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Caged Men

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 11/20/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

May 2004

Directed By:

Tom Bradford


Ben Stockwell, Adam Gervay, Noah McCarne, Norbert Sornlay, Roberto Giorgio, Ivan Cseska, Attila Rajnay, Rick Baver, Michael Scott, Gerard Siminet, and David Bathory.

The Movie:

Two sexy dudes get arrested for trafficking dope and are sent to jail to await trials. While locked up, they learn some sexual tricks from the detectives and security guards and find out the lovin' is not confined to just jail cells.

The Dudes:

These Eastern European hunks are all very handsome with a nice mix of muscle-bound and slender/toned body types, mostly short dark hair with the exception of David Bathory who has long hair, mostly smooth chests with the exception of Norbert Sornlay who has a sexy hairy chest, and all the cocks are uncut.

Scene One:

Adam (a handsome muscle-bound nineteen year old with short dark hair) and Rick Baver (very hot with muscular build and short brown hair) are busted by the cops for trafficking cocaine and ecstasy pills. The dudes are interrogated by sexy detective David Bathory (good-looking with long dark hair and muscular body). The dudes aren't talking so David begins to rough Rick up a bit by bending him over a table, slapping his butt, and ordering him to his knees. David pulls his uncut cock from his pants as Rick begins to suck. David fucks Rick's mouth with his ever-growing cock that reaches a very nice veiny size. Rick wraps his fist around the hard member jacking the shaft and sucking the pink knob, which is now out of its foreskin sheath. Adam watches the action and rubs his crotch finally getting horny enough to join in.

Adam gets down on his knees and begins to suck David's hard cock deep into his mouth. Adam and Rick share David's hard tool taking turns having their faces fucked. When all three dudes are completely naked showing off their beautiful muscular bodies, Adam lays back on the table allowing David to suck his big uncut prick while Adam makes out with Rick. David bobs up and down Adam's rigid shaft as Rick fucks Adam's face with his uncut dong. Rick straddles Adam in a sixty-nine and Adam goes crazy eating Rick's tight hairy hole pulling his butt cheeks apart and tonguing his pink pucker. Rick returns the favor by chowing down on Adam's tight hairy hole lapping at his starfish as Adam sucks David's cock. Rick sits on David's face forcing him to lick his hairy hole while Adam licks David's cock and balls and jacking his hard shaft.

David fucks Rick from behind (with condom) with fast 'n forceful strokes as Rick sucks Adam's cock. David plows Rick's tight butt and Rick is very vocal filling the interrogation room with his loud sighs and moans. Adam fucks Rick in the side/missionary position (with condom) pounding his hole with fast demanding strokes as Rick takes David's cock into his wet mouth. Rick sinks down on Adam's cock and goes for a wild ride bouncing up and down as Adam thrusts his hips up to fuck him. Rick jacks off and shoots a thick load on Adam's arm as Adam beats off. Adam strokes a thick load of jizz on his hand. There is a nice shot of Adam's cum drenched foreskin as he squeezes the last of his load and rubs it on his hard pec. David squirts thick man milk on Adam's chest.

Scene Two:

It's play time for Judge Attila (a hunky muscle-bound dude with short dark hair and tattoos), prosecuting attorney Roberto (handsome dude with muscular body and short dark hair), and the two security guards Noah (tall/slender/toned with short dark hair) and Michael (looks similar to Noah with a tall/slender/toned build and short dark hair). Attila and Roberto begin to slowly kiss with plenty of deep tongue as the guards watch. Once Attila gives the signal, Noah and Michael join the party by rubbing Roberto's chest from behind and grinding their hard crotches against him. The four dudes undress while they make out with wet tongues, chest licking, and nipple sucking.

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Attila is down on his knees sucking Roberto's hard uncut cock taking it deep into his mouth and jacking the shaft. Heated up from that head, Roberto gets to his knees and takes Attila's stiff uncut tool into his wet mouth stroking the stalk making the foreskin cover and uncover the pink knob. Noah is busy getting down on Michael's hard unclipped boner bobbing up and down and jacking the shaft. Attila mixes the action up by sucking all three dudes, slobbering on their hard organs, and taking them deep into his wet and willing mouth while feasting on foreskin. The dudes put each other through their oral drills as they mix and match sucking each other's cocks and having their hard tools sucked.

Attila spreads Roberto's butt cheeks exposing his tight hairy hole and digs in licking that pink pucker as Roberto grunts with lust. Not finished satisfying his hunger for butt, Attila spreads Michael's ass and tongues his hairy touchhole. Noah joins in and eats Michael's bum. The butt munching isn't over as Roberto eats Attila's tight 'n hairy pucker licking and teasing the hole, moving down to suck Attila's nuts, stroking Attila's hard cock, and then back to his butt. Roberto fucks Attila from behind (with condom) as Attila sucks Noah's cock. Roberto uses smooth steady strokes to fuck that ass. Noah takes over sliding his condom-covered cock deep into Attila's asshole with fast/smooth strokes. The courtroom turns into an all-out fuck fest with Noah fucking Roberto in the missionary position (with condom) while Michael fucks Attila (with condom) in the side/missionary position. The dudes put each other through their anal paces with a complete series of positions with some very frantic hot fucking. Attila jacks off and shoots a thick load on Noah's leg. Noah lets go with a nice thick load on Attila's dark trimmed pubes. Roberto spays his juice on Michael's back. Michael beats his meat and shoots a thick load out of his foreskin-covered knob all over the table.

