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Oh Boy Escorts 2: The Apartment

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/7/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:

June 2006

Directed By:

Tyson Cane


Fellipe Eller, Ariel, Josh Nash, Tre Xavier, Merrick Barraje, Cee-Kay One, Viper, Carmelo, Brandon Aguilar, J. King, Quincy Scott, Jason Tarus

The Movie:

Business owner Felippe claims that the dudes of Oh Boy Escorts are so hot that when customers seem them, they exclaim, "Oh Boy!"

The Dudes:

These Black and Latino dudes are hot with a variety of tall/slender/toned and shorter/muscular builds, tattoos, full 'n bushy and trimmed pubes, and the cocks are uncut and cut.

Scene One:

Ariel (braided hair, toned body) is interviewing Fellipe (short brown hair in flattop) about his business Oh Boy Escorts. After a few simple questions, Fillipe is down on his knees sucking Ariel's long veiny cut cock deep throating with absolutely no problem at all. As Fellipe slobbers on that big dong, he quickly jacks his own uncut tool. Fellipe spit shines that cock and those hangy balls and Ariel moans in approval. Ariel returns the oral favor by sucking Fellipe's dick nursing the knob as Fellipe pinches his pal's hard nipples. Fellipe sits on Ariel's lap allowing him to finger fuck his tight lil' hole. Ariel switches positions and begins to suckle Fellipe's nuts and eat his asshole (no good close-ups of ass eating). After rubbing his big dong against Fellipe's pucker, Ariel fucks him from behind (with condom) using slow strokes as he slides in and out of that tight chute. Fellipe jacks off and shoots a load on his desk as Ariel fucks him. Ariel shoots a thick load on Fellipe's butt crack.

Scene Two:

Josh (tall 'n toned) is giving Tre (nice muscular bod, short hair) a tour of the apartment where the escorts live. After discussing the escort business and fine art, the dudes make out nice 'n slow with plenty of deep tongue. Before long, both dudes are completely naked on the large leather sofa as Josh jacks and sucks Tre's hard uncut cock bobbing up and down the shaft and rubbing his hairy nuts. Tre goes down on Josh's long cut dong taking the fast shaft deep into his mouth while Josh uses his hand on Tre's head to guide him. Josh has wonderful full black pubes that are a big plus in my book. Josh thrusts his hips upwards to fuck Tre's mouth. Tre goes for a very rough 'n tumble ride on Josh's condom-covered cock frantically bouncing up and down while his big uncut tool flops around. Josh switches up and fucks Tre from behind with fast/hard strokes and then switches once more for some good ol' missionary fucking. Josh cuts loose with a very thick load on his fist and thigh. Tre beats his meat and shoots a load, which begins wet and then becomes thick on his fist and pubes.

Scene Three:

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Merrick (tall 'n slender) is in the kitchen looking through a cookbook dressed only in a towel. Merrick's boyfriend Cee-Kay (hairy chest, tall/slender build) drops by to see what's up. Merrick boasts that he got fucked by another dude, which makes Cee-Kay want to prove something to his man. Merrick sinks to his guilty knees taking Cee-Kay's long cut cock into his gob creating hilariously loud slurping noises. Cee-Kay is another dude who has wonderful full pubes. Merrick really goes to town on that cock jacking the shaft and suckin' those big hangy nuts as the teakettle begins to whistle. Merrick positions himself on the stainless steel food prep table hiking his rump in the air while Cee-Kay munches that tight butthole. Merrick digs the action as he moans, "Right there! Right there!" as his hard cut cock drips precum.

Cee-Kay fucks Merrick from behind (with condom) using long strokes at a medium pace. As Cee-Kay's strokes become faster, the prep table begins to shake and pots and pans clank. Merrick is now playing a fast 'n hard game of sink/bounce as he slides his tight butthole up and down Cee-Kay's hard fuck stick. "Right there! Right there!" During some missionary fucking, Cee-Kay jacks Merrick's hard cock making him shoot a thick load on his stomach. Cee-Kay strokes off some very thick jizz on Merrick's inner thigh.

