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Jet Set Direct Take Three

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/2/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movie:

Four directors take us on a sexual journey through an erotic photo shoot, college dorm's communal shower, Hollywood site-seeing, and a romp with the cable guy.

The Cast:

Gabriel Sinclair, Justin Gemini, Ricky, Shane Collins, Tyler Stuart, Derek Cruz, Park Wiler, Anthony Martinez, Clint Peak, Travis Carlson, Taylor Eastwood.

"Untitled" Directed By: Andrew Rosen (2006):

Gabriel Sinclair (handsome with short dark hair, toned body, tattoos, trimmed pubes) is in the studio posing for nude photographs and playing with his large uncut cock. Finished with the photo shoot, Gabriel takes a shower and continues to play with himself. Justin Gemini (cute boy-next-door type with short dark hair, toned body) and Ricky (hot dude with dark hair, sideburns, toned body) are next in line to have their images forever preserved. Ricky is told to pose without his shirt on a piece of "industrial machinery". As the camera snaps and flash fills the room, Ricky pulls his hard cut cock out and begins to jack off. Justin makes his way in front of the camera and pulls on his huge cut tool stroking the veiny shaft and rubbing the large purple knob. Gabriel sneaks back into the studio wearing only a towel to watch.

Gabriel boldly walks over, sinks to his knees, and takes Justin's huge cock into his mouth cramming as much of the stalk as he can as he jacks the shaft and nurses that big cockhead. Justin slaps Gabriel's face and tongue with his hard dong and then fucks his mouth. Gabriel lies on the floor as Justin takes his hard tool into his gob twisting the shaft making the foreskin cover and uncover the slick knob. Justin straddles Gabriel to allow full access to his tight hairy hole, which Gabriel gladly tongues and eats. Justin moans as he has his butt munched. Ricky watches from the sidelines, jacks off, and squirts a long stream of love juice on the floor.

Justin fucks Gabriel from behind (with condom). I'm not sure how Gabriel takes that monster up his tight shaved hole without passing out. Justin porks his pal with smooth strokes alternating between slow and fast drilling. Justin switches up and fucks Gabriel in the missionary position pounding his cock in and out of Gabriel. Gabriel jacks off and squirts a nice load on his stomach, trimmed pubes, and balls. Justin beats off and shoots a large thick load on the green wall.

"Goin' Deep" Directed By: Gino Colbert (2006):

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College football players Shane Collins (handsome with brown spiky hair, toned body, smooth chest) and Tyler Stuart (very cute with shaggy dark hair and toned body) are passing some pigskin back and forth in the dorm parking lot. After a bit of practice, the dudes head for the showers revealing their sexy toned bodies. Unknown to the guys, Derek Cruz (hot dude with short dark hair, toned body, smooth chest) is watching them. Shane washes Tyler's back working his way down to his buddy's butt cheeks much to the delight of Derek. Tyler and Shane begin to feel each other up with Shane rubbing his large cut cock against Tyler's butt. Tyler reaches behind and begins to jack Shane's tool as Shane reaches forward to stroke Tyler's hard cut cock. Derek is totally getting off on the action as he jacks his hard cut cock, fingers his tight hairy butt hole, and shoots wet spunk on the floor.

Back in their dorm room, the dudes continue having fun with Tyler taking as much of Shane's fat cock into his mouth as he can while he jacks the rest. Tyler really crams that fat fucker into his mouth while Shane pinches his own nipples. Shane fucks Tyler's hairy hole in the missionary position (with condom) sliding in and out. Shane cannot fit his entire fat dong into that tight hole so he grasps his shaft and uses as much of it as he can. The dudes switch to the side/missionary position where Shane continues to grasp his root and fuck that tight hole as Tyler moans and groans playing with own plump balls. To finish up, Shane fucks Tyler from behind, pulls out, and shoots a thick load on Tyler's back. Tyler lets go with a large thick load on his fist and on the bed.

