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Outdoor Wood

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/23/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Dates of Production:

2003 through 2006

The Cast:

Ben, Craig, CK, Dirk, Guzzo, Xavier, Jackson, Nick, Damien, and Grant.

The Movie:

My favorite horn dogs Doug and Jay are back with another Amateur Straight Guy's production. This time, the desert landscapes of Arizona are the backdrop for ten sexy dudes to beat their meat and some "gay for pay" man-on-man action.

The Dudes:

These straight dudes are all good-looking in their early twenties with a variety of slender/toned and muscular builds, hairy and smooth chests, full/trimmed/shaved pubes, and cut/uncut cocks.

Scene One:

Ben (cute with shaggy brownish blond hair, goatee, and glasses), Craig (good looking with tall/slender/tight build and short curly dark hair), and CK (cute with short dark hair and smooth chest) are hiking though a canyon. I'm not sure how far they have actually hiked as CK is dressed only in his swim trunks and flip-flops. Once they find a resting spot, the dudes get goofy and start splashing each other with their bottled water. The water splashing takes an erotic turn as the dudes begin to feel each other's crotches while they drench thier bodies. Craig pulls Ben's uncut cock from the fly of his boxer shorts and begins to jack him off. Not satisfied with only one cock, Craig pulls CK's swimming trunks down revealing his full dark pubes and cut dick. Ben wants some cock as well and strokes Craig's cut dong.

It's an outdoor jack-off party as the dudes switch up beating each other's hard meat. Ben sucks Craig and CK's schlongs switching between the two and cramming his mouth full. The guys reposition themselves on some rocks and Ben takes Craig's cock back into his mouth while Craig sucks CK's hard tool. CK digs the action as he sighs and moans with pleasure. Ben's tongue teases Craig's cock fluttering around his pink cock knob and then down to some deep throat while CK fucks Craig's mouth. Craig lays spread eagle while Ben sucks his dick and rubs his tight hairy butt hole. Craig is busy jacking Ben working the foreskin up and over the slick pink cockhead and then sucking the knob. Ben shoots a thick load of jizz on his hairy stomach and pubes. Craig jacks off and dumps a thick load on his tight stomach while CK cuts loose while Ben rubs his hairy gooch and shoots a thick load on Ben's thigh.

Scene Two:

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Dirk (hot dude with tall/slender build, shaved head, and tattoos), Guzzo (cute dude with short dark hair and sideburns), and Xavier (very cute with short dark hair and sexy hairy chest) are stomping through the wilds of Arizona looking for the perfect spot to party. They don't exactly pick the best area as it's filled with rocks and the land slopes. Oh well. This doesn't stop the dudes from having some fun. Out come the pussy magazines as the dudes strip down and begin to jack off. Xavier's large cut cock and beautiful hangy balls are flopping out of his boxer short's fly as he yanks his meat and rubs those nuts. Dirk pulls off his orange shorts revealing shaved pubes and a cut cock as Guzzo reaches over and takes Dirk's cock deep into his mouth. Wanting to "share the love", Guzzo takes Xavier's hard cock deep throat to his dark pubes while beating his own cut dong.

Dirk gets in on the cock sucking and chows down on Xavier's stiff tool with some nice deep throat while Guzzo fucks him from behind (with condom). Guzzo uses nice steady strokes as he sinks his hard cock deep into Dirk's tight asshole. Guzzo's fucking becomes faster as the action heats up and he grunts and groans with lust. "Fuck that ass!" Xavier pounds his pud and shoots a load on his hairy stomach. Guzzo pulls out, yanks off his rubber, and shoots a thick load on Dirk's butt. Dirk spreads his legs and jacks a load in his fist and on the ground.

Scene Three:

Jackson (a very cute dude with shaggy brown hair, sideburns, heavy beard stubble, and baseball cap) is from Nashville Tennesse and has been left behind by his so-called friends somewhere outside of Phoenix. Luckily, Doug and Jay are there to offer him a lift back into town and ask him if he knows Dolly Parton. Once in the car, the dudes shoot the breeze while Jackson looks at some pussy magazines and agrees to let Jay (cute Bear Cub with baseball cap and lots of beard stubble) play with his cock. Turning right at a large phallic shaped cactus, the dudes head down a dirt road to some hot cock sucking.