Scene Three:

The guards have a secret bondage room complete with red walls, chains, candles, and a leather sling. Muscle-bound 'n hot guards Ivan and Norbert take cute inmate Rick to their secret hideaway for some games. Rick is handcuffed to a large wooden X while Ivan teases his shirtless chest and crotch with a long nightstick. Norbert and Ivan make out sucking each other's tongues, exploring their beautiful muscular chests licking and sucking their hard pecs and nipples. The dudes begin to work on Rick as Ivan kisses him with wet tongue rubbing his chest, pulling out his hard uncut cock and jacking it. Norbert takes Rick's hard dong into his mouth sucking and stroking the foreskin up and over his knob.

Rick bends over the leather sling sucking Norbert's large fat uncut cock as Ivan slaps Rick's butt with his uncut tool. Ivan spreads Rick's butt apart and tongues his hairy pink hole. Rick continues to gorge himself on Norbert's fat cock with heavy foreskin that covers the large purple knob. That is one fat fucking cock! Hot! It's now Norbert's turn as he bends over the sling sucking Ivan's hard cock while Rick spreads Norbert's bum and licks his hole. Norbert wraps his fist around Ivan's cock and sucks his foreskin. In return, Ivan chows down on Norbert's chubby cock gobbling as much of the large tool as he can into his mouth. Rick and Ivan take turns sucking that big prick.

Rick has returned to the sling in a missionary position with his legs in the air while Ivan switches back and forth between eating Rick's butt and sucking Norbert's cock. Ivan really munches down on that hairy butthole. Ivan fucks Rick in the missionary position (with condom) slowly sliding in and out. Rick's moans fill the secret room as Ivan begins to pound his ass. Rick fucks Ivan on the sling from behind (with condom) with the same fast hard pounding Ivan used. Rick gets Norbert on the sling and pounds his hole from behind (with condom) with equally strong 'n quick strokes. Ivan takes over and fucks Norbert from behind (with condom). Not to be left out, Norbert sinks his fat condom-covered tool deep into Rick's butt in the missionary position. Norbert fucks Rick's butt with fast hard strokes while he slaps Rick's butt cheeks. To finish up, the dudes stand together and jack off. Ivan spurts a thick load onto the floor and pushes his wet foreskin over his knob. Norbert shoots a thick load out of his foreskin-covered knob. Rick beats a thick load onto his hand and the floor.

Scene Four:

Handsome defense attorney Ben (hot with muscular body and short dark hair) meets with Adam (nineteen year old hunk from Scene One) in his cell to discuss the outcome of the trial. The two begin with some gentle kissing that quickly turns passionate with slobbering tongues while sexy security guard Gerard (dark hair, muscular body, tattoos) watches. Gerard joins in by reaching into the cell and feeling Adam's beautiful body. The dudes slowly undress while engaging in deep soul kissing and exploring each other's bodies with their busy hands. Adam gets down and sucks Ben's hard uncut cock cramming it into his mouth and twisting the shaft with his fist. Gerard sticks his stiff uncut tool through the cell bars and Adam is happy to take it into his hot mouth. Once Gerard is in the cell, Adam switched back and forth sucking the two dongs as Ben and Gerard make out.

Gerard goes down on Adam's hard uncut cock slobbering all over the shaft and nursing on the knob. Soon, Ben and Gerard share sucking Adam's cock. Adam spreads Gerard's butt cheeks apart and tongues his tight hairy hole as Gerard sucks Ben's twig and berries. Adam sucks Ben's cock while Gerard explores Adam's tight hairy pucker with his wet tongue. Ben gets down for some ass eating as he tongues Gerard's butt making him cry out with pleasure. Gerard fucks Adam (with condom) in the missionary position sliding in and out as Ben jacks and sucks Adam's cock. Adam plays a bit of the ol' sink/bounce with Gerard moving quickly up and down filling his willing but with hard man pork. Ben decides to play along and sinks down on Gerard's condom-covered dick bouncing up and down and rocking back and forth.

Adam fucks Ben from behind (with condom) pounding his ass with hard strokes. There is a nice camera shot from behind of Adam's tight hairy butt hole as he fucks Ben. Adam switches Ben to the missionary position and continues to fucks him with no mercy as Ben sucks Gerard's dong. Ben jacks off and shoots a thick load on Gerard's arm. Adam shoots a very thick load on Gerard's hairy stomach and arm and then rubs the cum in with his spent cock. There is a very nice shot of Adam's cum-filled foreskin. Gerard squirts his thick cum onto his hairy stomach. Hot!



"Caged Men" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Director of Photography Cameron Dennis and Cameraman Norman Erdei is excellent providing full coverage of the action along with wonderful extreme close-ups. The direction by Tom Bradford and editing by Alexander Gray is equally impressive proving very hot scenes that move along at a steady pace and never loose their intensity. The picture quality is sharp and clear.


The sound is clear providing allowing the viewer to hear the dudes' sexy Eastern European language (with English subtitles) and plenty of those hot 'n horny sex noises. The music is the cool harder techno that I personally enjoy dancing to.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, and chapter stops. There is a second disc that contains the movie trailer, an extensive behind-the-scenes documentary featuring model interviews, model stats, scene rehearsals, and bloopers showing the dudes joking and laughing. Lastly, there is a photo gallery featuring plenty of high quality photographs by Gabriel Bareth, which include publicity stills of each model, and xxx actions shots form the movie.

Final Thoughts:

This is one hot movie!! Everything about the production is excellent. The direction, editing, videography, and music are of the highest quality. The dudes are all very handsome with wonderful muscle-bound and slender/toned bodies and are definitely into the action. The dudes give very energetic sexual performances that are a complete turn-on and believable. They dig what they are doing. As a big ol' fan of uncut dudes, I was not disappointed in this department. Each dude is uncut and has a very nice foreskin with great close-ups. I highly recommend this one for fans of hot Eastern European dudes with beautiful bodies and uncut cocks as well as for fans of prison themed movies.

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