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Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/18/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

July 2006

Produced, Edited, Written, and Directed By:

Peter Z. Pan


Brant Moore, Brandon Brooks, Jayden Holloway, Robert Long, Constantine, Donovan Knight, Vittorio Ricci, Shane Stone, Dame Auntie Mame as "Eudora", and Gabriel DuBois as "Auncle Alfred".

The Movie:

"Once upon a time, a tall, dark and handsome hunk fell in love with a fair-haired, twinky witch. With a twitch of his perky prick, the naughty little witch and his wicked twin cousin raised sexual mayhem with the hunks in and around 6969 Morning Glory Circle. "BeTwinked" is an outrageous spoof of the cult classic sitcom you grew up watching. The boys are cute, their faces are fresh, and the sex is red hot!"

The Dudes:

These good-looking dudes are a nice mix of cute young twinks (all age 18+) and hot guys in their early twenties. Their bodies are slender/toned and for the most part tanned. The hair is mostly dark (with the exception of blond Brandon Brooks) with short and long hairstyles, the pubes are trimmed and shaved, and all but one cock is cut.

Scene One:

Brandon (a cute twink with blonde hair and slender build) is lying in bed naked when he twitches his long cut cock to make a dildo fly through the air (complete with visible fishing wire). Brandon's boyfriend Brant, (very handsome with long brown hair and smooth toned build) walks in the bedroom dressed only in a towel and announces that he's horny. Brent joins Brandon in the bed and the two begin to make out with wet tongue sucking and roaming hands. Brant slowly works his way down Brandon's smooth chest, licking and sucking his pink nipples, and finding his trimmed brown pubes and hard cock. Brant licks and kisses Brandon's cock shaft sucking the pink knob and balls. Brant grabs the root of Brandon's shaft and begins to bob up and down his hard tool taking it all the way in for some deep throat.

Brant turns Brandon over and begins to lick and kiss his tight shaved hole. Brandon digs having his ass eaten as he moans and sighs with approval. Brant spits on that tight pink pucker and licks with plenty of extreme close-ups. Brant eats a mean asshole. Brandon maneuvers so that he is on top, continues to kiss Brant with deep tongue and rubs their hard cocks together. Brandon takes Brant's big cut cock into his mouth licking and stoking the shaft, twisting the stalk and nursing the knob. The dudes get into a traditional sixty-nine where they can gorge themselves on each other's dongs. Brandon crams as much of Brant's large cock into his mouth as he can as Brant goes crazy on Brandon's cock.

Brant slowly slides his condom-covered cock into Brandon's tight hole in the missionary position using smooth strokes that become faster as he fucks. Brandon rubs his own balls and jacks off as Brant fills his needy hole. There is plenty of deep breathing, moaning, and sighing from both dudes as they really dig the action. Brant puts Brandon through his paces by fucking him from behind with the same forceful strokes. There is a nice camera shot from behind of Brant's tight starfish and hangy balls as he fucks Brandon. Brandon sinks down for an intense ride on Brant's hard cock bouncing up and down and rocking back and forth. Brandon jacks off and squirts a wet load on his stomach. Brant pounds Brandon's butt, pulls out and squirts a long wet stream of jizz that flies out of his cockhead landing on Brandon's neck. Excellent cum shot.

Scene Two:

Brandon's ex boyfriend Robert (very hot with a tall/slender/toned build and short hair with goatee) zaps in to cause trouble. Nosey neighbor Shane (cute twink with long dark hair and smooth body) spies on the dudes arguing and sees Brandon zap out. Racing to tell, Robert stops Shane by zapping him into the house. Robert forces Shane to his knees and Shane begins to nose around Robert's blue jeans covered bulge. Shane soon has Robert's big cut cock with large purple knob deep in his mouth grasping the hard shaft, jacking it, and slurping on that tool. Robert's hand roughly guides Shane's mouth up and down his hard cock. Shane hones in on Roberts balls sucking them one at a time and pulling on them with his mouth. Shane wraps both fists around Robert's cock as he gets face fucked.

