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Gaper Maker 7

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/4/06

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Gaper Maker 7

Zero Tolerance

Genre: Gonzo

Director: David Perry

Cast: Marsha Lord, David Perry, Victoria Blonde, Choky Ice, Linda, Greg Centauro, Saffy, Sylvia Diamond, Zenza Raggi, Roly Reeves, Jessica Moore, Katy Caro

Length: 149 minutes

Date of Production: 6/22/2006 to 7/2/2006

Extra's: The best extra was the 12 minute series of strip tease dances by the ladies of the cast. A number of recent releases by Zero Tolerance have advertised these but did not have them so I'm pleased that they decided to include them this time. Watching the ladies prance about in lingerie, shaking their money makers, is always pleasant (and strokable) so many of you will probably enjoy this one as much as I did. The 8 minute long Behind the Scenes feature was less interesting since much of it was dedicated to the photoshoots of the ladies but there was extra sex and nudity after it was midway through so don't give up on it like I nearly did. There was a photogallery, a cumshot loop from the scenes, a true double sided DVD cover and cardboard sleeve, and trailers to shows like Double Decker Sandwich, Who's Your Daddy?, Big Rack Attack, Drive Thru, Teenage Jizz Junkies, Virgin Surgeon, Gaper Maker, and Fine Ass Babes.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Gaper Maker 7 was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director David Perry for release by Zero Tolerance. The lighting was decent which meant there was little grain, limited video noise, and few shadows worth mentioning. The composition of the shots wasn't always favorable to the ladies though it tended to show them in a decent light nonetheless. Initially, I noticed how much the camera moved and the lack of proper editing (perhaps simply a reflection of the footage shot), but the zooming in on blemishes and leaving it in the flick was a bad choice to say the least. I saw no compression artifacts and thought it looked pretty good most of the time. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (with an optional Spanish track). The music was thankfully sparse even though the vocals seemed limited too, likely due to a lack of language skills by most of the cast.

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Body of Review: David Perry and his directing jobs at Zero Tolerance have rarely been the type of gonzo porn flicks I look forward to seeing since they don't seem to possess the better technical work of the company hotshot (Mike Quasar) or the manner in which Chris Streams imparts chemistry, relying on a selection of European gals of marginal nature too much. The latest movie by the guy is Gaper Maker 7, a movie about anal and the gapes ladies have when plundered hard, in a series I last took a look at in Gaper Maker 4. The cover said it like this: "Deep inside the dark holes of the most beautiful asses in the world is where man will find true happiness! Explore the magic and experience the splendor of mother nature's most awe-inspiring phenomenon: the gaper! Dark, wide and stretching to new limits, the gaper knows no boundaries and loves to be filled! Alas, man can finally dive-in, look around, and enjoy every inch of these curious cavities. Filthy ass-dipped blowjobs, hardcore hole-expansions, and extreme rectum-poundings that stretch the limits of bizarre! Enjoy!" It wasn't David's worst movie this year but if he wins any awards for it, the reason will be unrelated to the quality of the movie and the scenes in it. Here's a look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that at least no condoms were used:

Scene One: Marsha Lord, a gal with dark red hair (out of a bottle from the looks of it) and an all natural body, was up first as she masturbated in the shade outside in a lawn chair. She was wearing a pink bottom and mechanically rubbed herself until David Perry came over to her and let his cock out of his pants for her to suck on. She seemed a natural at inhaling his meat but she did it like she was on the clock, even if admittedly skillfully deepthroating him fairly well. The camera movement was more intrusive then usual (you really shouldn't notice it if the sex is good) as they warmed up and started banging (she was quite active) but even his drilling both holes seemed to elicit the same emotional connection as her watching paint dry. The choking was prevalent here and he hammered away at her ass enough to ensure the advertised gape but this is the type of gal that you'd expect to find working professionally, taking care of business in an efficient manner rather than appealing to any sense of chemistry or passion. The ATM and oral finished up as he rubbed out the load to her mouth for swallowing, marking the opener as okay but possessing little replay value.

