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Knob Bobbin'

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/10/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

September 2006

Directed By:

Chi Chi LaRue


Luca Di Corso, Zachary Pierre, Sebastian Rivers, Nick Marino, Nick Horn, Patrick Fischer, Jesse Santana, and Blake Riley.

The Movie:

Eight hot dudes gather for a weekend retreat that is dedicated to men who are addicted to anal sex. The counselors hope to get the dudes back in touch with the pleasures and intimacies of oral sex. "Oral sex can be hot, dirty, and sweaty. Two men don't have to fuck each other in the ass to get off."

The Dudes:

These dudes are all good-looking with a nice age variety of early twenties to thirties, slender/smooth/toned and muscular/hairy bodies, full and trimmed pubes, and cut/uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Blake Riley (very cute with spiked brown hair) and Patrick Fischer (good-looking with short dark curly hair) are relaxing by the cement pond making out with plenty of tongue. Blake states, "I guess I can handle one weekend without fucking" as the dudes begin to rub the bulges in their swimming suits. Blake is on top of Patrick with the dudes grinding their hard Speedo clad cocks together. Patrick pulls Blake's Speedo down exposing his beautiful bubble butt, pulls his cheeks apart and begins to rub that tight pink hole with his index finger. Blake grasps Patrick's hard cut cock and deep throats him all the way to his trimmed pubes bobbing up and down the stiff shaft. Blake switches back and forth sucking Patrick's tongue and his hard dick. Patrick goes down on Blake's hard cut tool jacking the shaft and cramming as much of it into his mouth as possible. Blake licks his fingers and begins to play with his hole along with Patrick's fingers.

The dudes climb into a sixty-nine and begin to gorge on each other's hard dongs while Patrick plays with Blake's hole. There are plenty of slurping noises as the guys chow down on that man meat. Blake plays with Patrick's tight pink butthole while he continues to suck his cock. Patrick eats Blake's hole licking and sucking the tight lil' rosebud as Blake moans with pleasure. Obviously Blake digs having his hole munched: "Oh yeah! Eat that ass! Eat it! Come on! Get in there!" To finish up, the dudes jack off with Patrick shooting a thick load on his stomach and Blake dumping a wet load hitting his chest, stomach, and trimmed pubes.

Scene Two:

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Nick Horn (hot with shaved head and goatee) and Nick Morino (handsome dude with dark hair and muscular build) are making out on the patio with lots of wet tongue and body rubbing. Horn removes Morino's shirt revealing his beautiful hairy muscle-bound chest and hard dark nipples. Horn gets busy licking and sucking that spectacular chest and sucking those nipples. Morino gets into the action by licking Horn's lightly hairy chest and sucking some hard nipples. Pants are dropped to the ground as Horn strokes Morino's hard uncut cock and Morino jacks Horn's cut tool. Moreno sits on a chair and takes Horn's hard cock deep throat to his trimmed pubes while jacking his uncut dick. Morino makes loud popping noises as he nurses Horn's big pink mushroom cock knob. Morino lays back and allows Horn to take that uncut tool deep into his mouth jacking the foreskin up and over the slick cock head. Horn sucks Morino's hairy balls and concentrates on that hot foreskin overhang. Morino thrusts his hips upwards to fuck Horn's willing mouth.

The dudes get so worked up that they are about to fuck but get caught by hunky counselor Zachary Pierce (short dark hair, beard stubble). The guys work out a deal with Zachary and the three head indoors to the large bed. Morino sucks Zachary's hard cut cock into his mouth stroking the shaft and sucking the pink head while Horn and Zachary make out with deep wet tongues. Morino is soon switching back and forth sucking Horn and Zachary's hard dicks. Horn sucks Zachary's stiff schlong while eating Morino's tight hairy butt hole switching back and forth between the two manly treats. Morino is definitely into having his hole eaten as he loudly moans, cries, and grunts with lust. Zachary switches back and forth between sucking Horn and Morino's stiff weenies gobbling those members like a madman.

Morino spreads Zachary's butt cheeks and tongues his tight shaved hole as Zachary moans in approval hunching his ass up to meet that hot mouth. Zachary jacks off and lets loose with thick jizz on Morino's hairy pecs. Morino shoots a large thick load on his hairy stomach. Horn beats his meat and squirts thick love juice on Morino's hairy stomach.

