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Grudge Fuck 7

Studio: DVSX » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/19/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Grudgefuck 7


Genre: Vignette

Director: David "Crawdaddy" Lord

Cast: Jenaveve Jolie, Justin Magnum, Jezebelle Bond, Justin Snyder, Hillary Scott, Alec Metro, Candy Manson, Derrick Pierce, Brooke Haven, Ben English

Length: 132 minutes

Date of Production: 9/22/2006, 9/25/2006, 9/27/2006

Extra's: I liked the masturbation/tease scenes by three of the ladies the best. Each got a chance to play and while they weren't as long as I would have liked, each showed their own style at pleasuring oneself. The scenes didn't last long enough to make them prime stroke fodder but they were a nice extra that seldom gets discussed by reviewers so check them out if you get the chance. Fans of Candy and Brooke might feel a bit left out in that they weren't given such scenes but sometimes there are technical reasons for this. I also appreciated the 13 minute long Behind the Scenes by Mike (and edited by Crawdaddy himself). There was a combination of interview footage, photogallery material, and more sex; making it quite worth checking out in my book. There was also a photogallery, a double sided DVD cover, hotshots, and trailers to a variety of shows like Pass the Creme, Ass Factor, Sick Girls Need Sick Boys, Fine Ass Bitches, Double Parked, Off The Rack.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Grudgefuck 7 was presented in the surprisingly pleasant 1.85:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director David Lord for release by DVSX. The anamorphic process alone was likely enough to make this one look better on your higher end systems but the lighting added to the pluses of the visual quality too. There was little grain and no video noise to speak of, even if some of the scenes looked a bit washed out (perhaps the camera settings were wrong?). Still, the composition of the shots always seemed to enhance the look of the ladies, though there were a few moments that could've used polishing up with the editing but overall, the visuals were well done and made the project all the more strokable for me. The audio was presented in the standard 2.0 Dolby Digital enhanced English, with the vocals captured by the built in microphone on the camera. The vocals were hollow in most cases and struck me as the weak link of the technical chain for the production.

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Body of Review: David Lord has been in porn for years handling many tasks, now directing for DVSX. Contrary to internet rumors, he has always acted professionally, friendly, and pleasantly in my presence with no one speaking ill of him outside of the usual kidding that shows male bonding. His latest effort for the company is Grudgefuck 7, the latest in the series I got hold of since reviewing Grudgefuck 5. The idea of the series is to showcase attractive ladies having sex with their man after the couples have fights over relatively trivial matters. If you've ever been in a relationship with someone hellbent on using female logic to mind fuck you, you'll know what I'm speaking of when I speak of grudge based sex. The cover said it like this: "Now is the time to put that bad temper to good use. These 5 fiery scenes of sexual vengeance are all designed to get your blood boiling and help you explode... the right way. This Grudgefuck starts with a little anger banging and ends with an explosion of carnal rage so, if you like sex charged with a bit of spite and hostility, you've come to the right place." It was a hot piece of work with a fine cast so fans will be pleased at how well the sex was in the movie. If you're still interested, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used:

Scene One: Jenaveve Jolie, an incredible looking Latina with a fine body, was up first as she continually talked to her otherwise occupied partner Justin Magnum. The comic nature of the scenario had him pulling an obviously toy pistol on her, hitting her in the head with uranium, and otherwise trying to figure out how to quiet her chatter down. This being a porno, he settled on the time tested dick in the mouth routine, although the way she sucked him off was anything but routine. As one of the cocksucking greats of our time, she inhaled his knob as though it was the only thing in her life she cared about, wiggling her fine hips as she blew him. This led to a heated little romp in the bed where he hammered away at her pussy, drilling for gold by the looks of it. She claimed to like rough sex and while this really wasn't particularly rough, she looked very good here (as expected).

Scene Two: Jezebelle Bond, an experienced brunette with a curvy MILF type body, was up next as she had a verbal disagreement with Justin Snyder; who played her husband in the scene. He wanted her to tend to his sewing needs and she scoffed at him as he was a lazy piece of crap that never fucked her. This established the setting for the titular grudgefuck, as he threw her on the bed and shoved his cock in her face. The excitement of the action turned her on so she started really getting into the hummer, with each of them continuing to play their established roles. She masturbated as she gave him the best head of his career, resulting in him taking her doggy style in her fine little pussy. I loved watching her ass cheeks ripple as he pounded away at her and her respiration rate told me that she seemed to like it too, eventually moving to an even more active cowgirl ride with PTM before he rubbed out the smallest load I've see in a long time to her mouth.

Scene Three: Hillary Scott, one of the world's greatest anal princesses, was up next as the girlfriend of loser Alec Metro, who got upset at her panties being left in his bathroom (in real life, he'd be spanking it all day long while sniffing them, the perv). He roughly grabbed her on the bed and she played along with his outrageous demands; making glub glub noises when she blew him that really pissed him off. She mocked him as he tried to assert his dominance over her, realizing that his modest member was laughable as she aggressively sucked away like a hotty with superior talent. The bed room setting wasn't the best for the scenario but her tone carried the scene and the cuckolded Alec fit his role too. He fucked her and ate her out while she used extensive dirty talk, moving to her anal action as expected. She rode him even harder in the anal, though I preferred her with longer hair to hold onto, she gave a funny performance to punctuate the scene dynamic better then any of the others in the show. With some ATM and a facial, they ended the scene with a smile, marking it as a solid scene to enjoy.

Scene Four: Candy Manson, playing a whorish streetwalker type with lovely curves, was up next as she came home to wimpy Derrick Pierce; who had just gotten off the phone with a buddy, explaining that she wouldn't leave his place. He verbally abused her a little more realistically then the previous scenes as he shoved his cock in her mouth. He was a capable swordsman and she seemed to show why she stuck around as she impaled her throat with his cock, loving the taste of his rod as well as the erection he sported just for her. She bounced on his cock like she was on fire, her reddened ass cheeks looking good as she actively impaled herself on his lap. Her breasts bounced in all the positions they did too, eventually ending when he jerked off to her face; ending with a Twilight Zone type of comment from her that made me laugh.

Scene Five: Brooke Haven, the hotty featured on the right hand side of the front cover in her baby blue bikini underwear, was up next portraying the wife of Ben English. He came home from a business trip and she was sitting on the couch as he told her about his meeting up with an old girlfriend while she rubbed his shoulders. Needless to say, those of you with wives will know exactly how she reacted, though this being a porno, she responded with the natural anger and a grudgefuck blowjob. The energy was palatable and her aggressive skills aside, they played their roles very well. The oral led to her roughly riding him in her pussy, screaming at him as she continued her inquiry into his trip. As the scene progressed, she then moved to anal and made me think that marriage would be pretty sweet if this was how the little lady would treat me when she was mad at me, the anal being almost as active as the vaginal sex in this case. She did multiple positions and ATM before he rubbed out a pretty large load to her face and chest.

Summary: Grudgefuck 7 by director David Lord for release by DVSX came close to being highly recommended based on the levels of grudgefuck per buck, the casting, and the technical qualities in combination with the sexual heat but even the use of anamorphic widescreen couldn't sharpen the picture as shot and some of the guys seemed like third tier mope squad members on the loose so I ended up settling on rating it as Recommended. In short though, Grudgefuck 7 had some fun with the premise of the grudge fuck theme and this addressed one of my main concerns from previous volumes (the great casting addressed the other). If the picture gets better with the next volume, I can see a higher rating being earned by David but it was still a LOT better then I had heard it was based on early reports.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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