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Michael Ninn Box Set, Vol. 1: Divas

Studio: VCA » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 12/31/06

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

The Movies:

Compiling four of the all girl features that Michael Ninn directed for VCA back in the 90s before he went off and started his own Ninn Worx label, the Michael Ninn Box Set, Vol. 1: Divas four disc set from VCA is worth a look for fans of the director or just those who appreciate Sapphic love. Although Ninn's style was fully formed by this point in his career, he'd go on to make more interesting movies later on down the road but these four movies do represent what the man has become known for – artfully shot hardcore featuring plenty of glitz and glamour without skimping on the sex. Here's what to look for...


Chapter 1 – Juli Ashton, Monique DeMoan, Misty Rain, Taren Steele: The four girls are sitting around in a living room setting in lingerie. Soon they start undressing and going at it – Juli and Taren using toys, the other two watching and masturbating. Soon both pairs are watching one another fuck, licking and fingering and sucking. The four of them come together and have a big ol' lipstick lesbian orgy (after a bit of spanking) and the world is a better place for it.

Chapter 2 – Vicca, Lauren Palmer: This scene starts with Vicka using a plug on herself. After she's done the solo thing, Lauren follows suit and fingers her pussy then uses a dildo for the camera. The two girls are dressed like hookers and they meet in an alleyway, They play with one another's tits and undress, and Lauren eats Vicka out. Vicka bends Lauren over and returns the favor, and then Lauren fucks Vicka with the plug from earlier in the scene.

Chapter 3 – Sindee Coxx And Taren Steele: Sindee is wearing some soft pink lingerie and masturbating for the camera. After we watch her do her thing, Taren sits on top of a TV set and fucks herself with her fingers and then with a dildo. We see Sindee stripping in front of a camera being manned by Taren. They both star fingering themselves then Taren uses a dildo on Sindee. Sindee eats Taren out then uses the dildo on her, and ends the scene.

Chapter 4 – Anna Malle, Jeanna Fine, Lauren Montgomery: Each of the three girls starts off with solo play, Jeanna first (in black and white, wearing a Gestapo outfit) and then Lauren (in classy French lingerie) and then Anna (in red vinyl fetish garb). After each girl has diddled her kitty, the video switches to black and white and the three of them meet in a smoky room. Lauren is in a chair and Jeanna and Anna dominate her by fingering her and forcing a dildo down her throat. They fuck her with the dildo, and then they make her watch Anna eat Jeanna. Anna bends over in front of Lauren and Jeanna makes her fuck her from behind with the dildo.

Chapter 5 – Juli Ashton, Kim Kitaine: Kim undresses and masturbates with her fingers and then Juli does the same thing. Soon we see the two of them on a white bed in a white bedroom. They undress and start kissing, and then they eat one another out. Juli uses a clear dildo on Kim and then Kim returns the favor before the girls fuck one another with two different dildos at the same time.


Chapter 1 – Ashley Renee, Payton Alexander, Paisley Hunter, Shayla LaVeaux: Each of the girls starts off with a solo scene. They're dressed in fetish gear and they use their fingers and their toys to tease the camera. The four of them meet in a basement setting and don't waste any time getting to the foreplay. They kiss and suck each other's tits for a bit and then they start eating one another out and fucking one another with dildos. The girls get more and more excited as the scene progresses and each one gets a chance to fuck the other one before it is all over with.

Chapter 2 – Cindy, Natalie_E, Nathalie, Vicca: Vicca starts off the scene with some solo play by the pool. After she's fingered herself the other two girls come into the scene, both dressed identically in French maid outfits. They start rubbing Vicca and kissing her neck and her tits then move down to her pussy. Vicca fucks herself with a dildo while her two friends fuck one another with their tongues before she bends them over and fucks them each with the same dildo. She busts out a strap on and fucks them with it to end the scene.

