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Big Butt Slutz

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/18/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Big Butt Slutz

Evil Angel

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Jazz Duro

Cast: Lorena, Jazz Duro, Mariana, Katrina Kraven, Yasmine Vivianna

Length: 171 minutes

Date of Production: 11/6/2006

Extra's: The best extra was the 6+ minute Behind the Scenes feature since Jazz was funny while goofing around and the ladies all provided more eye candy for the camera. It was far too short but I liked it anyway. The other extras consisted of a cumshot compilation, a photogallery, a helpful cast list, a series of filmographies for some of the ladies, and trailers to movies like Ass Jazz 1, Ass Jazz 2, Ass Jazz 3, Ass Jazz 4, Asses of Face Destruction, Smother Me.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Big Butt Slutz was presented in the usual 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by director Jazz Duro for distribution by Evil Angel. This was the seventh title in the Buttman Magazine Choice series, presumably an effort to recruit new directors that love ass as much as John "Buttman" Stagliano. The last release in the series I saw by another director that I truly liked, Smother Me (sorry Romulus) by Canadian anal prophet Uncle D was good enough to win the weekly spotlight title in the Blue Room Column earlier this year so I was really juiced up about seeing what Jazz could do for my libido in his fifth attempt (especially given what a great job he had done in the last four outings). In terms of the picture quality, it was as good as Buttman used to provide when he was starting out, full of intimate shots of pussy, tits, and most importantly, ASS, though there was a fair amount of grain to be seen (if perhaps less then some of the previous volumes in the series). The lighting was much like a lower end gonzo flick too but the movie was saved as much by his compositional talent as the overall raw energy of the action. There were no compression artifacts and the other visual matters weren't bad but this was not quite up to the usual Evil Angel standards in terms of looks. The audio seemed to be presented in a monaural track cleaned up by 2.0 Dolby Digital processing, relying on the built in microphone to capture the limited vocals of the scenes. It wasn't bad but I've found recent gonzo titles working on this area to be better and I expect no less from Evil Angel.

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Body of Review: Jazz Duro has been one of this year's most pleasant surprises out of Evil Angel for me since his movies like Ass Jazz 1, Ass Jazz 2, Ass Jazz 3, and Ass Jazz 4, have all provided something markedly different from the company then I'm used to. I know many of you prefer the same formulas employed by their stable of directors as much, if not more than, I like it but the predictability can sometimes get old. His latest release is Big Butt Slutz, a movie big on tease and anal play, with a lot of diversity of action for fans to enjoy. The press release from the company website said it like this: "Buttman Magazine Sez: What's huge and round and bounces all over? The mesmerizing flesh assembled for Jazz Duro's camera and your viewing pleasure. First up is Lorena, who looks so sexy gazing straight into the camera. She's photographed in a tantalizing tease segment before Jazz pumps her rump like a pair of tanned, fragrant, very orgasmic volleyballs. The shameless girl laps his cum right off the floor! (Buttman loves Lorena so much that Jazz is devoting an entire DVD to this nasty nympho; look for it in 2007.) Cute, blonde Mariana's natural titties and curvy rear entice Jazz, who treats her to her very first on-camera butt-reaming. The intensity is palpable as they exchange filthy fuck talk in Portuguese. Katrina Kraven proves that a woman horny for stiff penetration can be left to her own devices. She looks sultry stuffing herself with an exotic array of sex toys, and her gaping asshole makes for a "Big O" in more ways than one. Long-legged, long-haired brunette Yasmin Vianna displays her comely derriere in picturesque postures, and Jazz folds her pliable form into fun fuck positions. Their anal connection is fierce, but when he needs to spew his jism, her mouth opens wider than her anus. The girls here share vital traits besides looking superb in high heels: With their ample gluteal endowment and voracious sexual capacity, they easily qualify as a Big Butt Slutz." That said, here's a brief glimpse into the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used at all:

