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Starting Young

Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/28/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

August 2006

Directed By:

Chi Chi LaRue


Josh Vaughn, Bret Everett, Carter Longway, Christian Owen, Benjamin Bradley, Jan Fischer, Chad Savage, Kevin Brown, Beaux Banner.

The Movie:

Horny 'n cute young dudes (all age 18+) swap tales of their sexual exploits as they get it on in bed rooms, offices, a mechanic's garage, and even a old-fashioned soda shoppe.

The Dudes:

The dudes are all young (age 18+) and cute. There is a varitey of slender/toned and more muscular body types, short brown and blond hair, tattoos, trimmed pubes, and cut cocks.

Scene One:

Benjamin (very cute lil' muscle stud with tanned smooth body and brown spiked hair) climbs into bed wearing only his tighty whiteys to explore the pleasures of self-lovin'. Benjamin takes his time slowly feeling his beautiful body and rubbing the growing bulge in his briefs. His dark brown pubes peek out as he slides both hands into the front of his underwear and then removing his hands and sniffing his man scent. Brent (cute dude with short brown hair, tight/toned body and tattoos) accidentally walks into the room and decides to hide and watch. Brent becomes transfixed and begins to rub the front of his bulging blue jeans. Benjamin releases his straining n' stiff cut cock and plump balls, spits on his hand, and begins to jack off. He slowly works his fist up and down using a twisting motion on his purple cock knob and thrusting his hips upward to fuck his hand. Benjamin is totally into jerking himself off.

Benjamin spots Brent and invites him to bed for some fun. The dudes engage in some heavy kissing with plenty of hot wet tongues and Brent stroking Benjamin's stiff dick. Brent sucks Benjamin's cock working the shaft and nursing the knob. Brent jacks that hard shaft bobbing his wet mouth up and down and deep throating all the way to Benjamin's trimmed pubes. Benjamin pulls Brent's blue jeans down and out pops his large cut cock. Benjamin spits on his hand and begins to pull Brent's big pud and then takes it deep into his hungry mouth. Benjamin sucks a good cock. Brent fucks Benjamin's mouth, reaches forward and begins to play with his briefs-covered bubble butt. Brent rubs his pal's butt crack and then sniffs his fingers. These dudes dig man-smell!

After more kissing with tongue, Benjamin straddles Brent facing away from him and begins to jack their hard cocks together while Brent spreads his friend's butt cheeks apart and exposes his tight shaved hole. Brent dives into that pink pucker and munches down for a full meal. The dudes clench in a tight sixty-nine with each dude eating the other's butt hole. Deep sighs and lapping tongues fill the air as the dudes enjoy the butt buffet. Brent fucks Benjamin in the side/missionary position (with condom) with smooth fast strokes as Benjamin beats his meat. During some of the ol' sink/bounce, Benjamin slowly lowers his tight butt down on Brent's hard cock for an intense ride. Brent thrusts his hips upward to fuck Benjamin while Benjamin is working his knob and shoots a thick load on the floor. Brent jacks off and dumps a load all over Benjamin's handsome face. Very nice load.

Scene Two:

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Hunky mechanic Beaux (handsome with spiky brown hair and toned body) slouches in from his garage to tell wide-eyed Utah college students Chad (good-looking with short dark hair) and Jan (cute with brownish-blond hair) that their car's transmission is out. Only having $100.00 in cash, the dudes need to work something out for payment. Obviously the guys come to an agreement since Beaux is now bent over his motor cycle while Chad and Jan take turns eating his tight shaved bung hole and make out with plenty of tongue. Beaux digs the action and exclaims, "Lick my ass more!" as he jacks his fat cut cock and rubs his plump balls. Beaux continues to beat his meat as he watches Chad and Jan sitting on the sofa, pull out their hard 'n long cut cocks and begin to pound 'em.

Chad leans over and takes Jan's big dong into his mouth sucking as much as he can down his throat. Chad does a great job stuffing that cock into his mouth and really gorges himself giving some very good head. Chad fucks Jan's mouth with his huge cock with fast 'n hard strokes. Jan keeps up with the pace working his mouth up and down that fat dong reaching forward rubbing Chad's bubble butt. Chad fucks Beaux from behind (with condom) over his motorcycle as Beaux sucks Jan's tool. Chad slides his cock in and out of Beaux's tight touchhole with fast smooth strokes. Jan fucks Beaux from behind (with condom) using fast strokes as Beaux chows down on Chad's fat veiny member. Chad fucks Jan in the missionary position (with condom) on the motor cycle sinking that huge cock deep into that tight lil' hole. Beaux shoots a large thick load of jizz all over his arm, chest, and thigh. Excellent load! Jan beats his meat and cums on his own stomach. Chad jerks his big beef and squirts a big load on Jan's chest.

