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Private Lowlife

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/27/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

September 2006

Directed By:

Michael Clift


Francesco D'Macho, Alex Collack, Kent North, Enzo Grimaldi, Kirk Ziegler, Matt Cole, Marc Williams, Arpad Miklos, Nick Horn, Kyle Lewis, Ken Browning, Scott Swann.

The Movie:

Horny 'n butch military dudes faithfully follow an instructional training film and end up in plenty of sexually charged male/male situations.

The Dudes:

These butch dudes are in their twenties to forties with hot muscular bodies, hairy and smooth chests, trimmed/shaved pubes, plenty of tattoos, and big cut and uncut cocks.

Scene One: "Authority Figure"

Matt Cole (handsome with short dark hair, goatee, muscular build, hairy chest) and Enzo (good-looking with short military buzz cut, muscular build, hairy chest) hardly have work on their minds as they get down in their office. Enzo is down on his knees sucking Matt's big cut cock wrapping his fist around the rigid stalk, sucking the knob, and bobbing up and down. Enzo takes Matt's cock deep throat all the way to Matt's dark trimmed pubes. Enzo jacks his own hard uncut tool as he slobbers down on Matt's dong. Matt bends over his desk allowing Enzo to pull his boxers down, spread his butt cheeks, and eat his tight shaved hole. Enzo tongues that pucker licking and giving it a complete oral examination.

Enzo fucks Matt from behind (with condom) using fast 'n steady strokes. The dudes switch to the missionary position where Matt demands action: "Come on! Fuck me Private!" Matt pistons in and out of Enzo's butt in the side/missionary position (with condom) while Enzo strokes his hard cock. Enzo sinks down on Matt's hard cock riding up and down, beating off, and shooting a thick load of man goo while being fucked. Matt strokes out a load all over his own stomach.

Scene Two: "Calisthenics"

Hunky Drill Sergeant Marc Williams (hot Black dude with muscular body) is putting Kent North (sexy British dude with buzz cut and muscular build), Nick Horn (hot daddy with shaved head and goatee), and Kyle Lewis (nice looking with short dark hair, tall/toned body) through their paces with vigorous exercises. Marc pulls his large cut cock from the fly of his uniform and Kent is immediately down on his knees deep throating that large ebony pole. Kent jacks his uncut tool while sucking Marc's dick. Kyle is on his knees taking Nick's hard cut cock deep into his gullet. Nick slaps Kyle's chest with his hard cock and then drills it back into his mouth. The dudes switch up with Nick jacking and deep throating Kent's cock while Nick pinches Kent's hard nipples. Kyle deep throats Marc's cock all the way to his dark pubes. Kent and Kyle have their faces fucked in a frenzy of lust.

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Marc fucks Kyle's face from above while Kyle sucks Nick's hard schlong. Kent spreads Kyle's butt cheeks apart exposing his sacred tight shaved pink ring of love and totally chows down for a full meal of butt. Marc and Nick take turns fucking Kyle's mouth while Kent continues to tongue that hot asshole. Marc fucks Kyle from behind (with condom) slowly sinking his huge cock in that tight squeeze. Nick and Kent get in on the fucking with Nick entering his pal from behind (with condom) using fast/hard strokes. Marc catches up with the speed and plows Kyle's hole. The dudes switch it up with Marc fucking Kent in the missionary position (with condom) while Nick plays copycat and screws Kyle the same way. Kyle lays on the bench press with Marc, Nick, and Kent standing above jacking off. Marc shoots a thick load on Kyle's chest. Kent lets loose with a thick load, Nick shoots a large thick load on Kyle's stomach, and Kyle beats off and cums a lil' thick load on his belly.

Scene Three: "Latrine Duty"

Hunky Enzo (from Scene One) is scrubbing the bathroom floor with a brush when cocky Scott Swann (cute with short dark buzz cut, toned body, and tattoos) barges in and acts like a bully. Scott pulls his hard cut dong from the fly of his pants and ducks Enzo's hungry mouth with his stiffy. Scott's hands are forcing Enzo's mouth down on his cock while he continues his oral assault. Scott orders Enzo to show him his butt. Enzo early complies pulling down his pants and showing off his hot bubble butt. Scott slaps those hot buns, spreads 'em, and exposes Enzo's tight hairy hole. Scott munches down licking the sucking that tight pucker like it's his last meal. He eats a mean ass! Scott fucks Enzo doggy style (with condom) using fast/hard strokes as Enzo grunts with lust. Scott orders Enzo to hunch back and "do the work".

