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20 Year-Old Virgin, The

Studio: Sinsation Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 11/27/06

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The 20 Year Old Virgin

Sinsation Pictures

Genre: Feature

Director: Dee

Cast: Lindsay Meadows, Brooke Banner, Taryn Thomas, Chloe Morgan, Van Damage, Faith Leon, Riley Shy, Marcos Leon, Will Powers, Nani, Van Damage; Nicki Hunter, Taylor Hillton, Alex Sanders (last three in bonus scene only)
Non-sex role: Brad Hardy

Length: 102 minutes

Date of Production: 7/10/2006

Extra's: The best extra for most folks would be the bonus scene described below between Nikki Hunter, Taylor Hillton, Alex Sanders that lasted 19 minutes. Extra sex is always a good thing, unless maybe you're talking about fatty, granny, or tranny porn (especially a combination of all three). The next best extra would be the extremely lengthy Behind the Scenes feature lasting 49.5 minutes by Dave K. It had interviews, extra nudity and sex, and some photogallery work. I really liked how it was handled and fans of the cast will probably appreciate this one better than many from larger companies on the market. There were also some trailers, a true double sided DVD cover, a photogallery, and a cardboard slipcase for the DVD case.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The 20 Year Old Virgin was presented in a fair 1.85:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Dee for Sinsation Pictures. I haven't seen any of their previous work together but the cast list alone looked good enough for me to pick this one up. The lighting was decent, reducing most of the grain and video noise. The flesh tones looked accurate and the composition of the shots was often favorable to the ladies. The editing and use of many close ups was a bit of a drag at times, seeming choppy on one hand and too compartmentalized on the other. Dee has directed in the past but I admit ignorance if the previous attempts at directing were quite as spotty (when you see mike's pop into view, shadows of the crew, and other well known production phenomena, you begin to question the quality control being on a coffee break). There was some pattern noise and edge enhancement too, though few compression artifacts to disturb the picture. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English with some loops used, a slight synchronization issue in a few spots, and generally hollow vocals with the generic score adding the porn feel to the production.

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Body of Review: Dee was once one of the most attractive Puerto Rican performers in porn, eventually wanting more so she turned to directing at places like Sinsation Pictures. I only know of the company via their recent decision to sign on to Wicked Pictures to distribute but I picked up a couple of titles to review, including an early look at The 20 Year Old Virgin; a porn parody of the mainstream hit 40 Year Old Virgin that had a cameo by the lovely Stormy Daniels. The movie details the life of a porn store clerk played by Riley Shy who is a virgin; a condition her two coworkers (Van Damage and Brooke Banner) seek to cure for her. The acting left much to be desired but as an early, low budget effort, it had a few decent moments worth talking about. Here's a look at the sex scenes, noting that no condoms were used by the men:

Scene One: Lindsay Meadows, a particularly attractive gal with long brown hair and a lean, all natural body, was up first with bleach blonde and curvy Brooke Banner, who towered over her in the shower. There was a false start of a scene previously in the video both (both on and off screen) but this was the real deal. The two seemed suited for one another and explored one another thoroughly as they took getting wet to a new level. The fingering and subsequent taste testing, the going down on each other, and the throaty vocals all contributed to making it a better scene. There were no toys but it was erotically charged.

Scene Two: Taryn Thomas, a sexy brunette with lots of curves, leaner but still cute Chloe Morgan, and Van Damage, were up next after Taryn walked in on the couple getting heated up on the couch. He had come back to pick up a porno he lent them and they shared what they learned (his dick looking more spotted than ever). Taryn was a lot curvier than I remember her ever being, draw your own conclusions, but both gals slobbed his knob with some enthusiasm before he started boning them pretty hard in return. The over use of close ups wasn't too appealing for me but Taryn's dirty talk and anal abilities made that scene a lot better than it would have otherwise been. The ATM was promised (and delivered) by Taryn but the anal was still too passive as a result. It ended with a facial and had a lot of raw energy though it really needed a lot more polishing up.

Scene Three: Faith Leon, a lovely Latina with a sultry demeanor, cover gal and lead of the movie Riley Shy, and good old Marcos Leon, were up next in bed as Riley was deflowered by the two after initially masturbating. He ate her while Faith gave her free access to her lithe form, providing the best of both worlds in the thematic scene. She ate Faith while Marcos drilled her in a few positions, switching to Faith getting some manly love with a more active ride, with Riley taking the facial (only to find out it was a sweaty, heat induced fantasy).

Scene Four: Riley Shy, her long red hair flowing as she made out on the couch with Will Powers, was up next as well with the two of them getting naked in the living room. She gave him a decent bit of head with some energy and enough rough edges to try and passably convince that she was new to it after she dropped to her knees. She then rode him vaginally with a modest amount of energy hampered only bad some questionable camera work (the mike appeared, the panning seemed inconsistent, and the editing left me wondering how much was chopped off). He ate her and the riding continued on her well worn biscuit that was left red and puffy. The scene then ended with a moderate facial but I sensed no chemistry between them.

Scene Five: Nani, a seriously cute gal with small but natural curves, was up last with philosophic Van Damage on the couch in the back room of the porn store. He went down on her, she used a dildo as she sucked him off for a moment, and he boned her vaginally while she barely moved except to rub her clit. He did lick her feet and pull her hair but it was clearly a filler scene to flesh out the poorly drafted story elements (perhaps something happened to Riley and she couldn't make a call back to finish up her role). The modest facial ended the flick as he told the viewer to go home, leaving this Martin Brimmer penned tale to fester as the credits rolled.

Bonus Scene: Nicki Hunter, one of the hottest gals in porn, and cutie Taylor Hillton, were up in a bonus scene with Alex Sanders in a large bed. The scene was shot long before the rest of the movie and managed to show more heat, chemistry and passion then anything in the movie itself as the gals double teamed him orally for the better part of 19 minutes. Taylor sat on his face and Nicki's dirty talk is always a treat. Nicki went first in an active vaginal romp with Taylor doing clean up duties, soon reversing roles with some intermittent switching that boosted Alex's ego more than a little. The droning guitar music should have been tossed but it was a fairly solid scene in most ways; indicative of a degree of talent regardless of who directed it. The pop shot went to Taylor's lower abdomen with Nicki on clean up but it was a fun ride by all three.

Summary: The 20 Year Old Virgin by director Dee for Sinsation Pictures wasn't a terrible flick to enjoy if you like the cast but it was unremarkable in many ways too; lending itself to the annals of history as another attempt to borrow themes from a mainstream movie without taking the ideas anywhere in particular for a test drive. The basics lacked spark and creativity, with the sex often truncated in what took place and how. I really had most of my fun with parts of two scenes (the rest being filler material) and the fun BTS feature so while I wouldn't throw out my advance screener, I would be lying if I said I'd do more than Rent It if nothing better was available. In short, there were promises made by The 20 Year Old Virgin that were left unfulfilled but the up side is that the potential by director Dee was in evidence to show she could very well make a go of it as a director if she would just find the right cast, script, and budget to achieve her goals (so I hope she continues chasing her muse).

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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