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Body Guards

Studio: High Octane » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/20/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

September 2006

Directed By:

Herve Handsome


Ian Lynch, Alex Lynch, Roger Matteo, Marco Campbell, Austin Roger, Steve Hunts, Buck Monroe, Glenn Santoro, Julian Veneziano, Rick Bauer, Rod Stevens.

The Movie:

Wealthy and mysterious Mr. X lives in a large mansion surrounded by the beautiful countryside and employs a large number of handsome Body Guards to keep him safe...and to satisfy his every sexual desire.

The Dudes:

These Eastern European dudes are all very good-looking. Every dude has short dark hair, tight muscular bodies, hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, and large uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Mr. X. (Glenn Santoro) is relaxing in his posh study enjoying a fine glass of whiskey and a stogie. Not satisfied, he calls his hunky twin bodyguards Ian and Alex Lynch in for some fun. When the twins enter, Glenn is on an expensive sofa playing with his stiff uncut cock. Glenn sinks to his knees to rub the twins bulges and then releases those hard uncut tools to stroke and suck. Glenn switches back and forth deep throating each rigid member as the twins moan with pleasure. Sounds of heavy breathing and sucking fills the study as Glenn gorges on that man meat. Ian sits on the sofa sipping booze while Alex fucks Glenn's tight hairy hole from behind (with condom). Alex really pounds that butt with fast strokes pulling all the way out and then plunging back in.

Glenn plays a bit of the old sink/bounce as he rides Ian's condom-covered cock while Alex sucks Glenn's cock and jacks his own. Ian switches to the side/missionary position continuing to piston in and out of Glenn's snug butthole while Glenn beats off and Alex watches. Alex cums on his own stomach while Glenn shoots on his muscular thigh and Ian lets loose with a thick load of jizz on Glenn's hip.

Scene Two:

Bodyguard Rod Stevens is searching Glenn's large garage to make sure the numerous expensive automobiles are secure. Another guard Julian Veneziano arrives in one of the cars. After shaking hands, the dudes immediately begin to get down to some serious kissing with deep tongue as a third guard Austin Rogers watches the action on one of the many closed circuit monitors. Rod lustily pushes Julian back against one of the cars, unbuttons his shirt, and begins to rub his smooth and muscular pecs sucking the hard nipples and eyeing the security camera. Austin watches the action heat up and begins to rub his bulging crotch, releases his uncut cock and balls and pulls his pud. Rod kisses his way down Julian's chest and stomach, unbuttons his pants, pulls out his hard uncut tool, and takes it deep into his mouth. Rod sucks that hard dong jacking the shaft while Julian shines his flashlight on Rod's busy mouth.

Rod makes plenty of loud popping noises as Julian fucks his mouth with that big dong. Austin continues to jack off with his eyes glued to the monitors, removing his shirt to reveal his smooth muscular chest. Rod finally pulls his uncut hard-on from the confines of his trousers as the dudes make out and jack each other. Julian slowly slides his condom-clad cock deep into Rod's tight hole from behind and fucks him good 'n hard as the garage fills with the sounds of panting. Julian switches to the missionary position fucking Rod at a fast pace and really pounds his hole. Guard Steve Hunts walks in on Austin and catches him beating his meat and joins in on watching the free sex show. Steve pulls his uncut schlong out and starts to stroke along with Austin. After some intense sink/bounce in which Rod rides the hell out of Julian with his hard cock flopping around, Rod shoots all over his full brown pubes. Julian shoots a thick load on Rod's shoulder.

Scene Three:

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Turned on beyond words, Austin and Steve make out with plenty of deep wet tongue sucking in the main control room. Steve removes his shirt showing off his hot hairy chest, sinks to his knees and deep throats Austin's dick. Austin guides Steve's head with his hands and then fucks his face. Steve gives some excellent head. Austin gets down on his knees and takes Steve's cock into his mouth twisting the hard shaft and nursing the knob. Steve spits on Austin's tight hairy butthole and chows down licking the pink pucker, reaching between Steve's legs and jacking him off. Austin fucks Steve from behind (with condom) using fast 'n forceful strokes making Steve loudly moan in pleasure.

Austin switches to the missionary position to continue fucking Steve followed by some of the good ol' sink/bounce. Austin thrusts his hips up to fuck Steve's bung while Steve beats his meat. Steve shoots a large thick load on a desktop. Austin sits back in a comfortable chair, beats off and squirts a load on his stomach.

Scene Four:

Mr. X. (Glenn Santoro) is jogging with yet another one of his hunky bodyguards (Roger Matteo) as they make their way along the narrow streets and into an abandoned building. The dudes come upon handsome Rick Bauer who just happened to be locked in some type of jail cell. Instead of tying to get him out, Glenn and Roger feel Rick's beautiful smooth muscular chest through the bars. The situation quickly becomes a sexual free-for-all as the dudes feel each other up and release their hard uncut cocks and begin to stroke 'em. Glenn gets down on his knees to take Rick's hard tool into his gob as Rick strokes Roger's long dong working the foreskin up and over the slick pink knob. Glenn has no problems deep throating Rick while he beats his own meat. Rick sinks to his knees and switches back and forth sucking Roger and Glenn. The dudes fuck the hell out of Rick's face as sighs and sounds of fucking bounce off the walls. Rick squirts a large load on the floor while Roger cuts loose with a thick load on Rick's shoulder. Glenn squirts a big load on Rick's other shoulder. Hot!

