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StraightCollegeMen.com Vol. 42

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/27/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Year of Production:


The Movie:

How far will straight dudes go for some descent cash? Well, these dudes gladly make out with plenty of hot tongue action, beat each other's meat, show off their hairy butt holes, and have a good ol' time.

Brett and Caleb:

Caleb, one of my favorite Straight College Men, is back this time pared with Brett. Caleb is a fun dude with a very out-going personality that could put anyone at ease. This time Caleb has bleached his short spiky hair blond. His body is toned with plenty of tattoos. Brett is a cute dude with buzzed reddish-brown hair and a nice tight body. The dudes must choose who is going to be turned into a giant ice cream sundae and who will take an ice bath. It's obvious which Caleb wants when he exclaims, "I'm ice, baby!" which reminded me of Vanilla Ice. Well, Caleb doesn't get his choice and is up to become the world's tastiest desert. Caleb strips down, hops in the tub and allows Brett to scoop large amounts of freezing ice cream, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and maraschino cherries on him. Caleb makes all sorts of hilarious noises as that ice cream rests on his cock and balls. Brett rinses Caleb off with a gallon of ice-cold milk. In the middle of all this, Caleb asks, "What time is it?"

Brett strips down revealing his tight lil' body with reddish-brown pubes and cut cock. He hops in the tub allowing Caleb to pour loads of ice on him. Brett stays in the freezing water for a respectful amount of time. Caleb jumps in just for a moment and gets that sexy ass out immediately. As Caleb stands next to the tub and pees on the ice he notices, "the milk is totally curdling". Next up, the dudes are laying in bed watching straight porn. Caleb is totally nude showing off his dark trimmed pubes and good-sized cut cock. Brett is a bit more modest wearing a towel. The dudes begin to kiss with plenty of wet tongue action. This is one hot 'n slow simmering make out session. Brett gets on top of Caleb while they make out followed by Caleb on top as the dudes continue their tongue play. Both dudes are completely hard as they stroke each other.

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Caleb gets behind Brett and slowly strokes his lubed cock by reaching around from behind. The dudes tease the hell out of each other stroking those hard cocks, rubbing their faces against the hard members, kissing and licking each other's bodies, and Caleb licking Brett's balls. There is no cock sucking but the scene is still very hot as the dudes are completely hard and into each other. Brett leaks a bit of pre-cum and rubs it into his purple cock head. Brett grasps both hard organs and jacks them at the same time. Caleb lays back and squirts a thick load all the way up hitting right under his neck. Brett beats his meat and shoots a nice thick load on Caleb's chest and stomach.

Duke's Butt:

Duke is another one of my favorite Straight College Men dudes. He's the quintessential college frat type dude with dark hair, slender/toned body, and extremely hot 'n hairy butt, crack, full dark pubes, and cut cock. Duke confesses that he is ready to "win the butt contest", strips down, bends over, and allows the viewer an excellent look at that ultra-hairy butt while his hang balls flop around. Duke lays back spread eagle exposing his tight hole, which is a bit difficult to see due to the large amounts of hair. He does some handstands on the bed to show off and then lays back, lubes up, and beats his hard meat. Duke spreads his legs nice 'n wide as he chokes his chicken and gently rubs one finger over his tight butt hole. Duke beats that meat and cuts loose with a thick dotty load on his chest.

Sonny's Butt:

Sonny is a cute military dude with closely buzzed hair, smooth toned body, loads of tattoos, pink nipples, and cut cock. He bends over exposing his tight hairy hole, which he gladly rubs and teases while also rubbing his hangy balls. Sonny lubes up and strokes his hard cock then bends back over to expose his butthole and finger fuck himself with his middle digit. In a hot missionary position, Sonny jacks his cock and continues to finger fuck his hairy hole. "I've had a few fingers in my butt the last six months." Sonny puts on a nice Butt Show by jacking his hard cock and cramming his middle finger in and out of that tight hole. Sonny beats his meat and shoots a thick load on his stomach.



"Volume 42" is shot directly on video and presented in wide screen. The videography is hand-held and covers all the action with plenty of close-ups. Once the interviews are complete, the editing keeps the scene moving along at an enjoyable pace. The picture quality is sharp and clear.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear everything the dudes say during their interview and horseplay. Since this is a no frills production, there isn't any music.


The extras include an interactive menu, chapter stops, and previews for "Hawaii Day Three", "Ashton", and "Duke, Dean, and Caleb". The additional CD ROM disc features previews for: "Andy and Sonny", "Log Cabin Weekend Day One", "Ty", "Brett", "Rian", "Rocky", "Duke, Devin, and Trevor". The disc also includes a full-color catalogue with information about all the Straight College Men discs.

Final Thoughts:

"Volume 42" is a huge turn-on featuring four very sexy straight dudes who have no qualms about getting into some male-male lovin' and showing off their tight butt holes during solo jack off sessions. Caleb is back with his sexy self and party personality. This time he is paired with cute dude Brett who definitely holds his own with Caleb. The dudes completely get into the action with plenty of wet tongue kissing, fully hard cocks, and lots of jacking. Duke's "Butt Show" is hot since he's such a cute college type dude and has one of the sexiest and hairiest butts I've ever seen. Duke's butt hole is hidden somewhere behind all the hair and we do get some glimpses of his tight lil' pink pucker. Sonny is equally hot with his military buzz cut and loads of tattoos. Sonny really gets into his "Butt Show" by exposing his hairy hole and finger fucking with his middle digit while jacking off.

The videography is hand-held proving full coverage of all the action and plenty of cool close-ups. The picture is sharp 'n clear allowing the viewer a nice view of those hairy butts, tight holes, and stiff cocks. I'm going with a Highly Recommend on this one due to Caleb and Brett's very erotic kissing and jacking session as well as the hot Butt Shows from Duke and Sonny.

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