Jay rubs Jackson's smooth chest playing with his nipples, unbuttons and unzips those blue jeans revealing dark trimmed pubes and a very large cut cock. Jackson is already leaking plenty of precum, which Jay rubs on the blue jeans and then licks off. Jay goes down on Jackson's hard cock giving him some of the best head I've ever seen. Jay is a true blue cockhound and proud of it. He chows down on Jackson's dong taking it deep into his wet gullet bobbing up and down, jacking the fat shaft and rubbing his big balls. Jackson definitely gets into having his cock sucked as he begins to breath heavily and shut his eyes. Jackson beats his meat while Jay is licking his nuts and shoots a thick load on Jay's tongue. Some of Jackson's jizz lands on his balls and Jay gladly gobbles that up too. Hot!

Scene Four:

The weather is chilly and Nick (a very handsome dude with short dark hair and baseball cap) is willing to play around outside to get off. Nick pulls his jeans down a bit to show off his dark trimmed pubes and big cut cock. Nick begins to jack off in earnest stroking his hard shaft and working the big purple knob with deep/long piss slit. Doug and Jay are there to give Nick a helping hand. Doug lubes Nick's hard dong and beats it with nice steady strokes. Jay gets in on the action by playing with Nick's nuts and joining in on the jacking. Doug continues to jack Nick's cock while standing behind him as Jay is down on his knees lovin' those balls. The stroking becomes faster and intense making Nick shoot a thick load on Jay's face and tongue leaving plenty of jizz on his goatee. Once inside, Nick strips down completely naked revealing a beautiful muscular build as he takes a nice hot shower.

Scene Five:

Xavier (from Scene Two), Damien (cute with buzz cut and smooth chest), and Grant aka "Hambone"(good-looking with short brown hair and smooth muscular chest) are tromping through the woods looking for a place for a "beat session". They strip down with Grant revealing his shaved pubes and a cut cock; Xavier's hot hairy chest, dark pubes, and cut cock; and Damien's red pubes and cut cock. The dudes spread out their towels, get out the titty magazines, and begin to jack off. Xavier is the standout here with his hairy chest, big dong, and hot floppy nuts. Damien spread his legs wide apart while beating his meat as Xavier and Grant keep their legs closer together and choke their chickens. Grant is the first to climax with a thick load on his towel. Damien frantically strokes his cock, rubbing his balls and gooch shooting a thick load on his stomach. Xavier is last but certainly not least as he strokes a thick load of man juice onto his hairy stomach.



"Outdoor Wood" is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. The videography is hand-held and can be a bit clumsy at times but provides full coverage of the action with plenty of close-ups (except for Scene Five which I will discuss in my Final Thoughts). The editing is tight providing hot scenes that move along at a nice pace and never become dull. For the most part, the picture quality is sharp and clear. However, there are some grain and minor pixel issues that run throughout the movie. The problems are not enough to miss any of the action or ruin the viewing experience.


The sound is clear as the dudes shoot the breeze, tromp through the woods, and get down to slappin' their schlongs, suckin', and nuttin'.


There are no extras on the disc; simply a scene selection option.

Final Thoughts:

I love the Amateur Straight Guys series and those two Arizona horn dogs Doug and Jay are back with more hot dudes for "Outdoor Wood". I've never been a big fan of outdoor sex scenes, as many times they seem clumsy. There is no exception here. As mentioned, although the videography is clumsy at times, there is full coverage of all the action and plenty of close-ups. My only beef is with Scene Five. There are absolutely no close-ups until the end when the dudes cum. The scene is "saved" since the cum shots are cool but it could have been much better with close-ups as the dudes jacked off. This is the only reason I'm not going with a "Highly Recommended". That said, the movie is a big turn-on since the dudes are all hot in their own way and are completely willing to beat their meat and go "gay for pay". My personal favorites are Jackson, Ben, Xavier, and Nick. I recommend to fans of straight amateur dudes.

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