Scene Four:

Viper (fucking hot with goatee and tattoos) is scrounging around the kitchen looking for some grub. Carmelo (tall/slender and a bit fem) is fucking pissed off at Viper for eating his last Twinkie and demands to smell his breath! The breath inspection leads to some deep soul kissing and body exploring. Viper feeds his large uncut cock to Carmelo who gladly takes the hard tool deep into his gullet. Viper fucks Carmelo's face and I believe Carmelo has forgotten all about his Hostess snack. Carmelo jacks his hard cut cock as he continues to gorge on Viper's schlong teasing the big pink knob and piss slit. Viper fucks Carmelo doggy style (with condom) slamming his pal with fast 'n hard stokes. Carmelo hikes his leg up onto the kitchen counter as Viper fucks away. Carmelo lays on the food prep table (that damn table seems to get plenty of action) jacking his hard cock to climax shooting a thick load on his full dark pubes. Viper shoots love juice on Carmelo's face. His load starts off wet and becomes thick.

Scene Five:

Group sex on the large leather sofa! J. (short hair, beard) Quincy (fucking hot with buzz cut and hairy chest) Jason (smooth 'n muscular) are hanging out shooting the breeze and looking horny as hell. Brandon (dark hair, yellow "Rent Me" tee shirt) enters the room with a big ol' bottle of lube. Naturally, the dudes want to try the new product. Jump cut as all four dudes are now completely naked! J. jacks his long uncut cock while making out with Quincy using deep tongue. Jason is busy sucking Brandon's hard cut cock slobbering up and down the stiff shaft. Quincy and Jason make out while J. sucks Quincy's large fat cut cock (with plenty of hot brown pubes). The dudes engage in an all-out kissing and cock sucking romp as each dude devours dong and explores hot mouths with their wet tongues. It's butt munch time and Brandon is more than happy to offer up his tight lil' pucker. Quincy chows down on that tight hairy hole followed by J. who laps at it with his busy tongue (descent close-ups).

J. fucks Quincy from behind (with condom) as Jason screws Brandon in the missionary position (with condom). All four dudes are getting their groove-thang on while balancing on the sofa. The fucking starts off nice 'n slow and becomes faster 'n harder as the dudes heat up. Jason fucks Quincy in the missionary position (with condom) as J. slams Brandon missionary style (with condom). To finish up, the dudes sit properly on the sofa and beat their meat. Brandon dumps a small thick load; Jason shoots a large amount of thick spunk all over his chiseled stomach and chest, J. cuts loose with a thick load on Quincy's arm, and Quincy (the hottest dude in the scene) doesn't fucking cum!



"Oh Boy Escorts 2: the Apartment" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography dutifully covers all the action with plenty of close-ups (except in the ass-eating department). The direction by Tyson Cane and editing are competent allowing each scene to move along at a steady pace never becoming dull. The picture quality is sharp and clear.


The sound is clear but slightly off starting around Scene Three. This makes the dudes voices appear to be dubbed in. There are plenty of horny sex noises as the guys get down.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, a gallery of high quality action photographs from the movie, website information, and previews for: "Harold and Larry" (where's Kumar? Ha!), "Oh Boy Escorts", and "I Dare You".

Final Thoughts:

This is a descent lil' porn movie with plenty of hot Black and Latino dudes who seem to enjoy what they are doing. The sex is hot as the guys suck cock, eat ass, and engage in butt sex. There are some funny moments with the Hostess Twinkie rant and unintentional laughs such as Mereck's loud slurping in Scene Three, the pots and pans banging around, and the soundtrack being somewhat off. My complaints are that there are not enough descent close-ups during the butt munching and Quincy (from Scene Four) does not shoot a load. Quincy is fucking hot and missing his climax is a major letdown. Overall, I'm going with a Recommended since the dudes are sexy and clearly into the action, there are some wonderfully full pubes, and long uncut cocks.

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