Scene Two: Victoria Blonde, a very attractive gal in a black & white stripped bikini, was up next on the couch inside as she masturbated for all of two moments; at which time she was joined by Choky Ice. He kissed her and started rubbing her pussy, working her titties over orally as she moaned like she was having at least some degree of fun. This is part of sexual performing that works better than the previous scene; at least a nod to the lady acting like she's having some fun. She then started working over his cock orally like a champion, giving me hope that this would be a better scene. The vaginal and anal penetrative sex showed lots of energy but instilled with a sense of purpose this time, marking it as better all around. Whether or not she was into the action, at least she tried to look like she was and the multiple positions she engaged in came across as her having chemistry with him, with the advertised gape and the expected closing facial elevating the replay value a bunch.

Scene Three: Linda, a lean brunette wearing a red lingerie outfit consisting of a camisole, thong, and fishnet stockings (as well as the usual stripper shoes), was up next with Greg Centauro and David Perry on the couch. She seemed to strike a dynamic in her scene halfway between the previous two; giving some spark but still seeming too mechanical as she gave it up. The blowjobs were well handled (emphasis on hands and mouth) and the penetrative sex was pretty good too. She did some DP work too but she had a large birthmark on her ass that looked quite like a shit stain, killing it for me (and it seemed most obvious that David was told to put his hand over it after it was zoomed in on since from that point on, even the cameraman shied away from it). The double pop ending and gape were all okay too but I couldn't get that thing out of my head. Ewwww!

Scene Four: Saffy, the attractive brunette on the front DVD cover, was up next in bed with David Perry after a short tease in her white & pink trimmed bikini styled outfit. She remained aware of the camera the whole time and while she was a hotty, her act was a full regalia of the "European style" of porn performance; appearing ice cold as they worked together from the first bit of him diddling her pussy to the last drop of splooge hit her face, with everything else in between. Don't get me wrong though; her oral skills were fine, she rode him actively enough in several positions, and the anal with gaping and ATM both managed to show some degree of skill but not to the point where the lack of chemistry and passion could be compensated for. Her looks alone had to carry the scene and while she looked appealing; I'd be lying if I said she pulled it off with any degree of consistency. At least it ended with her jerking him off into her mouth (though he took over).

Scene Five: Sylvia Diamond, a busty babe wearing a red & black outfit that accentuated her curves, was up next on the bed with Zenza Raggi and Roly Reeves. She blew them like she was moderately experienced and they responded well as they worked over her pussy and ass in return. The amount of vaginal pounding outside of the DP was minimal but fans might appreciate that her gape's hang time was lengthy, even if she was largely passive in her riding skills (the most passive gal of the movie for much of her scene). She did pick up the pace when coaxed (perhaps ordered) and I'm sure she's seen more dicks in her short life then I have when picking up my stuff in the locker room at my gym, but she never lived up to her potential here, even if some people don't care how weak a performance someone as hot looking as she was need to be. It ended with some oral and a titty fuck, showing her gape earlier in the scene.

Scene Six: Jessica Moore and Katy Caro, a couple of gals that seemed good together (one was curvier with the other being leaner and taller), were up last together on the black leather couch. They were engaging in lesbian licking and seemed to be far better matched together than most of the pairings of the movie. Showing some chemistry as they went down on one another, the magic was slightly lost when they were eventually joined by David Perry. He's not a bad performer but they were doing fine without him with the clear dildo and while they did all the right things (allowing him to access all six of their collective holes) with him and gave enough energy to make it strokable, he seemed to brutishly manhandle them more then a few times. In all then, the advertised action was provided and it wasn't the worst scene of the movie but David seems to have lost the ability he once had to connect with the ladies without seeming like it's forced on some level. The scene helped make it rentable but only just by a bit.

Summary: Gaper Maker 7 by director David Perry for Zero Tolerance was a Rent It title for me. There were some flashes of appealing action, the advertised gapes (which I admit to not being a fan of), and a number of ladies that aren't in every third movie released in the last couple of months but the mechanical nature of the sex and the variations in quality of performance by the cast left me somewhat cold all too often so Gaper Maker 7 might not be best suited for those of you wanting something more than a quick stroke or two to enjoy before bringing it back.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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