Scene Five:

Guard Buck Monroe is in Mr. X.'s kitchen fixing himself a sandwich when Alex Lynch enters looking for a midnight snack of his own. Buck gives Alex the eye while Alex fixes two cups of Joe with whipped cream on top. The coffee is soon forgotten when Buck brazenly unzips his shirt revealing a muscular smooth chest. Alex pushes Buck to his knees, pulls out his hard uncut cock and gives Buck a good face fucking. Alex squirts some whipped cream on his pink knob and Buck gobbles up the tasty desert. Buck's mouth is covered in whipped cream as he deep throats Alex's large tool. The dudes stroke each other's hard cocks while Alex teases Buck by not allowing him a kiss. Alex rubs his hot butt in Buck's face allowing him to gladly eat that tight hairy hole spreading the cheeks and giving that pucker a tongue bath.

Alex goes down on Buck's cock sucking and jacking the shaft filling his mouth to capacity. Alex fucks Buck's tight hairy hole from behind (with condom) using fast/hard strokes and slapping his butt cheeks. Buck grunts and jacks as his hole is being reamed for all it's worth. Alex gets down and fucks Buck in the missionary position continuing with his pounding strokes when his twin brother Ian walks in. Ian wastes no time yanking his stiff uncut dick out and jacking off. Buck sucks Ian's cock while Alex fucks his butt. The twins look at each other and smile while Ian fucks Buck from behind (with condom) and Buck sucks Alex's dong. Ian shoots a thick load on Buck's chest while Buck cums on the floor and Alex shoots a thick load on Buck's shoulder.

Scene Six:

Roger Matteo (from Scene Four) practices his kickboxing and then heads back in Mr. X.'s mansion to enjoy a nice hot shower. As Roger lets the water to pour over his his big uncut tool, sexy Marco Campbell walks right up and hands him the liquid soap. Marco strokes Roger's hardening cock, gets to his knees and sucks that long cock. Marco digs that big dong as he slobbers all over it jacking the shaft making the foreskin cover and uncover the knob, and licks Roger's hairy balls. Roger fucks Marco's tight hairy asshole from behind (with condom) using quick strokes making his balls bounce. Marco jacks his hard uncut dick while being royally screwed. I love Roger's big floppy nuts!

Roger switches to the side/missionary position fucking Marco as fast 'n hard as he can. The dudes switch up a couple of more times with some traditional missionary and sink/bounce as they fuck themselves into a frenzy. Marco squirts a very thick load of man milk allowing his hot foreskin to be drenched in cum. Roger shoots a thick load on Marco's chest as his seed drips down Marco's hard nipple.

Scene Seven:

Mr. X. (Glenn Santoro) is relaxing in his luxurious hot tub with a cocktail and cigar. He must be quite tired from a day of fucking his hunky bodyguards. Julian Veneziano (from Scene Two) sneaks up on his boss and gets in the whirlpool completely dressed. Of course, his clothes don't last long as he undresses allowing Glenn full oral access to his hard uncut dong. Glenn takes that fucker deep into his mouth sucking like a Quick Vac deep throating and lovin' that man meat. Julian strokes Glenn's stiff uncut tool sucking it into his mouth for some deep throat techniques of his own. In an interesting move, Julian pours some booze on Glenn's hairy butt crack and hole and laps that cocktail up like a wino with a bottle of Mad Dog! Julian really chows down on that pink pucker making Glenn moan with unbridled lust. Julian spits on that hole and begins to finger fuck Glenn first with one digit and then with two.

Julian fucks Glenn from behind (with condom) filling that tight butt with his big cock using immediate strokes. Julian pounds that hole drunk with lust as Glenn grunts 'n groans with his own pleasure. Julian changes to the missionary position to continue his sexcapades with Boss Man filling that tight hole with plenty of pork. After some intense sink/bounce, the dudes jack off to finish up. Glenn shoots a thick load on his hairy chest while Julian squirts a big amount of spooge on Glenn's legs.



"Body Guards" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in wide screen. The picture is extremely sharp and clear allowing the vibrant colors used in the movie to come through beautifully. The videography by Herve Bodilis is superb with plenty of close-ups and full coverage of all the sexual action. The non-sexual camera shots are just as top-notch. The direction and editing by Herve Handsome is top-of-the-line creating some very hot sex scenes that move along at a great pace and never become dull or monotonous.


The sound is clear with some cool guitar driven music by Rock Hard that tones down throughout the film creating a perfect ambiance for the hot sex and all the noises that go along.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, Behind-The –Scenes featurette showing the models as they conduct their photo shoots, and a photo gallery with high quality publicity photographs of each model along with action shots from the movie.

Final Thoughts:

High Octane has created one very hot fucking movie with "Body Guards". Everything about the production is excellent. The dudes are all very good-looking with beautiful bodies who throw themselves fully into the sex action for some no-holds-barred sucking, fucking, and butt eating. As mentioned, the videography is some of the best I've seen, the direction and editing are strong, and the picture quality is sharp allowing the vivid colors used in the lighting to come through. This is especially noticeable in Scene Two as the entire garage is bathed in a cool blue light. Strobe and slow motion is used a number of times to maximum effect that does not distract but adds an interesting quality. As mentioned, all the dudes are cool so I cannot pick any favorites. I must say twins Ian and Alex Lynch are forces to be reckoned with. I highly recommend "Body Guards" for fans of hot Eastern European men with beautiful bodies and big unclipped cocks.

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