tight shaved hole as Fox continues to take Chad's fat cock into his wet mouth. Chad begins to lick and suck Fox's foot and toes. Roman sees this and joins in on the foot worship. Chad eats Fox's hole licking and teasing the tight pucker as he jacks his fat cock. Roman is now on the desk as Chad slides his huge condom-covered cock deep into Roman's tight hole in the missionary position. Roman is very vocal during this scene and who can blame him with an eleven inch cock up his bum!?! Roman makes noise I've never heard before as Chad pounds his ass. "Fuck Ya! Use my hole!" Roman is totally into the fucking he's receiving.

Fox fucks Roman (with condom) in the missionary position with fast 'n hard strokes as Roman continues to make all types of sexy noises. Chad returns to plugging Roman's ass from behind and then fucks Fox. Chad very slowly slides his enormous dong into Fox's tight ass in the missionary position allowing him time to get used to it. "Squeeze that hole, boy!" Chad picks up the speed and begins to pound Fox's butt as Fox loudly moans and jerks his hard cock. Fox strokes a thick load on his hand, pubes, and stomach. Roman jacks a load onto Chad's hand, and Chad dumps a load onto his hand on Roman's juice.

Scene Four:

Matthew Rush (beautiful, butch, and muscle-bound) lures two studio employees down to a dingy basement room for some action. Rodin Kohl (nice looking with short black hair, tight body, and tattoos) and Andy Hunter (appealing with slender/tight body and short dark hair) and anxious to get it on with Matthew. Matthew strictly orders the dudes to undress and show him what they've got. The dudes take off their clothes exposing their dark trimmed pubes and hard cut cock. Matthew orders the dudes to get up on the table and show him their butts and holes. Rodin and Andy comply as Matthew selects a long dildo and begins to fuck Rodin's tight hairy hole with the toy. Matthew twists and crams that dildo deep into Rodin's ass. Matthew selects another long dildo and fucks Andy's hole working it in and out and twisting all the way. Matthew now works each hole with a dildo at the same time.

Andy chows down on Rodin's hard cock as Matthew forces his face down making him deep throat the hard tool. Rodin takes Andy's cock all the way down his throat with no problem. Andy fucks Matthew's face and Matthew has no trouble deep throating his hard cock to the trimmed pubes. Rodin is down below stuffing as much of Matthew's fat cut cock into his mouth as he can. Damn! That cock is fat! Matthew fucks Rodin from behind (with condom) and plows his butt with smooth forceful strokes. Rodin loves it and wants more! Matthew switches over and fucks Andy from behind (with new condom) continuing his anal assault with hard fast strokes. Andy fucks Rodin (with condom) in the side/missionary position while gorging on Matthew's big dong. Matthew fucks Rodin in the missionary position (with condom) as Rodin jacks off and shoots a small thick load on his stomach. Matthew shoots a nice thick load on Rodin's balls, pubes, and hard stomach. Andy squirts a big wet load all over Rodin's chest.



"The Velvet Mafia Part II" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The direction by Chris Steele and editing by Andrew Rosen is excellent providing scenes that move along at a steady pace and never become dull. The videography by Ross Cannon is equally excellent with full coverage of the action and plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clear.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the actor's snappy dialogue as well as their grunts and groans of sexual fulfillment. The musical score by E.M. Diaz along with the title song "Goin Down" written and performed by Mon Cousin Belge provide some very cool retro sounding tunes with plenty of guitar. The music strongly reminds me of tunes that would be in a film by Quentin Tarantino.


The disc is loaded with extras. The basics all here with an interactive menu, scene selection, and chapter stops. What's cool about these features is that the menu design for the scene selection is unique in appearance of large numbers for each scene. Each scene selection also has a selection for "Foreplay", "Oral", "Anal", and "Orgasm". There is also a "Rimming" selection if the scene contains it. The disc also contains a Cast section that contains photos of each model, their stats, and Falcon filmography, interviews of newcomer Brock Penn, Trent Atkins, and the very cool and handsome Paul Barresi. The interviews are conducted by one of my all-time favorite dudes of porn Rod Barry who is the Talent and Casting Manager for the production. The interviews are conducted in a friendly manner and the viewer learns some interesting facts about the dudes.

There is a music video for the theme song "Goin' Down" (directed by Chris Steele with camera and editing by Joe Wilson), an Alternate Play Option that allows the viewer to pick between: sexy-only edit, story-only edit, and discreet viewing version which is the full movie with original music and no sex noises. The extensive "The Making of The Velvet Mafia" contains additional interviews along with plenty of behind-the-scenes footage. This is NOT the same "Making of" feature contained on Part I. This all new behind-the-scenes footage contains the dudes joking around letting us see their personalities, Matthew Rush playing with his big cock and making the piss slit speak in a British accent, the dudes flashing around a hilarious old photo of Matthew Rush imitating the fem gay dudes characters from "In Living Color", and an interview with Bobby Trendy who was seen in Anna Nicole's show. Bobby has a non-sexual role of a waitress who looks like a "working girl from outer space" (line from a Bangles song "Glitter Years").

The Behind-the-Scene Photo Gallery featuring photography by Greg Lenzman and Mick Hicks contains plenty of publicity stills of each model as well as action stills from the movie and behind-the-scenes shots. The extras finish up with another version of Scene Two, which was not processed to look vintage. It's the exact same scene but this time more sharp and clean.

Final Thoughts:

Falcon, already a front-runner in all-male erotica, really comes through with the release of "The Velvet Mafia Part II". The movie actually has a real plot and some descent acting. Former COLT model Paul Barresi gives an excellent sinister performance as rival studio head and Matthew Rush gets to shine with a fun performance as a dude who wants to own the world and won't let anyone get in his way. His performance is comedic, nuanced, and fun. The dudes are all good looking with a variety of age range from nineteen to early forties. The body types are all sexy with a mix of slender/tight bodies, muscular/husky, and downright muscle-bound. The sex is a big turn-on as the dudes are really into the action. All the scenes are hot but my personal favorite is Scene Two with those hunks Brock Penn and Trent Atkins. Gawd! They are two hot fucking dudes!

The direction by Chris Steele is excellent as is the editing by Andrew Rosen and videography by Ross Cannon. Chris Steele definitely knows how to direct hot sex scenes and is also quite strong with the non-sexual scenes. The sex moves along at an enjoyable pace never becoming dull or monotonous. These scenes fucking sizzle! Ross Cannon's videography provides full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups and a sharp clear picture. The opening sequence is very cool featuring grainy black and white photographs along with great music that sets the "Mob" theme perfectly.

"The Velvet Mafia Part II" along with "Part I" is the highest quality in all male erotica and are two of the best adult movies I've reviewed. I highly recommend both!

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