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Studio: Male Media One » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 12/30/06

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:

June 2006

Directed By:

John Bruno


Brad Rock, Dak Ramsey, Jake Dakota, Brad Star, Ken Mach, Ryann Wood, Jessie Zane, Derek Foster, Duncan Stone.

The Movie:

Butch Ranger Brad Stone runs his park with an ironclad fist and a big hard cock. These horny Rangers fool around with various campers and each other filling the air with grunts, groans, and plenty of rough talk.

The Dudes:

These dudes are all good-looking with an age range of early twenties to forties, toned and muscular builds, hairy and smooth chests, full and trimmed pubes, tattoos, and cut cocks.

Scene One:

Cute college type dude Jessie Zane (short brown hair, toned body, hairy chest) is camping all alone when the park "flasher" Dak Ramsey (hot with very short black hair, extremely hairy chest, and toned body) appears from behind some trees, pulls out his large cut cock and begins to beat off. Jessie's response is to bend over the picnic table and rub his white briefs-covered bubble butt. That's all the invitation Dak needs to pull his pork and mosey on down for some lovin'. Jessie pulls down his briefs and begins to play with his tight hairy asshole teasing the pucker with his middle finger. Dak kneels down and munches that hot butt. "Yeah! Eat my fuckin' ass! Fuckin' pig! Fucking pervert!" Dak fingers that hole much to Jessie's satisfaction. Dak pulls Jessie's cut cock back between his legs and switches between sucking dick, eating ass, and licking plump balls.

Dak rubs his hard dong against Jessie's quivering hole, sinks it deep (with condom), and fucks him from behind using fast strokes. Dak's hairy balls slap against Jessie's butt as he pounds the hell out of him. Dak alternates between fast and slow strokes and slaps Jessie's butt cheeks. Dak switches to the missionary position where he continues to plug Jessie's ass while Jessie beats his hard meat. To switch things up, Dak sinks down on Jessie's hard condom-covered cock and goes for a wild ride. Jessie reaches around and pinches Dak's hard nipples while he fucks him. Jessie gets down on his knees and takes Dak's big cock into his mouth slobbering up and down the hard pole, licking those hairy nuts, and nursing the purple knob. Dak jerks off and shoots a thick load all over Jessie's hairy butt. Very nice load. Dak sucks Jessie's hard cock bobbing up and down making Jessie shoot a thick load all over his face.

Scene Two:

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Ryann Wood (handsome with slender/tight body, hairy chest, buzzed hair), one of the new Park Rangers, is hauling wood but secretly thinking about a much different type of wood. Ryann has his eyes on Boss Man Brad Rock (husky with short dark hair). Brad picks up on the vibe and pulls his big 'n hard cut cock from the fly of his uniform trousers and begins to beat off in front of Ryann. Ryann takes that big dong deep into his mouth jacking the shaft and working the knob. Brad rubs Ryann's buzzed head as Ryann sucks that veiny monster. "You like to suck dick in the forest?" "I call this the red wood!" Ryann worships that big dick and sucks/licks Brad's fat hangy balls. Brad positions himself spread eagle missionary style in the back of his truck allowing Ryann to munch down on his tight hairy asshole. Ryann eats that ass; finger fucks that tight hole, sucks that hard cock, and takes those balls into his mouth.

Brad fucks Ryann from behind (with condom) sliding in and out of his tight butt while his big balls slap against Ryann's ass. Both dudes are very vocal with their loud moans and "dirty" talk as Brad plows Ryann's bum. Brad switches to the missionary position and continues to bang Ryann with fast fucking. Ryann jacks his hard cock while Brad grunts about "oil changes". From out of nowhere, Brad produces a big white dildo and fucks Ryann with it. I wonder if he happens to carry one around in case of emergencies? To finish up, the dudes beat off with Brad shooting a thick load of jizz on Ryann's tanned hairy chest while Ryann cuts loose with a large load on the ground.

Scene Three:

Hot rednecks Brad Star (good-looking with brown spiked hair and lil' soul patch) and Ken March (hot with cowboy hat, very hairy chest, tattoos, and beard stubble) are boozin' it up with plenty of beer and shitty attitude. Hunky Ranger Derek Foster (handsome with short dark hair) tries to get the two to settle down but ends up sucking cock. Derek switches back and forth between the two hard cut dongs taking each one into his mouth, slobbering and feasting on that man meat. The dudes slap their hard cocks on Derek's wet tongue and fuck his face. Brad is in the mood for a lil' something else so he gets comfortable spread eagle in a camping chair and gets Derek to munch down on his tight shaved hole. Derek is all for it and eats that hole with gusto. "Like my fuckin' ass?" "Lick my hole!"

