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Real Urban Stories

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/17/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

July and August 2006

Directed By:

Rob Greco


Haven, Dollar, Chaos, Jamel, Mikey, Peanut, Pinky, Remy, and Venom.

The Movie:

Hot dudes from Philly and NYC reminisce about their first time with man-on-man lovin'.

The Dudes:

These good looking Black dudes range in age from nineteen to late twenties, with a variety of tall/slender/toned bodies and toned/muscular builds, full and trimmed pubes, hairy and smooth chests, and big cut and uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Pinky (cute dude, tall/slender build, twenty-four years old) and Peanut (cool dude with hot toned body, lil' chin hair, twenty-four years old) are originally from Philly. The dudes are relaxing on the sofa watching television when Peanut takes charge and begins to kiss Pinky's chest, unbuckles his jeans, and pulls 'em down revealing lush full pubes, big uncut cock, and hangy balls. Peanut shucks his clothing to show off his full pubes and large cut dick. Peanut sucks Pinky's big dong grasping the shaft, jacking it, and bobbing up and down that big thang. Both dudes have big cocks! Pinky strokes Peanut's hard cock while licking and sucking his hard nipples. Pinky kisses his way down and takes Peanut's cock deep into his gullet sucking and jacking the shaft and diggin' on those hairy nuts.

Pinky eats Peanut's butt tonguing his tight hole as Peanut breathes heavily, hunches back, and strokes his dick. Pinky grabs Peanut's hard pecker and pulls it back between his legs to suck it as he eats that ass. Pinky eats that butt with lots of gusto and loud licking noises, lubes him up good and fucks him from behind (with condom). Pinky fucks with smooth medium strokes that become faster as the dudes get into it. Peanut grunts and groans while his asshole is plowed. Pinky's balls slap against Peanut's butt as he fucks for all he's worth. There is a nice camera shot of Pinky's tight hairy little hole as he fucks Peanut.

Pinky switches to the missionary position and continues his hard fuckin' making the bed rock back and forth with squeaking noises as sirens blare outside. The dudes play an intense sink/bounce as Peanut rides the hell out of Pinky's pole with a hard circular motion. Pinky shouts, "Bust me a nut" as the dudes beat off. Peanut lets loose with a small but thick load on Pinky's stomach. Pinky jacks off while Peanut licks his nuts and shoots a large thick load of jizz on his stomach.

Scene Two:

Jamel (very cute nineteen year old with a tall/slender build) is watching television when his sister's boyfriend Mikey (nice looking Latino dude with a goatee, shaved head, and baseball cap) stops by. Jamel's sister isn't home and finds this is the perfect opportunity to ask about certain rumors he's heard. Rumors that Mikey like a little man-on-man action once in a while turns out to be true. Jamel jumps at the chance unbuckling Mikey's belt and sucking his uncut cock. Both dudes strip down with Mickey revealing full pubes and a sexy average build while Jamel shows off his full pubes, big uncut, and tight body. Jamel goes to town on Mikey's cock jacking the foreskin up and over the knob, sucking the shaft, and nursing the knob. Mikey rubs his cockhead against Jamel's wet tongue and ends up fucking his face.

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The dudes fall into a traditional sixty-nine of the sofa as Mikey sucks Jamel's big cock and Jamel begins to root around Mikey's tight hairy hole. Jamel spreads Mikey is now in the missionary position with Jamel spreading his butt cheeks and tonguing that tight pucker. Mickey shoots a large load on his stomach with nice cum filled foreskin while Jamel jacks off while Mikey plays with his balls. Jamel shoots a thick load of juice on Mikey's mouth, face, and chest.

Scene Three:

Remy (handsome dude with goatee and baseball cap) is visiting NYC from Philly. While he wonders around, Remy hooks up with Venom (fucking hot dude with short hair and a very cool goatee) and head back to Venom's place. The dudes strip down showing off their tight/toned bodies as they make out with plenty of wet tongue action. Venom sucks Remy's hard nipples, unbuckles his blue jeans, and takes his big veiny cut cock and goes down. Venom chows down on that stiff dong deep throat to Remy's pubes giving some excellent head. Venom jacks Remy's big cock and licks his large hangy nuts. The dudes get into a sixty-nine and gorge on each other's hard tools. Remy takes Venom's huge hard cut cock deep into his mouth while Venom eats Remy's tight hairy butthole. Venom fucks Remy's hole with his tongue and then gives him a little finger fucking to heat him up even more.