Scene Three:

Jesse Santana (very cute with short brown hair and smooth body) is lying on a large bed dressed only in his white Calvin Klein's. Jesse slowly explores his body rubbing his chest and bulging briefs. Jesse releases his large cut cock from the confines of his underwear and begins to jack his hard shaft while rubbing his full balls and teasing his tight shaved hole. Jesse pulls his hard cock and then lets it slap back onto his toned stomach. Hot! Jesse spreads his legs further apart as he fingers his pink pucker. Sebastian Rivers (hot dude with short dark hair and hairy chest) is spying on Jesse from the cracked door. Watching Jesse spit on hand and work two fingers up his hole is too much for him to handle. Sebastian sneaks into the room and crawls into bed taking Jesse's hard tool deep into his wet gullet.

The dudes make out with wet dueling tongues as Sebastian rubs Jesse's hole. Jesse rubs Sebastian's hairy butt crack licking his fingers and sliding them along the hole. Sebastian reaches back and spreads his butt cheeks and fingers his tight hole along with Jesse. Jesse munches down on Sebastian's butt licking and eating that tight hole with his wet tongue as Sebastian moans with ecstasy. The dudes slide into a sixty-nine and begin to suck each other's hard tools and rub those holes. The dudes beat their meat with Jesse shooting thick juice on his stomach and Sebastian blowing a big thick load on Jesse's stomach and spent cock.

Scene Four:

As counselors Luca Di Corso (handsome with tall/slender/toned build and short dark hair) and Zachary Pierce (from Scene Two) wave good by to the dudes, Luca immediately exclaims, "Screw this horseshit. I wanna get fucked!" The dudes get it on next to the crystal clear swimming pool with deep soul kissing and body rubbing. Luca lies back on a lounge chair as Zachary licks his hairy chest, sucks his hard nipples, and makes his way down to that hard cut cock. Zachary jacks that stiff tool and rubs Luca's butthole. Luca grasps both hard cocks in his fist and begins to jack them together. Zachary rubs the head of his hard cock against Luca's hungry hole teasing him as Luca cries out in frustration and pleasure. Zachary sucks Luca's cock down his throat twisting the shaft with his fist, sucking the knob, lickin' those nuts, and finally explores that hole with his tongue. Zachary spits on that rosebud and tongues the hell out of it.

Zachary fucks Luca in the side/missionary position (with condom) using fast, hard 'n horny strokes as Luca jacks his hard cock and loudly moans. The dudes work themselves into a frenzy as Zachary fucks Luca in the missionary position. The dudes are sweating making their beautiful bodies glisten in the hot Palm Springs' sun. Luca sucks Zachary's stiff pole with Zachary shifting over to sit on his face. Zachary rides Luca's face rubbing his tender touchhole against that prickly beard stubble and wet tongue. Hot! Zachary beats off and shoots large thick amount of seed. Zachary jacks Luca's cock making him shoot a thick load all over Zachary's thigh and side.



"Knob Bobbin'" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Brad Austin and Hue Wilde is professional providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of excellent close-ups of the ass eating. The direction by Chi Chi LaRue and editing by CH is strong creating hot scenes that move at slow-burning pace that never become dull. The picture quality is sharp and clear.


The sound is clear providing the viewer with plenty of hot sex noises as the dudes get their groove on.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, Popshot-on-Demand cum shot feature, a Behind-the Scenes featurette giving us a look at the dudes laughing, having makeup applied, Chi Chi directing, the dudes prepping each other between scenes, camera set ups, beautiful shots of Palm Springs, and Nick Horn's photo shoot. Also included are the cool safe sex PSA "Wrap it Up" starring Chi Chi LaRue looking beautiful, and previews for: "Below the Rim", "Cracksnackers", and "Oral Exams".

Final Thoughts:

Chi Chi LaRue comes though yet again with a hot non-stop suck and butt munch fest. The dudes are all good-looking and are obviously into the action as the sex is fucking hot! The production quality is top-of-the-line with excellent direction, videography, and editing creating one big turn-on of a movie. As mentioned, all the dudes are handsome; however, my personal favorites are Zachary Pierce, Sebastian Rivers, and Nick Marino. I highly recommend "Knob Bobbin'" for fans of Chi Chi LaRue's movies, butt eating, and cock sucking. On a personal note, I am dedicating this review to my college pal Brenda. She was one cool gal!

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