Scene Three:

It's Josh's (cute dude with blond hair and nice body) first day at his new job. His boss Christian (nice-looking with short blond hair) stops by to compliment Josh on his abilities and to flirt a bit. The dudes quickly forget about work as they make out with plenty of deep tongue kissing and body rubbing. Josh unbuttons Christian's shirt revealing his smooth toned chest and works his way further down pulling Christian's hard cut cock for some air. Josh takes that hard cock deep into his throat jacking the shaft and deep throat all the way to Christian's trimmed pubes. Christian digs the action and begins to fuck Josh's face. Christian is hungry for some man meat and sucks Josh's hard cut cock taking it deep into his gullet. Josh fucks Christian's mouth with long strokes while Christian beats his own meat.

Christian is spread eagle on a small desk and allows Josh to eat his tight shaved hole while he beats off. Josh bends over and has Christian chow down on his tight shaved pucker hole from behind. Christian devours that pink rosebud. Josh fucks Christian in the missionary position (with condom) balancing on that small desktop. Moans and grunts fill the office as Josh fucks Christian with fast 'n smooth strokes. To switch it up, Christian fucks Josh from behind (with condom) using a fast stroke technique that Josh obviously enjoys. Christian shoots a large thick load of man juice on the floor. Josh strokes a thick load which joins Christian's seed on the floor.

Scene Four:

Carter (cute dude with short brown hair and nice body) is working at the local ice cream parlor complete with goofy uniform. Kevin (a real hunk with short brown hair and hot body) barges in and demands all the money from the cash register. Carter only has $10.00 in the register but this does not faze Kevin since he really has his mind on getting some of that hot ass. The dudes begin with some heavy soul kissing while they feel each other's bodies. Kevin removes Carter's shirt revealing a smooth toned chest and begins to lick and suck down to Carter's bulging pants. Kevin takes off his shirt and has a very nice chest with plenty of tattoos. Carter begins to worship Kevin's biceps, tattoos, chest, and hairy pits with his tongue. Kevin gets back down to Carter's bulges, frees that big cut cock from his pants, and takes it all the way into his mouth twisting the shaft and nursing that big purple cock knob. Kevin gives excellent head. Carter digs the oral attention his dong is receiving and he slaps it against Kevin's hot tongue and his beautiful pecs.

Carter once again worships Kevin's hot bod and works his way down to those bulging blue jeans. Carter works his mouth on the front of Kevin's tight white briefs, pulls 'em down, and gorges on that big cut cock. Carter deep throats that stiff dork all the way to Kevin's dark trimmed pubes licking and sucking those hot nuts. The dudes make out some more while rubbing their hard tools together. Carter slides his cock between Kevin's legs right under his balls as Kevin rubs his hard cock against Carter's stomach. This is some very hot dry humping! Kevin lays back spread eagle on a couple of bar stools as Carter eats his tight hairy hole. Carter really chows down on that starfish switching between eating ass and sucking Kevin's cock.

Kevin fucks Carter from behind (with condom) while Carter jacks off. Kevin slides his cock in and out of Carter's tight bum with smooth fast strokes. Kevin switches to fucking Carter in the missionary position continuing the fast paced strokes. Carter jacks off and shoots a load on his stomach while Kevin beats his prick and shoots a thick load on Carter's trimmed pubes.



"Starting Young 2" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Hue Wilde and Ross Cannon is professional providing coverage of all the action with plenty of extreme close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clear.


The sound is clean and clear allowing the viewer to hear all the lust-filled noises as these cute dudes get it on. Cool techno and other instrumental music accompany each scene.


The extras include an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, Popshot-on-Demand, a Behind the Scenes featurette with interviews of the models, the dudes acting silly, Benjamin Bradley offering up some cool dance moves, and Chi Chi directing. There are trailers for "Little Big League", "2nd Inning", "Never Been Touched", and "Starting Young", website information, and the groovy safe sex PSA "Wrap It Up" starring Chi Chi LaRue.

Final Thoughts:

Chi Chi LaRue's "Starting Young 2" is a huge turn-on! Chi Chi's directing is excellent, as he knows exactly what the fans want: plenty of cute dudes and close-ups. The direction along with editing by CH and videography by Hue Wilde and Ross Cannon fits together for a top-of-the-line viewing experience. Each scene takes its time building up with plenty of foreplay and does not simply rush into the action. The scenes are slow burning and are never dull. This is a sign of a director that knows exactly what he's doing. I believe it takes talent to create scenes that start slowly and continue to build on the sexual tension and never become monotonous.

The dudes are all very cute and look to be totally into the action as they romp their way through each scene. The sex is smokin' hot with the dudes giving energetic performances. As I said, all the dudes are cute but my personal favorites are: Kevin Brown, Beaux Banner, Benjamin Bradley, and Chad Savage. I highly recommend for fans of cute young (all age 18+) dudes who dig dong.

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