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StraightCollegeMen.com Vol. 31

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/27/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Years of Production:

2004, 2005

The Movie:

Straight College Men have more sexy straight studs who are willing to show off their bodies and pull their pork as well as pull and suck other dude's meat if the price is right.


Rocky is a very handsome twenty-four year old dude with short dark hair, muscular build, 5'9" tall, and 184 pounds. He digs working out and has a nice easy-going personality. Rock's girlfriend doesn't know he's auditioning but feels that she wouldn't mind since she has a "kinky" streak of her own. Rocky strips down to shower revealing his beautiful muscular body, smooth chest with dark nipples, plenty of tattoos, dark trimmed pubes, and a nice 6 to 7 inch cock. Rocky soaps that hot bod, washes his cock and balls, rinses, towels off, and jumps into bed to watch some straight porn. It doesn't take Rocky long to pull his pud to full hardness stroking the shaft and rubbing the flared purple cock knob. There are some very nice close-ups as Rocky beats his meat to climax. Rock jacks that thang and shoots a big thick load. Rocky is fucking hot!

Dean and Caleb:

Two of my favorite Straight College Men dudes Dean and Caleb are pared together for Caleb's first time with another guy. Dean is fucking hot with his tanned muscle-bound body, handsome face, brown spiky hair, and uncut cock. Caleb is just as sexy with a nice toned body, short brown hair, tattoos, and hilarious personality. Caleb does a few last minute push ups before a friendly comparison of chests. Dean wins hands-down since he has such a beautiful build. Caleb is definitely no slouch with a nice chest of his own. The dudes strip down to their tighty whiteys were Dean, using washable color markers, must draw an advert for the web site on Caleb's body. Dean's jockeys are torn off in the process revealing his hot bubble butt, shaved pubes, and uncut cock with long foreskin. Dean cuts Caleb's briefs off with some scissors revealing trimmed brown pubes and a good sized cut cock. For some unknown reason Caleb suddenly exclaims, "My culo!" Perhaps for the upcoming butt contest.

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The dudes' next assignment is to have a cockfight with their hands cuffed behind their backs. The handcuffs are slapped on and the dudes playfully use their hips to slap their cocks together. Caleb slaps Dean's sensitive nuts a few times with his floppy dong. Slowly the guys become serious and the action becomes charged with sexual tension. Caleb and Dean rub their cocks together getting a nice rhythm going as their tools become semi hard (with the help of some straight porn playing off camera). The dudes figure out how to reach for and stroke each other's cocks while still handcuffed. Caleb jacks Dean's cock working the foreskin up and over his slick purple cock head while Dean plays with Caleb's dong.

It's now shower time to wash the colored marker off. The dudes soap up and begin to handle those growing cocks. Dean works Caleb's cock to full erection with plenty of soap and a good hand technique. Caleb digs the action and tells Dean he love to have the tip rubbed. Once dried off and in bed, it's time for the butt contest. Dean and his muscular bubble butt are up first. He bends over and spreads his cheeks to expose his tight shaved starfish. He playfully makes a couple of fake fart noises, which cracks Caleb up. Dean puts on an excellent show revealing his tight pucker in a number of poses. A missionary position with Caleb rubbing Dean's cock is quite a site to behold. Caleb spanks Dean's butt cheeks and exclaims, "Superstar" in a Molly Shannon impersonation. Caleb suggests, "Try to suck your own cock, dude" which is ignored.

Caleb gets in on the butt contest bending over and spreading his cheeks to expose a tight shaved pink pucker. Next, the dudes lube up and begin to jack each other off. Caleb likes playing with Dean's cock and is fascinated with his foreskin. Caleb exclaims, "You're foreskin is a trip" as he works the overhang for Dean's pleasure. Caleb straddles Dean and slowly fucks Dean's mouth with his dong. At first, Dean pretty much lays there with his mouth open but slowly gets into the action and uses his tongue as Caleb becomes completely hard. Caleb continues to slowly push his hard tool in and out of Dean's wet mouth, pulls out, and slaps Dean's hard pec with his schlong. Caleb goes down on Dean's cock giving him some excellent head but to no avail. Despite Caleb's sucking, Dean never becomes hard. The dudes finish up by jacking off while watching that straight porn. Dean squirts a large thick load all over Caleb's chest and stomach. Caleb laughs "Damn, dog!" reaches over and yanks Dean's spent and very sensitive cock making Dean shudder. Caleb beats his meat and shoots a load on his own chest.



"Volume 31" is shot directly on video and presented in wide screen. The videography is hand-held and covers all the action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clear.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to hear everything the dudes say during their interview and horseplay. Since this is a no frills production, there isn't any music. Actually, music would break the mood so it's better that there isn't any.


The extras include an interactive menu, chapter stops, and previews for "Hawaii Day One", "Jeremy", and "Caleb". The additional CD ROM disc features previews for: "Dean", "Caleb", "Dean and Davis", "Tanner", "Jon Paul", "Mike", "Duke, Dean, and Caleb", "Hawaii Day One", and "Devin". The disc also includes a full-color catalogue with information about all the Straight College Men discs.

Final Thoughts:

"Volume 31" is a definite turn-on. Rocky is damn sexy with his muscular build and easy-going personality. He has no inhibitions about showing off his beautiful body, tattoos, and hard cut cock. Dean and Caleb were fun to watch with their handsome looks and Caleb's fun personality. Dean is strictly "gay for pay" but does this does not hinder his willingness to get in on the action by jacking and sucking Caleb's hard cock. Dean is much more reserved as far as personality goes. He seems like a nice dude but is definitely quieter than Caleb whose lively personality could easily overshadow just about anyone. Caleb is a trip and reminds me of a pesky younger brother. I say this with complete affection, as Caleb is one of my favorite Straight College Men as is Dean.

The action is playful but definitely becomes hot as the dudes get down to business. Dean and Caleb have a strong chemistry and watching them get their groove on is hot and entertaining. The videography is hand-held with full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups and a sharp/clear picture. Each scene takes a little while to get heated up but it's fun to listen to the dudes and learn and little about them before they strip down. I recommend for fans of amateur straight dudes willing to go "gay" for cash.

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