Scott gets down on his knees and sucks Enzo's big uncut cock like a pro. He orders Enzo to fuck his mouth and takes that dong all the way down his throat with no problem. After a bit of the ol' sink/bounce in which Enzo rides Scott's member, jacks off, and dumps a thick load on Scott's chest and stomach. Scott shoots a load on his own belly.

Scene Four: "The Barracks"

Three horny soldiers are hanging out in the barracks. Francesco (very handsome with dark hair, muscular build, and hairy chest) and Arpad (ditto) jump on sleeping Ken (good-looking with nice muscular body); pull down his briefs to get a good look at his butt. The dudes spread Ken's butt cheeks exposing this tight shaved hole. Francesco quickly munches down on Ken's butt hole licking the pucker with gusto while Arpad fucks Ken's face with his hard uncut tool. Arpad continues to eat that butt pulling Ken's hard cut cock back between his legs for a quick sucks. Ken deep throats Francesco's stiff uncut pole. Francesco bends over the bed and allows Arpad to eat his tight shaved hole rimming the hell out of that joy ring.

Arpad has a good old-fashioned butt munch buffet as he switches back and forth between Ken and Francesco's holes. Arpad slides a condom onto his hard pole and fucks Ken from behind using fast strokes as Ken moans with pleasure. Arpad sinks deep into Francesco's tight hole (with condom) from behind and gives him a nice smooth ride. The dudes switch up further with Francisco fucking Ken from behind (with condom) as Francesco and Ken take turns sucking Arpad's cock. Arpad fucks Ken in the missionary position (with condom) while Francesco watches and works the foreskin up and over his cock knob. Ken shoots a thick load of man juice on his stomach. Francesco shoots a thick load all over Ken's face, and Arpad squirts a huge load giving Ken a complete milk bath.

Scene Five: "Grooming"

Kent North (from Scene Two) gives Kirk (good-looking with brown hair and mustache) a military buzz cut while Kirk gives Alex (handsome with short brown hair and goatee) the eye. Kent finishes the haircut and disappears leaving the two dudes to cruise and rub their hard crotches. Kirk pulls his hard uncut cock free from his pants and begins to play with himself. Alex is definitely interested in that hot trouser snake as he takes that hard tool into his wet mouth bobbing up and down. Kirk forcefully fucks Alex's mouth using his hands on the back of Alex's head to guide him. Alex gives excellent head taking that big dong with no problems. Alex pulls his own hard uncut dick from his pants and the dudes stroke each other's hard cocks. Kirk takes Alex's rigid member into his mouth jacking the foreskin up over the knob and really chowing down.

Alex bends over the barber's chair allowing Kirk full access to his ass. Kent spreads those butt cheeks exposing Alex's tight shave pucker and tongues the pulsing hole with vigor. Heavy breathing and moaning fill the room as Alex has his butt munched. Kirk fucks Alex from behind (with condom) sinking in and out of that tight bunghole. The dudes switch to the missionary position on the barber chair with Alex's legs up in the air with heavy black boots on his feet. The dudes engage in some traditional sink/bounce and Alex shoots a thick load while being fucked. Kent beats off and squirts a large thick load on his chest and stomach.



"Private Lowlife" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Richard Board is professional providing full coverage of all the action and plenty of cool close-ups. The directing by Michael Clift and editing by Jim Wigler is tight and keeps each scene moving along at an enjoyable pace. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear providing loads of moaning, grunting, and growling as these dudes pleasure each other. There are some cool instrumentals by Rock Hard to accompany each scene.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, Fuck Compilation, Cumshot Compilation, XXX Gallery featuring photographs by Lenzman, Mick Hicks, and BAM Studios of each model and action shots from the movie, website information, and trailers for: "Black N Blue", "Justice", and "Butch Alley".

Final Thoughts:

Hot House has produced another high quality, turn-on of a movie with "Private Lowlife". The dudes are all hot in their own way with a nice variety of ages (twenties to forties) and muscular bodies. The dudes seem to really get into the cock sucking, ass eating, and fucking. The sex is energetic and it's fun to watch these muscular butch dudes get down with man/man lovin'. The direction, videography and editing are professional providing a horny viewing experience. My favorite dudes are: Kirk Ziegler, Marc Williams, and Scott Swann. I highly recommend for fans of muscular butch dudes.

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