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Chapter 3 – Emanuelle, Felecia: Felicia, dressed all in black, fucks herself with a big pink dildo. From there, Emanuelle does the same thing only she's dressed in a bride's dress and she uses her fingers in place of a dildo. The two girls meet, they start kissing. Felecia eats out the bride, then fucks her doggy style with a big black dildo which she then makes her deep throat. Emanuelle eats Felicia's pussy, then fucks her from behind with a dildo. After that the two girls use a double-ended dong to fuck one another at the same time.

Chapter 4 – Cortknee, Ruby, Stephanie DuValle: Like the earlier scenes, this one gives each girl a chance to show off her stuff with a solo scene before going into the group play. Each of them leans against a motorcycle and fingers herself for the camera. From there the three girls meet at a car wash and start to lick one another. They suck on their tits for a bit and then get to eating one another's pussies. They use a hose on one another for extra kink, then run water over each other as they take turns getting fucked with a flesh colored dildo, with Stephanie getting DP'd.

Chapter 5 – Emanuelle, Jill Kelly, Shayla LaVeaux: Shayla masturbates first, then she meets up with her two playmates outside the school. They smoke, and then spread their legs and start masturbating. Jill takes the lead and eats Emanuelle out, and they suck on one another's tits for a bit. Stephanie gets DP'd by two dildos, then Jill takes a big pink dildo up her snatch.


Chapter 1 – Sunset Thomas, Stacy Valentine: These two both masturbate on top of a fifties Chevy dressed in sock-hop garb. They meet at the car and start rubbing up against each other. Stacy eats Sunset's pussy, and then she returns the favor. They play with a big pink dildo, taking turns fucking one another and then they watch each other play with their toys. Stacy takes a dildo up the ass, and then the girls lick it clean.

Chapter 2 – Asia Carrera, Paisley Hunter, Rebecca Lord: Following the formula that's worked so well thus far, each of the three ladies in this scene shows off some solo fucking fun for the camera before the three of them meet. They're dressed like factory workers and they meet in an industrial setting where they start to rub each other up and down. They kiss and soon the tops come off, then the bottoms. They fuck one another with a black dildo then use a spotlight to show off their pussies. There's more dildo play and titty sucking, and the scene comes to a close.

Chapter 3 – Avalon, Nikita: Avalon masturbates in a fancy house using only her fingers. Nikita shows up, in the same house, and does the same thing. The two girls meet and Avalon lets Nikita suck her breasts. Nikita eats Avalon's pussy, and then she gets down on all fours so that Avalon can return the favor for her. They watch each other fuck themselves with black dildos, and then they kiss quite tenderly to finish the scene.

Chapter 4 – Malitia, Roxanne Hall, Raven McCall: The girls all do the solo thing for the camera to get things started, each sitting in a chair by a nice fireplace. They then meet in front of fireplace and start kissing and undressing. Tits are sucked and pussies are fingered, and then a green dildo is used on each of the three playmates. Malitia gets DP's by two dildos, and they kiss to end the scene.

Chapter 5 – Solveig, Sunset Thomas, Vanessa: Sunset masturbates first, then Vanessa and then Solveig – each using a silver dildo (except Solveig who uses only her fingers). The camera switches to black and white and the three girls start licking each other's necks and tits. After some heavy petting and tongue kissing, Sunset masturbates while watching the other two eat each other out. The two close in on Sunset and use a dildo on her pussy for her, and then Sunset gets the two of them on all fours, ass to ass, to fuck them both doggy style at the same time.


Chapter 1 – Nikita, Vicca: The lovely Vicca masturbates for the camera and then Nikita follows suit, both using dildos on themselves. They meet on a staircase and after posing for the camera for a bit, they start to kiss in front of the TV. Vicca eats Nikita out for a bit, and then they take turns using a dildo on one another. Vicca stands up so Nikita can eat her out from behind, and then Nikita makes her friend cum using the dildo. They kiss and end the scene.