Venom slides his huge condom-clad cock up Remy's tight hole from behind slowly working it in. As expected, Remy is making all sorts of wild noises. Frankly, I'm not sure how he can take such a huge dong up his bum. Remy soon becomes accustomed and digs the action as Venom pounds his butt. "Fuck that shit, dog!" The dudes switch to a bit of the ol' sink bounce where Remy rides that monster with plenty of moxy. "Damn, dog. Oh shit!" The dudes switch it up one more time to the missionary position where Venom continues "the attack of the killer snake" as Remy gets royally fucked and actually demands to be fucked harder. The dudes really tear it up! Venom pulls out and announces, "I'm gettin' a nut" and shoots a thick load on Remy's chest. Remy does not cum.

Scene Four:

Dollar (good-looking, twenty-four years old, lil' goatee) zooms around NYC on his roller blades when he notices cute Jamel (from Scene Two). The dudes are soon back at Dollar's apartment where they eagerly strip off their shirts and make out with loads of wet tongue. Dollar sinks to his knees and takes Jamel's hard uncut cock into his mouth, jacking the shaft, rubbing those hot hangy nuts, nursing the knob, and gives the tool a full examination. In return, Jamel sucks Dollar's large cut cock concentrating on the cock head teasing it with his slithering pink tongue and gets down on Dollar's hairy hangy balls. Dollar digs the head as he fucks Jamel's face. Dollar leans up against the wall and bends over while Jamel eats his butt, reaches between his legs pulling back his cock and taking it down his throat. Jamel fucks Dollar from behind (with condom) using fast 'n hard strokes giving him a good reaming while Dollar beats his hard meat. Jamel switches to the missionary position where he continues to pound Dollar's tight butt. The room fills with the sound of hangy balls slapping, wet fucking, and moans. Jamel switches up one more time when he plows Dollar from behind. "Hell yes, son!" The dudes jack off while Dollar pinches Jamel's hard nipples. Jamel shoots a thick load on his stomach and Dollar shoots thick jizz to join the joy juice that is already on Jamel's stomach.

Scene Five:

Haven (very handsome and damn sexy with his deep voice, twenty-one years old and from NYC) tells the viewer about a trip to Philly in which he partied a little too hard and ended up back at Chaos's (good-looking with tight body) apartment. The dudes sit on the sofa and talk about all the gals they hung out with but didn't get any pussy. One thing leads to another and Chaos licks Haven's hot hairy chest and kisses his stomach. Chaos pulls Haven's pants off revealing his pull pubes and big cut cock. Chaos gets down on that monster cock deep throating as Haven guides his head with his hands. Haven thrusts his hips upward to fuck Chaos's mouth. Haven's big hangy nuts slaps around while he is fucking Chaos's face. I love those big ol' nuts! Haven pulls Chaos's jeans down revealing his hard cut cock and full pubes. Haven straddles Chaos and fucks his mouth as his hot nuts slap against Chaos's chin. Hot!

Haven spreads Chaos's butt cheeks and plays with his tight hole while he continues to give him a good face fucking. The dudes are really getting into the action when Haven fucks Chaos from behind (with condom) with Chaos's hot bubble butt stuck in the air. Haven plows that butt with fast/hard strokes, slapping that butt hard, while Chaos hunches back to meet Haven's demanding cock. Chaos rides the hell out of that cock as the dudes engage in some sink/bounce. Haven digs it. "Ride that motherfukin' dick!" The dudes beat their meat with Chaos shooting a thick load on Haven's hairy stomach and Haven squiring a big thick load on Chaos's stomach and chest. Haven's load squirts out with a strong force.



"Real Urban Stories" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is hand-held and steady providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of cool close-ups. The direction and editing are tight allowing each scene to move along at a nice pace. For the most part, the picture is sharp and clear. There are a few moments with a bit of grain but never enough to distract the viewer.


The sound is clear picking up the real sounds of NYC in the background, as the dudes talk dirty to each other, moan, grunt, and pant.


There is an interactive menu, scene selection, and chapter stops. Sadly, there are no bonus features.

Final Thoughts:

The Latino Fan Club in association with Real Urban Men Productions has released one hell of a hot movie. The dudes are cool and completely into the action as they get down with each other. My personal favorites are Haven (who is one of the best looking dudes I've ever seen), Jamel (the cute nineteen year old with a huge uncut cock), and Venom (fucking hot with his cool goatee and huge cock). The direction, editing, and videography come together to create an entertaining movie chock full of hot sex. With no music and plenty of natural sounds such as fire engines and police sirens blaring outside, the movie has a stripped-down authentic feel that makes it all the more a turn-on. I highly recommend to fans of hot Black dudes getting their groove on.

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