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I'm a Tease 3

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 12/31/06

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I'm A Tease 3

Wicked Pictures

Genre: Vignette

Director: Mark Stone

Cast: Syren, Marcos Leon, Jazmine Leih, Kris Knight, Avena Lee, Evan Stone, Nautica Thorn, Keeani Lei, Gianna Lynn, Eric Masterson, Jayna Oso, Tommy Gunn; Tiffany Rayne, Manuel Ferrara (last two in bonus scene only)

Length: 150 minutes

Date of Production: 4/13/2006

Extra's: For most of you, the edited bonus scene from I'm A Tease 2 starring Tiffany Rayne and Manuel Ferrara will be the best extra but it was so cut that I couldn't appreciate it much. Personally, I enjoyed the 13.5 minute long Behind the Scene feature by talented Mark Stone more but I prefer unique extras in my movies. There was more sex, nudity, and short interviews as Mark meandered around the sets of the flick, talking with cast and crew, spending a lot of time getting the inside scoop from director David. There were also the usual photogalleries (8), the 2006 Promotional Reel, spam, DVD Catalog of Wicked Pictures titles, the usual DVD ROM material, and trailers to movies like The Visitors, Gossip, Eternity, Camp Cuddly Pines, Hook Ups, Curse Eternal, (but none for Fuck, Manhunters, or other new titles; still curious...). There was also a cardboard protective sleeve on the DVD case and a double sided cover for those who care.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: I'm A Tease 3 was presented in non-anamorphic widescreen 1.85:1 ratio color as shot by director Mark Stone for Wicked Pictures. The lighting was good, limiting the grain and video noise as well as the shadows. The composition of the shots enhanced the look of the mostly Asian ladies in most cases although I wanted a few scenes to last a lot longer and I wish it had been done in anamorphic widescreen to enhance the clarity too. In all, the visual appeal of the movie was decent with no glaring problems. The audio was offered up with the standard choices for Wicked Pictures; a 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround English track, or a 2.0 track in either German, Greek, Italian, French, or Spanish. I spot checked the foreign language dubs and found them to be okay if nothing special. The 5.1 track was fair though I believe the vocals were recorded in monaural with the music score added in later on in perhaps a 2.0 mix (there wasn't much separation between the channels) though it didn't get in the way of the vocals. There seemed to be some ongoing issues with microphone noise this time, distracting me as I watched and listened to the show, the score sometimes too loud to appreciate (sounding like Mark's band playing the same riff all the time).

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Body of Review: Mark Stone has been a talented director at Wicked Pictures for some time now, providing some of their best behind the scenes looks as well as numerous examples in the company's Wall to Wall line up that were above average. His latest such release is I'm A Tease 3: Asian Sextravaganza; focusing on women of Asian descent this time with mixed results. If you've read my reviews of I'm A Tease 2 and I'm A Tease 1, you'll know much I usually like his work but this time things were a bit flat for me as the performers weren't up to speed. If you're still interested, here's a quick look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used for the benefit of the ladies:

Scene One: Syren, kicking back on the couch with her pink and black lingerie on (emphasis on fishnets), played with a rose as the background music droned on and she masturbated. She wasted no time picking up a vibrator and tapping her pussy but she left it off so I doubt it was as much fun as if it were giving off good vibrations. She sucked it clean and was then joined by Marcos Leon, a guy into her titties by the way things played out. He continued to orally assault her as she directed him to with the best thing about his participation being that the music died out. She slowly slobbed his knob in return, deepthroating him until it was time to bounce on his cock. She was a moderately active rider of cock and tried to add in some dirty talk at times, but the scene lacked any real chemistry or energy to give it replay value for me. The scene ended at about the 31 minute mark with him rubbing out his load to her face, mostly missing her mouth as she asked him to aim for. She tried to redeem herself with some hot post coital sucking but the results were definitely mixed.

Scene Two: Jazmine Leih, an Asian with large, natural titties and big DSL's to compliment her sweet little ass, was up next as she teased the camera in the formulaic manner on the red couch. The microphone noises continued but at least the music was cut back during her masturbation sequence, the toy coming out to warm her up for the action engaged in with Kris Knight. I wasn't too keen on her grimace but as she started to get turned on by the dildo, she worked it into her at an increasing tempo, making the scene work better for me. He did his oral chores on her and she reciprocated very aggressively, slobbing his knob as though trying to drain it of population pudding. The vaginal sex was decent but again a bit on the passive side for her; letting him do most of the work except in a couple of scenes. The load to her face was small but she was better than Syren and he was about the same level of second tier mope squad member as Marcos.

