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Myplace: A Space For Whores

Studio: Greedy Video » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/6/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Myplace: A Space For Whores

Greedy Video/New Sensations

Genre: Pro-Am

Director: Eli Kayzen

Cast: Roxie West, Trent Soluri, Tommie Ryden, Brother Love, Paulina James, Johnny Castle, Angel Valentine, Justice Young, Taylan, Jack Venice

Length: 204.5 minutes

Date of Production: 8/6/2006, 9/3/2006, 9/9/2006, 9/10/2006

Extra's: Given the length of the movie, the extras weren't as important, with a fetish menu, photogallery, and trailer to Fuck For Dollars on the DVD and a true double sided DVD cover providing the extras this time.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Myplace: A Space For Whores was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Eli Kayzen (with some help from his friends) for Greedy Video. The level of raw energy in most scenes was solid, the gals proving to have some spark in all but one cases. The lighting was on the low end but it added to the Pro-Am dynamic and the levels of grain, video noise and other flaws was never so bad as to make me want to watch something else. As with any "reality TV" styled show, the flaws were a part of the fun so purists might want to take note that it wasn't crystal clear but you could see the action nicely. The camera angles were limited but enhanced the playful attitude of the ladies and the way they looked in most cases. I saw no compression artifacts and with a little more polishing up, I think this will be a big seller. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English and I could hear everything that was said but the sound was strictly second class in that it was recorded from the built in microphone on the camera.

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Body of Review: Eli Kayzen is one of the newer directors in porn, plying his craft for Greedy Video. His first movie is Myplace: A Space For Whores; a parody of the My Space phenomenon. Each scene played out like a cross between Jack's Playground and one of the Shane's World travel shows, adding in a lot more fun then some of the supposedly alternative "Alt-Porn" offerings have done. The freshness factor and seemingly unscripted action made for a lot of fun, with some of the cast providing awesome displays of affection for the men. The company press release as reported on AVN said it like this: "When Eli Kayzen hooked up with a woman he met on MySpace.com, he realized the online social network was prime material for a porn video. "I kept thinking somebody is going to do a porn on this any moment," said Kayzen. "But I waited and waited and nothing happened. So I just said 'I'll do it myself.'" And he did. Hence, the amateur-themed Greedy brand will roll out its latest hardcore offering Monday, MyPlace: A Space for Whores, through New Sensations. Featuring a slew of porn newbies willing to put their pussies on the line for the first time on video, the title shows how young hotties hook up with online studs. "That's the great thing about this one is that these girls, never did anything on video before, for the most part," Kayzen said. "In fact, three of them do their first scenes ever and they're really good." Roxie West, a petite brunette who just weeks earlier made up her mind to do porn, shows veteran porn stud Trent Saluri how she likes it at home. "Roxie was way nervous when she got on set and after a little bit, she realized how I was and that we wanted her to relax and do a good scene and she did it," Kayzen said. Blond newcomer Taylan also gets her porn cherry popped in her first scene as she grinds away on her man until she cums. "She's never done porn before so it was all brand new to her, but she did a great scene." Nineteen-year-old blond hottie Angel also takes a good first banging on video but not without some glitches. "She started deep throating the guy but she wasn't used to it so she threw up a little. But she was a trooper. She did a great job... But we ended up cutting that deep throat scene." The title also features Paulina James, who is featured on the box cover, and Tommie Ryden. "I'm already casting the next one and I'm trying to get girls right from MySpace to make it more interesting, so we'll see," Kayzen added." That said, it was a lot more fun then I thought it would be. Here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Roxie West, the dark haired gal on the front cover (second from the left on the bottom), was up first after the initial scenario was set up with mope squad member (and from the looks of it, a guy in love with Imelda Marcos; a shoe fetish guy with a taste for retrogame playing on his widescreen TV) Trent Soluri. This was advertised as her first on camera scene with a guy and the way Brother was looking at her, I was sure he'd take her away from Trent but that's not what happened. They drank some beers and got to know one another with Eli working the camera in POV fashion. They were well into the show before she signed the release waivers and showed her body off to the guys. Trent was quick to make his move (securing his spot on the pecking order since Brother had already made advances). They did some oral that showed her inexperience in a professional sense was not indicative of her personal skill level, soon climbing on his modest meat to actively ride it vaginally. To be fair, it's kind of daring to start with such a weak meat puppet but he did a fair job and I have to hand it to him for holding out so long. He had some minor wood problems but eventually rubbed out a load to her face at about 41 minutes into the movie. She gave some post coital sucking and in all, it was a decent scene.

