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StraightCollegeMen.com Auditions Vol. 3

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/14/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Years of Production:


The Movie:

Straight dudes audition by jacking off in front of the camera in hopes of joining the Straight College Men team and making some money.


Cameron is a good-looking dude with a tall/slender/toned build wearing a baseball cap. His reason for auditioning is to try to get involved in the adult film industry as much as he can. Cameron is a bit nervous but heads to the "dressing room" (all dressing room footage is silent and in black & white), removes his baseball cap revealing a sexy shaved head, strips down and shows off his hairy chest, dark pubes, and cut cock. He looks through a Hustler magazine as his plump cock begins to grow. Back on the sofa and watching straight porn (complete with female moans), Cameron jacks his tool working the purple knob. Cameron wags his stiff dick mostly stroking the top part of the shaft, rubs his hairy chest a bit, slaps that dong against his stomach, and shoots a thick load on his stomach.


Paul is quite handsome with short dark brown hair, goatee, and thick Boston accent. Once in the "dressing room", he strips down revealing his sexy husky 'n hairy body, full dark pubes, and large cut cock with big purple knob. Paul thumbs through a pussy magazine as he fluffs his growing dick. Returning to the sofa to watch some straight porn, Paul wags his rigid pole and begins to jack off using circular motions with is left hand. Paul has some very hot hangy hairy balls that are on full view as he spreads his big thighs. Paul's stroking becomes faster and he cums all over his full pubes.


Vinny is a cool looking dude with a shaved head and large dark eyebrows. His girlfriend knows about the audition but doesn't understand the appeal of porno movies. In the "dressing room", Vinny strips down to his checkered boxer shorts showing off his slender/toned build, hairy chest while checking out the variety of girlie magazine. Vinny pulls his boxers down revealing lush full dark pubes, cut dong, and plump balls. Back on the sofa, Vinny beats off using sort of an erratic technique as he thrusts his hips upwards and rubs that hot hairy chest. Once fully hard, Vinny has a fat cock, which he points at the camera. Getting worked up from the straight porn, Vinny shoots a small but thick load of man juice on his hairy stomach and pubes.


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Chris is a nice looking dude with dark hair who has been contemplating the audition for about a year and his nervousness is obvious. No "dressing room" this time as Chris reveals his sexy average build, dark pubes trimmed and shaped in a square, and cut cock. He sits on the sofa, watches the straight porn, and begins to toy with his tool. Using plenty of lube, it takes Chris a while to become fully hard but has a respectful 5 to 6-inch cock, which drips a bit of pre-cum when erect. Chris works his rigid member breathing quite heavy, closes his eyes and shoots a thick load on his stomach.


Jeff has short dark hair and is definitely a character. The dude who owns the site and does most of the videography had this to say about Jeff: "Reminds me of a country dog sniffing crotches and tearing up trash." Well, I won't go that far but Jeff definitely has a peculiar vibe about him. He confesses that he's never done anything like this before and that his girlfriend doesn't know anything about the audition. Frankly, Jeff spends too much time in the "dressing room" stripping down to his boxers and revealing his average body. After his tenure in the "dressing room" fluffing his cut cock, he slouches on the sofa to watch some straight porn. Jeff jacks his hard cock rubbing his shaved pubic area with a somewhat mean scowl on his face as if he's concentrating much too hard. This ain't rocket science. Jeff jacks that hard cock, pulls on his nuts, and shoots a small clear load on his stomach.


Bob is a handsome dude with short brown hair dressed like a businessman in dress pants, button down shirt and tie. In the infamous "dressing room", Bob undresses revealing a very nice toned body, muscular chest, bubble butt, shaved pubes, and cut cock. After looking through a few of those well-used magazines, Bob heads out to the sofa for some hot wanking. I must say that Bob is totally into jacking off in front of the camera as his cock grows to a rigid pole that he strokes with plenty of enthusiasm. Bob lubes that hard dong, spreads his legs wide, and strokes while breathing heavy. He works himself into a frenzy watching the straight porn and cuts loose squirting a very impressive load of thick love juice on his chest and stomach. Hot!


Derek is a very cute dude with dark hair and a cool goatee. He's auditioning because he wants some extras cash for the holidays. Once in the "dressing room", Derek takes off his clothes revealing a nice slender/toned body with smooth chest, dark trimmed pubes, and cut cock. He looks at those "dirty" magazines as his cock grows and he fluffs. Back on the sofa and watching straight porn, Derek rubs his hard cock with his left hand spreading his legs so we get a good look at his balls. Derek works that hard tool with his thumb and forefinger never using his fist. He alternates between fast and slower strokes as he wags his dong for the viewer. There are a couple of times when he rubs the leaking pre-cum into his pink knob. Derek's jacking becomes faster as he shoots a nice thick load on his stomach and pubes.


Andy is a hot husky/stocky dude with dark hair, cool sideburns, and tattoos. He strips down in the "dressing room" revealing his smooth chest, dark pubes, and cut cock. Andy takes a good look at the titty magazines as he fluffs his cock to partial hardness. Back on the sofa and ready for action, Andy watches the straight porn and jacks his cock to full hardness switching back and forth between his left and right fists which makes his hot hangy nuts bounce up and down. I love those balls! Andy lubes up and strokes that fucker to fulfillment. It takes him a lil' while to cum but does not disappoint with a nice thick load on his stomach.



"Straight College Men Auditions Volume 3" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is hand-held and a little shaky at times but provides basic and full coverage of the action with plenty of pleasing close-ups as the dudes engage in the private act of self-lovin' for our entertainment. The direction and editing are efficient keeping each scene moving along at a nice pace. The picture quality is sharp and clear with just a little grain from time to time.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear the dudes shoot the breeze and once the jack off starts, plenty of heavy breathing. We are also treated to the constant sounds of some gal getting fucked simpering and pouting the entire time.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, previews for "Jon Paul" (huge cock and full pubes) "Denver and Caleb", and "Ty" (hot and hairy). There is a separate CD ROM containing teasing previews for: "Andy and Sonny", "The Island Day 3", "Hawaii Day 4", "Brett and Caleb", "Paul", "Ricky", "Brett and Trevor", "Jason", and a full color catalog of all the releases.

Final Thoughts:

This is a cool solo movie. All the dudes are good looking in their own way and it's a big turn on to see them beat their meat and get off. Even the shy/quiet guys loose their inhibitions as they crank their hard shafts and shoot loads. This is no-frills amateur filmmaking and the camera can be a bit clumsy at times but never misses any of the action. There are plenty of close-ups as the dudes stroke off and shoot their cum. The direction and editing are sufficient providing scenes that are never too long and move along at a pleasant pace. All the dudes are cool but my favorites are Cameron, Vinny, Paul, Bob, and Derek. I recommend to fans of amateur straight guys beating their meat for cash.

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