Scene Three: Avena Lee, a fleshier gal than most of her peers here, was up next as she continued to provide the formulaic tease in her red & black lingerie, knowing how to excite the viewer thanks to her years of experience in the industry. The bedroom served as the setting this time, with her rubbing a toy more than inserting it to get her ready for the mighty Evan Stone. The oral was more than she could comfortably handle but once she warmed up, the screwing was fine. He was strangely quiet and didn't mug for the camera; making wonder if he was feeling good that day. She let him do most of the work though and so the scene suffered. He jerked out a modest load to her face and mouth to close things out; a scene that started off stronger than it ended in most ways.

Scene Four: Nautica Thorn, a major hotty with a seductive look to her and youthful Keeani Lei, were up in the same bed next. The ladies wore some skimpy lingerie and tried to use dirty talk to elevate the heat of the scene. I found this scene to work better than the previous ones in large part because of the chemistry they had together, even while performing for the camera they seemed to be coyly teasing one another and the viewer at the same time. The tease torture was very appealing to me as well as the slow way they did it; though the POV fashion they used (continually talking to the camera instead of letting the ladies work each other for kicks) wasn't the best use of the gals in my opinion. Still, they held off on the toys and used oral for a prolonged time to satiate themselves before going so far as offering up a technical DP (two toys) with many variations on the theme). Nautica did less then Keeani but she was the better performer of the two in most other ways.

Scene Five: Gianna Lynn, a lean gal that looked less Asian than any of the others in the movie, was up next as she largely skipped the vanilla tease in order to masturbate and use her toy on the bed. As with the other scenes, the POV camera angle was emphasized as she readied herself, with a blonde Eric Masterson her partner for the day. I liked that they kissed and felt each other up, building some sexual tension as a result, with her dirty talk elevating the action more than a little bit for me. The sex was similar to the previous scenes in that they did oral and vaginal but she went first at giving head and he never seemed to want to go down on her. He pounded her pussy hard but she barely moved, ending the scene with the facial and disappointing me in most ways.

Scene Six: Jayna Oso, probably the oldest gal of the cast, was up last as she masturbated in her off the shelf bra & panties (read: boring). She did talk a lot as she felt herself up and that added some value for me but the claustrophobic camera work was a nuisance and even a connection between her and scene partner Tommy Gunn couldn't make this one of her better efforts of late. I liked this scene too for the manner in which it showed them trying to establish some heat before getting all dirty, each appreciating the other's qualities, though her head was limited and it wasn't until the anal that she truly rode passionately. In all, I'd probably go for her over all the others in the main cast for how she performed but it struck me as a performance from start to finish and I'm not that jaded to find this type of scene necessary to enjoy. They finished up with a frothy facial that largely missed it's mark and it seemed to be okay for all the limitations.

Bonus Scene: I'm A Tease 2: From my original review: Tiffany Rayne, a beautiful hotty with a perfect ass, was up first as she teased the camera in her black camisole and fishnet stockings. The teasing she began the scene with was very nice although it could have been longer and she did seem to be reading from a set script rather than letting her vocals flow naturally. The masturbation she engaged in was pretty solid too but as a fan, she could have walked into the gameroom in a burlap sack and said, "Hey loser, you're never going to get any of this", and I've have sported wood too. Thankfully, Manuel Ferrara came up to her and showed her how a real man would handle her, going down on her as she provided over the top vocals and lost her breath at his orally skilled behavior. She then reciprocated by slowly and seductively blowing him, moving the dynamic into a glub glub style of gag-fest hummer before jerking him off as she called him a fucking pervert. She then jumped on his bone and started pumping herself up and down on his shaft, doing vaginal like she was on fire before moving to anal. Her anal was actually more enthusiastic than most performers' vaginal as she impaled herself on his cock rapidly, amazingly keeping him going until the movie hit the 23 minute mark by jerking him off to her face. There was a lot of chemistry, enthusiasm and energy; marking this as a hot scene to begin the movie with. Sadly, this was a heavily edited version of the original scene, lasting a mere 8.5 minutes.

Summary: I'm A Tease 3 by director Mark Stone for Wicked Pictures was a Rent It at best but fans of the ladies might consider this to be a nice change of pace from their often lower budget work for lesser companies. I'm not a slavering fanboy of Asians in general but appreciate them nonetheless so I was hoping for more this time. Still, if you have kept up with the series in the past, I'm A Tease 3: Asian Sextravaganza might prove to be worthwhile for your tastes, just check it out before buying.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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