Derek finger fucks Brad's pucker and Brad digs it. "Spit on my fuckin' hole!" Derek wants some of that action so he gets down spread eagle on a sleeping bag while Brad finger fucks his tight hairy hole and Ken sucks his cock. Ken and Brad rub and finger fuck Derek's hole getting worked up for some corn hole. Brad fucks Derek in the missionary position (with condom) pounding the hell out of that asshole as loud grunts of desire echo through the forest. Derek pulls his cut pud while being fucked. Ken takes over fucking Derek in the missionary position (with condom) "You like my cock up your ass?" The dudes become quite rowdy as they holler and grunt. Ken switches to fucking Derek from behind with the same pounding strokes while his hairy balls slap around.

Derek bounces up and down on Ken's hard dick in a wild ride. "Fuck my Ranger ass!" "Yeah! Ride my cock!" Somewhere a bird chirps in the background. Brad takes over on the sink/bounce and lowers his tight hole down on Ken's condom-covered tool. The wild ride continues while Brad jacks his hard cock and gets his ass filled. Brad shoots a thick load of goo all over Ken's hairy stomach. Ken beats his meat and shoots a thick load on Derek's chin and neck. Hot! Derek jacks off and cuts loose with a thick load on the ground.

Scene Four:

Head Ranger Brad Rock (Scene Two) is back at the ranger station with handsome underlines Jake Dakota (smokin' hot butch with buzz cut, muscular build, hairy chest, and tattoos) and Duncan Stone (spiked brown hair, nice build). Jake and Duncan chow down on Brad's big hard cut tool taking turns jacking the hard shaft, nursing the knob, and slobbering up and down the rigid pole. Duncan pulls on Brad's big ol' hangy balls while sucking cock, spreads Brad's beefy thighs, and eats his hairy hole. Duncan chows down on that pucker and sucks those hot nuts. It's now time for Duncan to be serviced as he sits back in the comfort of the chair while Brad bobs his wet mouth up and down Duncan's hard cut cock. While Brad is busy below, Duncan takes Jake's stiff cut dong deep into his mouth.

Jake straddles Duncan with both dudes hoisting their hot butts in the air. Brad feasts on those hairy holes as he switches back and forth between each pucker licking and spitting all over those holes. Duncan demands, "Eat my ass!" Brad finger fucks Duncan while munching down on Jake. "Yeah man! Finger his fuckin' hole!" Jake fucks Duncan from behind (with condom) using fast smooth strokes that make his big hangy nuts slap around while Duncan sucks Brad. Who's hungry for a sandwich? Well, these dudes are making on right on their back porch! Jake fucks Brad from behind (with condom) while Brad enters Duncan from behind (with condom). Moans and grunts fly out of these dudes' mouths as they engage in some fast fuckin'. Brad screws Jake in the missionary position (with condom) egging Duncan to watch the action and pull his pud. Duncan slaps his hard cock against Jake's tongue and begins to fuck his mouth.

Duncan rides to the next town with a bit of the ol' sink/bounce on Jake's hard condom-covered dong and shoots a thick load. Jake jacks off and lets loose with a thick load of jizz all over his hairy stomach. Duncan works Brad's hard cock like an out of control milking machine making Brad shoot a huge load all over the ground.



"Ranger" is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Ross Cannon is excellent providing full coverage of the action and loads of cool close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clear.


The sound is clean allowing the viewer to hear all the dudes horny talk as they engage in all sorts of man/man fun.


The extras are cool with a interactive menu, scene selection that breaks each scene down even further with choice of blow job, fucking, cum shots; chapter stops, an extensive behind-the-scenes xxx gallery of photographs by Greg Lenzman and John Eastman of each model and some action shots from the movie; a Making Of featurette, interviews with Derek Foster, Ryann Wood, and Duncan Stone, and trailers for other Mustang productions: "Ritual", "Rammer", "Manhole", and "Lockdown".

Final Thoughts:

"Ranger" is another hot top-of-the-line production through Mustang Studios. The direction by John Bruno, editing by Tony Biscotti, and videography are excellent creating a sexy fast-paced movie that is a complete turn-on. The dudes are all handsome in their own way with appealing toned and muscular bodies and plenty of butch attitudes. They are very into the action making the sex scenes intense and lively. My personal favorites are Dak Ramsey, Derek Foster, and Brad Rock. I highly recommend for fans of butch toned/muscular dudes who pepper their sex with plenty of hot sexy talk.

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