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Slam Dunk

Studio: Hot House » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/10/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

July 2006

Directed By:

Wolfgang Bang


Kent North, Derrick Hanson, Drew Peters, Tony Bishop, Nick Horn, Bud, Lars Svenson, Rik Jammer, Jessie Balboa, Stretch, Chad West.

The Movie:

Despite the title, this ain't no basketball themed movie. Hot studs engage in very intense ass-play with large dildos and plenty of fisting.

The Dudes:

The dudes are all hot with a nice variety of husky, muscular, and slender/toned bodies, an age range of early twenties to mid forties, plenty of tattoos and piercings, and hard cut and uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Lars Svenson (tall/slender build) heads down to the basement dressed head to toe in black leather and a very strict attitude. Hot British bottom Kent North (muscular build, brown buzz cut) is chained up waiting for Lars complete with black leather bondage mask making him look like the gimp from "Pulp Fiction". Lars unlocks Kent's cage and releases him from the chains that bind his arms from behind. Master Lars yanks the bondage mask off and leads Kent around by leather collar and chain leash like an obedient pooch hoping for some Scooby Snacks. Kent is led to another cage where he's locked up and ordered to play with his own butthole. Kent crams fingers up his own ass as Lars undresses revealing his smooth/slender/toned chest. Lars pushes his hard uncut cock through the cage's bars slapping Kent hard on the face and tongue with his hard tool and fucking his face.

Lars lubes up his hands and begins to work his right fist up Kent's hole without latex glove. Kent obviously digs the action as he hunches back as Lars fucks him with his fist. Kent reaches behind, grabs Lars' wrist and crams more of his hand up that hungry butt. Kent is now on top of the steel cage kissing Lars with plenty of rough wet tongue. Lars positions Kent in the missionary style, legs spread and stuck in the air while wearing heavy black boots. As Lars continues the fisting, he slides his left hand up Kent's amazing elastic hole at the same time and demands that Kent "relax". Lars slides a clear plastic tube up Kent's butt allowing the viewer a scientific look at his anatomy by pointing a flashlight up Kent's ass.

Lars fucks Kent from behind with the long red flashlight demanding that Kent ride that light like a cock. Lars fucks Kent doggy style (with condom) with harsh frenzied strokes. The dudes finish up by wanking off with Lars shooting a thick load on Kent's muscular thigh. Kent jacks his uncut cock and dumps a load on his black jockstrap while pushing his cum drenched foreskin over his cock knob.

Scene Two:

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Drew Peters (cute with short brown hair, facial hair, tattoos, pierced nipples) is down in the basement wearing only a white jockstrap and black leather boots. He scoops up a large amount of lube, greases up his butthole, and slowly begins to fist fuck himself. Drew loudly grunts with pleasure fucking himself as Jessie Balboa (hot dude with brown Mohawk, bead stubble, muscular bod) watches. Jessie is dressed in tight blue jeans, black boots, and super tight white "wife beater" tee. Jessie finger fucks Drew for a while and then jacks his own hard cut cock while Drew resumes his self lovin' by moaning and cramming his fist where the sun don't shine. The dudes switch to sort of a sixty-nine position with Drew eating Jessie's ass and Jessie fisting Drew's hole. Drew exclaims, "Yeah! Pound my hole!" Hot Daddy Nick Horn (muscle bod, shaved head, goatee) enters the room, observes the situation, and simply asks, "Got some more lube?"

Nick lubes his hand and fists Jessie's asshole using twisting motions as he plows his hand in and out. What follows is a fist fucking enthusiasts dream: Nick fists Jessie, Drew fists Jessie, Drew and Nick take turns fisting Jessie working their hands way past their wrists. Nick fucks Drew and Jessie with his hands at the same time forcefully working those two stretched holes for all they are worth! Nick fucks Jessie (with condom) in the missionary position while continuing to lend Drew a hand. Drew is now on top of Jessie allowing Jessie to fuck him (with condom) as Drew rides that cock with wild abandon and Nick continues to fuck Jessie. Drew becomes the meat in a fuck sandwich as Jessie and Nick cram their condom-covered cocks up his stretched hole at the same time and give him a good going over. Drew jacks his hard cut cock and shoots a load on Jessie's hairy stomach. Nick jerks his cut cock with both hands and dumps a load on Drew, bends over and laps up his own cum. Jessie does not shoots a load.