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Robert zaps Shane's clothes off revealing a smooth body, shaved pubes, and cut cock. Robert pushes Shane on the sofa and orders him to "suck my ass!" Shane gladly spits on that tight hairy hole and begins to chow down with full licking tongue and plenty of cool close-ups. Shane sinks down on Robert's condom-covered tool as Robert fills that tight butt all the way to the hilt using fast and hard strokes. Shane bounces up and down as he gets the hell fucked out of him. Loud slapping fucking noises fill the air. At this point I notice that Shane is wearing roller skates! Does not look too comfortable. Robert continues to plow Shane in the missionary position. Rough fuck as Shane repeats over and over "Si Papi!" This is odd since he is not Latino. Shane jacks his hard cock and shoots a thick load on his stomach while still being fucked. Robert shoots a thick load on Shane's face and in his mouth. Hot! Robert sticks his cum slick purple knob back in Shane's mouth.

Scene Three:

Upset that Brant freaked out when he told him his secret, Brandon gets a visit from Auncle Alfred (Gabriel DuBois channeling Paul Lynde). Auncle Alfred is full of bad jokes such as "I'm so gay I cum in pink!" When Brandon tells his uncle of his troubles, Alfred offers to turn Brant into a tampon and shove him up Barbara Bush's twat! Yikes! Alfred suggests a "happy potion" and calls for Dr. Monterey Bay. Since he can't stand the Doc, Alfred zaps out. The sexy doc (Constantine) shows up in complete bondage gear telling Brandon that he was in the middle of an S&M pig orgy. Constantine is handsome with short brown hair and tanned/toned body. Constantine accidentally gives Brandon a "horny potion" and the dudes begin to make out.

Brandon strips off his shirt as Constantine sucks his nipples and licks his chest. In return, Brandon sucks Constantine's hard pierced nipples and licks his hairy armpits. The dudes are completely nude as Brandon straddles Constantine to rub their hard cocks together. Brandon sucks Constantine's big cut cock twisting the shaft, licking the pink head, and deep throating him all the way down. There is a nice camera shot from behind and below of Brandon's tight pucker hole and hangy balls as he fucks Constantine's mouth. Constantine begins to suck Brandon's hard tool bobbing up and down and taking it deep into his throat. Brandon urgently thrusts his hips up to fuck Constantine's mouth.

Constantine spreads Brandon's butt cheeks apart to feast on Brandon's tight hole. Constantine spits, licks, and chows down on the pulsing rosebud as Brandon moans with pleasure. Constantine fucks Brandon from behind (with condom) using smooth steady strokes and he slides in and out. The fucking turns hard and fast as Constantine plows Brandon's butt. Constantine sinks down on Brandon's condom-clad dong and begins to frantically bounce up and down as his big cock flops in the air. Brandon fucks that hole fast and hard grabbing onto Constantine and thrusting upwards. Constantine jerks and shoots a thick load on Brandon's face. Hot! Brandon beats off and squirts a wet load on Constantine's chin and face. Constantine then licks and sucks Brandon's knob.

Scene Four:

Brant is upset and sitting in his office at McBoyy and Late Advertising. Hot coworker Jayden (cute twink with brown hair/blond highlights and a smooth toned body) comes in and tries to cheer him up. Brant rebuffs Jayden's sexual advances but Eudora (Dame Auntie Mame) quickly pops in to change that and then zaps out. The dudes go at it like they are half crazed with starvation for cock. The dudes make out with plenty of deep wet tongues feeling each other up and ripping off their clothing. Brant sucks and licks Jayden's tanned chest and hard nipples working his way down to that fat cut cock. Brant sucks that big pink mushroom cockhead slobbering up and down his hard shaft and taking the tool deep into his gullet. Brant slaps that big knob against his face and tongue giving Jayden some excellent head.

Jayden flips Brant onto the desk licking and sucking his smooth chest and hard nipples and working his way down where he takes Brant's hard cut cock deep into his mouth. Jayden gobbles that hard dick with gusto as the dudes moan and grunt with lust. Jayden lifts Brant's legs in the air and dives down to eat his tight shaved hole with the same intensity as he sucked his cock. Brant fucks Jayden in the missionary postion (with condom) quickly filling his tight butt with plenty of meat. Brant slides in and out of that hole using fast 'n hard strokes. There is an excellent camera shot from behind/below of Brant's hangy balls slapping against Jayden's ass as he fucks him. Brant continues his hard fucking in the side/missionary position as Jayden strokes his hard cock...and then falls off the desk!