Scene One: Lorena, the well tanned brunette on the left hand side of the front DVD cover, was up first as she girlishly showed off her womanly figure on the overcast day in the courtyard to director Jazz Duro. He couldn't remember her name but he sure remembered her fleshy ass as she spanked herself (in jeans initially) and teased with her ample chest in the see through black tank top. All natural curves like hers are a treat these days in porn, as is the coy nature she applied to the tease action, a side product of Jazz having fewer scenes that are longer. The clothed butt gyrations alone were enough to get me off but her facial expressions were classic too, elevating the heat quotient repeatedly as she bent over and knelt before the pool. Fans of feet will have something to appreciate as well as those into face smothering by a gal with jeans; her clothing staying on until nearly the 30 minute mark (around which time she started masturbating). The large anal plug soon came into play and a well lubed ass was the destination. She started sucking his cock around the 41 minute mark (all times are approximate but this gives you an idea of how the scenes weren't cookie cutter short) with her usual enthusiasm, Jazz getting slightly rough with her by slapping her playfully. She rimmed him and took his cock well as he boned her pussy, tying her to the ladder of the pool at one point. The anal was short and passive but led to him popping on her face with her licking up the remains off the ground. In all, it was a very solid scene with some of the greatest tease footage I've seen in months! Whew!

Scene Two: Mariana, the curvy light haired babe on the front cover, was up next wearing her black fishnet body stocking with some pants and red tape as she kissed Jazz Duro in the house. There wasn't as much tease by her alone but she seemed to like dominating Jazz as she tied him up and repeatedly sat on his face. He liked it too and was soon sucking her rounded cheeks, followed by some anal plug use on her backside. He took her from behind in doggy as she sat in the chair, spreading her cheeks for him to pillage even if vaginally at first. She then blew him with a lot of energy, in a slightly clumsy manner but with a lot of passion before they switched to anal. He then blew his load on her face and chest, ending the half hour scene nicely. They had some chemistry but it didn't reach as high as the last scene in most ways.

Scene Three: Katrina Kraven, a well known anal extremist with a fleshy but tight body and plentiful arm tattoos, was up next with Jazz Duro working the camera as she teased him outside by an outdoor pool at a different residence then most of his scenes (this one was probably shot in California). Her shiny white stretch pants added some butt munch action and cameltoe with her black bra barely holding her breasts in. She masturbated by sticking her hand inside of herself, slowly disrobing outside in the secluded area while keeping her black patent pumps on. She also liked the clear anal toy routine but also used a larger graduated toy with some ATM on both of them. She eventually took the act inside to do all the best toy play, stretching herself for the expected, inevitable plundering Jazz would give her but the toys continued to grow in size (length AND girth) to the point where I thought he'd be a let down for her if he tried. True enough, the scene remained a tease and solo bit that showcased her continuing anal exploits but did so in such a manner that fans will probably be happy to check it out repeatedly.

Scene Four: Yasmine Vivianna, another curvy and all natural brunette, though this one wearing decidedly less clothing as she teased on an indoor staircase, was up last with Jazz Duro; the scene starting at about the 130 minute mark. Her English language skills seemed limited but she indicated that she liked a dick in her ass as she slowly swiveled her hips and did some fine teasing; proving that a gal can do a lot to distract a guy from minor physical flaws (like a gap tooth; which generally only works on gals like Belladonna for me). She might have been performing as she teased him but it was another great performance with the stripper's metal pole coming into play in such a manner that I'd lick it clean after she rubbed all around it. She used a clear anal plug extensively too, moaning and making noises as though she were getting off (unlike some of the over the top performances I'm used to). This was a full scene between the pair with her doing some fine blowjob action to his throbbing cock in POV fashion, savoring his meat stick as though it were the best thing she had in her mouth in a very long time. She wasn't very active in the vaginal sex penetration but she seemed to get off on the anal a lot more, her on oral clean up duties between positions with PTM and ATM. She became increasingly active as the scene wore on, and it ended with an oral pop shot, both of them looking quite spent as the camera faded away. The tease was the best part of the scene for me but it was still a good ending scene with lots of stroke and replay value to enjoy.

Summary: Big Butt Slutz by director Jazz Duro for distribution by Evil Angel was another title of his earning a rating of Highly Recommended. The gals weren't super models but they all generated plenty of heat as they gave up thrilling (and extensive) tease footage for "The Jazz" as I've started to refer to him, and the levels of stroke, replay and fun factor value all exceeded my weekly maximum amount. If you can get through the movie in a sitting or two, I question how jaded you are given the nature of the smoldering performances found in Big Butt Slutz with my only real complaint being that Katrina did not have a full scene. It did serve to mix things up a bit and make them more unpredictable but I admit to thinking she always seems into her work so wanting to see more is understandable on my part. Otherwise, the technical values were decent and there was a lot of fuck for the buck (with incredible amounts of tease) so you really can't go wrong this time.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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