Scene Three:

Rik Jammer (cool Daddy with shaved head, goatee, toned body) is lying in a leather sling with legs in the air exposing his tight shaved hole while he jacks his hard cut cock. Bud (super Daddy with husky/muscular build, goatee, heavy tattoos) lubes Rik's asshole and fucks him with a big black dildo twisting the toy and cramming it in and out. Bud continues to violate Rik with the dildo as he jacks his own hard cut cock and rubs his heavily pierced balls. Bud slaps on some black latex gloves and fist fucks Rick while jacking Rick's hard cock giving his hole an enthusiastic workout. The dudes make out with plenty of deep wet tongue as Rick sinks down on his knees and sucks Bud's hard tool deep throating him. Rik fucks Bud from behind with a big ol' red dildo working the toy in and out of that hole as Bud's grunts fill the room.

Bud is now laying missionary in the sling as Rik fist fucks his hole with is latex gloved hand. Bud loudly grunts and moans as Rik crams his hand up that hole way past his wrist. Once out of the sling, the dudes position themselves in a sixty-nine and fist each other. This is quite a scene to behold as the dudes grunt and cram those fists deep into their stretched bungholes. Rick shoots a load while still being fisted. Rik fists Bud sinking his hand and arm almost up to his elbow as Bud beats off and cums on his own stomach.

Scene Four:

Chad West (buzzed hair with cool long sideburns and mustache), Stretch (tall/toned bod, buzzed brown hair), and Tony Bishop (short blond hair, toned body) and chained up to a black pole. Derrick Hanson (brown flattop, goatee, tattoos) walks in to find the dudes chained up. Derrick takes advantage of the situation by spanking Chad's butt and slapping Tony's face with his black leather gloves. Derrick roughly rips the seat out of Tony's worn blue jeans and feels his exposed hole. Derrick kisses Stretch with deep tongue as he rips his blue jeans off, lifting Stretch's leg in sort of a ballet pose while fingering his tight butt. Derrick jacks Chad's hard cut cock, roughs the dudes up, and finally unchains them. Derrick pulls Stretch's jeans down freeing his plump cut cock and spits on his face.

Derrick has a number of slender stainless steel rods that he slowly works into Stretch's piss slit and up his cock. Stretch obviously digs this action as he jacks his hard dong with the slender instruments deep in his pole. Stretch and Derrick light a number of white candles holding them over Tony as he jacks his hard cut tool. Tony reacts wildly as the hot candle wax drips down scotching his tender skin. Tony definitely gets off on this action as he jacks his cock harder and convulses in pleasure. Stretch takes his place on top of a table and allows Tony to fist him from behind (wearing latex glove) as Stretch deep thoats Derrick's stiff cut dong. Derrick switches to eating Chad's tight butt while Chad makes out with Stretch. Derrick fucks Chad from behind (with condom) using fast 'n hard strokes as Chad sucks Stretch's tool and Stretch is being fisted by Tony (with latex glove).

Derrick uses every one of these dudes as he is now fucking Tony from behind with a long black dildo. Stretch fingers Chad's hole and then fucks him with a big dildo. It's an all-out dildo party as Derrick fucks Tony with a fat wet toy and Stretch fucks Chad from behind with an enormous red dildo. Tony cries out, "Push it in! Push it in! Oh Fuck! Push harder!" The dudes finish up by jacking off and shooting their loads all over Chad. Chad beats his meat and shoots on his stomach.



"Slam Dunk" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Richard Board is professional providing full coverage of the action and plenty of extreme close-ups of the fisting. The direction and editing by Wolfgang Bang is strong keeping each scene moving along at a steady pace that never becomes dull. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear providing loads of moaning, grunting, and growling as these dudes engage in some very hardcore action.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a XXX gallery featuring high quality photographs by Dylan Ryan and Dario of each model and some action shots from the movie, website information, and trailers for more extreme fisting movies: "Twisted", "2 Twisted", "Big on the Inside", "Strong-armed 2", and "Fisticuffs".

Final Thoughts:

On a personal note, fisting has never been my scene. That said, Hot House Productions along with Club Inferno have created one hell of a movie. This action is fucking intense and not for the faint at heart. The dudes are all very hot and are completely into the action as they fuck each other's holes with their fists. The use of impossibly large dildos up butts and the slender steel rods up Stretch's piss slit creates the most extreme movie I have reviewed. The direction and editing by Wolfgang Bang along with the videography by Richard Board is strong proving full coverage of this action with plenty of close-ups and a clear 'n sharp picture. I highly recommend for fans of such intense/extreme action.

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