Chapter 2 – Morgan Fairlane, Stephanie Swift: Stephanie masturbates in the library, looking so foxy with her glasses going for the librarian look. Morgan, dressed in similar style, does the same thing, proving that nerdy girls with glasses are hot. They meet in the library, dressed, and start kissing. They undress down to their lingerie and start getting it on. Stephanie gets fucked by Morgan's tongue and then by a dildo, and then Morgan lies down so that Stephanie can eat her out and the scene ends.

Chapter 3 – Ashley Renee, Jeanna Fine, Kim Kitaine: Ashley masturbates first, then Kim, and then J.R.. The three of them meet in a black room, all dressed in white lingerie. They take their time fingering each other for the camera and playing with each other a bit before going down on one another. A steel dildo is produced and used on each of the three girls and then they do a sort of three-way sixty-nine trick using the toy and their tongues.

Chapter 4 – Avalon, J.R. Carrington, Tabitha Stevens: Each of the three girls are all dressed in Napoleonic garb with big wigs and such. They masturbate with dildos, and then they meet in a fancy room. Avalon lies on a table in front of some stained glass and the two girls take turns fucking her snatch for her. Avalon and Tabitha get into a sixty-nine while J.R. works one pussy and asshole with her fingers, then the next. They switch up a bit and play with a strap on for a little while, then they use some beads on each other and a pink dildo.

Chapter 5 – Asia Carrera, Kia, Vicca: Vicca once again starts things off by masturbating for the camera, this time in black and white before she pulls out a dildo and it switches to color. The other two girls follow suit and then they meet up in a room where Vicca leads Asia around on a collar. She laps some milk up out of a bowl on the floor and then eats Vicca's pussy while Kia fucks Asia with a dildo from behind. They kiss and share the toy then Vicca uses a dildo on herself while she watches Kia and Asia bump and grind one another's snatches.



Each of the four movies is presented in this set in its original 1.33.1 fullframe aspect ratio and for the most part, the material looks really good. There's a bit of compression noticeable in some of the darker scenes but other than that, there's very little to complain about. There aren't any problems with print damage or dirt on the picture and while some scenes are a bit on the soft side, most of Ninn's work looks that way, it's just the way that he tends to shoot things sometimes and it's done intentionally for effect.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround track is quite sufficient. There isn't any dialogue really, just moans and groans. The women don't really talk to each other much aside from the occasional heat of the moment type comments. The background music has some nice punch to it and it comes through the speakers loud and clear.


None of the discs in this set are what anyone would consider special editions, but there are a few extras:

DIVA I: CAUGHT IN THE ACT This disc features scene selection, a photo gallery of sixteen promotional still photographs, trailers for DIVA IV, Cashmere and Ninn's Shock, a cast list, an internet link and contact information for VCA.

DIVA II: DEEP IN GLAMOR This disc features scene selection, a photo gallery of seventeen promotional still photographs, trailers for Sex/Sex 2, Diva Girls and Ninn's Shock, a cast list, an internet link and some personals/phone sex ads.

DIVA III: PURE PINK This disc features scene selection, trailers for Ripe And Ready MILFs, Cum Worshippers, Deep Inside Joanna Angel, Sorority Kittens Kittens: Kappa Kappa Sex, Barely Legal: Innocence 6, Lexi Marie Loves A Pearl Necklace, Dark Side Of Mya Luanna and Taboo: Love Hurts, a still gallery of eleven softcore glamour shots, an internet link and some personals/phone sex ads.

DIVA IV: SEXUAL ARIA This fourth and final disc features chapter selection, a still gallery of two dozen images, and text screens featuring trailers for New Wave Hookers 5, L.A. Fashion Girls, and Café Flesh 2.

Final Thoughts:

While it would have been nice to see more effort put into the supplements for this release, VCA's release of the Michael Ninn Box Set, Vol. 1: Divas is otherwise a very nice presentation for four well made all girl features. Recommended.

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