Scene Two: Tommie Ryden, the redheaded vixen seen on the lower right hand corner, was up next as she took on one of the best directors in the business, Brother Love. Her body was lean and tight, sporting the kind of curves I found intoxicating and as she described her first anal experience, I was pretty sure she was referring to me (and my 2 inches). Seriously though, they explained the premise behind their act and she seemed to be far more world wise then the 19 years she was stated to be. The idea was similar to the Jack's Playground series with the guys taking some time to kid around with the gal and as they drank, their inhibitions kind of slipped away. Her thong was showing and that led to her macking with Brother as she grabbed him and bent over. She hesitated to sign the waiver until it was put in front of her; at which time she buzzed through signing it like a gal at a porn convention. Brother went down on her and fingered her cookie like a champion, leading to a standing 69 with some of the pain stuff he likes (telling her to bite his cock, smacking his balls really hard, and that kind of thing). She was a wild one and her aggressive style of screwing really worked well here, doing some PTM between rides. She was flexible and the few extra pounds on her frame looked good on her, with the mouth pop ending the action for the most part (though she kept at him with a titty fuck, tongue kissing him with her semen soaked mouth, and then playing like she was going to do Eli. Whew!

Scene Three: Paulina James, the gal featured on the upper half of the front cover, was up next as Eli and Brother took Tommie over to meet Johnny Castle. They played on the computer and Paulina came over, following the general formula but with the addition of the party type of atmosphere the additional people provided. Tommie spent some time feeling her up on the couch, she signed the waiver, with the sex starting in earnest after Eddie and his cute friend left the living room (though he held the camera for old leaky valves during the initial blowjob). Paulina gave good head and Brother was back to doing Tommie in the background as this pair went at it. They screwed actively and while she wasn't exactly the most sexually aggressive gal of the movie, she was easy on the eyes and still a decent lay. He rubbed out a load to her face and the scene seemed shorter then the last two.

Scene Four: Angel Valentine, the blonde on the lower left hand corner of the cover, was up next as the traveling team of Eli and Brother went to visit with Justice Young. Justice called her over and she gave all of them attitude as they played around (pissing her off). She was openly sexual and seemed to have an exotic mix of nationalities, with his cock appearing to be the biggest of the show as she slobbed his knob. They kept taunting her and while she had a lot of talk about her love of cock, once the oral was done, she let him do most of the work. She eventually showed some spark when she sat on top of his cock but compared to some of the others; she was weak. It ended with a load to the face but it was largely a filler scene except for the funny nature of the non-sex material.

Scene Five: Taylan, the hotty seen on the lower part of the cover (second from the right), claimed to be the oldest of the gals at the ripe old age of 23. She was another gal with multi-colored hair, looking leaner (skinny lean) than any of the other gals as Eli visited her. She gave him the tour and they started getting frisky together on the couch but like a sap, he called in Jack Venice to do her. I missed the fun of having Brother around but he arrived with Jack and Jack took over the sexual portion of the scene pretty quickly. There had already been a lot of tease to showcase her and she continued while they decided who would be the lucky guy. Jack sucked her ass and she sucked his cock in return; each proving to have some talent at getting someone off. They went to the bed to fuck and she was very aggressive at taking care of his needs. I was thankful that the movie ended on a high note, him jerking off his wad to her face and her rubbing it in to finish up the movie.

Summary: Myplace: A Space For Whores by director Eli Kayzen for Greedy Video had four really fun scenes and one of questionable merit but I still thought the amount of fuck for the buck, the fun and freshness factors, and the ladies all added up to a title I can suggest as Recommended. There were few extras worth mentioning but the movie itself lasted over 200 minutes and this was definitely not the kind of porn your father got into years ago. In short, Myplace: A Space For Whores joins the ranks of Shane's World and Jack's Playground in providing an alternative kind of porn where people have fun with sex instead of show contempt for the audience, making it worth checking out for anyone seeking a great time. The action was really strokable and I look forward to the next volume if it's even close to this good.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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