Jayden quickly recovers as the dudes continue their frantic fuck fest on the floor with a bit of the old sink/bounce. Jayden rides Brant's cock like a wild man. Brant switches to slow erotic fucking as the dudes make out. Brant squirts a big load on Jayden's face, mouth, hair, and on the floor. Gawd! Jayden jacks a large thick load on Brant's face, mouth, and neck. Brant sucks Jayden's knob afterwards. Hot!

Scene Five:

Brandon's trouble-making hippy twin cousin (Brandon wearing bad Louise Brooks wig, head band, tie dyed tee shirt, and love beads) zaps in to tell Brandon that Aunt Clair is in trouble again. It seems the old gal is off her meds and has been shooting doorknobs out of her pussy and hitting passing cars. Brandon zaps out to assist poor Aunt Clair as Cousin makes himself appear to be Brandon. Brant's big client Jock LeGay (Uttorio Ricci) of LeGay's Electric Butt Plugs International stops buy for cocktails. Brandon has anything but cocktails on his mind as he casts a spell on him. Uttorio is another hot dude with long dark hair.

Brandon zaps them to the swimming pool where the dudes are completely naked and making out. Uttorio sits on the side of the pool, legs spread, as Brandon sucks his large cut cock stroking the hard shaft and deep throating his tool. Uttorio has some great hangy balls. Brandon wraps both fists around Uttorio's hard cock and begins to nurse his pink knob. Uttorio switches places with Brandon and takes his hard cock into his throat bobbing up and down the hard shaft. Donovan Knight (very cute dark haired freckle-faced twink) is sent by Eudora to spy on the dudes. Donovan becomes extremely horny and decides to join the two. Donovan undresses revealing his toned body, brown pubes, and uncut cock. Uttorio and Donovan share sucking Brandon's hard prick and take turns sucking it underwater.

The three horny dudes make out with plenty of tongue and then engage in a poolside daisy chain as Brandon sucks Donovan, Donovan sucks Uttorio, and Uttorio sucks Brandon. Brandon fucks Uttorio from behind (with condom) as Uttorio sucks Donovan's uncut tool. Brandon uses steady mid-tempo strokes as he fucks Uttorio. Uttorio wants to be fucked harder so Branson spreads those butt cheeks and uses fast and hard strokes. Donovan takes over and fucks Uttorio from behind (with condom) using the same hard strokes as Brandon. There is a cool camera shot from behind of Donovan's tight dusky hole as he fucks. Donovan spreads his legs, jacks off, and shoots a small but thick load on his stomach. Nice foreskin. Uttoiro squirts a large thick load on Donovan's face and neck. Hot! Brandon cums in Donovan's mouth as white goo gurgles out of Donovan's gob.

Once all the action is complete and Brant has made up with Brandon, Eudora shows up and turns Brant into an artichoke. Will someone be able to help him?



"BeTwinked" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The direction and editing by Peter Z. Pan is tight with full coverage of all the action and plenty of very extreme close-ups. The videography by Danny Ferrarri is quite good providing those wonderful extreme close-ups and a sharp/clear picture.


The sound is clear providing loads of moaning, grunting, and growling as these dudes pleasure each other. The sound is good until Scene Four where for some reason it becomes hollow like listening through a tin can. This problem lasts until the end of Scene Five. The music is cool instrumental Reggae, Bossa Nova!, Jazz, and piano.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and a stills gallery with extensive publicity and action photographs from the movie. Finally, there is an Outtakes reel, which is pretty damn funny. There are shots of the flying dildo malfunctions, on location footage, behind-the-scenes footage, laughing, joking, and horseplay by the pool.

Final Thoughts:

Being a huge fan of the television series "Bewitched", I was interested in reviewing this all-male porn take-off. Director Peter Z. Pan (what a name!) succeeds by creating one of the hottest and entertaining movies I've reviewed. The dudes are all very cute and definitely into the action. The sex is intense and high energy as the dudes suck and fuck their way through this silly romp. The special effects are cheesy on purpose, the jokes are crude 'n corny, and Gabriel DuBois and Dame Auntie Mame chew the scenery to shreds with their over-the-top performances.

My only beef is with the sound. As mentioned, for some reason, the sound is like a tin can starting with Scene Four. Frankly, this is the only aspect keeping me from going with a highly recommended. The production is clearly low budget but succeeds due to direction, videography, editing, very energetic sex from the dudes, and the fun corny performances from the actors in non-sexual roles. I recommend this one for a good 'n fun horny ol' time.

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