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Shane's World 26: Toga Party

Studio: Shane's World » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/20/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Shane's World 26: Toga Party: Collector's Edition

Shane's World

Genre: Pro-Am

Director: Uncredited

Cast: Sky Lopez, Samantha Stylle, Kiri, Tyler Lane, Kristina Black, Vivian Valentine, Tabitha Stern, Nicole, Nacho Vidal, Billy Glide, Jason, Jonathan Stern, Max Steele, Ray-J, Steve, others uncredited

Length: 85 minutes

Date of Production: 9/2000

Extra's: Just like most of the Shane's World releases of late, there were some good extras in this older release worth writing about with my favorite being the 32 minutes of Lost Footage. Some of it was edited due to that nasty monthly visitor women face, while other edits struck me as whimsical since the action was fairly strong (though at times the technical problems or lack of enough quality footage was probably the deciding factor at play). If you like the spontaneity of the usual shows the company puts out, suffice it to say that this footage ramped it up a notch and proved to be even less predictable (but fun), albeit with some minor issues at times. The 25 minutes of Behind the Scenes footage was also great to watch as the cast and crew seemed to alternate between picking on each other in such a fashion that I laughed out loud a few times or got into watching what would happen next (remembering how some of them interacted in the movie, some of this footage seemed like they didn't know they were being recorded). The cast and crew were having a lot of fun and I enjoyed watching it; especially for the extra sex and nudity. It showed a playful side of things that fans will appreciate. There was a photogallery, cast biographies, and trailers to shows like (though not including since this was made long ago) College Invasion 9, Blazed & Confused 1, Blazed & Confused 2, Oral Supremacy, Pork BBQ, Guide To Anal Sex, Girls Night Out 1, Girls Night Out 2, Shane's World 37, Shane's World 36, Shane's World, and Shane's World: Nerdz.

Condoms: Yes

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Audio/Video Quality: Shane's World 26: Toga Party was presented in the same 1.33:1 ratio full frame color as shot by the nameless cameramen of Shane's World. The series is supposed to look like it was shot by an amateur; something like many other Pro-Am series, and it did in virtually all scenes. The lighting would wash out the fleshtones, the camera would lose focus, and the composition of the shots varied at times but the raw energy of the show remained intact as the series tends to be good at. The 2.0 Dolby Digital English audio was decent but I didn't notice a lot of separation between the channels (the center channel provided pretty much all of the sound) and the dynamic range was about average for the series. The technical values in general were once again decent but a bit more work might help them even more in the future. This being a much older volume in the series, it is easy to see why it looked and sounded like it did, and all the criticism about technical qualities aside, it conveyed a sense of heat and spontaneity better then most flicks shot back in 2000.

Body of Review: Shane's World has always seemed to be cut from a different cloth for me as it did not have the formulaic sex, the aging lothario's, and other basic principles of modern porn like most other companies seem to offer. In that sense, it is easy to see why some refer to the company as a true "alt-porn" (referring to an alternative from the same old stuff others offer) in a more meaningful sense then the advertisers shoving the current fad down our throats provide. As I have been looking back at various titles from early in my reviewing history, I dug up a few titles of merit that prove why I've long held an appreciation for the company, with today's review of Shane's World 26: Toga Party: Collector's Edition another blast from the past. The idea was that Sky Lopez decided to hold a toga party, and no one could deny such a cutie the chance to offer up sex, fun, and the possibilities of a toga party. The cover said it like this: "Sky decided it would be fun to throw a toga sex party. Beer bong and Jello shots in hand, she set out to invite as many horny 18 year old girls as she could find. When Steve, the Fan Pick of the Month, had all the guys in his dorm email us, we knew he would be fun to party with too. Before they got a chance to put on their togas, everyone was naked and fucking like crazy. The camera guy could barely keep up with this non-stop sex fest. Being the perfect hostess, Sky even made sure that the Fan Pick got off. These are the friends you wish you had in college!" If that sounds appealing to you, here's a quick look at the movie in a more mainstream manner of reviewing, noting that some condoms were used:

The movie started out with the gang all preparing to have some fun at the advertised toga party. Samantha Styles got frisky and started warming up Billy Glide by kissing his pecker but he didn't jump her bones so she went on and got Nacho Vidal and Jason McCain to play with. Nacho snacked on her crack while she blew Jason, looking more like a home movie then anything else. Jason liked the hummer but wanted more of a scene to himself so he carried off a gal named Kira to go down on as she reclined on the couch. Billy gave some tips as he held her legs, with her thoroughly enjoying the action before they all swapped partners. For the record, her blowjob showed a modicum of skill but she might have only had a few dozen cocks in her mouth given the way she tackled the task. It was an active ride though, especially the anal with Nacho proving to be the bigger man on campus with his abdomen pop.

Bailey was up next as she "broke in" (their words, not mine) Max Steele by giving him a short blowjob by the bar. She inspired him by taking off her top to reveal an all natural rack of nice dimensions, with the others largely ignoring them until he gave the smallest pop shot I have ever seen in a porno. In the other room, Sky Lopez, Nicole, and Bailey started up another scene that involved putting a condom on (and discussing making animals with the tip), a handjob, and some lesbian cunnilingus before they tapped Nacho to come back into action for some twisted screwing as the main man again. The uncredited guy was slow, mechanical, and relatively helpless compared to Nacho but he was getting to tap some premium porn pussy so I really couldn't fuss about his performance against one of the premiere studs of the day (this was before he hooked up with Belladonna as I recall). The oral was good but the gals were very active, even as they made quaff noises as the two couples screwed on the floor with a sense of urgency I remember from my youth long ago. Neither pop was all that awesome but the sweat covering all of them spoke volumes about the action.

Another hummer on the bed was in store for Billy Glide as everyone tried to get into the toga mood together. It looked like Tyler Lane and Kristina Black were hard at work on his rod but they kept their backs to the camera as they slobbed his knob and nacho's makeshift red saran wrap toga came into play with Vivian Valentine with a partial scene of him slamming her pussy like there would be no tomorrow. He reminded me of Erik Everhard in his zone as he was drilling so fast and so deep, giving the bed a workout as much as her. His load was much bigger this time.

Tabitha Stern and Jonathan Stern were up next on the bed as he warmed her up orally to screw her in numerous positions. I couldn't say they were married for sure but they had some great chemistry together and the energy between them was as solid as I could expect of amateurs being compared to the professionals mixed into the cast. The resulting pop shot was okay but they probably worked a lot before the scene to limit his output, going onto her belly here.

Sky Lopez and Nicole were back in action with Jason McCain and a guy named Ray Jay, with some limited oral before they screwed. Ray seemed to be caught up in the moment but also had some minor stage fright as his dick couldn't quite keep up with his partner but in all it seemed to work out. The interruption during the screwing by the lovely Sky Lopez handing out Jello shots was funny, distracting the men more than a little as they sawed away like they were possessed.

Summary: Shane's World 26: Toga Party by Shane's World was actually a lot of fun and while the movie itself was on the short side (way too short side at that), the extras were often undistinguishable from the primary action in terms of the fun, the fucking, and the hilarious times a bunch of wasted college and college wannabe types had when the cameras were rolling. To me, that translates into a lot of replay and stroke value, with plenty of fuck for the buck if you like unscripted action as provided by the company. In short then, Shane's World 26: Toga Party: Collector's Edition was worthy of being Recommended even by a jaded old porn hound like myself, with the younger generation almost certainly appreciating it even more.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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