"Foreign Exchange" Directed By: Mark Reed (2006):

Anthony Martinez (handsome Spanish dude with black hair and beard stubble) is so focused on his site-seeing map of Hollywood that he accidentally bumps into Park Wiler (cute with short brown hair). The dudes talk for a while and Park offers to show Anthony some of the sites. The dudes begin to make out with plenty of deep tongue in public (must be West Hollywood) and end up back at Park's apartment. So much for the twenty cent tour. The dudes are now completely naked showing off their beautiful toned bodies as they feel each other, lick and suck hard nipples, and play with hard cocks. Park strokes Anthony's large cut cock and takes it deep into his mouth. Anthony fucks Park's face with his big tool and moans in Spanish as Park strokes his own hard cut dick.

Anthony gently pushes Park onto the bed, spreads and lifts his legs, exposing Park's tight hairy butt hole. Anthony gets down and begins to munch that butt licking and sucking the tight pucker as Park groans and jacks off. Anthony finger fucks Park while sucking his cock nursing on the large purple knob. Park sinks down on Anthony's condom-covered cock and goes for a wild ride bouncing up and down the stiff pole and crying out in pure pleasure. Anthony switches up and fucks Park from behind sinking his cock to the hilt up Park's chute. Park beats his meat while being fucked in the missionary position squirting a very thick load of jizz hitting his shoulder, chest, and stomach. Anthony shoots a thick load on Park's chest and stomach.

"The Cable Guy" Directed By: Jett Blakk (2006):

Hunky Clink Peak (fucking sexy with short blonde hair, toned build, and smooth chest) is enjoying watching Taylor Eastwood (cute with dark hair, toned body) beat his meat on television. Fuck! The cable suddenly goes out! Lucky for Clint, hot cable guy Travis Carlson (handsome with short brown hair and muscular body) is still out in the hall. Travis turns the cable back on and watches Taylor pulling his hard cut pork on the television screen. Taylor definitely likes what he sees as Travis is spread eagle on the bed jacking off and rubbing his hairy butt crack. Clint is back on the sofa rubbing his crotch watching both the television and Travis. Clint removes his towel and begin to stroke his hard cut cock and play with his balls asking Travis "Do you lay cable too or just shut it off?" To answer the question, Travis takes Clint's hard cock into his mouth for some hot deep throat action slobbering up and down the stiff pole.

Travis gives excellent head as Clint thrusts his hips upward fucking that hot mouth. Travis is now naked as well aloowing Clint to grab his hot butt cheeks, spreads 'em apart to expose a tight hairy pucker. Clint goes down on Travis's hard cut cock gobbling that tool deep into his mouth. Taylor is busy on television lifting his legs, spreading his hairy asshole, and jacking off. The dudes kiss with plenty of deep wet tongue. Travis fucks Clint from behind (with condom) using fast 'n hard strokes pounding that hole as Taylor humps his bed on television. Travis continues to drill Clint's tight butt in the missionary position plugging that hairy hole with forceful strokes. Clint jacks a thick load onto his hand and stomach as television hottie shoots a small "dotty" load on his stomach. Travis pulls his pud and shoots thick man milk on his stomach. Hot!



The scenes are shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The direction, videography, and editing are top-notch across the board providing full coverage of all the action, excellent close-ups, and scenes that are tight and move along at a fast pace. The picture quality is sharp and clear.


The sound is clear providing all the usual hot sounds of man-on-man lovin'. The music in "The Cable Guy is a definite standout: very cool 1950s cocktail lounge style jazz. Hep,Daddy-O.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, cum shot review, photo gallery, and trailers for "Doggie Style", "Going Under", "Wet Palms", "Shameless Pleasure", "Jackhammer", and "The Hole".

Final Thoughts:

"Jet Set Direct Take Three" is a winner. The dudes are all sexy and very much into the action as they suck, fuck, and munch butt. The direction, videography, and editing are excellent providing full coverage of the action with plenty of extreme close-ups. I like the idea of having four directors as it allows the viewer to experience different styles of filmmaking and perhaps seek out other movies that they have directed. All four short movies are enjoyable and a turn-on but my favorite is "The Cable Guy" directed by Jett Blakk. Gawd! It is fucking HOT! Overall, my favorite dudes are Justin Gemini, Tyler Stuart, Clint Peak, and Travis Carlson. I highly recommend this one.

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